Sunday, 15 August 2010

That Dowson Tape..

The following is from Lee Barnes blog where it alleges that the voice in the recording is that of Jim Dowson. I have never heard Dowson speak so I don't know. I do know that the voice sounds more Scots that Northern Irish to me but who is to say.

The audio in this version has been further processed by us and is slightly more intelligible than the original version. You may still have to up your audio gain a tad though...

For those of you with cloth ears here is a reasonably accurate transcription:

"Hey Lee, what happened to this non (unintelligible) agreement you had with the chairman, you know the one you had when you attack people?. You (unitelligible) fuckin joking boyo?. Na, I'm just glad people are seeing through you at long last___ coz you always been a fuckin idiot, and you know that_________ and a twat. And er, I look forward to the next time I see yer, and we can discuss ( it? ) close up. Yer a big lad so ya shouldn't be really bothered, but, I'ts usual with big lads like you, fuckin all mouth and no trousers__ and you are __ a fukin twat. We should __ say__ phone me in (English ?) or call (upon ?) me. I'd be most happy with that___ ok mate?. Goodbye ____ an I hope ___ and change yer email_________ be in touch __ ok___ goodbye_________ twat."

The original article at Lee's blog can be found here:

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