Tuesday, 31 January 2012

News from the agricultural district

My good friend The General conveys news from the agricultural district concerning the spineless gutless and utterly mercinary cocksucker in the photograph.

The individual is named Peter Scriven and he lives at 184 The Medway Daventry Northamptonshire NN11 4QY in case you would like to drop him a line and tell him what an utter cunt you think he is.

Scriven is a marriage wrecker and an opportunist, nothing more. After wrecking one mans marriage and alienating him from his family and stealing the fruits of his labour Scriven is now flatly refusing to pass to his step daughters their rightful inheritance following the harrowing death of their Mother from cancer. He alleges that their Mother hated them and left them nothing.

While the two girls struggle to raise children on their own unsupported, Scriven sits on an estate estimated to be in excess of £200,000. While they continue to endure the grief of having lost their Mother, not to mention the allegation that their own Mother hated them and her grandchildren suffer deprivation and hardship, Scriven meanwhile lavishes himself with new cars, motorcycles and holidays abroad, even donating undisclosed sums of money to Coventry Air Museum.

Words fail me.

Pip pip

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