Saturday, 7 May 2011

Muhammad Ali Telling it like it is

Is there anyone who, at sometime past, has not admired Ali to some extent?. I think most have held at least a sneaking admiration for this petulant upstart Negro boxer. Most likely due to his outspoken and brutally honest views on a wide range of issues.

His views are not new however, neither are they uniquely attributable to him. Men like Louis Farrakhan regularly state the exact same arguments against miscegenation albeit with less favourable reference to jews. Obviously Ali knew where he was and how far he could pursue the issue. He told Parkinson , and I'm paraphrasing "you know it but you can't say it on TV". Ali was no fool.

The interviewer Michael Parkinson was privately said to dislike Ali immensely, considering him to be crass, arrogant and loud mouthed. They had several encounters in which Parkinson made comments which Ali found objectionable. One famous incident saw Parkinson almost run from the set when he feared Ali was about to slug him when a 'sparring demonstration' got a little too serious..

It's taken a while coming, but what goes around comes around. Michael Parkinson recently got a nice big dose of his own PC medicine when program makers decided to drop him as the subject of the program "Who do you think you are?".

The program involves a team of 'media researchers' delving into the history of celebrities and media personalities to discover their family ancestry and other antecedents. It was determined by the BBC that Parkinson's white working class Yorkshire background was "too boring and uninteresting" for a television documentary.

Michael Parkinson was said to have been "gutted".

They decided instead to concentrate on jewish celebs like Jeremy Paxman, Chris Moyles, Natasha Kaplinsky and flaming homosexual jew Stephen Fry, to name but a few. Naturally replete with heart rending references to the 'holocaust', as one would expect.

Imagine the field day they could have had, had they discovered that one of old Parkies more recent ancestors was a German chimney sweep.

In this historically significant clip Muhammad Ali shows a 1970's long haired, self loathing, left wing arse tunneler Michael Parkinson up for the smug, self righteous, pig ignorant cunt who is totally disconnected from reality he truly is.

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