Sunday, 30 November 2008

Kurdish Asylum Invader Wins Court Review after Having His Genitals Examined

You truly couldn't make this stuff up. It's a madhouse out there, a mad house.

A Kurdish asylum invader who had his dick measured in a bid to establish his age — at the cost of the taxpayer — has won a key victory in his bid to be declared a child.

The Kurdish teenager, who arrived in the UK from Iraq in the back of a lorry in February this year and can only be named as A, insists that he is just 16 and was born in November 1992.

However the London Borough of Croydon, the local authority in whose care he is, say he is 18. The boy’s age is crucial, because if he is 16 he will be entitled to welfare payments because he is considered a vulnerable child. It could also have an impact on his claim for asylum.

During a judicial review challenge against a Croydon Council ruling that he is 18, lawyers for the legally-aided youngster said that medical evidence supports his claim that he is 16.Barrister Christopher Buttler, for A, said the local authority were wrong to ignore a medical report filed on his behalf by an experienced paediatrician, Diana Birch.

In June this year, the expert said that A was around 15-and-a-half years, basing her conclusions on his sexual, physical and mental development, his physical growth and his teeth. Among the factors which Dr Birch took into account was how hairy A is, how deep his voice is — and the size of his genitalia.

However, in October 2008, Croydon ruled that A was 17 — meaning that they believe he turned 18 earlier this month — and rejected Dr Birch’s findings. At London’s High Court, Judge Stephen Morris QC said Croydon had acted “unreasonably” in coming to the conclusion it did.

“The reasons given by the local authority were unsound,” said Judge Morris, stating its rejection of Dr Birch’s report was “irrational. Had Croydon given proper consideration to Dr Birch’s report, the outcome of the decision may well have been different,” added the judge.

Judge Morris said that Croydon had relied on a March assessment of A, but the reasoning in that report was “relatively superficial” and its conclusion “vague.” Granting the application for judicial review, Judge Morris said Croydon should now reconsider A’s claim to be a vulnerable child.


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Mumbai Terrorists Told to "Kill Whites, Especially British and Americans

The sole surviving terrorist of the Mumbai attacks has told interrogators that he was instructed to “kill whites, especially British and American tourists” before taking hostages.

Azam Amir Kasab, 21, from Pakistan, said the attacks were planned six months ago and were intended to kill 5,000 people. Surviving the massacre after trying to flee, the Pakistani-born terrorist has made a full confession to police.

He revealed that the ten terrorists, who were highly trained in marine assault and crept into the city by boat, had planned to blow up the Taj Mahal Palace hotel after first executing British and American tourists and then taking hostages.

He described how its mastermind briefed the group to “target whites, preferably Americans and British.”

Kasab described how he and an accomplice sprayed machine-gun fire around a busy railway station, killing dozens of people, before intending to move to the exclusive district of Malabar Hill, where they planned to “take VIPs hostage.”

Four men went to the Taj hotel, two to the Jewish centre of Nariman House, Kasab and another man set off by taxi towards the railway station, and two headed for the Leopold restaurant.

While his colleagues were executing hostages at the Taj, Kasab and Ismail first opened fire with their assault rifles at around 10.20pm, killing dozens of people standing at Chhatrapati Shivaji railway station.

Then they hijacked a police 4×4, killing the two officers inside. Kasab told investigators they continued their killing spree by attacking a petrol station and blowing up a taxi before being stopped.

“I have done right,” he told investigators. “I have no regrets.”

Full story..

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Saturday, 29 November 2008

A whole new dimension to 'Sickness'.

"The disease is not “inclusive” enough."

OTTAWA -- The Carleton University Students' Association has voted to drop a cystic fibrosis charity as the beneficiary of its annual Shinearama fundraiser, supporting a motion that argued the disease is not "inclusive" enough.

Cystic fibrosis "has been recently revealed to only affect white people, and primarily men" said the motion read Monday night to student councillors, who voted almost unanimously in favour of it.

Every year near the beginning of fall classes, during university orientation for new arrivals, students fan out across the city and seek donations from passersby. According to the motion, "all orientees and volunteers should feel like their fundraising efforts will serve their (sic) diverse communities."

Nick Bergamini, a third-year journalism student on the student council, said he was the only elected councillor present to vote against the motion. The decision is an example of campus political correctness gone too far, he said.

"They're not doctors. They're playing politics with this," said Mr. Bergamini. "I think they see this, in their own twisted way, as a win for diversity. I see it as a loss for people with cystic fibrosis."

The Shinearama fundraiser is carried out by students at about 65 colleges and universities across Canada. It has raised money for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for almost 50 years and Carleton has been participating for at least 25.

During orientation week this year, Carleton students, who have raised about $1-million over the years, raised about $20,000, said foundation chief executive Cathleen Morrison, who was surprised and dismayed by the student association decision.

The rationale for dropping cystic fibrosis as the beneficiary is not correct, she said. CF is diagnosed just as often among girls as boys, although the health of girls deteriorates more rapidly, she said. It is commonly considered an illness that affects Caucasians, but that includes people from the Middle East, South America, North Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

" ‘Caucasian' as we understand it isn't just white people," said Ms. Morrison. "It includes people with a whole rainbow of skins."

One of the councillors who voted in favour of switching the charity said Monday night that the information provided to the panel prior to the vote was factually incorrect, and he will be seeking support from other members to hold an emergency meeting to reconsider their decision. "After seeing all the reaction today, I definitely think it should be revisited and reconsidered," said Michael Monks, who represents Carleton's business students for the student council.

Student association president Brittany Smyth said the motion came about because the association has been contemplating rotating the beneficiary of Shinearama to different charities each year instead of giving the money to a single charity.

"It's about people wanting to do something different," she said. The motion was forwarded by Donnie Northrup, who represents science students. Mr. Northrup did not respond to a request for an interview. The preamble to the motion is Mr. Northrup's explanation for why he supports the motion, based on what he learned as an orientation-week volunteer, said Ms. Smyth.

In making a decision, it was not the preamble but the declaration itself that matters, she said. "The preliminary is the councillor's own motivations and ideas," she said. "Most discussion revolved around rotating the charity."

Mr. Bergamini said he doesn't believe the decision represents the opinion of most students. "They're playing racial politics with something that is supposed to bring people together -- a charity," he said.

Ms. Morrison, who hopes to get a chance to set the record straight with the student association, said students raise a healthy chunk of the approximately $16-million raised each year to support cystic fibrosis research.

The median life expectancy for a person with CF in Canada is just over 37 years, about twice what it was two decades ago. The money for research has helped produce a lot of international "firsts" including isolating the CF gene and carrying out the first double-lung transplant for a CF patient.

Meanwhile, public reaction to the student association decision has been swift, from those who denounced the decision as political correctness to those who facetiously mused about what would qualify as an "inclusive" disease. Others wondered if the student association decision would affect alumni donations to the university.

"The reasoning behind this is totally ridiculous. Eventually cystic fibrosis is a fatal disease. I wouldn't wish it on anyone," said Marie Lunney, a Carleton graduate who has worked as a foundation volunteer. "If I had a choice between donating to CF or Carleton, I'd donate to CF."

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Friday, 28 November 2008

Australia Calling

Reported by Derrick MacThomas


Not enough people enlisting and too many quitting has forced the Royal Australian Navy to pull down the shutters and close for business for two months because it does not have enough personnel.

The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Blacks have no more say in Africa, than whites have in Europe

This absolutely stunning work comes from the National Front web site as a response to an article that appeared in 'The Voice'. Sadly the author of this truly brilliant political commentary is not named..

In reply to "the voice" newspaper.

The September 8th edition of "THE VOICE" carried the headline "Euro Sex Tourists Abusing African Kids". It rightly complains that regular sex tourism on a massive scale is spreading the HIV virus, attracting paedophiles and leading to widespread child abuse.

It is reported that an estimated 30,000 girls in Kenya aged between 12 and 14 are being lured into hotels and private villas where they are ruthlessly abused. Another 3,000 young girls and boys are in full-time sex work. Apparently these children are being paid for carrying out the most horrific and abnormal acts". This includes performing sex acts with dogs, sodomy, gang rape and being drugged and beaten. Much of this debauchery, we are told, is for the gratification of tourists.

Whose fault is this? Kenya, for instance, while under British rule was a, civilised, successful modern country which compared favourably with many European ones. Its police force, which had been modelled on Metropolitan Police lines, was recognised as one of the finest in the world. Kenyan Kip Kano and his fellow runners had gained enormous respect for black athletes all over the world. After the British left, why was everything allowed to degenerate into chaos so soon after? It is no use Africans living in Britain and other European countries bemoaning the state of Africa, having preferred to spend their time trying to lord it over the white man rather than protect their homeland.

Every continent is now ruled by a non-touchable ruling elite, which during the past fifty years, has dramatically lowered the quality of life for virtually every nation. Warmongering, political correctness, loss of personal freedom and the world-wide recession has come as a result of submitting to this shadowy and authoritarian dictatorship. It is usually taken only one fatal mistake to allow the non-touchable ruling elite to gain control. For Christian Europeans it was the moment when Winston Churchill succeeded in getting Britain, and its allies to go to war in 1945. Churchill, for whatever reason, was acting on behalf of an authoritarian dictatorship, which included usurers, communists, Zionists, unscrupulous get-rich quick businessmen and arms manufacturers.

The Africans' downfall came when they allowed similar groups of usurers, communists and amoral businessmen to press them into demanding majority rule and independence. This is why "New World Order" tyrants hero worship Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela, the men who put large areas of two continents under their control.

Of course the spirit of the upsurge for African independence was a nationalist one. Unfortunately, running advanced countries wasn't as easy as it seemed. The blacks problems were compounded when as soon as independence was granted, the world ruling elite who had championed the African cause, did everything in its power to ensure the black man didn't succeed. Abandoning Africa wasn't what the black man set out to do. From the time independence was granted, Africans were lured into Britain, and the rest of Europe, by invitation of offers of work and a new open-door immigration policy.

Everything that the black man has done since 1945 has been pre-planned and orchestrated by left-wing political activists, who have been under the direction of the relatively new shadowy, anti-nationalist ruling elite.

Let us reflect on this again. On the African continent, moves for independence which appeared to be initiated by the natives, were in fact masterminded, financed and brought about by the American and British governments, together with communist organisations, international financiers and get-rich quick speculators. The Africans were never given the chance to elect a government in their traditional manner by selecting representatives from their respected elders and tribal chiefs. Instead, powerful and semi-secret bodies like the Bilderberger and Fabian Societies imposed their own puppet dictators on to an unsuspecting African populace.

Idi Amin, the Sandhurst-trained dictator of Uganda only obtained his position by courtesy of the American and British governments, who saw him as preferable to a man over whom they had no control. Likewise, Robert Mugabe was installed as dictator of Zimbabwe (with his blessing) by former Bilderberger chief Lord Peter Carrington. This happened while serving in Margaret Thatcher's cabinet.

It is not that white Europeans have much to crow about. They also have had leaders they did not pick, of whom they knew nothing when they were thrust upon them. When John Major became Prime Minister, people asked, John Who? Similarly, when a grinning Tony Blair claimed victory for New Labour, the public knew nothing about him, only perhaps what some Sun newspaper readers had gleaned from Rupert Murdoch's glowing reports.

Peter Hain who fomented much of the anti-white activity in South Africa, has been a cabinet minister in Britain for many years. But for his convenient forgetfulness over personal political funding he might have become Prime Minister. Then we have Nelson Mandela who is not the superman he is made out to be. It is the ruling establishment, including the likes of Henry Kissinger and Tony Benn, who created the media hype for him and elevated him to warrior-king status. If he had posed a real challenge to the authorities he would have received the same kind of treatment as the National Front gets in Britain, that is media silence, harassment, character assassination and attempted intimidation. What people need to realise is that Nelson Mandela was used by globalist empire builders to bring an end to British rule on behalf of corrupt politicians, asset strippers, shady speculators and land grabbers. Without this access to the global media, he would have remained virtually unknown outside his circle of family, friends and followers.

Going back to the September 8th edition of "The Voice", Deborah Kong made the observation that the Notting Hill Carnival has become a disappointment to West Indians because "cultural pride seems to have moved further away from its roots". However, the writer enthused how In St Lucia and Trinidad the carnivals still have a tremendous, vibrant and cultural atmosphere.

Deborah Kong also wrote with passion about the fragrant herbs that grow in Saint Lucia. When the West Indies were under British rule the diverse range of herbs and spices grown there were successfully sold around the world. We have been told that since independence profits from bananas, sugar and rum have slumped, and that outsiders who control the tourist, hotel and holiday industries refuse to buy local produce, preferring to fly food in.

Problems such as these are due to globalisation, where the ability of ordinary people to form trade alliances with other countries has been quashed by anti-nationalist forces such as the EU, the American government and multi-national corporations. It is the EU who have stopped the importation of West Indies sugar into Britain, and the EU and America who restricted the purchase of ex-colonial bananas. The National Front believes that we should remake the alliances that we had before anti-nationalists brought an end to our empire. Rather than become tied into a one world Socialist state we should remake ties with Australia, New Zealand, Canada, The West Indies, Kenya, Sri-Lanka and other ex-colonies where there exists a will to seek freedom and improve their situation.

The variation in climate and wealth of raw materials found within the Empire provided a far wider range of crops and produce than the confines of the EU. Each nation within the empire gained considerably by being part of it, which is why the British did not want to bring it to an end. We believe that with the catastrophes that have be-devilled most of our former colonies, due to isolation, since they became independent most Africans would agree. With the number of Africans and West Indians clamouring to get into Britain, the idea that natives wanted independence to see the last of the white man is seen for the absurdity that it is.

Coming back to the first article the National Front is firmly on the side of the many Africans who object to the sex tourist trade. Not only are we against perverted, permissive and alley-cat style sexual gratification, but also intercourse between people of different races. Although many black writers condemn such disapproval, their disappointment at the loss of their identity, leads one to believe that somewhere beyond their muddled left-wing thinking is a natural desire for the preservation of their people similar to ours.

Circumstances in Africa will not improve while the most learned and capable blacks remain in European lands pretending to be white men. Nor can Europe recover while Africans and other non-whites are being used to impede and stifle the white-mans attempts to regain control of his country.

The African must return to Africa, take charge, and sort out its problems. In the same way Europeans must regain control of their countries and undo the damage that has been done throughout the post-war period. Then in a new and friendly atmosphere, Europeans and Africans can embark on a new strategy based on mutual advantage.

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Man Jailed for Singing to Police..

You really couldn't make it up..

A man has been jailed for breaching the peace by singing Spiderpig from The Simpsons Movie at police officers. David Mullen was sentenced to three months for the incident and calling an officer "ginger" in a police van.

Mullen, 22, from Blairgowrie, claimed he was singing the ditty, performed by Homer in the cartoon, because it was the ringtone on his mobile phone. Homer sings Spiderpig to the theme of Spiderman while walking a pig across the ceiling in The Simpsons Movie.

Mullen sang the song to officers on 25 July while sitting in the back of a police van after being involved in a fight in Blairgowrie, Perthshire.

Solicitor Paul Ralph, defending, said: "He started the song and that was the origin of the joke, but things went further. He felt he had not done anything to be apprehended for."


Meanwhile Islamic paedophile groomers, wanted terrorists, rapists, assorted criminals and armed black drug gangs rampage our city streets with impunity.

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England: Used, Abused & Betrayed

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Royal Marine from 45 Commando Royal Marines killed in Afghanistan

Breaking news...

It is with great sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm that a Royal Marine from 45 Commando Royal Marines was killed as a result of an explosion in the Kajaki area of Helmand province on Monday 24 November 2008.

He was taking part in a patrol at the time. He received medical treatment at the scene; however, he unfortunately died of his wounds while being taken to the military hospital at Camp Bastion.

Spokesperson for Task Force Helmand Commander Paula Rowe, said:

"The tragic death of this Royal Marine has left everyone in Task Force Helmand immensely saddened. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this dreadful time."

Next of kin have been informed and have asked for a period of grace before further details are released.

Well Lookey Here..

This is Jamie Williams, wife of former Aryan Nations Pastor Jonathan Williams with her 'suntanned' friend. Fraudulent pastor and agent provocateur Williams recently took down his short lived WebTV portal entitled Mouth of the South after threats, accusations, slanderous and inflammatory remarks about White Nationalists and Christian Identity groups caused outrage and sparked rumours of reprisals against Williams by members of Aryan Nations.

This picture comes from her MySpace pages.

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Britian up Shit Creek says OECD

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has warned of a "severe" economic downturn in the UK in 2009.

The Paris-based body has predicted that economic output in the UK will fall by 1.1% next year, more than any other major G7 country. The US economy is forecast to decline by 0.9% in 2009, and Germany by 0.8%. Economic growth in the 30 countries of the OECD is forecast to fall by 0.4%, before growing by 1.5% in 2010.

As well as the UK, the OECD identifies Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Spain and Turkey as being the countries most affected by the economic slowdown. "These economies are most directly affected by the financial crisis, which in some cases exposed other vulnerabilities, or by severe housing downturns," it says.

Full Story..

"Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Spain and Turkey as being the countries most affected by the economic slowdown"

They will all be living in Britain anyway I would imagine...

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Opposition Party Activist Tortured at Police Station

This is no quote from some Amnesty International report about Turkey or Egypt, nor a snippet from an asylum-seeker’s application form. It is no less than an unprecedented allegation that a British citizen was brutally tortured at a British police station, by British policemen acting in the name of politics.

A tapestry of shame is now being woven before our incredulous eyes. 2008 may well be remembered by the historians of a future age as the year when, for the first time in living memory, a British ruling party endorsed the use of extra-legal violence and physical torture against democratic political opponents on the British mainland.

There is no doubt that these various assaults on the members and organisation of the British National Party are all manifestations of a cold and calculated Labour government plan to destroy the BNP. It is quite inconceivable that the Chief Constable of Merseyside would have ordered the mass detention of peaceful BNP activists without first seeking and receiving the formal backing of Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

Smith is no Julius Caesar, but she has indeed crossed a political Rubicon. Britain long ago began a journey of infamy on the road to Zimbabwe, but surely no one could have predicted just how far down that baleful track our corrupt and degenerate rulers would be prepared to drive us?

Just a few short weeks ago, it was inconceivable that the British State would ever publish the home addresses of an opposition party’s members and their families on the internet, in flagrant breach of the law. It was unimaginable that even a Neanderthal Labour tabloid like the Daily Mirror would stoop to inciting black racist violence against twelve thousand British citizens. No one would have believed that busy call centres could be used with impunity to threaten frail old ladies and cowering, tearful children. And, above all, it would have been impossible to credit that British policemen might resort to torture at the behest of their political masters. And yet, Labour’s boundless and demonic spite has conjured every one of these nightmares into hideous reality.

There will be more lionhearted BNP men like Andrew Tierney, arrested on trumped up charges, who will stand fast and staunchly refuse to surrender their DNA for Labour’s wicked database. So there will be more torture, and yes, more cuts and bruises to be photographed as badges of honour, published on the websites of the world, and disseminated in leaflets by the thousand throughout our own land. Labour will soon regret the gift of political martyrdom they have given us; a gift we will gratefully use against them in defence of liberty.

Ninety years ago, our forefathers grappled in the stinking mud of Flanders to defend our British freedoms; do Labour’s floppy fascists truly imagine we will yield up those freedoms cheaply to them now?, No, we will hold our courage and stand fast together through these dark days of winter, for our bright, confident spring will soon follow close behind.


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Monday, 24 November 2008

Total Victory in Töben Case!

By Lady Michèle Renouf

On the afternoon of 19th November 2008, while the British Parliament debased itself in an act of homage to the President of a bandit state, a small group of campaigners won a major victory for freedom of debate with the release of a jailed historian.

Australian academic Dr. Fredrick Töben had been held in London’s Wandsworth Prison since his arrest at Heathrow Airport on 1st October. Though not accused of any offence against English law, he was detained under a European Arrest Warrant issued by the German authorities, who sought to put him on trial in Mannheim District Court for the “crime” of publishing historical source critical opinions on the internet.

Such opinions are criminalised by the notorious “Section 130” of the German Criminal Code, and Dr. Töben was facing a five year prison sentence. A few weeks ago the Mannheim prosecutor Andreas Grossmann boasted to the press that he expected Dr. Töben to be in a German prison by early next year. Grossmann also indicated his inquisitorial pride in the fact that those incarcerated for their opinions in Germany “have little chance of getting out before the end of their full sentence,” because of their refusal to recant.

Happily Mr. Grossmann’s hubris met Nemesis in the Miss Marple form of District Judge Daphne Wickham at the City of London Magistrates Court in Horseferry Road, who ruled that the German warrant was invalid.

Judge Wickham upheld the argument of Dr. Töben’s defence barrister Ben Watson that the German authorities had not given sufficient detail in their warrant as to the exact nature of Dr. Töben’s “crime” – a deficiency which proved impossible to rectify, perhaps because of the vagueness of the very concept of ‘Holocaust’ in the German law, which itself does not specify what may or may not be “denied” and does not even mention the supposedly “obvious” method of industrial mass murder by gassing. The authorities had referred merely to “worldwide internet publication” of historical arguments forbidden under Section 130, without specifying exactly which web page or email was concerned, or when it was published, or exactly where it was published. The warrant failed even to specify the manner in which Dr. Töben had infringed Section 130, which refers vaguely to arguments which approve, deny or minimise the extent of what are asserted to be the “manifestly obvious” historical facts about National Socialist Germany. Clearly the prosecutors had presumed that Dr. Töben would defend himself, and that his amateur legal resources would be insufficient against the might and expertise of the combined British and German governments.

British Crown prosecutors, acting on behalf of their German counterparts, appealed to London’s High Court in an effort to reinstate the warrant and resume the extradition process – but on 19th November this appeal was dramatically abandoned with an executive order made for his immediate release in a comprehensive victory for Dr. Töben’s extradition experts.

Having begun the day in a Wandsworth prison cell, Dr. Töben spent the evening at a champagne reception in St. James’s as a guest of Michèle, Lady Renouf, who had coordinated his defence campaign and recruited the specialist legal team of Kevin Lowry-Mullins of Dass Solicitors and barrister Ben Watson of 3 Raymond Buildings.

Lady Renouf believes that with Dr. Töben now fully vindicated, the Germany’s oppressive laws are now in the dock. The court of international opinion now charges 21st century Germany with crimes against traditional European standards of justice and free scientific enquiry. These standards were inherited from Classical Greece, which valued the inseparable four virtues of wisdom (with scientific attitude), temperance, courage and justice.

Joining the German state in the dock is the U.K.’s Attorney General Baroness Scotland, who supervises the Crown Prosecution Service which unjustly imprisoned Dr. Töben for fifty days on a warrant which failed even to meet the minimum standards required to allow an extradition hearing to proceed.

Baroness Scotland herself (in an earlier role as Home Office Minister) was responsible for piloting the Extradition Act through the House of Lords. She specifically assured Parliament in 2003 that revisionist historians such as Dr. Töben would not be subject to extradition under European Arrest Warrants for publishing their views on the internet. Yet five years later she allowed her senior officials to proceed with exactly the type of extradition which she had promised Parliament could never take place. If she has any sense of personal honour or political responsibility, Baroness Scotland will submit her resignation forthwith.

Meanwhile Dr. Töben will proceed with his historical work, secure in the knowledge that despite the perfidy of British politicians, the London courts have rescued their country’s honour and preserved the proud heritage of Magna Carta.

Let this victory for traditional freedom lead to the rolling back of tyranny from those European countries which jail opinions and increasingly jail lawyers for defending them. Dr. Töben’s defeat of the seemingly invincible should lead to a renewed offensive against oppressive European laws, winning long overdue freedom for Ernst Zündel, Germar Rudolf, Sylvia Stolz, Gerd Honsik and Wolfgang Fröhlich – and the removal of legal threats to Vincent Reynouard, Jürgen Graf, Robert Faurisson and many fearless scientists and other scholars who insist there should be no exceptions to the normal revisionist method. They stand in defence of “debate and rational argument”, in defiance of the anti-educational edict of the Stockholm International Forum 2000, which attempts to prescribe “guidelines for teaching about the Holocaust”. These guidelines are about to be enshrined in the U.K.’s education policy, backed by a multimillion-pound propaganda industry promoting a one-sided approach to what should be a democratically debateable, multifaceted subject. The sudden halt to the extradition process against Dr. Töben has already prompted diverse commentators, including the Jewish Chronicle and Jerusalem Post, to call for revisionism to be combated in the classroom rather than the courtroom. Dr. Töben and his fellow scholars, freed from the Damoclean shadow of 21st century German “justice”, stand ready to take open debate of historical truth onto this new front.

Dr. Töben’s European spokesman Lady Renouf wishes to thank all those wellwishers who have helped to keep up Dr. Töben’s spirits during his incarceration and who indicated their willingness to contribute towards his £100,000 bail security, happily no longer required.

Further information can be obtained from Lady Renouf, Tel/Fax 0208 460 7453, email:

Article found at

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£3500 Curry Bill for Islamic lags

An investigation has started after it was revealed that £3.500 was spent on takeaway curries for inmates at maximum-security Whitemoor Prison.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) said the amount spent on 200 meals for prisoners and staff at the jail, near March, Cambridgeshire, was "not acceptable".

The food was believed to have been ordered for Muslim prisoners following complaints about the prison food.

The MoJ said the prison has a highest proportion of Muslims in a UK jail. The MoJ spokesman said: "Such high costs for food are not acceptable and an investigation is under way.


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First Indian Astronaut Returns to Earth

Following the recent announcement that the Indian space program had embarked upon an ambitious quest to make a lunar landing assisted by an £825 million donation from the British tax payer, news reaches us that the first Indian astronaut has made a 'satisfactory' return to Earth following a preliminary test flight.

Money well spent indeed...

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BNP Activist tortured: UPDATE !

Police Torture, Cruel Treatment, Withheld Medicines — This is Stalinist New Britain.

Police torture which leaves innocent people bleeding and bruised; house ransacking of 75-year-old pensioners and the deliberate withholding of vital medicine to 70-year-old detainees suffering from stage three renal failure this is the face of Stalinist New Britain as it has developed under the Labour/Tory era.

The story of the Liverpool 13, as detailed by them exclusively to BNP News, is a shocking tale of police abuse, sanctioned at the very highest levels of government. BNP activist Andrew Tierney today described how, after he had announced his intention to passively resist the forced taking of his fingerprints and DNA, he had been set upon by six policemen.

Showing the bleeding from the wounds he had suffered behind his ears, and the bruising on his side and arms, Mr Tierney said that he had told the policemen that he would not violently resist, but that he was a totally innocent patriot and as such he was not going to help them in any way.

“I told them I was only going to offer passive resistance. I was not going to be violent towards anyone, and would not use any expletives.

“I stood with my hands clasped behind my back, and the six policemen then set about me. At the time I thought to myself if this is what it takes for six of them to undo my hand clasp, they are lucky I am not in shape,” he said.

“They then somehow applied a tremendous pressure behind my ears, inflicting great pain,” he continued. Photographs taken shortly afterwards clearly showed bleeding from wounds sustained behind both Mr Tierney’s ears.

Next, the guardians of democracy applied some kind of pressure to his arms and his side, once again leaving considerable bruising, evidenced again by photographs taken shortly after his release.

“They then pulled my head back so far that my windpipe was restricted, and while I was gasping for air, applied pressure to the front of my neck as well,” he said. Nearly collapsing from the pain and lack of oxygen, Mr Tierney was then unable to prevent the policemen from taking his fingerprints.

“Next they grabbed hold of my nose, and once again somehow applied the most penetrating pressure to the back of my neck, forcing my mouth open to take a DNA swab,” he continued. The whole episode lasted at least a quarter of an hour, and Mr Tierney was left shaken and in pain, so that two other policemen, obviously appalled at his treatment, offered him water once the others had left.

Mr Tierney said despite the treatment meted out to him, he was not going to hold the policemen personally responsible. “I blame the state for creating the situation in which such things are possible,” he said. “What happened on Saturday is the inevitable end result of the anti-white racism and brainwashing which has permeated years of Tory and Labour rule. It was precisely against this which the ?Racism Cuts Both Ways’ booklet was aimed.”

While Mr Tierney was being manhandled in this manner, his 75-year old mother’s house was being ransacked by yet another team of police. Telling Mrs Tierney that they were looking for “guns and money” the police officers left after finding nothing, as Mrs Tierney told them they would.

Other activists’ houses were also searched. At the home of Mr Peter Stafford, police managed to find a laminated picture of BNP leader Nick Griffin which they confiscated, along with a number of BNP rosettes, all of which clearly showed that the whole operation was politically motivated and had no substance in ?racially inflammatory’ material at all.

When the police were searching Mr Peter Squire’s house, the radio of one of the policemen crackled unexpectedly into life. With the volume set up loud, Mr Squire’s family plainly heard police radio control asking if any officers were available to attend an unrelated violent assault on a 30-year-old man elsewhere in the city. As it turned out, all the available policemen had been deployed to search the BNP activists’ houses, and so for that night at least, political persecution of innocent people took precedence over crime prevention in Liverpool.

To add insult to injury, Mr Squire’s wife reported, one of the policemen in her house then sat down and announced that he was not leaving until he had finished watching the ?X-Factor’ on her television — which he proceeded to do.

The disgusting behaviour was made even worse because everyone else in the house — including a friend’s ten-year-old daughter, who had come over to play — had been forbidden from leaving and had been forced to remain seated on the couch while the house was ?searched.’ This indignity lasted a full two hours before the ?protectors of the people’ left, empty handed once again.

The oldest BNP leafleter to be arrested was Arnold Briddle, 70. The first thing he noticed was that his BNP membership card — only a few months old as he had just joined the party — was taken by a policeman and entered into a file as ?seized property.’ Despite several requests, his card was never handed back, and no explanation was provided for this arbitrary act which was clearly unconnected to the allegations over the ?Racism Cuts Both Ways’ booklet.

All of the men were subjected to the most appalling deliberate delays in dealing with the matter as well. They were arrested at about ten minutes to one in the afternoon, but most were not even interviewed until after six pm, and the last was only interviewed well after 11 pm.

Mr Briddle, who suffers from stage three renal failure, was left alone in cell for five hours. “My doctor told me to always take my medication at the same time every evening,” Mr Briddle said. “I rang the bell to attract their attention to the fact that I needed to take my medication.

“They sent a woman who took my pulse and blood pressure. She then told me that I did not need my medication,” Mr Briddle said. “I tried to explain to them that this was my own doctor’s instructions, and not my request. They refused completely to give me my medication, with the result that I was only able to take it after I was released after two in the morning.”

All 13 men — Michael Phillips, Terence Oats, Paul Telford, Graham Davies, Arnold Briddle, David Bell, Peter Molloy, Peter Stafford jnr and snr, Peter Squire, John Brimelow, and the Tierney brothers, all had similar stories of how they were detained needlessly.

“Even though Merseyside police have said they will protect any BNP member list leak story,” Mr Molly said, “We have no confidence in police after these series of events. It is incredible to think that this type of thing could happen in this day and age.”

Mr Molloy, who is the British National Party’s candidate in the Belle Vale ward, added that “the arrests made by Merseyside Police are politically motivated. They come from the anti-democratic New Labour Government who is running scared because ordinary British folk are turning towards the British National Party.

“The ?Racism Cuts Both Ways’ leaflet shows that the white indigenous British people also suffer from racism and nothing else — an issue that the ruling elite tries to sweep under the carpet.

“They have picked on the wrong people if they think we are going to just roll over and walk away. Churchill sent the Royal Navy to the mouth of the Mersey estuary with their guns trained on the people of Liverpool; Thatcher tried to squash the people of Liverpool and failed. This New Labour Government is no better and we will not be defeated,” he said.

Source with images and video..

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Sunday, 23 November 2008

News from the agricultural district..

My good friend the General has just returned from places far afield and conveys, somewhat belatedly, some news from the agricultural district concerning one of his 'former' tory councillors Paul Peccioli. Peccioli is also well known thereabouts for among other things being the former mega entrepreneurial proprietor of a bacon sandwich caravan named 'Truly Scrumptious', from which he sold coronaries to lorry drivers until it was ignaminiously and unceremoniously towed from it's London road junction pitch by the local constabulary following complaints about safety and obstruction of the public highway.

He is also well known locally for being an arrogant and belligerent Scots dwarf who was abusive to neighbours who complained about his inconsiderate parking of multiple vehicles and trailers and is said to be somewhat of a piss artist. Sounds like a typical town hall Tory to me.

Anyway, read on and giggle says the General. Indeed we will my friend, indeed we will.

A FORMER district councillor has been accused of holding a woman prisoner in her own home and then pursuing her in a high-speed car chase after she tried to escape.

Paul Peccioli, (54), of Stafford Close, Daventry, is also accused of brandishing an air pistol which he said was real and of threatening to harm the family of Julia Pickup during a week-long ordeal alleged to have taken place at her home in Harborough Liecestershire.

Peccioli, a former elected member of Daventry District Council, appeared at Harborough Magistrates’ Court charged with one count of harassment that would put Ms Pickup in fear of violence from the incidents, said to have taken place between September 1 and September 7 last year.

Peccioli, who denied the allegations, was committed to Leicester Crown Court for trial as the case was deemed too serious to be dealt with by magistrates.

The court heard that Peccioli stood accused of showing Ms Pickup an air pistol on September 1 last year and telling her it was real, before threatening to harm her family.

He was also said to have prevented her from leaving her home, was accused of assaulting her by slapping her legs and then pursuing her in a high-speed car chase after she managed to escape with work colleagues.

The couple met via the internet in March last year, but Miss Pickup ended the relationship in September after Peccioli became "possessive and overbearing".

Peccioli was given a 12-month suspended prison sentence and a restraining order that prevents him from going within 50 metres of Miss Pickup's home or contacting her.

Judge Michael Pert QC said: "I am prepared to accept that at this late stage of your life you have made a fool of yourself rather than being an inherently dangerous person.

"But that is of little consolation to your victim, and I have to take steps to protect her. Your behaviour during this incident was disgraceful."

More on this story.

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Click the image to download your own pdf version, then print it and distribute it widely. You could also email the link to everyone in your address book asking them to do likewise..

Hint: Right click, save target/link as...

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!! BNP activist TORTURED by Liverpool leftist Staatssicherheit !!

BNP activist Andy Tierney, has reported that he was tortured by Merseyside Police officers after he refused to supply fingerprints or DNA evidence. Mr Tierney told the police that he would only offer passive resistance, whereupon they used some sort of apparatus which applied pressure to points around his ears, under his arms and on his wrists. He was seen before and afterwards by a medical orderly and intends to take this matter further.

Full story and updates at the BNP web site.

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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Plan to Use Communism and Racial Tension to Overthrow White, Christian Civilization

I came across this excerpt among my emails and thought it worth sharing. It is from an article entitled A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century. It was written in 1912 by by a person named as Israel Cohen and read into the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, 8559, June 7, 1957 by Thomas Abernathy.

"We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them into the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause."

An interesting analysis of the quotation, it's disputed authenticity and it's implications can be found here as a basis of introduction for your own research. Also Google Congressional Record Vol. 103 page 8559 June 7 1957 and see what comes up.

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Monday, 17 November 2008

Economic Benefits of Immigration is Zero says House of Lords

The much trumpeted establishment claim that mass immigration has benefited the economy has been blown out of the water as experts told the House of Commons that immigration had brought virtually no economic benefit to Britain.

A report by the Lords Economic Affairs Committee, which was debated in the House of Lords yesterday, told how the government had “wildly overstated” the economic claims made for immigration.

Whereas the Government claim that the unprecedented levels of immigration in recent years has brought in £6billion a year to the nation’s balance sheet, the report showed that the real “benefit” of mass immigration was about 58p per week on the living standard of the native population.

Lord Wakenham, the Conservative former Cabinet minister who chaired the enquiry, said: “We found no evidence of these large economic benefits. “What we did find was serious flaws in the Government’s arguments and we concluded that on average the economic benefits of immigration were small and close to zero.”

The report also found that those on low wages and young people looking for work had been adversely affected by mass immigration and it was also responsible for forcing down wage levels.

Critics have also warned that public services, including schools, hospitals and transport, are struggled to cope with the influx. It has been calculated that about £8.8billion has had to be found to bolster the asylum system, teach English to new arrivals and treat illnesses.

Such a devastating rebuttal of the lib/lab/con-census’ most cherished hobby horse was bound to bring in criticism from those wanting to prop up their favourite ideological experiment. And the inevitable has happened; the report has been condemned as “racist” by the usual suspects.

Labour peer Lord Haskel, in the classic, tried and tested strategy of stifling debate on this issue, believed that “racist views” could be detected in the report: “While I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, the impression is that the politics of the committee is anti-immigration,” he said. “And, if they want, a reader can detect racist views in the paper.”

What the report doesn’t take into consideration of course is the demographic considerations of mass immigration. With many of Britain’s major cities on the verge of becoming majority non-white, and the UK as a whole predicted to go that way by 2050, this is the one issue that the establishment will never debate.

BNP News team..

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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Sub_human filth kidnapped & raped two little girls

A MAN was due to appear in court charged with raping two teenage girls. Manshur Ali, 21, of Bennett Street, Hyde, was appearing before Tameside magistrates.

He is charged with four counts of rape and two counts of detaining a child without lawful authority. It follows alleged rapes of two girls said to have been driven off in a car on Church Street, Dukinfield.

The communist controlled BBC of course doesn't give the rapist's name as usual:

Man charged with raping two girls

A 21-year-old man has been charged by police with raping two 13-year-old girls in Greater Manchester.

The man, from Hyde, is charged with four counts of rape and two counts of detaining a child without lawful authority, police said. He is due to appear before Tameside Magistrates' Court.

It follows an incident in which two girls were allegedly attacked on Saturday night after being driven off in a car on Church Street, Dukinfield.

The rope can be the only answer to this cancer in our society, for the perpetrators of these crimes and the arse tunnellers that allowed them here to begin with..

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Friday, 14 November 2008

Australia Calling

Reported by Derrick MacThomas


Three of the Muslim terrorists who murdered 202 people in Bali (who included 88 Australians) have been executed and their Muslim brothers have sworn revenge. Despite this obvious danger, idiot Australians continue to treat Bali as their holiday playground. How many will have to die before they can see the bleeding obvious?

The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

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Monday, 10 November 2008

The Revolt Against Civilization: The Iron Law of Inequality

The idea of "Natural Equality" is one of the most pernicious delusions that has ever afflicted mankind. It is a figment of the human imagination. Nature knows no equality. The most cursory examination of natural phenomena reveals the presence of a Law of Inequality as universal and inflexible as the Law of Gravitation.

The evolution of life is the most striking instance of this fundamental truth. Evolution is a process of differentiation -- of increasing differentiation -- from the simple one-celled bit of protoplasm to the infinitely differentiated, complex life forms of the present day.

And the evolutionary process is not merely quantitative; it is qualitative as well. These successive differentiations imply increasingly inequalities. Nobody but a madman could seriously contend that the microscopic speck of protoplasmic jelly floating in the tepid waters of the Palaqeozoic Sea was "equal" to a human being. But this is only the beginning of the story. Not only are the various life types profoundly unequal in qualities and capacities; the individual members of each type are similarly differentiated among themselves. No two individuals are ever precisely alike. We have already seen how greatly this dual process of differentiation both of type and individual has been affected the human species, and how basic a factor it has been in human progress. Furthermore, individual inequalities steadily increase as we ascend the biological scale. The amoeba differs very little from his fellows; the dog much more so; man most of all. And inequalities between men likewise become ever more pronounced. The innate differences between members of a low-grade savage tribe are as nothing compared with the abyss sundering the idiot and the genius who coexist in a high-grade civilization.

Thus, we see that evolution means a process of ever-growing inequality. There is, in fact, no such word as "equality" in nature's lexicon. With an increasingly uneven hand she distributes health, beauty, vigor, intelligence, genius -- all the qualities which confer on their possessors superiority over their fellows."

The Revolt Against Civilization: the Menace of the Under Man, Lothrop Stoddard, chapter 2. [PDF]

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Hey !! DON'T FORGET ....


Click the banner to visit the White History Month web portal..

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US Fed Defies Transparency Rule in Disclosure Refusal

The (US) Federal Reserve is refusing to identify the recipients of almost $2 trillion of emergency loans from American taxpayers or the troubled assets the central bank is accepting as collateral.

Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said in September they would comply with congressional demands for transparency in a $700 billion bailout of the banking system. Two months later, as the Fed lends far more than that in separate rescue programs that didn't require approval by Congress, Americans have no idea where their money is going or what securities the banks are pledging in return.

"The collateral is not being adequately disclosed, and that's a big problem,'' said Dan Fuss, vice chairman of Boston- based Loomis Sayles & Co., where he co-manages $17 billion in bonds. "In a liquid market, this wouldn't matter, but we're not. The market is very nervous and very thin.''

Bloomberg News has requested details of the Fed lending under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act and filed a federal lawsuit Nov. 7 seeking to force disclosure.

Full shocking story click here.

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Oh Bamah !!.

"Because they had not executed My judgments, but had despised My statutes, and had polluted My Sabbaths, and their eyes were after their fathers' idols...

And I polluted them in their own gifts, in that they caused to pass through the fire all that opens the womb [the pagan blood ritual of sacrificing the first born child to Molech, modern day abortion], that I might make them desolate, to the end that they might know that I am Yahweh...

Then I said unto them, What is the High Place whereto you go? And the name thereof is called Bamah to this day." Ezek. 20: 24-29.

O! Bama!.

Understand that Barak Obama is the most ardent supporter of abortion (sacrificing children to the fires of Molech) of all American legislators.

America, what have you done?

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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Every school to get Holocaust specialist

Every secondary school is to get a Holocaust specialist to ensure that the subject is taught comprehensively and sensitively. One teacher from every school will be offered a place on a Holocaust education training course to combat racism and intolerance.

One in ten of those who take the course will also be able to take a master’s degree module in Holocaust education, as part of a £1.5 million scheme run by the Institute of Education.

Teachers will discuss parts of the subject that they find difficult to teach and work on lesson plans with experts on how to broach the issue. Stuart Foster, director of the project, said: “There are increasing concerns in society about intolerance and racism. The BNP is coming to the forefront, and there’s increased anti-Semitism.”

The initiative is designed to maintain awareness of the Nazi’s (alleged) systematic massacre of the Jews during the Second World War as survivor numbers dwindle, Times Educational Supplement reports.

The project will launch on Sunday, the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht — the night in 1938 when 91 Jews were killed, 30,000 were arrested and 191 synagogues were destroyed by communist agent provocateurs marking the beginning of the Nazi’s alleged genocide of the Jewish people.

Ruth-Anne Lenga, education consultant at the Jewish Museum, said that the Holocaust was often covered very briefly by schools despite being on the school curriculum. “It could be the emotiveness of the subject worries teachers, or it raises difficult moral challenges and questions. We want to ensure there’s support.”

The project will coincide with a survey testing teachers’ knowledge of the subject and their teaching methods. It will ask teachers for their definition of “Holocaust” and whether they think teaching children about it is important.

The scheme is part of a wider Holocaust education project funded by the Government and the Pears Foundation charity. It is supported by the Holocaust Education Trust, which this year received £1.5 million from the Government to send two sixth-formers from every school to Auschwitz.


Spotted at VNN:

Running parallel to this course will be a complete examination of Kristalknacht to show how communist jews assassinated the police chief of Berlin the night before causing the political backlash that resulted in the Kristalknacht riot. The course will then move on to the liquidation of over 60 million Christian whites in Russia between 1917 and 1948 by criminal jewish Bolshevik's.

All teachers wishing to sign up for this particular course module please line up against the wall to the left of the shower block...

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Communist Union Boss Blows Members’ Cash on Cuban Junket

BNP News Team.

Not content with betraying British workers by actively prompting the interests of foreign workers over his own union’s members, Unite boss Derek Simpson has jetted off for an all-expenses paid trip to Communist Cuba.

Allegedly going there for “high-level” talks on trade and human rights (this in one of the most shattered, backwards, hard-line Stalinist-era Communist dictatorships in the world!), Simpson, 63, and wife Freda flew out business class joined by assistant general secretary Doug Collins and his wife.

The outrage of the trip was not lost even on some of Simpson’s equally cranky colleagues. Unite’s North West regional secretary Kevin Coyne was quoted in a newspaper as saying, “You have to ask how appropriate this was at a time when our members are facing recession and losing their jobs.”

Seven months ago, Simpson sent a delegation of 12 on a £25,000 trip to Cuba to salute retiring dictator Fidel Castro. He vowed “no frills” leadership when elected boss of Amicus in 2002, before it merged with the TGWU. But he later flew by helicopter to Glastonbury pop festival and blew £20,000 on a kitchen for his £1-a-week rented union home.

British workers - join the Solidarity Trade Union - the only union which unashamedly puts British interests first. Click here.

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Lest We Forget

Armistice Day – We Stand and Remember

Today is the 90th Armistice Day anniversary, marking the symbolic end to the First World War on 11 November 1918

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Chris-chuns sluggin it out in Yerusalim over a another load of old bollox

Israeli police have had to restore order at one of Christianity's holiest sites (Well it means nothing to me !!) after a brawl broke out between monks in Jerusalem's Old City.

Fighting erupted between Greek Orthodox and Armenian monks mamsers (for whom Christ did not come) at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the traditional totally imaginary, fictitious, miles from the original site of Christ's crucifixion.

Two monks mamsers from each side were detained as dozens of worshippers traded kicks and punches at the shrine, said police.

Trouble flared as Armenians prepared to mark the annual Feast of the Cross.

Well, I've looked and looked but I can't find any reference in the Bible to a feast called 'The Feast of the Cross' anywhere among the 7 biblical feasts listed in Levitcus.

I know that in Deuteronomy 16:16 it says "No man should appear before God empty handed", but I don't think holding some bloke by the throat was quite what was being suggested.

Without getting into a long theological rant about this utterly bogus non Biblical farce all I will say is, what another absolute crock of idolatrous shite. These wankers are about as Christian as my Cat.

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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Australia Calling

Reported by Derrick MacThomas


Finally, the mainstream media has picked up what Australia Calling reported at the beginning of the year. The Fabian Marxist government of Kevin Rudd is drawing up legislation that will impose censorship of the Internet that will be on a par with the oppressive madness of the Chinese.

The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

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Friday, 7 November 2008

British Taxpayers Cough up for East Europeans Who Have already Gone Home

BNP News team.

More than one million unemployed east European migrants are being urged to claim generous UK benefits after returning home. Poles and others who have worked in Britain are entitled to claim dole payouts for up to three months. And it will be well worth their while - UK unemployment benefits are worth more than the average wage in Eastern Europe.

The scam is perfectly legal under EU legislation. Polish job centres in Britain are even running master classes to help returning migrants to claim as much as possible from the welfare system. Polish Employment Office vice-director Renata Cygan said yesterday: “Why should we pay? We work on the assumption that if someone worked abroad they should claim benefits there.

“That’s why we are organising information meetings about how to seek benefits abroad.” Adam Panek, director of the Employment Office in Rzeszow, said: “It was once rare, but now there’s not a week goes by when we don’t get people applying, especially over the past two months.

“People say that in the UK or Ireland there’s no point looking for work anymore. Either their contracts are finished or it just doesn’t make financial sense.” Mark Wallace, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “A lot of people in Britain will be shocked to learn that benefits paid out of the British welfare state are funding people to live the high life in Poland.

“But it’s hard to blame the Polish job centres for seeing an opportunity to get as much as possible out of the soft-touch British system.” Thousands of returning migrants are refusing to take up vacancies until their £700-a-month British benefits run out. The state handout is almost six times the Polish dole payment of £121 a month.

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Time You Whites F**ked Off

Story by Gloria Edwards: Beeld reporter for

Johannesburg - "It's time you whites packed your bags and fucked off."

With these words a black police inspector from Tembisa on the East Rand allegedly scolded the victims of an armed robbery and hijacking attempt in Kempton Park on Monday night. This officer, whose name is known to Beeld, apparently refused to arrest a black suspect on the scene.

He also refused to open a case after Nic Lubbe, 51, from Kempton Park West, his daughter, Antoenet Cronjé, and her two sons, Morné, 11, and Kyle, 3, were assailed by robbers on Monday night.

'White dogs'

He ostensibly also refused to allow white members of the Norkem Park police to search the suspects' car and called them "white dogs". Lubbe said he was on his way to drop off his daughter and grandchildren at their house in Terrenure at about 23:00 when he saw a grey Corsa bakkie next to the road in Orange River Street.

Suddenly the Corsa bakkie's headlights went on to blind Lubbe. Then it was driven into Lubbe's bakkie from behind. Three armed men jumped off the back and grabbed Cronjé's handbag. Lubbe sped away and later returned to the scene with his wife, Mara, 49, and members of the Norkem Park police office.

A black inspector from the Tembisa roadblock task team was already there with one of the suspects (the driver of the Corsa). The other three got away. "The inspector said we were white dogs and he told a white policewoman that he would see to it that she was shot dead in a robbery.

"Then he cocked his R5 (rifle) in my face and said it was time that we whites packed our bags and fucked off out of the country." An eyewitness apparently heard the inspector's offensive remarks. "I saw how these people were robbed, but he protected the criminal."

The inspector apparently did open an accident report. The Corsa driver's wife then arrived on the scene, posing as a police officer. One of the Norkem Park police officers said this woman wanted to arrest them when they tried to search the Corsa for "interfering with the scene".

Lubbe said the woman emptied out the contents of his daughter's handbag and returned the empty handbag to her. On Tuesday Lubbe opened a case of armed robbery and attempted hijacking at the Norkem Park police.

Gauteng police spokesperson Superintendent Eugene Opperman said the matter was being investigated "with the view to possible disciplinary steps." The Tembisa and provincial police management have expressed their shock at the alleged incident, he said.

I urge all bloggers and visitors to refer to this article. Imagine the international brooha if it had been a white SA police officer saying "Time you niggers packed your bags fucked off"...

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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Guy Fawkes Night again

Remarkably quiet bonfire night tonight, not the usual Beirut neighbourhood we have come to expect here abouts but I always cheerfully recall those days of childhood long past reciting the poem about Guy Fawkes in the school classroom and the pain that then ensued.

It went something like this.

"Alright everybody altogether now after three:

One - Two - Three . . . .

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
Gunpowder, Treacle and Plop. . .

Buckshot !!!

Yes Miss . .

What was that?

What Miss?

What did you say?

Nothing Miss..

Come here Buckshot . . .

Bend over touch your toes. ."

Ahh those Halcyon days..

Pip pip

Latin Banned: It confuses the immigrants

Daily Mail Article.

Bournemouth Council, which has the motto Pulchritudo et Salubritas - meaning beauty and health - has banned staff from using 19 Latin words. Classics scholars have accused councils of 'ethnic cleansing' after they banned staff from using Latin words.

The local authorities claim the terms are elitist and discriminatory, and have ordered employees to use often-wordier alternatives in documents or when speaking to the public. Bournemouth Council, which has the Latin motto Pulchritudo et Salubritas - beauty and health - has listed 19 terms it no longer considers acceptable for use. They include ad hoc, bona fide, status quo, vice versa and even via.

Its list of alternatives includes 'for this special purpose', in place of ad hoc and 'existing condition' or 'state of things', instead of status quo. Mary Beard, a Cambridge professor of classics, said: 'This is absolutely bonkers and the linguistic equivalent of ethnic cleansing. 'English is and always has been a language full of foreign words. It has never been an ethnically pure language.'

Dr Peter Jones, co-founder of the charity Friends of Classics, said: 'This sort of thing sends out the message that language is about nothing more than the communication of very basic information in the manner of a railway timetable. 'But it is about much more than that. The great strength of English is that it has a massive infusion of Latin.

'We have a very rich lexicon with almost two sets of words for everything. To try to wipe out the richness does a great disservice to the language. It demeans it. 'I am all for immigrants raising their sights not lowering them. Plain English and Latin phrasing are not diametrically opposed concepts.'

Harry Mount, author of the best-selling book Amo, Amos, Amat and All That, a light-hearted guide to the language, said: 'Latin words and phrases can often sum up thoughts and ideas more often than the alternatives which are put forward.

'They are tremendously useful, quicker and nicer sounding. They are also English words. You will find etc or et cetera in an English dictionary.' However, the Plain English Campaign congratulated the councils for introducing the bans. Marie Clair, its spokesman, said: 'If you look at the diversity of all our communities you have got people for whom English is a second language. 'They might mistake eg for egg and little things like that can confuse people.

'At the same time it is important to remember that the national literacy level is about 12 years old and the vast majority of people hardly ever use these terms. It is far better to use words people understand.'

Of other local authorities to prohibit the use of Latin, Salisbury has asked staff to avoid the phrases ad hoc, ergo and QED (quod erat demonstrandum), while Fife has banned ad hoc as well as ex officio.

You couldn't make this stuff up. The lunatics are running the asylum. If these vermin truly are that stupid and pig ignorant, why then do we want them in our midst?. Their net contribution to our advanced civilization is absolutely jack shit.

Oh well. Nill illigitimi carborundum

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Obama: The Expected Victory

The British National Party

Nick Griffin assesses the significance of Obama’s Presidential victory. — An outgoing Republican President leaves behind him an American economy in free fall, and a Democrat wins the race to replace him. No surprise in the USA then.

Obama’s inevitable victory was against a liberal puppet of the plutocrats whose greed has wrecked the economy not just of America but of the entire world. This is not the result of some zeitgeist change in the USA that heralds a bright new leftist dawn of peace and harmony under a brilliant new leader who will heal ills just by touching the afflicted.

Obama was elected because McCain represented the party which Americans blame for turning the cash withdrawal machines they called houses into giant millstones of ever increasing debt and despair. While Obama’s undeniable charisma and brilliant Internet campaign played an important role in his victory, in the end this was not so much about the Democrats winning as it was a matter of the Republicans losing.

McCain’s poll ratings tracked the Dow Jones stock market index and he was doomed when he stated that the fundamentals of the American economy were sound on the very day that Bear Sterns collapsed. That’s all there is to it. The Obama halo is relative to his opponent, and within weeks of his not having an opponent that halo will begin to lose its lustre.

And so it should. Because, unnoticed by Americans — or rather, unreported by the liberal-left media — Barak Obama played a key role in the creation of the sub-prime disaster that has propelled him to power. The disaster started when a ?community organizer’ in Chicago named Madeline Talbott began to use the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act to build her political influence among the city’s black community.

The CRA itself was a piece of bankster greed dressed up as PC folly. The politicians who passed it thought they were voting to make it easier for poor people — minorities especially — to get mortgages despite having bad credit ratings. The banksters who wanted it passed wanted to be relieved of the inconvenient shackles of prudence that prevented them from getting another huge tranche of US society into unrepayable and hence highly profitable debt.

Talbott made a lucrative career out of suing or threatening institutions over real or perceived ?discrimination’ against blacks, and the CRA gave her the opportunity to take them to the cleaners. She set up a direct action campaign group, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and set about intimidating various banks into giving loans to poor blacks — and out of court settlement payouts to her.

She was greatly helped in this when she hooked up with a slick and highly capable young community activist in Chicago, who she hired to train her ACORN agitators. Her new friend, one Barak Obama, taught them confrontational tactics learned from various 1960s Black Power activists he idolised (his favourite was Malcolm X), and secured campaign money from the left-philanthropic Woods Fund.

This helped ACORN secure its greatest triumph, when Talbott in 1993 persuaded US mortgage giant Fannie Mae to roll out a $55 million national pilot programme to give mortgages to people with “troubled credit histories”. The rest, as they say, is history — except for the suffering yet to be endured by untold millions whose lives are going to be savaged by the Second Great Depression caused when the banksters/black agitators’ boom went bust.

Still, the McCain camp were too PC, and too heavily implicated in the disaster themselves, to raise these facts as a campaign issue. Obama’s role in its genesis is now academic, as will be his handling of it now that he’s in charge, because the ?US century’ is over in any case. The American economy has been gutted and destroyed by decades of free trade suicide, and there is nothing in Obama’s policy pronouncements to suggest he can change this.

The place that took over from Birmingham and Britain as the high tech workshop of the world now has an economic profile more akin to a Third World country, with the export of minerals, food and other raw materials being more important than the export of finished manufactured goods. For a decade now, the USA has racked up enormous debts and sold off vital assets in order to finance a lifestyle its increasingly unproductive population enjoyed as the world’s ?consumers of last resort’.

As a direct result of this free trade lunacy, the economic leadership of the world has been handed on a plate to the Far East, and the United States is now an economic basket case.

At the same time, imperial over-reach in Iraq and Afghanistan has involved the USA in wars it cannot afford, which it cannot win, but withdrawal from which (as promised by Obama, and rightly so) will be a national humiliation.

Add to this the fact that mass Mexican and Third World migration has set the USA on course to having its European-American founders become a minority in their own country by 2040, and it is clear that, on top of seeing the end of the American century, we are in fact witnessing the death of America as anything other than a geographical expression.

The election of Barak Obama certainly will in all probability speed this process up to some extent, but the long-term historical trend was set years ago, and the question of who is in charge of rearranging the deckchairs on the US Titanic is actually of very little significance.

There is only one possibility of this analysis proving wrong: Operation Apollo. This is Obama’s proposal to spend vast sums of money in a crash programme to end America’s (and hence the West’s) deadly dependence on oil in general and Middle Eastern oil in particular.

If he actually has the stamina and political skill to stand up to the vested interests that will oppose this (namely the oil companies and haulage lobbies who will not want this change, the banks which will want to finance things with faster returns, and the liberal welfare parasites whose living comes from overseeing hand-outs to the mainly black underclass), then Obama could actually make a difference and become a significant historical figure for good.

Unfortunately, he is far more likely to end up increasing handouts to those he sees as ?his people’, and to blow the last American capital on alleviating the symptoms of America’s energy-starved decline than on addressing the problem itself.

If he does so, Obama’s Presidency will end up as much of a disappointment as Tony Blair’s leadership did in Britain.

Far from marking the end of race as a factor in American politics, that will end up polarising the place as never before. Not that that is likely to benefit any white nationalist party in America, as there is none, nor is there one upon the horizon. The place is a political disaster zone of self-indulgent juvenile extremism and lack of self-discipline.

Hence, when Obama does disappoint, the reaction will not produce anything worthwhile, but simply crude racist ugliness. At its worst, a string of white supremacist nuts and disgruntled ex-jarheads will be arrested plotting to assassinate him, and one will succeed, sparking not just pogroms but the legalised dispossession of a white America paralysed by fear and guilt.

For at the very heart of Barak Obama there is a deep-seated anti-white racism. Of course he disguised it during his brilliant campaign, but it oozes from between the lines of his autobiography, Dreams from My Father. In this he tells how he deliberately turned his back against his own multi-racial identity in order to give himself a 100% black persona.

He lives with a ?nightmare vision’ of black powerlessness. He seethes over injustices and prejudices that he never encountered. He detests his own white grandmother when she is frightened by an aggressive black beggar. He is, in short, a true racist bigot.

“Black people have reason to hate,” says Obama. He is, outwardly, a handsome man, but a deep and abiding ugliness lurks within. He is an articulate man, but the problem is not how the leader of a dying super -power sounds, nor even what he says; it’s what he does. We must of course wait to find out, but find out we will.

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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The shape of things to come?

ZIMBABWE will soon introduce higher denomination banknotes, of up to one million Zimbabwean dollars, in a bid to ease the effects of hyperinflation, the country's central bank said on Monday.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) lopped 10 zeros off the currency on August 1, but it continues to lose value as inflation surges.

The government put inflation at 230 million per cent for July, the world's highest, although the Washington-based Cato Institute foundation estimates it now at 10.2 quadrillion per cent.

Currently, the highest denomination banknote is Z$50,000, not enough to buy a loaf of bread, and the RBZ plans to introduce Z$100,000, Z$500,000 and Z$1 million (about NZ$13.66) banknotes in a bid to help consumers battling to make simple purchases.

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Monday, 3 November 2008

When Brits Get Angry...

It's coming folks, it's coming....................

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Sunday, 2 November 2008

THIS is what WE are supposed to encourage our children to emulate and aspire to

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November is White History Month !!

Click the banner to visit the White History Month web portal..

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More Multi-Culti Muslim Madness

Muslim Sues Police after Being Told He Might Cook Sausages.

Cook Hasanali Khoja is accusing the Metropolitan police of religious discrimination after it refused to guarantee in his contract that he would be excused from handling pork products. Khoja is being supported by the National Black Police Association, which has urged potential recruits not to join the Met, because of “racism” within the force.

He claims that while working as catering manager at Hendon Police College, in north London, he was asked to move to another team where he would be expected to cook what officers nickname the “999 breakfast” — a large fry-up including sausage, bacon and black pudding. “I felt very unhappy about it. I was very upset and angry,” said Khoja, who joined the Met in 2005.

“I never enrolled to cook pork. I had a letter from the human resources department saying that I would not be required to cook any pork. But this was not exactly what I wanted as a guarantee.” Khoja is now bringing an employment tribunal case which is expected to be heard next May.

His solicitor Khalid Sofi said: “We are confident that we have a very good claim. Religious discrimination law obliges employers if possible to accommodate genuine religious needs. The Met is a very large organisation and should have the flexibility to accommodate people in this way. But they were not able to guarantee that he would not have to handle pork products.”

The lawyer added: “This case goes in to wider issues of diversity, and I think it raises significant issues in the current climate. This is a claim based purely on religious discrimination rather than some of the other claims currently faced by the Metropolitan Police which use race discrimination law.”

Khoja, who previously spent four years as a catering manager at the Royal College of Defence Studies, also sits on a Food Standards Agency advisory committee on Muslim issues. Eating and handling pork products is prohibited by Islamic dietary laws.

After refusing to work without a guarantee that he would not have to handle pork Khoja, 60, from Edgware, north London, said he was placed on unpaid special leave for a year. He is now back at work at another Met building in Earl’s Court, west London, where he does not have to handle foods which contravene his faith, but has been downgraded from senior catering manager to higher catering manager.

A spokesman for the National Black Police Association said: “It was suggested that he could wear gloves to cook bacon and sausages. This of course was no good, because it is the principle involved and not about just handling the meat. It was all very, very nasty. They were telling him to do something which was against his faith.”

Article Source.

Should have just told him to fuck off..........

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Saturday, 1 November 2008

SAS chief quits over negligence that killed his troops

Daily Telegraph 01 Nov 2008

The commander of Britain's fighting elite Special Air Service troopers in Afghanistan has resigned in disgust, accusing the Government of "gross negligence" over the deaths of four of his soldiers.

Cpl Sarah Bryant, the first female soldier to die in Afghanistan, and her husband Carl

23 SAS V Reservists L/Cpl Richard larkin, Cpl Sean Reeve and Paul Stout died along with Cpl Bryant

Major Sebastian Morley claims that Whitehall officials and military commanders repeatedly ignored his warnings that people would be killed if they continued to allow troops to be transported in the vulnerable Snatch Land Rovers.

As a result, he says Cpl Sarah Bryant – the first female soldier to die in Afghanistan – and three male colleagues, the SAS soldiers, Cpl Sean Reeve, L/Cpl Richard Larkin and Paul Stout were killed needlessly.

All four died when their lightly armoured Snatch Land Rover split apart after hitting a landmine in Helmand province in June.

In his resignation letter, Major Morley, the commander of D Squadron, 23 SAS, said "chronic underinvestment" in equipment by the Ministry of Defence was to blame for their deaths.

The Old Etonian officer, a cousin to the late Diana, Princess of Wales, is understood to have described the MoD's failure to buy better equipment as "cavalier at best, criminal at worst". The resignation of Major Morley, the grandson of the newspaper tycoon Lord Beaverbrook, follows those of Col Stuart Tootal, Brig Ed Butler and a commanding officer of 22 SAS.

"We highlighted this issue saying people are going to die and now they have died," said a soldier who served with Major Morley. "Our commanding officer and RSM (Regimental Sergeant Major) tried everything in their power to stop us using Snatch. The point of failure here lies squarely with the MoD.

Major Sebastian Morley claims that Whitehall officials and military commanders repeatedly ignored his warnings that people would be killed if they continued to allow troops to be transported in the vulnerable Snatch Land Rovers.

As a result, he says Cpl Sarah Bryant – the first female soldier to die in Afghanistan – and three male colleagues, the SAS soldiers, Cpl Sean Reeve, L/Cpl Richard Larkin and Paul Stout were killed needlessly.

All four died when their lightly armoured Snatch Land Rover split apart after hitting a landmine in Helmand province in June.

In his resignation letter, Major Morley, the commander of D Squadron, 23 SAS, said "chronic underinvestment" in equipment by the Ministry of Defence was to blame for their deaths.

The Old Etonian officer, a cousin to the late Diana, Princess of Wales, is understood to have described the MoD's failure to buy better equipment as "cavalier at best, criminal at worst". The resignation of Major Morley, the grandson of the newspaper tycoon Lord Beaverbrook, follows those of Col Stuart Tootal, Brig Ed Butler and a commanding officer of 22 SAS.

"We highlighted this issue saying people are going to die and now they have died," said a soldier who served with Major Morley. "Our commanding officer and RSM (Regimental Sergeant Major) tried everything in their power to stop us using Snatch. The point of failure here lies squarely with the MoD.

"The boys nicknamed Snatch the mobile coffin."

The resignation of Major Morley will reignite the debate on the standard of equipment for troops, with many front line soldiers believing that their lives are being put at risk.

In recent weeks the MoD has been criticised by coroners who said the right equipment could have saved lives.

The frailties of Snatch Land Rovers have been responsible for 34 British fatalities – or one in eight of the total killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are only now being replaced.

The reservists of 23 SAS were first asked to send a squadron of about 100 men to Helmand in Afghanistan because the regular soldiers of 22 SAS were severely stretched in Iraq. Their mission was to supervise elite elements of the Afghan police.

But the men were aghast when they were told during pre-deployment training that only Snatch Land Rovers – designed to withstand rioters in Northern Ireland – were available. Emails were sent to Whitehall planners in the MoD, but they were told to "get on with it".

"We said this was dangerous and unacceptable," an SAS trooper said. "Snatch was highlighted as lethal and useless for two reasons – the armour does not work as rounds go through it like butter and it has no cross-country capability, denying us the element of surprise."

The soldiers also arrived in Afghanistan with a "desperate shortage" of night vision sights despite a coroner castigating the MoD over the lack of night-time goggles blamed for the death of the first British soldier to die in Helmand, Capt Jim Phillipson.

One in 10 of the SAS soldiers had to go without night sights despite many operations in the dark. The Special Forces troops are understood to have resorted to hitching lifts with the infantry in the bombproof Mastiff vehicles or march to missions.

Politicians and senior officers, were told of the SAS fears over the lack of equipment but still nothing was done, officers allege. When the SAS squadron learnt of the deaths of Cpl Bryant and her three colleagues on June 17 there was immense anger. "We thought we could muddle through and that luck was with us," one officer said. "It happened because we could not drive across country."

Fucking Outrageous..

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