Tuesday, 30 October 2007

More appeasement as bomb lobbing jihadis get sentences cut. Surprise surprise..

Handsome is as handsome does....

Cartoon protesters' jail term cut

Three 'men' jailed for their part in protests against cartoons depicting the Prophet Mud-Ham-Mad have won an appeal to reduce their sentences. Umran Javed, 27, and Abdul Muhid, 24, were initially jailed for six years each for soliciting to murder after telling a crowd to bomb the UK. Abdul Saleem, 32, was jailed for four years for stirring up racial hatred.

Javed's and Muhid's jail terms were cut to four years, while Saleem's sentence was cut to 30 months. The men, from London and Birmingham, were convicted in July.

The men were arrested last February when about 300 protestors demonstrated outside the Danish Embassy against cartoons satirising Muhammad were published in newspapers in Denmark and other European countries. Javed, from Birmingham, was filmed by police shouting: "Bomb, bomb Denmark. Bomb, bomb USA."

Father-of-five and BT engineer Saleem, from Poplar, east London, was cleared of soliciting murder. He had chanted, "7/7 on its way" and "Europe, you will pay with your blood".

Abdul Muhid, 24, said to be the leader of the demonstration, had shouted "Bomb, bomb the UK" and waved placards with slogans such as "Annihilate those who insult Islam".

A fourth man, Mizanur Rahman, 24, from Palmers Green, north London, who was sentenced by the Old Bailey along with Javed, Muhid and Saleem, was jailed for six years for soliciting to murder. The men had denied having extremist views and said they were simply following others rather than leading the protests. The case was heard before Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips, and two other judges sitting at the Court of Appeal in London.

Had they been strung up for treason as would have been the case when sanity still prevailed in this land, this costly and humiliating farce would have been avoided.

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Monday, 29 October 2007

Guess who or rather what the highest paid MP is

I'll give you a clue. Bhut bhut ding ding move along da bus..

The most expensive MP in Britain is Shahid Malik of Dewsbury. Malik has claimed more than £185,000 in travel, housing, staff and other things funded by the British taxpayer.

Examples from Malik’s astronomical claim are £95,000 on staff wages and £21,266 on postage costs. The MP says that his higher costs stem from opening a new, and larger, constituency office and “regular” writing to constituents.

The total in allowances for 2006-7 came to £86.9 million, a rise on last year’s figure of £80.9 million.

MPs can claim unlimited first class rail travel (why don’t they have to travel in the overcrowded conditions expected of those who pay their wages, you could bet then that something would be done about the state of our railways!) They can also claim three trips a year to Europe.

Also in the local news spotlight are husband and wife team Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper. Last year they claimed £32,000 in allowances for their London home - separate claims on the same house in London. The MPs can get their TV licence paid, their groceries paid for, furniture and electrical goods bought - that must please the many British pensioners who are living on the breadline and who cannot afford to heat their homes in winter.

Lib Dem MP Nick Harvey said that British taxpayers got “excellent value for money” from their MPs. What a pity that some of this money doesn’t go into something truly worthy, such as the NHS, rather than keeping a select few in luxury!

Oh deary bloody clever dickie me in the wrong job mate.

See here for more info on the allowancegate scandal:

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Friday, 26 October 2007

World War II mass graves in Slovenia

More victims of communist genocide finally found.

After digging for two hours in a chilly forest clearing, the workers had their evidence: bones and the soil-covered, blackened remnant of a shoe confirmed that this was a secret mass grave from World War II. In the trees a short distance from where the diggers worked, an elderly man looked on. He would not give his name, but said he was at the same spot when he was 16, one morning in 1945, after he heard shouting in the night.

The Lancovo grave is one target of a Slovenian government program to help people come to terms with a hidden legacy of unprecedented slaughter during the war. So far, 540 such sites have been registered across Slovenia. They are believed to hold up to 100,000 bodies. The killings that took place here have no comparison in Europe. In two months after the war, more people were killed here than in the four years of war, said Joze Dezman, a historian who heads the committee for registering hidden graves. "Srebrenica is like an innocent case compared to that," he said, referring to the Bosnia Serb Army's killing in 1995 of about 8,000 displaced Muslim civilians in Bosnia, their corpses bulldozed into the earth.

Those killed in Slovenia were mostly soldiers who collaborated with the Nazis. Most were slain in the woods without trial. They were victims of a vengeful killing spree by partisans of the Yugoslav leader after British-led Allied troops turned them back from Austria and handed them over. Slovenia, now a European Union country of two million people, declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, but the graves remained a public secret until excavations in recent years. These killings took place in Slovenia because this is where the war was ending: this is where the Iron Curtain was anticipated, this is where refugees found themselves at the end of the war," Dezman said.

The graves' existence has been quietly known for decades, but some elderly people are still too afraid of reprisals to speak about them. In Lancovo, the anonymous onlooker shared a distant memory of what he saw as a youth. "There was blood and remnants of burnt clothes," he said. "Blood was flowing all over. They were not shot. They were beaten up."

Mitja Ferenc, chief historian in charge of grave research, said Yugoslavia's communist authorities persistently refused to acknowledge that the killings had taken place and refused to tell relatives where the bodies were buried. For almost 50 years, people were not allowed to visit the graves. Many of them were destroyed by deliberate explosions or covered by waste. In some places, like Celje, about 60 kilometers, or 37 miles, east of Ljubljana, parts of towns were built on them. However, local knowledge persisted: farmers did not allow their livestock to graze in their vicinity. Dezman said that only medical students sometimes visited the sites, when they needed skulls or bones for their studies.

"People who come to me are still afraid someone will see them talking to me. They have fear in their bones," Dezman said. Although the graves were known to exist, their number was unknown.

"Only after we started researching the first graves did we realize how many secret graves there were, as people started to open up, calling us and telling us of locations they knew of," Ferenc said. In August, Slovenian researchers confirmed there were at least 15,000 victims in a secret mass grave in Tezno, about 120 kilometers northeast of Ljubljana, where mostly Croat and Montenegrin soldiers were slain and buried.

Registrations of secret mass grave locations have grown from 40 in 2002. "It is high time to acknowledge these graves - after all, more than 60 years have passed since the Second World War," said Lado Erzen, the local community's representative for secret graves at Lancovo.

Slovenians account for about a fifth of all victims but, so far none of the killers have been brought to trial.

Source Article.

Just like the millions of Germans and Russians handed over by the 'allies' to the communists to be butchered these Slovenians are just one more example of the countless numbers from all European nations who fought to halt the advance of communism during WWII that were ultimately betrayed by The British and Americans. Of course, had the victims been jews it would be a very different story.

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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Paki cab driver who killed soldier walks free

Tragic: Private Michael Dixon 19, was run over and killed after returning from Basra by a worthless lowlife.

A taxi-driver who left a soldier to die on a country road just weeks after he had returned from a tour of Iraq walked free from court today. Michael Dixon had survived six months on the dangerous streets of Basra after being sent to the war-torn city straight after finishing his training.

But just a day after proudly taking part in a passing-out parade back at his UK base the 19-year-old private was run over by Mohammed Razzaq. He was walking along the A606 near Empingham, Rutland, heading back to his barracks after a night out, when he was hit by Razzaq's cab. A court heard how two cars had already swerved to avoid the teenager, who was strolling near the grass verge in the early hours of the morning.

But Razzaq, 36, ploughed straight into him with such force that the headlight and side mirror of his cab were destroyed by the force of the impact. Despite that, the father-of-four only stopped briefly further down the road to wind down his window and listen out for noises - and then drove off. Pte Dixon, from Carlisle, who served with the King's Own Royal Borders, was found dead the following morning, around eight hours after the smash.

Earlier this year Razzaq was convicted of driving without due care attention, failing to stop after an accident and failing to report an accident. Today magistrates in Melton Mowbray, Leics, sentenced him to six months' jail but suspended the term for two years, allowing him to walk free.

Speaking outside court, Pte Dixon's distraught mother Kim Dixon, 47, slammed the decison and branded Razzaq's behaviour "inhumane". She said: "Nothing that happened today could bring Michael back. We just wanted Razzaq to act companssionately - but he never has. We have lost Michael's future, his life and the family he would have had. We can't began to put into words what his death has done to our lives.

"Michael was just left like a piece of debris, to be found by a stranger, dying or dead - and that's the hardest thing for us to have to live with. "Razzaq's actions were not those of a person who has a family. He knew he had hit someone. A hit-and-run is not the action of a caring person." His mother added: "Michael went straight from his training to Iraq. We never even got a chance to ask him about his experiences over there.

"When he joined the army he found his direction and had a great career ahead of him. Now we have to live with our own life sentence every day." Razzaq, of Peterborough, Cambs, was finally traced by police after he took his taxi to a garage for repairs following the smash on July 9 last year.

When quizzed he said he thought he had hit an animal and claimed he made a point of stopping his car and listening for any sounds before driving on.

But magistrates ruled his actions did not constitute stopping at the scene and said he had "closed his mind to the seriousness of the accident". Mark Williams, prosecuting, told the court: "Michael was young, and his life was tragically taken. Pte Dixon's family speak of great loss and outrage."

Razzaq was just banned from the roads for two fucking bastard poxy cunting years and ordered to carry out 300 hours of unpaid work and given five penalty points on his licence.

Make your own mind up what the truth to this is. To my mind this piece of shit is an enemy alien and fifth columnist who saw the opportunity and deliberately killed this young soldier. Someone should slot him.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Soldier refused service at gas station

Thanks to the BNP for bringing this to my attention.

A muslim worker at a BP filling station provoked fury by turning away a soldier because he was in uniform. The shocked Army officer wearing DPM was told to go away and change before he could buy beer from the service station shop. But witnesses claimed the snub was due to the attendant’s antiwar views.

This incident, which took place a service station at Guildford in Surrey only goes to reinforce our view that the Lib-Lab-Conmen have turned our once proud country into the World’s door-mat, may be read in full here.

Fucking outrageous, should be dragged out and shot.....bastard.

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New Anti P2P laws needed says jew.

The UK government could legislate to crack down on illegal file-sharers, a senior official has told the BBC's iPM programme.

Lord Triesman, the parliamentary Under Secretary for Innovation, Universities and Skills, said intellectual property theft would not be tolerated.

"If we can't get voluntary arrangements we will legislate," he said.

The government cannot tolerate stealing, said Lord Triesman WTFOMGROTFLMOA !!!!!!!!

This has fuck all to do with property rights, you have none. Its about Government revenue and the control of the passage of information. If you ain't paying for it you ain't being taxed on it. In other words, if they can't chisel you one way they will create another way.

The Government is all in favour of stealing as long as it's you that's the victim of the theft. After all, didn't you know they have a god given right to rob you of your money. The money you work for, that you earn, that you scrimp and save so that these parasites and their socialist arse tunnelling lackeys who have never done an honest tap in their lives can confiscate it. Look at it this way. In order to share something it stands to reason that somewhere along the line someone must have bought it, so if through their generosity they feel the will to pass it along to someone else and that person then gives it to yet another person and so on. What the fuck has it to do with Government or anyone else. If I decide to give away my entire CD and DVD collection and the recipient then decides to share it with a hundred of his mates what the fuck is it to do with anyone else. I bought it, I paid for it. It is mine to do with as I please. So if that means sharing it by what ever medium I choose, so what.

What they are basically saying is this. We now reserve the right to impose a levy on anything you MAY HAVE purchased but didn't. We now have the power to make you pay for absolutely fuck all. In fact we can now make you pay for something that doesn't even physically exist. Just a sequence of electrical 1's and zero's. Intellectual property rights means the ability to extort by threat of legal sanction, money from gullible morons for an thought or idea someone perhaps may once have had. Fuck that !.

But ultimately,and here is the real kick, its about total control of the flow of information. It's about establishing a legally binding precedent and developing viable technology to track every aspect of our lives. Who does and says what and with whom. The last bastion of free expression is the internet and unless they can control that, they are fucked and they know it.

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You can't Con a Con but you Can Con the Public

British Jails for foreign Cons

Two prisons have been set aside for foreign prisoners at a cost of millions of pounds, it was revealed on Tuesday.

More than 400 inmates from abroad are locked up at Bullwood Hall, Essex, and Canterbury Prison, Kent, with a view to them being deported

The scheme costs substantially more per prisoner than the national average.

There are 154 foreign national prisoners at Bullwood, costing the taxpayer £40,478 per prisoner every year, and another 284 at Canterbury, costing £38,610 annually.

The average cost for holding category C prisoners is about £24,000.

Last night the CONservatives claimed the scheme showed the Government had broken its promise to deport foreign prisoners.

Shadow Jewstice Secretary Nick Herbert said: 'Now we understand two entire prisons are dedicated to holding foreign nationals while the rest of the prison estate is bursting at the seams.

'If the Government kept its promise to deport them, there would be extra space in our jails and no reason to release other prisoners early.'

But the Ministry of Jewstice claimed the decision to create foreign national prisons 'reflects our need to execute sorry, deport foreign national prisoners as quickly as possible'.

There are five Borders and Immigration Agency officials working in each prison to identify immigration issues and expedite deportation procedures, a Ministry of Jewstice spokesman (is that word still allowed?) added.

Split Arse Chief Inspector of Prisons Anne Owers said it was easier to provide specialist services in one place than have people spread around.

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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Australia Calling

Reported by Derrick MacThomas

Boycott Harvey Norman.

Billionaire retailer Gerry Harvey has called for the government to import Third World 'guest workers' because they will work for half of what Australians expect to be paid

The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

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Monday, 22 October 2007

Hairy Pooter and the Chamber Pot of Secrets

Dumbledore outed as a fag....

Not that I read any of this garbage but it is apparent that the liberals will seize any opportunity to inject their vile pernicious message into anything and by any means to inculcate and seduce our youth into sodomy and debauchery.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has revealed that one of her characters, Hogwarts school headmaster Albus Dumbledore, is gay.

She made her revelation to a packed house in New York's Carnegie Hall on Friday, as part of her US book tour.

She took audience questions and was asked if Dumbledore found "true love".

"Dumbledore is gay," she said, adding he was smitten with rival Gellert Grindelwald, who he beat in a battle between good and bad wizards long ago.

The audience gasped, then applauded. "I would have told you earlier if I knew it would make you so happy," she said.

"Falling in love can blind us to an extent," she added, saying Dumbledore was "horribly, terribly let down" and his love for Grindelwald was his "great tragedy".

Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell welcomed the news about Dumbledore and said: "It's good that children's literature includes the reality of gay people, since we exist in every society.

"But I am disappointed that she did not make Dumbledore's sexuality explicit in the Harry Potter book. Making it obvious would have sent a much more powerful message of understanding and acceptance."

And a spokesman for gay rights group Stonewall added: "It's great that JK has said this. It shows that there's no limit to (the depravity) what gay and lesbian people can do, even being a (faggot) wizard headmaster."


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Friday, 19 October 2007

Racial differences in Intelligence:

Racial differences in Intelligence:
        What Mainstream Science says-

This public statement, signed by 52 internationally known scholars, was active on the information highway early in 1995 following several rather heated and negative responses to Herrnstein & Murray's The Bell Curve. It was first published in The Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, December 13, 1994. An alphabetical listing of the scholars and their home institutions are given at the end of the statement.

  • Prologue

  • The Meaning and Measurement of Intelligence

  • Group Differences

  • Practical Importance

  • Source and Stability of Within-Group Differences

  • Source and Stability of Between-Group Differences

  • Implications for Social Policy


    Since the publication of "The BELL CURVE," many commentators have offered opinions about human intelligence that misstate current scientific evidence. Some conclusions dismissed in the media as discredited are actually firmly supported.

    This statement outlines conclusions regarded as mainstream among researchers on intelligence, in particular, on the nature, origins, and practical consequences of individual and group differences in intelligence. Its aim is to promote more reasoned discussion of the vexing phenomenon that the research has revealed in recent decades. The following conclusions are fully described in the major textbooks, professional journals and encyclopedias in intelligence.

    The Meaning and Measurement of Intelligence

    1. Intelligence is a very general mental capability that, among other things, involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly and learn from experience. It is not merely book learning, a narrow academic skill, or test-taking smarts. Rather, it reflects a broader and deeper capability for comprehending our surroundings -- "catching on," "making sense" of things, or "figuring out" what to do.

    2. Intelligence, so defined, can be measured, and intelligence tests measure it well. They are among the most accurate (in technical terms, reliable and valid) of all psychological tests and assessments. They do not measure creativity, character, personality, or other important differences among individuals, nor are they intended to.

    3. While there are different types of intelligence tests, they all measure the same intelligence. Some use words or numbers and require specific cultural knowledge (like vocabulary). Others do not, and instead use shapes or designs and require knowledge of only simple, universal concepts (many/few, open/closed, up/down).

    4. The spread of people along the IQ continuum, from low to high, can be represented well by the BELL CURVE (in statistical jargon, the "normal CURVE"). Most people cluster around the average (IQ 100). Few are either very bright or very dull: About 3% of Americans score above IQ 130 (often considered the threshold for "giftedness"), with about the same percentage below IQ 70 (IQ 70-75 often being considered the threshold for mental retardation).

    5. Intelligence tests are not culturally biased against American blacks or other native-born, English-speaking peoples in the U.S. Rather, IQ scores predict equally accurately for all such Americans, regardless of race and social class. Individuals who do not understand English well can be given either a nonverbal test or one in their native language.

    6. The brain processes underlying intelligence are still little understood. Current research looks, for example, at speed of neural transmission, glucose (energy) uptake, and electrical activity of the brain.

    Group Differences

    1. Members of all racial-ethnic groups can be found at every IQ level. The BELL CURVES of different groups overlap considerably, but groups often differ in where their members tend to cluster along the IQ line. The BELL CURVES for some groups (Jews and East Asians) are centered somewhat higher than for whites in general. Other groups (blacks and Hispanics) are centered somewhat lower than non-Hispanic whites.

    2. The BELL CURVE for whites is centered roughly around IQ 100; the BELL CURVE for American blacks roughly around 85; and those for different subgroups of Hispanics roughly midway between those for whites and blacks. The evidence is less definitive for exactly where above IQ 100 the BELL CURVES for Jews and Asians are centered.

    Practical Importance

    1. IQ is strongly related, probably more so than any other single measurable human trait, to many important educational, occupational, economic, and social outcomes. Its relation to the welfare and performance of individuals is very strong in some arenas in life (education, military training), moderate but robust in others (social competence), and modest but consistent in others (law-abidingness). Whatever IQ tests measure, it is of great practical and social importance.

    2. A high IQ is an advantage in life because virtually all activities require some reasoning and decision-making. Conversely, a low IQ is often a disadvantage, especially in disorganized environments. Of course, a high IQ no more guarantees success than a low IQ guarantees failure in life. There are many exceptions, but the odds for success in our society greatly favor individuals with higher IQs.

    3. The practical advantages of having a higher IQ increase as life settings become more complex (novel, ambiguous, changing, unpredictable, or multi-faceted). For example, a high IQ is generally necessary to perform well in highly complex or fluid jobs (the professions, management); it is a considerable advantage in moderately complex jobs (crafts, clerical and police work); but it provides less advantage in settings that require only routine decision making or simple problem solving (unskilled work).

    4. Differences in intelligence certainly are not the only factor affecting performance in education, training, and highly complex jobs (no one claims they are), but intelligence is often the most important. When individuals have already been selected for high (or low) intelligence and so do not differ as much in IQ, as in graduate school (or special education), other influences on performance loom larger in comparison.

    5. Certain personality traits, special talents, aptitudes, physical capabilities, experience, and the like are important (sometimes essential) for successful performance in many jobs, but they have narrower (or unknown) applicability or "transferability" across tasks and settings compared with general intelligence. Some scholars choose to refer to these other human traits as other "intelligences."

    Source and Stability of Within-Group Differences

    1. Individuals differ in intelligence due to differences in both their environments and genetic heritage. Heritability estimates range from 0.4 to 0.8 (on a scale from 0 to 1), most thereby indicating that genetics plays a bigger role than does environment in creating IQ differences among individuals. (Heritability is the squared correlation of phenotype with genotype.) If all environments were to become equal for everyone, heritability would rise to 100% because all remaining differences in IQ would necessarily be genetic in origin.

    2. Members of the same family also tend to differ substantially in intelligence (by an average of about 12 IQ points) for both genetic and environmental reasons. They differ genetically because biological brothers and sisters share exactly half their genes with each parent and, on the average, only half with each other. They also differ in IQ because they experience different environments within the same family.

    3. That IQ may be highly heritable does not mean that it is not affected by the environment. Individuals are not born with fixed, unchangeable levels of intelligence (no one claims they are). IQs do gradually stabilize during childhood, however, and generally change little thereafter.

    4. Although the environment is important in creating IQ differences, we do not know yet how to manipulate it to raise low IQs permanently. Whether recent attempts show promise is still a matter of considerable scientific debate.

    5. Genetically caused differences are not necessarily irremediable (consider diabetes, poor vision, and phenal ketonuria), nor are environmentally caused ones necessarily remediable (consider injuries, poisons, severe neglect, and some diseases). Both may be preventable to some extent.

    Source and Stability of Between-Group Differences

    1. There is no persuasive evidence that the IQ BELL CURVES for different racial-ethnic groups are converging. Surveys in some years show that gaps in academic achievement have narrowed a bit for some races, ages, school subjects and skill levels, but this picture seems too mixed to reflect a general shift in IQ levels themselves.

    2. Racial-ethnic differences in IQ BELL CURVES are essentially the same when youngsters leave high school as when they enter first grade. However, because bright youngsters learn faster than slow learners, these same IQ differences lead to growing disparities in amount learnedas youngsters progress from grades one to 12. As large national surveyscontinue to show, black 17-year-olds perform, on the average, more likewhite 13-year-olds in reading, math, and science, with Hispanics inbetween.

    3. The reasons that blacks differ among themselves in intelligenceappear to be basically the same as those for why whites (or Asians orHispanics) differ among themselves. Both environment and geneticheredity are involved.

    4. There is no definitive answer to why IQ bell curves differ acrossracial-ethnic groups. The reasons for these IQ differences betweengroups may be markedly different from the reasons for why individualsdiffer among themselves within any particular group (whites or blacks orAsians). In fact, it is wrong to assume, as many do, that the reason whysome individuals in a population have high IQs but others have low IQs must be the same reason why some populations contain more such high (or low) IQ individuals than others. Most experts believe that environment is important in pushing the bell curves apart, but that genetics could be involved too.

    5. Racial-ethnic differences are somewhat smaller but still substantial for individuals from the same socioeconomic backgrounds. To illustrate, black students from prosperous families tend to score higher in IQ than blacks from poor families, but they score no higher, on average, than whites from poor families.

    6. Almost all Americans who identify themselves as black have white ancestors -- the white admixture is about 20%, on average -- and many self-designated whites, Hispanics, and others likewise have mixed ancestry. Because research on intelligence relies on self-classification into distinct racial categories, as does most other social-science research, its findings likewise relate to some unclear mixture of social and biological distinctions among groups (no one claims otherwise).

    Implications for Social Policy

    1. The research findings neither dictate nor preclude any particular social policy, because they can never determine our goals. They can, however, help us estimate the likely success and side-effects of pursuing those goals via different means.

    The following professors — all experts in intelligence and allied fields — have signed this statement:

    * Richard D. Arvey, University of Minnesota

    * Thomas J. Bouchard, Jr., University of Minnesota

    * John B. Carroll, Un. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    * Raymond B. Cattell, University of Hawaii

    * David B. Cohen, University of Texas at Austin

    * Rene V. Dawis, University of Minnesota

    * Douglas K. Detterman, Case Western Reserve Un.

    * Marvin Dunnette, University of Minnesota

    * Hans Eysenck, University of London

    * Jack Feldman, Georgia Institute of Technology

    * Edwin A. Fleishman, George Mason University

    * Grover C. Gilmore, Case Western Reserve University

    * Robert A. Gordon, Johns Hopkins University

    * Linda S. Gottfredson, University of Delaware

    * Robert L. Greene, Case Western Reserve University

    * Richard J.Haier, University of Callifornia at Irvine

    * Garrett Hardin, University of California at Berkeley

    * Robert Hogan, University of Tulsa

    * Joseph M. Horn, University of Texas at Austin

    * Lloyd G. Humphreys, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    * John E. Hunter, Michigan State University

    * Seymour W. Itzkoff, Smith College

    * Douglas N. Jackson, Un. of Western Ontario

    * James J. Jenkins, University of South Florida

    * Arthur R. Jensen, University of California at Berkeley

    * Alan S. Kaufman, University of Alabama

    * Nadeen L. Kaufman, California School of Professional Psychology at San Diego

    * Timothy Z. Keith, Alfred University

    * Nadine Lambert, University of California at Berkeley

    * John C. Loehlin, University of Texas at Austin

    * David Lubinski, Iowa State University

    * David T. Lykken, University of Minnesota

    * Richard Lynn, University of Ulster at Coleraine

    * Paul E. Meehl, University of Minnesota

    * R. Travis Osborne, University of Georgia

    * Robert Perloff, University of Pittsburgh

    * Robert Plomin, Institute of Psychiatry, London

    * Cecil R. Reynolds, Texas A & M University

    * David C. Rowe, University of Arizona

    * J. Philippe Rushton, Un. of Western Ontario

    * Vincent Sarich, University of California at Berkeley

    * Sandra Scarr, University of Virginia

    * Frank L. Schmidt, University of Iowa

    * Lyle F. Schoenfeldt, Texas A & M University

    * James C. Sharf, George Washington University

    * Herman Spitz, former director E.R. Johnstone Training and Research Center, Bordentown, N.J.

    * Julian C. Stanley, Johns Hopkins University

    * Del Thiessen, University of Texas at Austin

    * Lee A. Thompson, Case Western Reserve University

    * Robert M. Thorndike, Western Washington Un.

    * Philip Anthony Vernon, Un. of Western Ontario

    * Lee Willerman, University of Texas at Austin

    Found at:

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  • Thursday, 18 October 2007

    Soul mate sought

    Disabled alcoholic, GSOH, occasionally violent when drunk seeks big breasted nymphomaniac who runs pub. Must be broadminded, unconventional and non smoker.
    No kids/pets. Coal burners/school teachers need not apply. WPC's welcome.

    Contact: Col Wilberforce Buckshot CDM VD.

    Pip pip

    Wednesday, 17 October 2007

    Bye Yankee Jim

    Regrettably I have pulled the link to Yankee Jim's Hudson Valley freeman blog. He censors his comments so it is inappropriate for me, an immovable proponent of free speech to continue to link to someone who claims to but obviously doesn't. It really is a shame because I admire and respect Jim immensely.

    How do I know?. I posted a comment with regard to William Pierce over the issue of his promotion of the Cosmotheist ideology and the apparent paradox of a self proclaimed anti zionist white nationalist's involvement with the judaic subsect formed by a zionist Jewish Israeli Labour Party theorist named Mordekhay Nesiyahu. Jim shit canned my comment.

    Mordekhay Nesiyahu is the founder of the little known pantheist subsect named Cosmotheism, and is affiliated with both the Israeli Labour Party and also extremist third temple groups.

    Pierce adopted Cosmotheism as his religion in 1978 with it's pantheistic belief that an impersonal God is the animating force within the universe. Claiming incorrectly to be it's founder he adhered to Nesiyahu's principles rigidly asserting that "all is within God and God is within all." Cosmotheism considers the nature of reality and of existence to be mutable and destined to co-evolve towards a complete "universal consciousness," or godhood. Cosmos means an orderly and harmonious universe and thus the divine is tantamount to reality and consciousness, an inseparable part of an orderly, harmonious, and whole universal system.

    In his speech "Our Cause", Pierce said "All we require is that you share with us a commitment to the simple, but great, truth which I have explained to you here, that you understand that you are a part of the whole, which is the creator, that you understand that your purpose, the purpose of mankind and the purpose of every other part of creation, is the creator's purpose, that this purpose is the never-ending ascent of the path of creation, the path of life symbolized by our life rune, that you understand that this path leads ever upward toward the creator's self-realization, and that the destiny of those who follow this path is godhood."

    Pierce described this form of panentheism as being based on "the idea of an evolutionary universe with an evolution toward ever higher and higher states of self-consciousness," and his political ideas were centered on racial purity and eugenics as the means of advancing the white race first towards a superhuman state, and then towards godhood. In his view, the white race represented the pinnacle of human evolution thus far and therefore should be kept genetically separate from all other races in order to achieve its destined perfection in godhood.

    In Cosmotheism Israel, Zionism, Judaism and Humanity towards the 21st Century, Nesiyahu proposed not to just assume the existence of God as being "prior to all that was created", but to consider God as only being a result of the development of the universe and the consciousness of all of humankind. Divinity on this view is a human invention. The development of the divine (or what the believer would qualify as being "the revelation of the Divine") was, in Nesiyahu's opinion, both the condition for a more exalted human functioning and all that bears the fruit of it.

    In Nesiyahu's universalist re-imagining of a secular divinity, the universal celebration of Cosmotheism is the basis for rebuilding the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, and is also a secular ethnically Jewish and a Zionist contribution to all of humankind.

    Cosmotheism asserts that "all is within God and God is within all." It considers the nature of reality and of existence to be mutable and destined to co-evolve towards a complete "universal consciousness," or godhood. Cosmos means an orderly and harmonious universe and thus the divine is tantamount to reality and consciousness, an inseparable part of an orderly, harmonious, and whole universal system. Basically everything Pierce promoted in terms of Cosmotheism was straight from the Babylonian Talmud and the Cabala but considering the founder of the ideology he preached was a Talmudic Cabalist jew it is hardly surprising.

    Whilst we are on the subject of William Pierce, that bastion of white civil rights activism I will comment further and point out another glaring dichotomy in relation to this fraud, around whom many either died, got jailed for eons and/or lost everything they had.

    It seems he liked young girls and had a particular predilection for Eastern European ones and a video tape of one of his headboard rattling sessions with one young strumpet was leaked into the public domain. Although evidence and commentary are scant they do exist but what is truly interesting was the lack of opprobrium from his supporters, the very same people that now pillory Kevin Alfred Strom on no more than accusation and no Prima-Facie evidence has led to the dismissal of two charges against Strom by a Federal Judge. Yet calls for Strom to be strung up come from deep within the ranks of so called white nationalists and wherein lies the core of the late Pierce's supporters. None however called for that indisputable Hebephile to be strung up. Truly there are none so blind as they who will not see.

    Pip pip

    Tuesday, 16 October 2007

    Australia Calling

    Reported by Derrick MacThomas

    More hospital horrors revealed.

    More appalling revelations have come to light about the collapse of Australia's socialised hospital system. In Sydney a 92-year-old woman was put in a storeroom and in Canberra a man who had a heart attack died during a four-hour wait to be seen by a doctor at a hospital.

    The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
    Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

    Pip pip

    Monday, 15 October 2007

    Whole Lotta Goyim

    "If you think that you can beat the system... you are wrong" Harvey Goldsmith

    Incredible enough that anyone should spend upwards of £125 to watch dinosaurs Led Zeppelin churn out the 'same old same old' a zillion years gone but what really gets me is that the tribe controlling the music industry still don't miss a trick to fuck people over for their hard earned. As if these bastards actually NEED to make more money it now transpires that if someone else purchased your ticket or they allowed someone else to transact their credit card to buy a ticket, the ticket is invalid and you have probably just kissed your/their money goodbye.

    According to a BBC article which says: "Several thousand people won a password allowing them to purchase tickets in a lottery draw earlier this week.

    But promoters now say that tickets will be canceled if the password holder's name is not the same as the one on the card used to pay for the tickets.

    Fans have reacted angrily, claiming the terms changed after they made payments.

    They say it was not made clear that the passwords were non-transferable in the initial email sent to ballot winners.

    "There were no stipulations in respect of who could pay for, and thus claim, the tickets," wrote Dandu, from Canada, in an email to the BBC.

    A second email, clarifying the terms and conditions, was apparently sent out several hours later - by which time many fans had already bought their tickets.

    Fucking gob smacking is the way Harvey Goldkike actually refers to 'Parasites who ultimately put nothing whatsoever back into our business to support it'. Talk about calling ze kettle Schwartz already. One schmuck who used his mums credit card because he isn't old enough to hold one of his own may be told to fuck off by the ticket vendors.

    My only hope is that the members of 'Zep' and Messrs Goldsmith and co join John Bonham in the not to distant future and all fucking die. Thieving fucking con men the lot of 'em.

    Pip pip

    Cor Blimey !!!

    I must admit to feeling a little fragile today. On Friday I had my long awaited hernia operation and the soreness and bruising is quite unbelievable so i won't be doing much besides putting my feet up with a large glass of port to hand for the next few days.

    I really must thank all the staff at the Hospital who's care and professionalism were exemplary. My Doctors and nursing staff were all English which in these times is really quite remarkable so I felt that I was in good capable hands which truly was the case. I will be laid up for a fortnight and I am bored witless already. Oh well, beats workin' methinks.

    Now, where's that Stilton with apricots?...............

    Pip pip

    Online petition in support of Mark Walker

    Fight back against fascist oppression.

    An online petition has been started in support of BNP member Mark Walker. Mark has been suspended on full-pay from his job as a teacher at Sunnydale Community College since March. Ostensibly allegations concern unauthorized use of the Internet but there are also political undertones relating to his membership of our Party. Under pressure Head-Teacher Sue Byrne is now denying any political motivation. Sue Byrne is clearly worried for her own job and shocked at the public condemnation of her actions but the facts are against her..

    Sign the petition at: http://www.PetitionOnline.com/1stu2007/petition.html

    I recommend you keep your email address private when signing the petition or viewable only by the Petition' organizer to avoid being spammed to death or mail bombed by the unwashed hordes of leftist arse tunnellers.

    Pip pip

    Friday, 12 October 2007

    Sands of Passion

    From Crackle: Sands of Passion

    The episodes don't seem to run in sequence but if you have half an hour to spare just sit and watch. Chuckles a plenty are guaranteed. Should earn us a Fatwah or two at least.

    Pip pip

    Wednesday, 10 October 2007

    Brylcreem and Navy cake for our Willie

    Prince William is to serve on attachment to the Royal Navy and the RAF next year it has been announced today, Wednesday 10 October 2007.

    These secondments follow a year in the Blues and Royals, one of the two regiments that form the Household Cavalry. Prince William was commissioned into the Blues and Royals from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in December 2006.

    Oh deary, deary me..............

    Pip pip

    Tuesday, 9 October 2007

    Australia Calling

    Reported by Derrick MacThomas

    Hospital horrors as health system collapses

    What was once the best public health system in the world is imploding as the insanity of Fabian Socialist 'reform' comes home to roost. Women are miscarrying in the waiting rooms of major hospitals and being left holding their dying foetuses in their hands while they are ignored by overworked hospital staff.

    The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
    Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

    Pip pip

    Saturday, 6 October 2007

    Major Alexis Roberts killed in Afghanistan

    Another brave British soldier sacrificed to global zionism

    It is with great sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of Major Alexis Roberts, serving with 1st Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles in Southern Afghanistan on Thursday 4 October 2007.

    Major Roberts, usually an Officer of 2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles, but serving in Afghanistan with The 1st Battalion, died as a result of an improvised explosive device just after 0800 hrs local time. The Battalion was returning to their base in Kandahar after taking part in Op PALK WAHEL when the incident occurred.
    Major Roberts aged 32, lived in Kent with his wife and two daughters.

    "In Major Lex Roberts, both Battalions of the Royal Gurkha Rifles have lost a dear friend and a treasured officer. The British Army has lost one of its finest prospects and the nation has lost a dedicated servant. Quote: Lieutenant Colonel Jonny Bourne".

    Pip pip

    Friday, 5 October 2007

    Justice for injured service personnel !.

    The Number 10 petitions secretary wrote today:

    5 October 2007 - We received a petition asking:

    "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Allow the development of a Families Support Centre at Grays Lane."
    On 2 August 2007 Mole Valley District Council granted permission for the planning application MO/2007/0863 that had been submitted by the Soldiers Sailors Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA)(new window) Forces Help. The application was for a change of use of a house in Grays Lane, Ashtead, Surrey, in order to provide accommodation for families visiting injured relatives at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court which is nearby.

    On behalf of the Government, the Defence Secretary, Des Browne, welcomed the Council's decision and commented that "We are delighted that Mole Valley District Council recently granted permission for SSAFA's proposed development. The Government will continue to work together with SSAFA to make best use of this new facility."

    Details of petition:

    "The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association, Mole Valley Council for change of use to the property at 36 Grays Lane, Ashtead. The development is close to Headley court, a military rehabilitation centre used to treat personnel who may have lost limbs or suffered severe trauma serving their country. Many of these armed forces personnel spend months rebuilding their lives at Headley Court and need the support of their families whilst going through this difficult process. The proposed development is to provide short term accommodation to the families, giving them the opportunity to support their injured relatives. The plan also includes some alterations at the property, including installing a wheelchair ramp. The property is situated within an area of high value properties, and unfortunately there is a very negative response from the neighbours mostly objecting that the change of use will negatively affect their property prices and spoil the neighbourhood."

    Three cheers..........

    Pip pip

    Wednesday, 3 October 2007

    Wallace and Gromit return to TV

    Wallace and Gromit return to TV - Well Whoopee fucking doo!!.

    This is the kind of dog shite that makes news headlines whilst the case reported below about our gallant Firemen being persecuted by the guild of arse tunnellers is practically placed under a 'D' Notice by the controlled media.

    What an obscene, degenerate, depraved, rancid, fetid, gut churning, swirling cesspool of a country we live in.

    Pip pip

    Lunatics running the asylum

    Full news article by BNP news team here

    Four firemen from Bristol have been fined and punished after disturbing a group of four homosexuals engaging in an act of gross indecency in a public place. The firemen - formerly members of Avon Fire Service's Blue Watch at Avonmouth station in Bristol - stumbled upon the session near Circular Road on the Downs, in Bristol. One of the men contacted AIDS charity the Terrence Higgins Trust, who advised him to launch a formal complaint.

    The firefighters were suspended on full pay during a three month investigation. Two were fined up to £1,000, one was demoted in rank and the other given a written warning. They have all been ordered to attend an equality course and the fines will be donated to the a nominated gay-rights charity.

    One being mooted is the Jamaican Forum for Lesbians All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG) although no final decision has been made.

    The four man crew have also been transferred to other stations.

    It is claimed one of the perverts had been pleasuring himself in front a group of three men when they were disturbed. He is now said to be "happy" at the outcome of the disciplinaries but will not face any police investigation into what he and the other men were doing in the area.

    The firefighters were charged with bringing the service into disrepute and with the misuse of fire equipment as their actions were deemed homophobic.
    They have been gagged by bosses and banned from talking - even with colleagues - about the incident, which happened at about 10.30pm on June 27th.

    One fireman said: "This is a complete farce. All four officers have been let down by their senior officers when they needed their support the most.

    "They have been treated as the criminals in this case and it has been completely forgotten that they witnessed criminal activity occurring in a public place."

    Another firefighter said: "The service needs to take a long hard look at how it has dealt with these allegations.

    "There a lot of firefighters in Avon who feel the four involved have been treated very unfairly so the service can be seen as being politically correct."

    The four, who do not want be named, will be forced to attend a two-day equality conference being held at Holland House Hotel, near St Mary Redcliffe Church next week.

    Avon Fire and Rescue Service has invited delegates from around the world and firefighters from across the UK to attend the debate, entitled "Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexuals and Transgender Equality in the Fire Service - an absolute taboo?"

    The four perverts at the source of the complaint will face no criminal charges according to Avon and Somerset Police.

    What an obscene, degenerate, depraved, rancid, fetid, gut churning, swirling cesspool of a country we live in.

    Pip pip

    Monday, 1 October 2007

    Something nice for a change

    A mystery donor has sent staff at RAF Halton an envelope full of pristine World War Two photographs of diverse subjects including the Dambuster attacks and Generals Eisenhower and Montgomery.

    The pictures were received by Squadron Leader Colin Baker, who is Halton House's Historian. He was approached by a gentleman in his 80's at the recent Halton House Heritage Day. The stranger drove up to the Squadron Leader wound down the window of his car and said:

    "I've got these pictures from the war. I'm about to throw them out, are they any good to you?"

    Sqn Ldr Baker had no idea what the pictures were going to be of but said he would be interested and gave the elderly man his card.

    A few days later he received an envelope.............

    Read the whole great story here: WWII photos arrive at RAF Halton

    View some of the fantastic photographs here: WWII in pictures

    Pip pip

    The Keystone cops

    News article filed by BNP news team

    The Health and Safety fascists in Britain’s town halls are undermining what respect is left for the country’s police as forces around the country conduct health and safety reviews.

    Police officers in Devon and Cornwall are being instructed not to offer help to a struggling non-swimmer and that even a life belt must not be thrown without a "dynamic risk assessment" being carried out. Where possible, rescues should be left to other emergency services.

    Rules for West Country officers are set out in a policy document headed Health and safety – water safety, which states: "Devon and Cornwall Constabulary do not expect or require any member of staff to enter water in a rescue attempt of any person or animal under any circumstances.

    "Life-saving equipment such as life-belt, throw line, throw bag or buoyancy aid may be used where such use is in accordance and compliance with dynamic risk assessment procedures… Physical contact with a struggling casualty should be avoided to prevent a rescuer becoming overwhelmed and pulled into the water and submerged.

    "The task of rescuing members of the public, or animals, from water lies primarily with other emergency services that are equipped and trained to undertake such tasks."

    Graeme Hicks, a member of Devon and Cornwall Police Authority, said he would raise concerns about the guidelines with senior officers. He said: "It's quite unbelievable that a police officer could walk past an incident like that and ignore it. If a child drowned in Cornwall in those circumstances, we would come under criticism, and it concerns me that there are policies like this in place."

    A force spokesman said: "No organisation can expect staff to risk their lives. However, the force has reported many instances where staff have saved people."

    200 miles north officers in Staffordshire are told in their training that "red mist is dynamic risk assessment's worst enemy". They are taught that "high risk areas" include chasing suspects, domestic incidents, road accidents, searching people, or any situation involving fire or water.

    Examples can be revealed of how health and safety concerns prevent the emergency services from doing their job:

    •In the Dorset case, police were called to a fight on a yacht, in which initial reports suggested that someone had suffered a heart attack. The Swanage lifeboat offered to take police to the scene, but when two officers turned up at the jetty with a defibrillator after 15 minutes, they were instructed via radio not to board the boat. John Gilmour, a lifeboatman, said: "They told us they couldn't come because they hadn't done a sea survival course. They were made to look pathetic. What a mad world."
    •Vandals spent two days daubing graffiti on a derelict building in Bristol, using ladders and 15ft rollers, after police decided it was unsafe to enter.
    •Foot patrols were withdrawn from the hamlet of Cerney Wick, Gloucestershire, because its narrow lanes have no pavements.
    •A new fire station in Plymouth, Devon, was built without a traditional pole. Firefighters use stairs instead to avoid the risk of hand or ankle injuries.

    Many experienced beat officers are furious at the expansion of risk-averse attitudes by their superiors and civilian regulators. One Essex based sergeant told the BNP news team that helping others was the “number one priority” and recalls his training days in the last 70s where one of the first activities was to swim 20 yds in full uniform in the police college swimming pool to perform a simulated rescue.

    He added:

    “Non-swimmers just weren’t allowed into the force or they learned pretty quickly. How can we expect members of the public to help us if we aren’t supposed to help them? It is difficult enough winning the trust of the members of the public without this kind of nonsense.”

    Source: Daily Telegraph

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