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Whites were also slaves as well as Blacks.

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An article on the subject of White slavery by Kenneth Foderingham.

It is often said that our white ancestors exploited the populations of Africa and Asia - and that as a result we owe their descendants a living. But 90% of our white ancestors were victims of desperate poverty, and quite incapable of exploiting a race of people living thousands of miles away. "The starving agricultural labourers of Southern England are worse off than the American negroes." So wrote William Cobbett in 1836 and he was one of the few in a position to make a comparison.

Countless thousands of English farm workers were tricked and robbed of their agricultural holdings by the 19th Century Land Enclosures statute. They became landless labourers working for wealthy landowners, working from sunrise to sunset at starvation wages.

In 1834, six Dorset farm labourers formed a trade union of agricultural workers. They were arrested and put on trial. Leader George Loveless stated in their defence "My Lord ... we were uniting together to preserve ourselves, our wives and our children from starvation...." The six men were sentenced to seven years transportation to the penal colonies in New South Wales. In those days the passage endured by white convicts en route from England to Australia, was no better than that suffered by negro slaves en route from Africa to America.

The Industrial Revolution concentrated millions of workers in the new factory towns. In the North, the Midlands and South Wales there sprang up landscapes of roaring furnaces, smouldering slag heaps, vast dock basins and a huge and growing slum population. Wealthy manufacturers and industrialists demanded and obtained a policy of government non-interference in the running of factories, mills and coal mines. It resulted in a ghastly exploitation of the working classes.

Frequent collapses in coal mines led to an appalling loss of life. Boys and girls crawled on all fours pushing tubs of coal, often in choking dust-filled conditions. Women strained to carry coal up to the surface by means of ladders fixed to the sides of the mine shafts; they carried up around two tons a day and for that they received a shilling a day.

In the Lancashire textile mills, six-year-old children lived on the premises, entirely under the control of the owners. In these infernos of fluff and filth a child's working day was from 5 am to 9pm. Meals of bread-and-scrape were eaten in the dust-laden atmosphere of the workroom. Epidemics resulted in many deaths, while unguarded machinery regularly removed fingers and hands.

Day and night shifts meant beds were seldom empty - one batch of children coming off work taking the place of another going to work. They would suffer the green slime from colds mixing in their mouths with the filth and fluff from the factory floor.

Child chimney sweeps suffered with respiratory diseases and cancer of the groin. These scrambling urchins slept on soot sacks in damp cellars. Their lives were considered close to worthless as they could easily be replaced.

Starving fourteen-year-old boys were hanged for stealing sheep. Ten-year-old children were committed to prison on the charge of having caused a public nuisance by spinning a top.

Serious hunger riots occurred throughout the Victorian era, especially after 1845 when the Irish potato harvest failed. A great famine resulted in a huge flight of refugees escaping to England from a nightmare homeland, where disease took a frightful toll. In Liverpool the nearest point of entry, they perished by the hundred thousand.

"The working classes of Great Britain are in a worse condition than any slaves in any country, in any period of the world's history." wrote Robert Owen 1840.

The Poor Law - Designed to inspire fear.

The 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act cast a black shadow over many lives. It was a harsh measure designed to inspire fear, and was carried out with savage brutality. Parishes were grouped into Unions and were required to provide workhouses for the sick, the elderly and the destitute.

By 1840 six out of seven of our ancestors in England and Wales lived in areas where the Poor Law was in force. It was a stark terrible fact that the majority of people were at some time or another likely to find themselves destitute. Yet there was a suicidal horror of the dreaded workhouse; people endured desperate cold and hunger before applying for entry.

Conditions in work houses, pushed people to the limit of endurance.

In the workhouse strict discipline was enforced. Husbands and wives were separated from each other and from their children. Meals of bread and gruel were eaten in silence in the freezing wards. At a workhouse in Stockport, a man of seventy-two refused to break stones. He was made to work the treadmill for fourteen days. As a punishment a four-year-old child In Deptford was locked three nights in the workhouse mortuary, sleeping on coffin lids. A workhouse in Tooting housed 1,400 children, between the ages of 2 and 15. Thrashings and disease were reported as commonplace in this frightful place.

There were many more slums at the end of the 19th century than at the beginning. Many of these properties were owned by Jews, who by means of their accumulated wealth, prospered on average better than the English. The City of Bath concealed behind its graceful terraces some of the most revolting slums in Europe. Southampton contained a hideous rat-infested slum known as "The Ditches." Glasgow's were the worst in Europe.

The great slum complex of St Giles in London was a twelve acre rookery of squalid courts, passageways and hovels, filled with white humanity in their thousands. So poor and destitute were they that death was a common visitor. The dead remained where they expired, and were passed by people accustomed to such scenes. Men, women and children here slept on rags as rats would scurry by.

Cholera Epidemics, in London.

Toilet facilities consisted of ditches of putrefying filth. Refuse collection was unheard of; water supplies were impure and inadequate; recurrent cholera epidemics ensured a high mortality rate especially among children.

The cutting of the great road junction at London's Aldgate East uprooted hundreds of families. They crammed themselves into disease-ridden lairs and warrens of the surrounding slums east of Petticoat Lane, where they were quickly reinforced by famine-driven Irish refugees. In the Mile End Road there were cellar homes damp with sewage, where women kept watch for rats that would gnaw their babies' fingers.

Bethnal Green families, women and skinny children of five and six, carried out miserable domestic crafts such as flypaper and matchbox making. They worked seventeen hours a day for eight pence a day. Some stitched gunny sacks day and night, bloody-fingered children stitched too. But these white ancestors of ours were never tamed. Helpless and exploited as they were, they never gave in, for they possessed the British white people's determination to endure and survive.


You wont hear this taught our children and how ironic is it that we still put up monuments and commemorative plaques celebrating the swines responsible for this diabolical outrage proclaiming them as 'hero's of the industrial revolution'.

No, you wont hear this taught our children, but you will hear about black slaves of which there were none in mainland Britain.

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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Ghost Vote Polling Fraud Alert

BNP News team..

All British National Party members and supporters have been urged to be on the lookout for polling station fraud committed by corrupt officials who may seek to cast ghost votes in the election on June 4th, party leader Nick Griffin has announced.

“We have received information that certain corrupt officials at some polling stations have devised a plan whereby they intend to vote on other people’s behalf towards the end of polling day,” Mr Griffin said.

“Apparently the plan is to wait until late on polling day, and then to start crossing off names of people on the electoral register who have not yet voted and then voting on their behalf,” Mr Griffin said.

“Such a scam is simple to carry out with only two corrupt officials in on it at a polling station,” he continued. “The plan also involves an escape route if the person whose name has just been crossed off comes in to vote at the last moment. The answer that has already been devised entails simply giving the voter a ballot sheet and then crossing someone else’s name off the register as having voted.

“The plan is outrageously simple to effect, and an unaware public might well be none the wiser.

“We need all members and supporters to try to vote as late in the day as possible, and then to demand to see their entries on the register.

”If anyone spots any such signs of tampering, or if they find that their names have already been crossed off, they must immediately call the police and contact the BNP by whichever means is most direct, either using the telephone hotline number 02070 783286, by email to fightback @ or by contacting a local BNP organiser or official,” Mr Griffin said.

“We know that the far left are planning all sorts of underhand tactics in the run-up to polling day, but this one is of such a severe nature that we have no choice but to publicise it,” he said.

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Thursday, 28 May 2009

General Motors bankrupt. To file chapter 8 on June 1st 2009 !!

General Motors Corp., the world’s largest automaker until its 77-year reign ended in 2008, plans to file for bankruptcy protection on June 1 and sell most of its assets to a new company, people familiar with the matter said.

GM’s path will be smoothed by an accord today giving some of its biggest bondholders an equity stake in the reorganized automaker. The U.S. Treasury is requiring that an unspecified percentage of debt holders accept the terms by 5 p.m. New York time on May 30, Detroit-based GM said in a regulatory filing.


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Frogs invite Obongo to 'D' Day commemorations. Tell Queen 'foutre le camp'.

Neither the Queen nor any other member of the Royal family will attend D-Day commemorations in France next week, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

Unelected one eyed Prime Minister and rent boy aficionado Gordon Arse Tunneller Brown will represent the UK in Normandy on 6 June, 65 years on from the landings that helped defeat Germany.

US President Bollock Obongo will join Juif French president Nicolarse Bâtard Sarkozy for commemorations at the American Cemetery in Normandy. A Buckingham Palace spokesman confirmed the situation on Thursday. British veterans will hold their main memorial event at the Arromanches landing beaches, where thousands of troops poured ashore on 6 June and during the following days. A Royal British Legion Service of Remembrance, at Bayeaux Cathedral, will also be held. No royals would go because they had not been invited, Buckingham Palace said.

"Neither the Queen nor any other members of the royal family will be attending the D-Day commemorations on June 6 as we have not received an official invitation to any of these events. For the 60th anniversary of the invasion in 2004, the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales all attended commemoration events in France.

Send the RAF over and bomb 'em back to the fucking stone age I say..

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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Caste Football

A plug for one of my top favourite web sites. Visit them today..

There are no white starting cornerbacks in the NFL out of 64 players who start at that position. In fact, there are no white cornerbacks in the entire league. There are zero starting white tailbacks. No white running back has run for over 1,000 yards in nearly a quarter of a century. Only about five percent of starting wide receivers and safeties are white.

Has this amazing and now permanent disparity in a sport that whites have always loved and played so well come about solely because of "black supremacy" in athleticism? The NFL was integrated racially in the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s and there were plenty of whites then who played all defensive positions and who ran and caught the ball and who excelled at it. It is only since the late 1980s that certain positions in professional football have become for all intents and purposes black only.

Might there be other factors involved? For example, did you know that the 119 Division I-A major college football programs, with very, very few exceptions, simply refuse to recruit and develop white tailbacks and white receivers no matter how outstanding they are in high school? And that the media enforces this rigid segregation by using euphemisms and descriptions that demean white athletes?

Talented white athletes who want to play tailback, receiver or cornerback must go to a small college program or go the very difficult route of becoming a walk-on at one of the major programs. And since it is the Division I-A programs that supply almost all the players in the NFL, it is hardly surprising that the white running back and wide receiver has become almost extinct, as have whites playing defense in general.

The truth is that white football players, no matter how talented, are directed into a racial Caste System that limits them to being offensive linemen, kickers, quarterbacks (though more and more major college programs are recruiting blacks for that position), and the occasional defensive position, usually linebacker or defensive end.

Caste Football looks at the racial dynamics of football and of sports in general. We have no sacred cows we worship, no taboo subjects we won’t discuss. We respect the fact that blacks make good football players. But we believe that by looking at football and sports overall through an objective lens rather than simply accepting the propaganda slant of the media, it is clear and obvious that whites are just as good as if not better athletes than blacks.

To give just one example, even though whites are only 10 percent of the world's population, they win over 90 percent of the medals at the Winter Olympics and over 70 percent of the medals at the Summer Olympics, including many medals in sprinting and jumping.

Caste Football's goal is to see that white athletes are respected for their abilities, and that they receive the same opportunities to succeed as non-white athletes.

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Australia Calling

Reported by Derrick MacThomas


While Australian workers are losing their jobs and homes at a rate not seen since the Great Depression, the politicians of the Fabian Marxist federal government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd are spending up big on international travel and a lavish lifestyle at top hotels.. As the pigs in George Orwell's book said: "Some animals are more equal than others."

The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

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Monday, 25 May 2009

A look at Dublin Ireland 2009

What would Michael Collins have to say?.

Watch it and weep...

Thanks to newsnet14.

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More Police car fatalities

Simon Beaton, an all-round sportsman, was killed as a result of a police car driver's inexperience and stupidity. The car in question was at the time of the fatal accident racing in the dark, on the wrong side of the road and had no siren sounding or blue lights flashing.

What was the great urgency which caused these officers to put road-users lives at risk? They were in pursuit of some youngsters who had thrown a stone at a glasshouse window. This one story encapsulates all of the problems created by liberal and socialist post-60s "modernizers".

Very few police officers driving patrol cars have had the specialised training needed to drive safely at high speeds. Most patrol drivers are no better than the average motorist, and yet they carry out manoeuvres for which the ordinary driver would be banned. Then, in modern-day Britain, where all standards have fallen dramatically, very few workers carrying out skilled professional work can be considered either skilled or professional.

Crime was at a much lower rate when regular beat officers patrolled an area they knew well on foot. They were on first- name terms with many of the residents, and, had stones been thrown at a glasshouse, they would have known which boys would have been the likely culprits. Young rascals who commit such acts of vandalism know how to move behind hedges, sneak through alleys and disappear into blocks of flats. A policeman on foot would be unlikely to catch them, but a police car speeding through the dark would stand no chance at all.

Crime levels are much higher now than in the 1950s. There are two obvious reasons for this. Firstly, most children have been brought up without discipline, few have been taught right from wrong, or been made responsible for their actions. This failing, coupled with liberalised forms of punishment, has nurtured criminal activity. Secondly, Parliament has brought millions of badly-behaved immigrants and criminals into Britain. These undesirables have not only committed serious crimes, but introduced a dangerous anti-social, sub-culture. Politically-correct zealots have been specially appointed to positions such as police chiefs and judges so as to ensure that the destruction of our race and nation continues.


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Why are liberals so perverse?

Liberals like to give the impression they are tolerant of others and their various points of view. That is until someone challenges their ideas and forces them to face the consequences of their dreadful left-wing agenda, then they become furious, aggressive, vindictive and sometimes downright violent. Liberals, although a minority, have gained control over the mass media, local government and education. For so long have they been able to inflict their nation-wrecking programme on the long-suffering British public that they believe they have a God-given right to do so.

Of course they do not drive the liberal agenda, like people possessed, merely for ideological reasons. One cannot get any public service job, with its attendant lucrative pension, without showing eagerness for everything that is left-wing, degenerate and subversive. Fair-mindedness, honesty, integrity and most importantly national loyalty have to be abandoned to remain employed anywhere in the public sector. There is such unease among liberals at the prospect of losing their job over a politically incorrect remark, that they feel the need to spit venom at anyone who complains about such things as known killers and potential terrorists being let into our country in the form of asylum seekers.

Why is it that liberals seem remarkably, unconcerned regarding the illegal, bombing, killing and mayhem that has taken place in Iraq? Gordon Brown is equally guilty as Tony Blair over that monstrous decision to attack Iraq, which has seen many thousands of innocent men, women and children killed, (many blown to pieces), towns devastated and the country now in a state of civil war - yet liberals without condemnation, are quite prepared to see the hardly-liberal, ex-Chancellor become Prime Minister.

Liberals show little concern for the plight of the elderly British, particularly those who have to get by on such a small amount of money that they are at risk of dying either through hypothermia, hunger, depression or neglect. But to suggest that a single asylum seeker should be denied entry to the UK, and his right to be kept at the taxpayer's expense, brings forth from liberals extreme indignation followed by spurious venom. This strange behaviour can be explained by the nature of their employment, which is often in schools or some form of public administration. Here every week they are bombarded with glossy literature, (paid for by the taxpayer) informing them as gospel, such things as " immigration has been good for Britain", Asylum seekers contribute greatly to this country" and that "a kindred spirit and desire to protect ones own people is evil, racist and the work of the devil." They are also informed in a biblical-like way that "the promotion of Race-mixing and homosexuality are essential for a successful society and that these two options should be made near compulsory in an ideal liberal society." That the practice of mixed-race sexual encounters and widespread homosexuality threaten the continuance of the white race, and can therefore be classified as genocide, an act made illegal by the United Nations, never occurs to supposedly well-meaning liberals.


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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

4 Para Launch New Web Site

The Brotherhood of the Black Flash

The new site has been developed to provide supporting information and news about the 4th Battalion The Parachute Regiment and its activities throughout the world. The site also provides information that will assist new and potential recruits to join 4 PARA.

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Truth will come out in the end - a closer look at Winston Churchill

Nicholas Soames is peeved because American author Nicholson Baker has written about events in Winston Churchill's life that the family would rather keep hushed up. The author, whose book has been praised in America, tells of a memo sent by Churchill in 1920, when as Minister for War he wrote that he advocated drastic action against rebels in Iraq, saying "I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas."

The author also cites an example of Churchill's inhumanity, when during the Second World War he said "One of our great aims is the delivery on German towns of the largest quantity of bombs per night." One could also cite how Churchill failed to evacuate the City of Coventry when he knew beforehand the night on which it was to be heavily bombed, or how he sent hundreds of Canadian soldiers over a ridge to a certain death, straight on to German guns. This order prompted Adolf Hitler to write in his diary, something to the effect of, I cannot understand the inhumanity of the man.

The British public, angry at Churchill's warmongering, ditched him at the earliest opportunity. That time came when he was heavily defeated at the first post-war general election. But enough of the past for the moment. What of the current Churchill family?

Although a long-term sitting MP and one-time Minister for the Armed Forces, what exactly has Nicholas Soames, Winston Churchill's grandson, contributed to the defence of our nation over the past forty years? Precisely nothing! He has sat back, living a life of luxury, watching as Britain has been invaded by hordes of aliens. He has presided over our loss of sovereignty and passively watched as our homeland has been turned into something akin to a violent third-world hell-hole from which thousands of Britons are desperate to escape. As an ex-defence Minister he should know something of the military. Much to his shame, he did nothing to prevent our armed forces from being illegally deployed in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Winston Churchill, another grandson spoke of a collection of pygmies trying to knock Churchill off his pedestal. Despite the media hype, Churchill was never regarded by most troops as the great hero he has been made out to be. Many regular soldiers had no time for him, but they did respect Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery. At least he was prepared to join them in the thick of battle. Parents often name their children after people they admire. There are many boys from the wartime generation named Bernard, but there doesn't appear to be one called Winston. The only Winston's anyone encounters seem to be West Indians.

Around twelve years ago, the younger Winston Churchill raised a warning about the lengthy queues of immigrants waiting to get into the UK. Immediately, a large amount of money from public funds was awarded to him for some documents belonging to his famous grandfather. It seemed unlikely there would be any of Winston's documents that had not already been examined and copied. Unable to judge the situation, many nationalists decided to watch and wait. If he never broached the subject of immigration again, it could be surmised he had been bought off. Well, judge for yourself. He hasn't raised the subject since.

Apart from leading Europe into a war from which it has never properly recovered, Winston Churchill's second great crime was making Communism appear respectable to a large percentage of the middle classes. This he did by making a friend and ally of the mass-murderer and Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin. Churchill also enlisted the help of thousands of Communist thugs whom he used to silence the English anti-war movement. Those anti-British Communist groups, mainly aliens, have been turned into heroes by the left-wing media.

Many of the anti-war protesters were fine men who had fought gallantly in the First World War. They bitterly regretted the high cost in European lives that resulted from that pointless conflict. It was these knowledgeable, courageous and patriotic men and women who should have been governing Britain. Instead, the anti-British and anti-European alliance had many hundreds of our finest men arrested and sent to jail, with neither a charge made against them or the possibility of a trial. No doubt the warmongers were prompted into this act of treachery by Joseph Stalin.

Throughout the post-war period, intellectuals, students, liberals and, it seems almost the entire establishment have developed an unhealthy belief in Communism. As a result, the anti-white programme they have propounded has reduced our once-great nation to a shadow of its former self. The permanent damage that Winston Churchill did to Europe and the wider world is enormous, far beyond the comprehension of most people.

Churchill never was the conservative saviour of Britain that those who wrote the history books would have us believe. He was a life-long liberal with close connections to the most scurrilous international financiers, including Bernard Baruch. It was for them that he railroaded Europe into war, and for them that he championed the Zionist/Communist cause. Today the world is ruled by anti white European, and anti-Christian organisations, and more than anyone it was Winston Churchill who gave them that power.

As the Second World War was drawing to a close the "warleader" had sleepless nights worrying over the fact that he had been responsible for the growth of the Soviet menace. True, Winston Churchill was the first public figure to warn of "an iron curtain descending over Europe". But then he had spent enough time agonising over the advances the Soviet Union and global red menace had been able to make, due to his help.

Since 1939 it has been claimed that our parents and grandparents went to war to defend their country. They did nothing of the kind. Winston Churchill acted as a front man for various self-interested groups, including bankers, Zionists, Communists and profiteers. The "internationalist"-war that he started on their behalf, has led to the near destruction of our nation, and not its salvation. Those who were taken in by the "Churchill was a great man" nonsense should realise that history books are written by the victors, and the winners were neither the British nor the Germans.

Also see, Churchill's role in sinking the Lusitania, which brought the USA into WW1

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Sunday, 17 May 2009

** Australia Calling Double Bill **

Reported by Derrick MacThomas


Under the grossly incompetent stewardship of the health system by the Fabian Marxist Labor Party government in Queensland things have become so bad that staff in a nursing home found an 89-year-old male patient being eaten live by a pack of mice. The loonie left greenies in the Labor Party government would not let the nursing home put down baits, set traps, or even get a cat, so a plague of mice rampaged unchallenged and the inevitable happened. Much more in this show to astound you and make you really, really angry.

The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas. This edition can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.


Telling the truth and speaking your mind are illegal in Australia and you will go to prison for it. During this past week a prominent Adelaide historian has been sentenced to three months in prison because he said that the Holocaust was a lie. In Perth, a fundamentalist Christian has been charged with a thought crime because he quoted the Jewish scriptures that taught race hate and murder. He faces 14 years in prison for quoting scripture. Australia. Perfect one day, a gulag the next.

The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas. This edition can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Barcelona Declaration

Not 'new' news but worth repeating..

Free Muslim Immigration to Europe

European Union agreements with 10 European and North African Countries, Folder Dansk Kultur Allerød Postomdeling Abstract from the Barcelona - Euro Mediterranean Declaration of 1995: The Euro Mediterranean Declaration was agreed upon by the EU, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Israel and comprises: Comprehensive political partnership, among other things about: Establishing a free trade area and economic integration to begin in the year of 2010 Considerably more money for the partners Cultural partnership. Respect for Islam Is Guaranteed by the EU. Multiculturalism is to be respected in order to promote tolerance between different ethnic groups in society.

The importance of a resolute common campaign against racism, xenophobia and intolerance is emphasized. Close mutual European-Muslim influence on radio, television, newspapers and magazines is to bring about cultural understanding. The EU will actively promote such mutual influences. Youth exchange is one of the instruments for cooperation between future Euro Mediterranean generations.

So we're all agreed then?.....

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** Australia Calling Double Bill **

Reported by Derrick MacThomas

The government of the state of New South Wales has begun to send land owners tax bills for rain that has fallen on their land. This is part of a globalist master plan called Agenda 21, which calls for the ownership of all water resources, including rain, to be claimed by the state and then sold to transnational corporations. Have you had enough yet? Are you ready to fight, white man? .

The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas. This edition can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.


The Fabian Marxist government Prime Minister KRudd plans to force child care facilities to fly the Aboriginal flag and teach under fives that it is okay to have sex with non whites. .

The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas. This edition can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

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Thursday, 7 May 2009

A quick stop for a breather..

Well I must apologize for the absence of entries over the past week but yours truly has been well and truly in the thick of it hereabouts together with fellow nationalists leafleting, campaigning and generally setting the ground for our local candidates who will be standing in both the County Council elections and the European Parliamentary Election on June 4th with the only time we have to rest our feet and enjoy a sit down being at meetings.

So until June 4th is out of the way I will be busy on the campaign trail but will pop in with the odd snippet here and there as time allows. Onward and upward as they say....

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