Saturday, 27 February 2010

News from the agricultural district.

My good friend The General conveys an open letter from former Daventry BNP candidate Dave Jones to Larry Nunn, the East Northants organizer which the authour wishes to be published here.

A full rebuttal of the West Northants BNP article by Rob Walker, as seen in a previous article here will be released soon I am reliably informed.

"Hi Larry.

Just a quick note to say thank you to yourself and Rob for the superb hatchet job done on me at his blog. I did have to read it a couple of times to confirm whether or not it actually related to me since it didn't really contain anything factual. Obviously therefore, he didn't mention me directly by name so as to avoid any suggestion of libel.

It does at least reveal finally and most accurately, the measure of the kind of people I was dealing with all along. As the old saying goes; "how could I have been so blind?."

I did say to you during our telephone conversation and again in my subsequent email that there was no antipathy on my part towards anyone whatsoever and nothing personal was at issue and that out of respect for individuals and the hard work they had invested for the BNP I would not be contesting elections or giving interviews about this strictly private and personal decision. Anything that may have appeared on the web until now were the words of the National Front and not me. Until now I have remained quite silent, even refusing to comment and it was my earnest intention to continue doing so out of the aforementioned level of respect I had for you personally.

Unfortunately Mr Walker does not share that respect and his childish attack upon me for having a differing opinion and for exercising my democratic right to disagree and re-shape my allegiance shows this. Naturally any such indications of neutrality as I may have given previously are now null and void and should I ever again be given the chance to speak on national television or to the press about the BNP and some of it's more petty, spiteful, duplicitous, treacherous and nefariously untrustworthy members I will most assuredly and gleefully avail myself of any such opportunity to do so.

As for me changing my mind and coming back with your assurance that you would do everything to facilitate my return, well, I think we both know what can be done with that idea do we not.

This was all so utterly unnecessary and could/should have been avoided but Mein Fuhrer Walker decided otherwise. Perhaps next time he will have learned to keep his idiotic outbursts of infantile pique to himself. This could have passed by quite unnoticed. Now it will come back to haunt him and the party. What is it with political types that they simply have to wash their dirty knickers in public?.

Despite our differences I at least hoped and even believed you would not stoop to this. Perhaps I misjudged you like I did Walker, I hope not, but regardless, I do, in spite of this, wish you all the very best Larry. As for Rob Walker however, he can get fucked, and I intend to see that he does..

Dave Jones.. "

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Monday, 22 February 2010

Asian TV millionaire set to join the BNP

A tycoon who starred on TV’s Secret Millionaire is joining the British National Party to RILE them because he is Asian.

Mo Chaudry, 49, will formally apply today days after the BNP had to change its whites only constitution because it breached equality laws.

The Pakistan-born businessman, who is worth £60million, admitted last night: “I will not be welcomed with open arms.” Despite blasting the party as racist, he vowed: “I want to stand up and be counted and expose the BNP for what they are.

“I want to antagonise them and attend their meetings, find out what makes them tick.”

Muslim Mo, who made his fortune from water parks, appeared on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire in December. He handed out cash to worthy causes in the Asian community of Leeds.

The dad of three, from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs, said: “I live near Stoke, which is becoming a BNP stronghold – and don’t want it being known as a racist city.”


Either they will welcome him with open arms or they will try to block him. In which case he will, with the full might of the establishment behind him, sue them out of existence. This is only the begining. Such tactics are, as predicted, only the thin end of the wedge, Watch this space as they say..........

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Armed police arrest EDL Leadership

The following report has appeared at the web site of International Civil Liberties Alliance.

"On Saturday 20th February 2010 Members of the leadership team of the English Defence League were arrested as they traveled to Scotland to support the Scottish Defence League demonstration.

While in custody the team members homes and families homes were raided by police armed with automatic machine guns which terrified the leaderships family which included small children and other older family members. Computer equipment was seized during the 3 hour raid.

Leadership team members were banned from attending any meeting with more than 3 edl members then bailed to return to a police station in Sheffield in the near future.

We are asking every member of the EDL to be available to protest outside the police station when the team has to answer bail. (date to be confirmed).

We need to get the message across that we will not be silenced by being bullied by the authorities and our struggle against muslim extremism will continue.

We have agreed to cancel the Bradford demo as a small concession but will be announcing further protests as a result of the disgraceful treatment of our leadership team. [...]

We need every single person who supports the EDL to stand up and be counted and when required we need you to take to the streets in a peaceful and law abiding manner to support our leadership. More details will be released regarding demonstrations in the very near future.

If any EDL Members are arrested by the police please let EDL Media know as soon as possible as we are forming a group action and will be making an official complaint to the authorities in the near future.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Be nice if they were so fervent and enthusiastic in addressing the matter of the literally hundreds of crazed violent Islamic extremists wandering our streets at will, seemingly with impunity.

But then....... The EDL is a state run organization anyway, so this should prove interesting. As they say, Qui Bono?.

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Sunday, 21 February 2010

News from the agricultural district.

My good friend The General conveys news from the agricultural district that the Northants BNP has done a better hatchet job on a disillusioned former member than the socialist NUJ could have ever done, even citing the NUJ in it's baseless, fictitious, lying, bullshit of a response to Daventry BNP candidate Dave Jones crossing over to the National Front in protest at the BNP's recent constitutional changes.

Not content with attacking the NF which may perhaps have been fair game, they quite unnecessarily and maliciously attack the personality and integrity of one of their own former candidates. There is no depth the BNP will not plumb in an attempt to discredit those that question the party line. Note that Walker is careful not to mention Dave Jones by name in order to avoid an accusation of libel.

We are told that a reaction from Daventry is forthcoming, meanwhile this is what Rob Walker, the BNP East Northants organizer wrote in his Northants Patriot blog today..

"The National Front (NF) are attempting to recruit members of the BNP that are unhappy with the decision taken by the vast majority of the BNP membership that took the time to attend the EGM, to allow non-white members to join the party. Whilst those on the far-right, like the NF claim that the BNP have sold out, the NUJ run media say that the BNP are the same as ever and that they have not changed. So which is it to be?

The following announcement appeared as part of a posting on the NF website on Sunday 14th February:

…the NF is pleased to announce that the Daventry Branch of the BNP has seen sense and defected to the National Front. The reason for this is because they are allowing non-Whites join the BNP.

Firstly, I would like to counter this lie. The Daventry Branch of the BNP could not join the NF as there is not, and never has been, a Daventry Branch of the BNP. There has never even been a Daventry group. The Daventry BNP Contact has joined the NF. As a contact for the BNP he failed to convert a single enquiry into a member. The person concerned has stood on a couple of occasions in Drayton Ward for the BNP, on one occasion obtaining an impressive 31.2% of the poll. However, this was only achieved with the activists that came from across the county to help him out. The number of activists in Daventry can be counted on the fingers of a man with no fingers. It is expected that the NF will contest Drayton ward in the Daventry District Council elections later this year but it’ll be interesting to see exactly how many leaflets get delivered. Last year in the run up to the County Council elections, Northants BNP had to organise a day of action in Daventry, 18 activists turned up and blanketed Drayton ward and another we were intending to contest. And our contact had the nerve to say he did not receive any support. Had he done the job of recruiting members we would not have had to divert people away from other areas.

Despite several meetings being set up in Daventry for members of the BNP in the town these were always arranged and set up by the Northants Branch, the contact did not arrange anything. The person concerned claimed elsewhere on the NF website that the vote at the EGM was a done deal and that BNP members did not get any notice of where the meeting was being held. This claim is another lie as I personally sent an e-mail to the person concerned, as I did every other member of the party in the county that I have an e-mail address for. The report on the NF website goes on to say that the person concerned is now the Daventry organiser for the NF. If he is as much use as an organiser for the NF in Daventry as he was a Contact for the BNP then we are better off without him. Contacts, and organisers, need to be proactive, answer telephone calls and e-mails and not expect that someone else will do the work for them, you only get out what you are prepared to put in.

This is how the BNP's henchmen reward those who don't agree with or question the Gri££in dictatorship.

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Airport staff complicit in MOSSAD assassination

The UK passports used by a hit squad that killed a Hamas leader in Dubai were secretly copied by Israeli border ­police, British ministers ­believe. Diplomatic sources have told the Sunday Mirror they are convinced ­officials at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport took away and copied the passports of six Britons who unwittingly became involved in the assassination plot.

The revelation comes as the Foreign Office, the Serious Organised Crime Squad and MI6 continue their investigation into how the killers of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh obtained details of the Brits for their fake ­documents. The disclosure will pile further pressure on Israel to explain the suspected ­involvement of its spy agency Mossad in the murder of Mr al-Mabhouh, 49, in his Dubai hotel room on January 19 just hours after he arrived there. [.....] The British Government has angrily denied it had any advance warning of the murder plot.

Full story at

The MOSSAD motto is "By means of deception shall we make war."

Jew, David Milliband has poked his nose in to express his "outrage" at the Israeli involvement in the murder of al-Mabhouh.... Honestly, you couldn't make it up.

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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

US Police State: "We're going to assassinate American citizens"

Coup d'etat" in America...

Criminals in the U.S. Government are now functioning 'above both domestic and international law'. Head of U.S. Intelligence, Dennis Blair blatantly states to Congress: "We have a list of Americans that we're going to assassinate."

The US now has a list of Americans that the country can now murder abroad if they are fraternizing with terror groups. In this RT news clip Paul Craig Roberts says that all of this points to a sign that the United States has become a police state.

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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Amazing.... or something like that.

It is estimated that anywhere between 60 and 120 million white Christians were butchered under the jewish Bolsheviks during the biggest orgy of death and genocide in recorded history. The evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible.

Now___watch and listen to this fellow in the movie below, he is BNP regional organizer for West Wales and his name is Mike Green.

Well actually it isn't. His real name is Mickal Greenburg. Not only do his lies and deceitfulness leave you speechless, his acting ability is deserving of the best Oscar Hollywood can bestow.

(Matt 16:6. Beware the leaven of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy (Grk: Hypokrisis = "acting").

After he has skillfully drawn the attendees at the BNP meeting into hanging upon his every word he then goes into his shape shifting mode and becomes another persecuted Russian jew who fled persecution from the Bolsheviks.

Well excuse me if I am a tad wide of the mark here, but Greenburg doesn't sound very Russian to me. Secondly anti 'jewism' was punishable by death in Bolshevik Russia as most of us are very well aware.

He then goes on to tearfully recount how his family were wiped out by the Nazis in Austria whilst en route to Britain... He made it through though......

It would bring tears to a glass eye if it were not so sickeningly cynical and contemptuous of the audience. I would suggest it was an insult to their intelligence, but I doubt they truly have any.

Judging by the response to his floor show I would gauge the collective IQ of the audience to be on par with the ambient temperature of the meeting room...

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Monday, 15 February 2010

News from the agricultural district.

Daventry BNP defect's to NF

My good friend The General conveys news of great import from the agricultural district tonight.

"Andy Gray, the East Midlands Regional Organiser of the NF is pleased to announce that the Daventry Branch of the BNP has seen sense and defected to the National Front. The reason for this is because they are allowing non-Whites join the BNP. Being true nationalists they saw that the NF was the only real racial-Nationalist party left to represent them. We would like to welcome them on board and if anyone else in the area is interested in joining them please contact

We are also in talks with other BNP branches in the East Midlands about coming over to the NF, I urge all members of the BNP to come over to the NF now as we are the only party left that truly represents the White people of Britain.

Copyright National Front 2010 "

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Sunday, 14 February 2010


Over 400 members arrived at the railway station and they were directed to the venue.
The BNP National Organiser Mr Eddy Butler opened the meeting at 1215. He was followed by the Reverend West who led the prayers for a good outcome to the coming vote.
The chairman of the British National Party then spoke for one hour about the current situation and then asked if there were any opposers and would they please raise their hands.
Only two people dissented and they were asked if they would like to leave the room to discuss the subject. The opposers stated that because of their few numbers that it was pointless and declined the invitation.
Mr Griffin then spoke for a further hour before opening the floor to questions. In total 9 members asked questions that were answered by the chairman to the apparent satisfaction of the questioners.

Voting members showed their overwhelming support for their chairman Mr Nick Griffin MEP by following his advice with regards to the changes needed to the Party's Constitution for the party to survive and continue in its battle to reclaim the Country for its rightful owners.
The Voting was as follows:
5 against
3 abstained
Over 300 voted for.

A victory for common sense. The event took place the in following order.
After lunch 9 more people asked questions which were responded to?
At 1515 Mr Nick Griffin spoke for five minutes defending the motion.
10 other people then also spoke defending the motion.
Just 3 people spoke out against the motion.
The vote was then taken and the motion passed.
All members then stood and sang an emotional JERUSALEM before leaving the room.
Why did they even bother voting as it was a done deal?

So after all the blood sweat and tears, all the money and time, lost jobs, relationships broken, arrests and police harassment and much more in the name of Nationalism, Nick Griffin gives into the Phillips run race industry without a fight.
I never thought I would see Nick Griffin give in so easily, hands in the air White flag flying high.
He even said if White people do not like it then the BNP is not for them on Sky TV!

I remember when the BNP was ‘only’ for White people - how times change!
He has betrayed the very same White nationalist who put him where he is today. What has happened to his fighting spirit when he was once prepared for prison during the Leeds Crown Court case?

This threat was met with no protest at all; no demonstrations and I have to ask myself why that is? I am sure you will form your own opinions. Well it only remains for me to say that the National Front with its 43 years of History and non-changing policies is ready to welcome all the White people Griffin does not want.

The ‘National Front’ the Only Racial White Nationalist Party in the UK today. Join the National Front..

Tom Linden (NF Press and Publicity)

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Saturday, 6 February 2010

A word to the wise...

The people who sent your jobs out of your nation don’t ever intend to bring them back again! They are the same people who promoted and financed the Bolshevik revolution in Russia , murdering over 20,000,000 White Ukrainian middle-class people. They plan the same for America , and all other White nations on a worldwide scale!

They own and control all the world’s central banks who create money out of THIN AIR, and they are the same people who crucified Christ who are of Edomite and Canaanite extraction and were proselyted to Judaism in 123 B.C. (See Rev. 2:9 & 3:9 and Josephus’ Antiq. 13.9.1), and have absolutely no affinity whatsoever to the Biblical twelve tribes of Israel! Their plan is to bring about a world of mulatto slaves to serve their every whim. Not only this, it is their aim to keep them monetarily impoverished.

Full not to be missed article by: Clifton A. Emahiser

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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Australia Calling

Reported by Derrick MacThomas


Australia First leader Dr Jim Saleam has branded the mayor of a New South Wales town a traitor to the nation, because of the mayor's support for multiculturalism and the importation of coolie labour. Also, multi-cult party 'One Nation' is on the brink of collapse. The party is facing deregistration due to lack of members. .

The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

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Monday, 1 February 2010

Some Piece of Work...

Quote: "Just finished a 7 hour session going through the new constitution with Nick and Eddy. Totally wiped out as a consequence and will be spending what little is left of Sunday relaxing by the fire."

I have repeatedly posted the question on the comments section MI5mon Darby's blog 'where is the vote members have been told would take place whereupon WE can decide the constitutional issue of allowing non British membership of the BNP.'

As a goodly measure of the utter contempt and disdain this arrogant pig has, not only for myself but other BNP members, not only has he not answered this simple straight forward question, he hasn't even bothered to publish it..

MI5mon Darby is undoubtedly some piece of work. Perhaps one of our enrichers will do us all a huge favour in return for our endless largess..........

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