Sunday, 30 September 2007

Without Honour - A Story from Rhodesia and Zimbabwe

“Fuck off! You fucking racist! Get yourself out of my country!” To Robb WJ Ellis, a young white recently appointed policeman in Zimbabwe just after Robert Mugabe’s accession to power, it was soon made clear what the new potentates thought of him. At the same time that Mugabe was being lauded by much of the rest of the world, his secret armies were murdering thousands of his political opponents and the ethnic cleansing of the country’s white inhabitants continued. Kenneth Wallgren reviews Robb WJ Ellis’ e-book Without Honour, a unique documentation from within African politics in practice, published earlier this year in Swedish newspaper Folkets Nyheter.

“The war was over and Robert Mugabe was the new leader of the country as its Prime Minister.

Independence came and went. The family stayed. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Mugabe had addressed the nation and had offered a “hand of reconciliation”. He wasn’t interested in what colour you were. He wasn’t interested in who you fought for pre-1980… He didn’t even care who you voted for in the election — he had secured 63% of the voters in the election that brought him and his party to power.

If you wanted to stay, you could stay. He just wanted people who would help build Zimbabwe into the pride of Africa.

And do you know the strange thing about his speech? We all believed it. We all swallowed it — hook, line and sinker.”

Full Story >>

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More defence cutbacks

I know this is old news but it's worth repeating. Members of the Parachute Regiment will not receive parachute training any more. British armed forces will be without parachute trained personnel for the first time since the inception of the parachute regiment in WWII by Churchill as the Govt and MoD attempt to shave more off the cost of Britain's defences.

This 17/12/2006 Telegraph article explains in detail the reasons behind this half arsed idea.

Documents leaked to The Sunday Telegraph reveal that no new recruits or even serving members of the Parachute Regiment or airborne forces will be trained in military parachuting from next year until 2011. It will then take a year to get the Army's 2,500 paratroopers up to scratch.

The cost cutting programme is being launched after defence chiefs warned that spiraling costs of complex equipment and the demands of military operations would create a financial "black hole" in the MoD of £868 million by the end of the next year.

The severity of the crisis prompted one of the Government's most senior civil servants to describe the situation as "an extremely difficult position with no clear way forward".

And this 02/12/2005 article from the Telegraph claims that another reason for the decision is that the RAF is so strapped for cash it can no longer afford the personnel to provide parachute training.

Parachute Regiment commanders have complained that recruits who have passed the tough P Company selection course will be sent to Afghanistan in the spring without gaining their coveted wings.

A company commander said: "The latest batch of recruits will not even have done the basic parachute course."

The Ministry of Defence refused to give the numbers of paratroopers who had passed the two-week course in the past year, suggesting that The Daily Telegraph request them under the Freedom of Information Act.

It is even considering leasing aircraft from the Polish air force to help with the parachuting crisis.

One TA soldier has gone on three courses but each time failed to do the required six jumps. On the latest course, this month, the reservists were promised two sorties at the start of the week but both were canceled.

Interestingly, and the reason I am doing this article is the fact that my old 4 Para have been warned off to provide further support to the regular battalions for operations in Afghanistan in 2008. The MoD announcement states "If you are keen to serve in operations in Afghanistan, then contact The Parachute Regiment at the earliest opportunity.

The MoD is currently trying to attract recruits to the airborne forces by advertising look at life weekends which it now calls in politically correct terms 'weekend insight courses' on the Parachute Regiment's home page. I know for a fact that there are already some seriously keen but highly brassed off crap hats in the TA out there right now who are thinking to themselves 'why the fuck did I bother'.

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Saturday, 29 September 2007

Half Baked Blair let our troops down

Colonel Jorge Mendonca, exonerated at a court martial over the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, today launches a devastating attack on Tony Blair and his government. The decorated officer who quit the Army in disgust at his treatment accuses Mr Blair of sending UK troops to occupy Basra after the Iraq invasion "with exactly the sort of half baked plan that gets soldiers killed".

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, he pours scorn on the former prime minister's naivety in "sweeping in on America's coat-tails" with no clear strategy or adequate funding for British forces to rebuild the war-torn south of Iraq. And in a stinging assessment of the Government's policy on Iraq he says: "What is happening in Basra now is a direct result of the incompetence that sent us in there."

Colonel Mendonca describes his anger at being "hung out to dry" and made to feel like a "common criminal" by his own commanders, who subjected him to a "show trial" at a £20 million court martial. He voices his intense pride in the men under his command who endured "inhuman" conditions to stabilise Basra after Saddam Hussein was toppled.

But he also vents his fury at those within his battalion who behaved "like bloody animals" in subjecting Iraqi detainees to abuse which left one of them dead.

The stark comments from such a respected military figure will deepen concerns over the Government's handling of the armed forces, amid widespread claims that the Military Covenant which promises fair treatment for troops is being broken.

Colonel Mendonca, 44, commanded the Queen's Lancashire Regiment during a gruelling six-month tour of duty in Basra in the summer of 2003 when the sweltering city was almost torn apart by rioting, suicide bombs and power cuts. On his return he was widely praised, decorated and promoted, but months later he found himself under investigation over a shameful incident when his men violently abused a group of Iraqi detainees one of whom, hotel receptionist Baha Mousa, died in custody. Colonel Mendonca was charged with neglect of duty and stood trial alongside six other soldiers.

All charges against him were dismissed at a court martial earlier this year due to lack of evidence. Many believe Colonel Mendonca fell victim to a political witch-hunt aimed at putting an officer in the dock. He had hoped to continue his promising career but he resigned his commission in disgust earlier this year. Now free to speak out, he told the Mail of his anger at the way politicians set British troops an impossible mission.

"It was breaking the very first rule of military combat you simply do not go into a country without an exit plan. It's something I would expect any military student to grasp." In a further interview next week, Colonel Mendonca condemns what he calls the Army's "politically-neutered" generals for failing to stick up for troops and officers under their command.

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Thursday, 27 September 2007

Battered 10 year old could face charges.

As an update to the previous story about 10 year old Jake Stedman who was attacked by an immigrunt with a metal pipe. We now face the very real possibility that the BOY may be arrested and charged with a race crime.

A boy of ten who claims to have been attacked by a Slovakian woman with an iron bar could be charged with inciting racial hatred, it emerged last night. Jake Stedman admitted that the woman hit him after he threw a berry at her and told her to 'go back to her own country'. As a result, the boy - who was left with two black eyes - could become the youngest person in the country ever to be charged with the offence. A police source said: "There have been allegations that he used racist language and it is necessary for us to investigate the claims." The Slovakian woman involved, 35, was arrested and could face assault charges. Jake, a white English pupil, attends Luton Junior School in Chatham, Kent. The school is so riven by racial tension after an influx of Slovakian and other eastern-European children that four police patrol the gates every day.

One resident, English mother Candice Smith, 30, claimed her son William had twice been chased and threatened by Slovakian children and their parents. But Slovakian father David Feri, 24, said English parents were teaching their children racism.

Jake Stedman was found in a pool of blood after insulting the woman in her 20s, who is believed to have a child at the same primary school. He says she chased him down an alleyway before repeatedly striking him on the head and back with the 2ft pipe as he cowered on the floor, leaving him with two black eyes. His mother, Amanda Stedman, 29, from Chatham, Kent, said: "I came running out the house and saw him lying in a pool of blood crying. "He was completely in shock - he's just a little boy.

Police were standing guard at Luton Junior School in Chatham at leaving time last night in an attempt to prevent racial tensions in the area rising further. Parents angrily confronted four officers outside the school gates over the incident, which took place a week last Saturday. A number said an increasing number of Slovak families in the area had led to friction with British parents.British children had complained of being bullied by the Slovakian pupils, who they said had told them: "We only play with our own kind." One parent at the school, who did not wish to be named, said: "When the parents come and collect their children, the Slovakians stand on one side of the playground and we stand on the other.

Another, mother- of-three Carla Spanton, said parents are already pulling their children out of the school following a large intake of Slovakian pupils over the summer. "There's been trouble ever since," she said. "Our kids are being threatened with having their throats slit.

"It's happening every day but no one is taking any notice.

"This used to be a good school but it's not any more." Father-of-one Shane Treeby added: "The trouble is going to spill over and it's going to happen soon
"There's been a load of attacks recently in and around the school with gangs of Slovakians going round beating up the local kids. "That boy getting hit was just one example, but there's stabbings and all sorts round here which is not getting reported." Police last night confirmed they had made an arrest in connection with the alleged pipe attack. Chief Inspector Peter Wedlake, of Medway Police, said officers would remain on duty outside the school. He added: "We won't tolerate racially-motivated offences, whoever they are committed by." A statement issued by Medway Council on behalf of the school said: "Community cohesion is a shared responsibility for us all. "Medway schools are typically happy and calm places where children from different backgrounds learn together and get on well.

Source article.

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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Immigrant savage batters a 10 year old boy with a metal pipe

A boy of ten claims he was beaten around the head with a pipe by a Slovakian immigrant after he threw a berry at her and told her to ‘go back to her own country’.

Jake Stedman was found in a pool of blood after insulting the woman in her 20s, who is believed to have a child at the same primary school.

He says she chased him down an alleyway before repeatedly striking him on the head and back with the 2ft pipe as he cowered on the floor with two black eyes.

His mother, Amanda Stedman, 29, from Chatham, Kent, said: “I came running out the house and saw him lying in a pool of blood crying. “He was completely in shock - he’s just a little boy. “I know he can misbehave and he’s easily led but for this to happen is outrageous.”

Police were standing guard at Luton Junior School in Chatham at leaving time last night in an attempt to prevent racial tensions in the area rising further.

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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Have rope will travel

The father of a four year old boy who was stabbed to death at a house in West Yorkshire has been charged with murder. Chris Hawkins aged 47, will appear at Huddersfield Magistrates Court on Wednesday charged with the murder of his son Ryan Hawkins.

He is also charged with the attempted murder of his daughter Donna, 14, who suffered knife wounds in an attack on Sunday in Royd Street, Slaithwaite. She is in a serious but stable condition after undergoing surgery. A post-mortem examination revealed Ryan died of multiple stab wounds.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot is available 24/7  at no expense to the public purse to choke hang this bastard. Just say the word.

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Italy new plans for scrubbers

Italy banned brothels in 1959 and has enforced strict laws prohibiting exploitation of prostitutes by pimps. It is now looking at ways to keep them off the streets, away from schools and places of worship. Local liberals are having hissy fits claiming discrimination and that the laws are actually driving them onto the streets. They say the problem has worsened since 12 more countries joined the European Union over the last three years.

Of course one option not yet considered is to just shoot them. A few dozen dead hookers lying in the gutter each morning would soon kill the trade stone dead... IMHO.

I was once offered a defence job in Italy, fitting reversing lights to the tanks.

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Arse Tunnellers United kick orf..

Sodomite soccer.

The specimen at the front with the specs looks damned familiar.
Is that YOU Lcpl Glyn?. That jumper looks a bit websters.

At the opening ceremony, players from teams including London Leftovers and Dublin Devils and presumably the Sheffield Shit Stabbers were UP at the CRACK of dawn to parade a rainbow flag, the symbol of the gay community. In opening the tournament, Cesar Cigliutti, president of the Argentine Gay Community, said: "Thank you, not only for CUMMING, not only for playing football but also for your bravery. First AIDS will be on HAND to help with broken nails and scuffed knees and other such emergencies. Poofs from around the globe have travelled to play with each others balls in a public park (shurely shome mishtake) in Buenos Aires.

See you in the showers boys........... (don't bend down to pick up the soap)

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Oh BTW, I was going to call this Arsetunnel Villa kick off but my daughter is an Aston Villa fan and she can be a real stroppy cow.

Another victim of liberal cancer

By Ron Warrilow, Birmingham Mail

A MIDLAND accountant who (allegedly) accused a teenage Muslim student in full traditional dress of being (or was it looking like) a terrorist has been warned he faces a prison sentence. Brian Frisby, described as a pillar of the community, also told the 17-year-old girl she should "go home'' and that she should dress like an English woman, a jury heard.

Frisby (59) behaved "wholly inappropriately'' when he saw the science student in the street and he carried out a course of conduct based on her attire and religion, the jury at Wolverhampton Crown Court was told. Frisby, of Oak Crescent, Tividale, denied religiously aggravated harrassment but was found guilty at the end a two day trial.

The five-man, seven-woman jury, retired for just under three hours before returning a unanimous verdict. Recorder Peter Carr ruled that, even having regard for his age and good character, it was a serious offence and time behind bars had to be considered.

He remanded Frisby on bail until next month for a pre-sentence report.

Mr John Arse Tunneller Evans, prosecuting, told Wolverhampton Crown Court, Frisby had clearly displayed prejudice towards the young student who was now 18, and his behaviour was "bullying and cowardly" (oxymoron). In evidence, Frisby, a married father-of-one, maintained he was not a racist (now he's being a coward) and he had no prejudice against anyone, no matter what their colour or religion. "I deal with mixed races in my profession," he told the court. "I have never had any difficulties with anyone who holds different religious beliefs or is a Muslim."

I'm sick to death of having to read of cases like this every day. When are the people of this country going to grow a fucking backbone and when are the Police in this country going to start doing the job they are actually paid for and fight crime instead of persuing bullshit cases like this?.

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Det er ikke so bra i Norge eller

Not used Norwegian in a while so forgive me if the title is a bit off wack. Just read the article found at the BNP news page and you will get my drift anyway.

News article filed by BNP news team

Norway; the land of dramatic fjords, stunning scenery, isolated fishing villages unchanged for centuries, the best medical care that oil money can buy ………and home to a growing Jihadist movement.

While a growing number of Britons are fleeing the country in a bid to escape the horrors of multiculturalism and many more are looking to move overseas so their children can grow up and prosper it is a fact that there is nowhere to hide, nowhere to escape the ravages of the disease of liberalism. If the consequences of liberalism; the rapes, the murders and the march of militant Islam can happen in Norway, it proves it can happen anywhere.

Norwegian police have discovered that over 330 Pakistani taxi drivers, many of whom have already been charged with tax evasion in one of the worst cases of welfare fraud in the nation's history, have close contact with Pakistani gangs and operate as couriers of arms and drugs. In the city of Oslo it is documented that criminal Pakistani gangs also have close ties to Jihadist groups at home and abroad.

The descendants of the Norse pirates who went a “Viking” and created a empire stretching from the Atlantic coast of Canada to Russia and from the Arctic Circle to North Africa are now pushing hard and fast for more Muslim immigration.


Minister Bjarne Håkon Hanssen from the Labour Party has called for increased immigration from Pakistan because this would be good for the economy. The majority of Muslims voted for the Labour Party in the 2005 elections, which the left-wing coalition won by a very slim margin. Eighty-three percent of Muslims voted for Leftist parties, just as all over Western Europe. Kristin Halvorsen, the leader of the Socialist Left Party, began her election campaign in 2005 in the Pakistani countryside, praising all the "blood, sweat and tears Pakistanis in Norway have spent on building the country." She is now Norway's Minister of Finance.

In 2007, Minister of Justice Knut Storberget said that the Norwegian Constitution Day, May 17th, is for "everybody," and that it's appropriate to demonstrate this by displaying a multitude of flags and cultures.

Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre from the Labour Party participated in a conference with participants from dozens of countries and media outlets on how to "report diversity" in a non-offensive manner, with Arab News from Saudi Arabia as a moderator. The Cartoon Jihad the year before had prompted Indonesia and Norway to join forces and promote a Global Inter-Media Dialogue. In June 2007 this was held in Oslo.

One Muslim in Norway stated that: "I worked in a Pakistani shop, but all of the work there is 'unofficial.' Neither the boss nor I pay taxes to Norwegian authorities. In addition to this, I receive 100% disability benefits and welfare. I have to be cunning to make as much money as possible, since this is my only objective with being in Norway."

Undoubtedly, many Muslims view welfare money from the infidels as Jizya, the poll-tax non-Muslims according to the Koran are supposed to pay to Muslims as tribute and a sign of their inferior status and submission to Islamic rule. According to Statistics Norway, immigrants generally have a three times higher unemployment rate than native Norwegians. It should be noted that non-Muslim Asians are much more successful, which means that the unemployment rate among Muslims is even higher than 300 % that of the natives. The number of Muslims in Norway has quadrupled over the past 15 years. The number of immigrants in Oslo increased by 40 percent in just five years, from 2002 to 2007. With current trends remaining unchanged, native Norwegians will be a minority in their own country within a few decades.

The number of rapes in the Norwegian capital is six times as high per capita as in New York City, and it is well documented that certain immigrant groups are grossly overrepresented on the statistics. Two out of three charged with rape in Norway's capital are immigrants with a non-western background according to a police study.

Twisted beyond belief

Unni Wikan, a professor of social anthropology at the University of Oslo, has said that "Norwegian women must take their share of responsibility for these rapes" because Muslim men found their manner of dress provocative. The professor's conclusion was not that Muslim men living in the West needed to adjust to Western norms, but the exact opposite: "Norwegian women must realize that we live in a Multicultural society and adapt themselves to it." The number of rapes has continued to rise year by year, as it has in neighboring Sweden, but according to Trond Giske, Minister of Culture and Church Affairs from the Labour Party, 2008 will be an official Diversity Year (which it also will be throughout the EU), dedicated to celebrating Multiculturalism and "cultural diversity" in all sectors of society, so hopefully this will change.

A shoot-out between two Pakistani gangs one crowded Sunday evening at Oslo's popular waterfront complex Aker Brygge left two men wounded. Newspaper VG reported that a policeman had to run for his life from an angry crowd of Pakistanis. The plainclothes policeman was hit in the face and told to leave the Furuset shopping centre. He was told that it was none of his business being in this area, and that a gang of young men had basically defined Furuset as their turf and didn't accept "intruders." Norwegian authorities have thus already lost control over significant chunks of their own capital city. Peaceful rallies denouncing Islamic terrorism or supporting Israel have repeatedly been physically attacked by groups of Muslim immigrants.

The response of the authorities has been to increase crackdowns on "racism" by the natives. In 2005 the Norwegian parliament – with the support of 85% of MPs – passed a new Discrimination Act, prepared by then Minister of Integration from the Conservative Party, Erna Solberg, who had earlier called for the establishment of a sharia council in Norway. A spokesman for the right-wing Progress Party, Per Sandberg, feared that the law would jeopardize the rights of law-abiding citizens. Reverse burden of proof is combined with liability to pay compensation, which means that innocent persons risk having to pay huge sums for things they didn't do. If a Muslim immigrant claims that a native has somehow discriminated against him or made a discriminatory remark, the native non-Muslim has to mount proof of his own innocence.

Suddenly the budget flights to Oslo and Bergen just do not seem such good value after all. Throughout the entire western European world, the disease of liberalism has taken hold like an outbreak of those plagues that ravished the continent throughout the middle ages and into the 17th century. The latter day black death will lead to the complete extinction of our people, our culture and any hope for the future unless it is tackled head on with a robust resistance from those of us who are immune to the disease and who can pass on our immunity to the millions of our people who are easy victims to this scourge.

Yep, its the same old mantra being trumpeted all across the White Western European world. "We need these people, its good for the economy". All that matters is the economy. We don't give a shit if you live or die, we don't give a flying whether the land is swamped with scum from the four corners of the globe or your wife is raped or your son butchered this is our country now not yours so shut the fuck up White man and keep paying your taxes or we'll come for you. All that matters is the economy GEDDIT!.

Hå det bra (Pip pip)

Germany building maglev railway

Whilst what little that remains of our 200 year old railway infrastructure crumbles to dust and our trains clank along like Thomas the tank engine, overpriced and utterly unreliable following Beeching's savage purge on British Railways to curry favour with the road transport petrolium lobby in the 1960's and our roads grind to a halt under the weight of commercial traffic, Germany is set to commence the construction of a 300mph Maglev rail link from Munich city centre to its airport.

The £1.3bn project had faced financing problems but the Bavarian state government has signed an agreement with German rail operator Deutsche Bahn, Transrapid consortium and the developers of the train Siemens and ThyssenKrupp. The maglev has a top speed of more than 310mph and is regarded as a symbol of German technological excellence.

The first commercial Maglev was opened in 1984 in Birmingham covering a poxy 600 meters between its airport and railhub but was eventually closed in 1995 due to technical problems. It was another embarrassing failure and financial black hole, symbolic testimony of the fall of this once proud and technologically groundbreaking Nation.

The only currently commercially operating high speed Maglev line of note is the IOS demonstration line of the German built Transrapid train in Shanghai China that transports people 30 km to the airport in just 7 minutes 20 seconds, achieving a top speed of 268 mph.

American Maglev experiments based on an early British Thompson Houston of Rugby concept in the 1960's were abandoned due to cost. Super conductive technology remains the biggest setback to the Maglev's viabillity as a long distance rapid transit system.

Despite firm international financial backing and complete engineering viability studies, attempts to build a high speed rail link the length of England using the former Great Central Railway alignment have repeatedly been blocked by the British government. The GCR was built to the European Berne loading gauge in 1900 as a channel tunnel route from the then, industrial North to the South coast. It was closed after only 60 years and now lies an overgrown indictment to the cultural vandalism, crass indifference and political gerrymandering of successive governments, corrupt ministers and their personal vested interests.

The old GCR passes silently and invisibly through some of the most breathtakingly beautiful countryside in Britain in an almost unbroken straight line with no perceptible gradients, sharp curves or level crossings. It was the last Main Line railway to be built in Britain and its route was duplicated almost exactly, sometimes to within only a few feet and concurrent with its run down and closure, by the route of the newly constructed M1 Motorway.

The final cost of construction of the GCR in 1900 was £6 million in private capital, above the original estimates by some margin. The projected cost to the Tax Payer for the proposed widening of the M1 in 2000, the governments prefered option was £21 million PER MILE. Which was over four times the Central Rail Consortium's supported projections for reopening the GCR using private venture capital. Projections which included construction, track and infrastructure and rolling stock.

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Luke O'Farrell: Lunacy and Leftism

Always inspired reading this month's O'Farrell article is quite outstanding and is simply a 'must read'.

"A single racist insult is worse than a million deaths in the cause of equality. Whether they’ll admit it or not, that’s what countless leftists believe. After all, racism is the vilest of sins, but striving for equality is the highest of virtues. Deaths are just deaths, but insults are words – the most fundamental level of reality. That again is what countless leftists believe. They’re trained to believe it by the jobs they do. Politicians, academics and journalists are logocentric and their existence revolves around words. They don’t plow fields or build dams or invent machines: they produce vibrations in the air and marks on paper. Speeches, articles, two-volume interrogations of issues around unearned “White Privilege”, that’s what the logocentric community specialize in. And it corrupts them. I’ve recently been reading the “diaries” of Piers Morgan, an editor of downmarket British newspapers like the News of the World and the Mirror. The diaries aren’t pleasant, but they’re certainly interesting. Morgan wasn’t always fooled by the likes of Phony Tony".

Read the entire fascinating Luke O'Farrell article at:
The Heretical Press

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Monday, 24 September 2007

Bomb blast in Kosovo capital

An explosion has rocked a shopping center in Pristina, the capital of Serbia's stolen Kosovo province. The explosion scattered glass and debris from a dozen shops on Pristina's Bill Clinton Boulevard yesterday. Part of a building collapsed. Sadly it has only killed two Albanians and injured 11.

Two people have now died said police spokesman Veton Elshani. He said 11 were being treated in hospital. The blast comes at a time of rising tension within Kosovo's 90% Albanian majority over its stalled bid for independence from Serbia.

The region has been run by UN arse tunnellers and patrolled by NATO mercs since 1999, when NATO bombs drove Serbian forces from their own soil to halt alleged 'atrocities' against ethnic Albanians in a two year war between Belgrade's troops and Albanian invasion forces aided by Algerian terrorist cells. Leaders of Serbia and Kosovo are due to hold direct negotiations on the territory's fate on Friday on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

Pristina has suffered small bomb attacks, sadly rarely fatal at times of political tension over the past three years as Albanian pressure for an end to their limbo status grows.

Mafia style tribal feuds are common in muslim annexed Kosovo. The UN backs the muslim invaders but Serbia's ally Russia has blocked Kosovo's statehood at the UN Security Council, forcing more negotiations. The talks began last month under the mediation of three envoys from the US, Russia and the European Union, trying to bridge the gap between Kosovo's demand for independence and Serbia's offer of broad autonomy.

They have to report back to the UN by December 10, when Washington says a decision on Kosovo's fate must be taken. Moscow rejects any deadline for a settlement, saying talks should continue until the two sides reach agreement. However, the West fears Albanian frustration could turn to more violence and ultimately involve Russian forces leading to a well deserved grubbing for UN forces and kick the Albanian invaders sorry arses out of Kosovo.

Leaders of Kosovo's two million 'ethnic Albanians' have threatened to declare independence with or without a UN resolution after the talks end. Kosovo Albanian Prime Minister Agim Ceku has said the Albanians could simply declare full independence instead of just fucking off back to Albania where they belong, if bargaining ends inconclusively. Serb Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica warned last week that any breakaway would seriously endanger stability and peace, not only in the Western Balkans, but elsewhere. The 27 member EU is split on whether to recognise Kosovo as a muslim state without UN approval.

Can we all look forward to the day when UN backed NATO forces assist the forced annexation of Kosovo North Yorkshire by muslim fundamentalists, Belgrade Bradford town hall is bombed from the air and RTS Yorkshire TV studios are the target of US cruise missiles?.

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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Sergeant Mark Stansfield killed in Iraq

Another brave British soldier sacrificed to global zionism

It is with great sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of Sergeant Mark Stansfield who died yesterday, Friday 21 September 2007 in the UK, from injuries sustained in Iraq last week.

Sgt Stansfield, aged 32, was serving with 32 Close Support Squadron, UK Logistic Battalion, based in the Contingency Operating Base at Basra Air Station. On the morning of Wednesday 19 September 2007 he was conducting security checks of the Contingency Operating Base’s Ammunition Supply Point when he was involved in an accident with a fork lift truck and was seriously injured.

First aid was administered to Sgt Stansfield immediately and he was taken to the Field Hospital at Basra Air Station where he underwent surgery. He was medically evacuated to Selly Oak hospital in Birmingham the following day for further treatment. Tragically, Sgt Stansfield’s condition deteriorated soon after his arrival in the UK. His family were with him at his bedside when he passed away.

"A diligent man, who never accepted second best, he was also kind, warm and generous, with a smile that would light the room and lift the mood, whatever the circumstances. Quote: Major Dave Poole".

"What a tragic needless waste. Men like Sgt Stansfield are the salt of the Earth. It really is a bloody crying shame. Quote: Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot".

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Friday, 21 September 2007

Zundel - Appeal Denied!

On 12 September 2007, the German Bundesgerichtshof, a sort of appeal court, rubberstamped the treason against the German People - that they have absolutely no right to hear the truth about their history.

The judgment stands as Judge Meinerzhagen pronounced it shamelessly while sentencing Ernst Zundel:

It is of absolutely no relevance whether the Holocaust Holohoax happened or not. Denying it is a punishable offense. That is the only thing that matters to the Court.” (Source: Berliner Tageszeitung, 2 Feb 2007)

Five years in PRISON for speaking the truth about the Holocaust as documented by forensic science!

Let it be said that the defense submissions appealing the harsh Mannheim sentence consisted of more than 800 carefully crafted pages of legal arguments.

The Bundesgerichtsamt’s reply consisted of one-and-a-half pages of blah-blah!

Full article here.

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Thursday, 20 September 2007

2 British soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Colour Sergeant Phillip Newman & Private Brian Tunnicliffe killed in Afghanistan 21 Sep 07

It is with much sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the deaths of Colour Sergeant Phillip Newman of 4th Battalion The Mercian Regiment and Private Brian Tunnicliffe of 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regiment (Worcesters and Foresters) in a tragic accident in southern Afghanistan on Thursday 20 September 2007.

Both soldiers were deployed on Operation Palk Wahel with A (Grenadier) Company 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regiment (Worcesters and Foresters) and were conducting an essential re-supply during a pause in the fighting.

They were travelling in a Pinzgauer 4X4, 5km south west of their patrol base in an area north of Gereshk, on their way to a rendezvous point as part of a two vehicle replenishment patrol. The vehicle over-turned and tragically landed on its roof in an irrigation channel. One other passenger was able to escape without injury. Despite all of the efforts of the patrol, a medical officer, engineers and a quick reaction force who were on the scene within minutes, sadly Colour Sergeant Newman and Private Tunnicliffe were unable to be saved.

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The Battle of Lewisham 1977 — Nationalists vs. Black Muggers

If you can not remember the ‘Battle of Lewisham’ don’t worry as you are probably in good company with the rest of this country’s population.

If you can remember the events of Saturday 13th August 1977 then you are probably either politically active on the left or right, a local historian specialising in south London, or just someone with a very long memory when it come to current affairs.

To set the scene for this day thirty years ago we can see what the BBC has to say via it’s On This Day web pages:

more than 200 protesters have been arrested after demonstrations in Lewisham against a National Front (NF) march … 110 people, including 55 police officers, were injured … an estimated 400 Socialist Workers Party members had gathered … in frustration at having failed to prevent the NF march the crowd … vented their anger on the police … [who] … were attacked with bottles and bricks and also had ammonia sprayed in their faces … the severity of the onslaught led to officers using riot shields - the first time such equipment has been used in the [mainland] UK [1 BBC]

At the end of the BBC piece we can read something which is highly pertinent in regards to today’s London, and many other city areas of the country:

[NF] Spokesman Richard Edmonds said by demonstrating in Lewisham - an area with a high proportion of West Indian immigrants - they were “standing up for white people” and highlighting the disproportionate amount of street crime committed in the area by black youths. [1]

The marches and riots of the day have a blog dedicated to them, Lewisham ‘77 Remembering and reflecting on the ‘Battle of Lewisham’ in August 1977 [2]. The blog has a fairly accurate and detailed chronology of events before, during, and after the day.

Read the whole fantastic article here:

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72 year old man refused alcohol over ID

Yes folks the lunatics have truly taken over the asylum. The cunt responsible for this should be dragged outside, made to kneel in the gutter and be shot in the back of the head.

"Supermarket staff refused to sell alcohol to a white-haired 72-year-old man - because he would not confirm he was over 21.

Check-out staff at Morrisons in West Kirby, Wirral, demanded Tony Ralls prove he was old enough to buy his two bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Mr Ralls asked to see the manager who put the wine back on the shelf.

The grandfather-of-three said he had refused to confirm he was over 21 as it was a “stupid question.”

Mr Ralls, a retired insurance firm regional manager, said he expected the store manager to resolve the situation but he was disappointed"."

More on this story..

Mr Morrison will not benefit from my patronage again. Not while he has a hole in his arse he won't.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Where your Tax money goes

British taxpayers are being fleeced to the tune of at least £250,000 a week in benefit for migrants’ children who are not even living in Britain.

Official figures revealed that some 14,000 people are claiming child benefits for children in a variety of new EU member states across eastern Europe.

The benefit for a first child is £8.10 per week, rising to £12.10 a week for subsequent children. If each of the claimants had just one child, the total weekly cost would be £253,400. But it is likely to be the tip of the iceberg because figures on the scale of the separate child tax credits have not been released by the Government.

In total, more than 68,000 child benefit claims have been made by migrants arriving since Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia joined the EU in 2004.

Conservative Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Philip Hammond, who obtained the new figures in a Parliamentary written answer, said: “Two hundred thousand more British children are living in poverty than a year ago. So why is Gordon Brown sending thousands in benefits every week to children who don’t live here and who may never even have visited the UK?’’

Under EU rules, any citizen living in other member states – including Britons living abroad – is entitled to claim that nation’s welfare payments.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch UK, said the disparity in national economies meant British rates of child benefit could net someone more money than they could earn by working in their own country. “Someone with three children will draw more money here than he would earn on a minimum wage in Poland.”

In 2005, that was about £150 a month, he claimed. “It is hard to see why we should pay child benefit at British levels for children in a country with a much lower cost of living.”


If you doubt any of this come and meet my neighbours. I am the ONLY Englishman in my block of 8 apartments. All the other residents are Polish. There are several couples with babies just a few months old with neither parent working. Everything is brand new down to the baby clothes and satellite Tv system's. Their own parents live in the next street and have been here some time. First to arrive thereafter was the girl with the infant. She is then armed with all the relevent information by the parents and trots off to the DWP for the full gamut of benefits. When suitably ensconced and kitted out the male partner arrives some weeks later and repeats the scam. Now all live the life of Reilly at our expense. This is one example in tens of thousands of parasitic n'ere do well's scamming you over for your hard earned and these are the one's NOT sending the money back to their inbred cretinous relatives in Poland.

It really is time you woke the fuck up Englishman.

Song sung to the tune of The Adams Family:

His Sister is his Mother.
His Father is is Brother.
they all shag one another,
the Polish family.

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Sunday, 16 September 2007

Oh dear what a shame.

Former world rally champion Colin McRae is believed to have been killed along with three others in a helicopter crash near his home in Lanarkshire.

McRae made more money than you will ever see in your dreary worthless lives by driving a car around like a complete cunt, which is apparently something which only someone of extraordinary skill and talent can do. Equally difficult superhuman feats are kicking a ball or swinging an piece of wood or chasing someone else around a field. All extraordinarily skillful and demanding achievements which no mere mortal like us is capable of and the reason for which they are paid obscene amounts of money. I think all sports personalities and media celebrities should be placed aboard helicopters and shot down in the remote mountains of Scotland.

Good bye, good riddance.

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Beware rockfall ahead

It's been a good few years since we saw a 'run' on a financial institution in Britain, but we are seeing one right now in the Northern Rock debacle with savers and investors clamoring to withdraw their money from this rapidly sinking ship which is only being kept afloat by government (AKA taxpayers) money. Either way as a taxpayer or a depositor with Northern Rock you are about to receive a screwing to a greater or lesser extent, but one thing is certain. The people in suits will walk away with a grin on their faces what ever happens and the schmuck will be you.

The lobotomized masses continue their lives labouring under the delusion that the economy is bomb proof and everything in the garden is rosy wherein the truth of the matter is this country is effectively bankrupt and has been for years. We long since divested ourselves of the means of wealth production and self sufficiency. Our so called economy is sustained only by massive consumer credit. Our level of personal debt exceeds the gross national product of our nation.

What little we have left of any value should have been the inheritance to our posterity but it is instead being squandered on enemy aliens and deadbeats from the four corners of the globe, because we are told, we need them to keep our vibrant burgeoning economy going.

We have an artificial debt based economy coupled to a worthless FIAT money supply that flows in one direction so you tell me whats next..........

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Saturday, 15 September 2007

More from the religion of peace © ® ™

Head of al-Qaeda in Iraq has offered a reward for the murder of a Swedish cartoonist over his drawing depicting the Prophet Muhammad.The $100,000 (£49,310) reward would be raised by 50% if Lars Vilks was "slaughtered like a lamb" said the audio message aired on the internet.

The speaker, said to be Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, threatened a new offensive during the holy month of Ramadan. Saturday's taped message said the militants were announcing a "call to shed the blood of the Lars who dared to insult our Prophet". During this generous month we announce an award worth $100,000 to the person who kills this infidel criminal," the speaker said.


During this generous month I announce an award worth as much beer as they can drink to the person who kills this fucking nutcase.

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Friday, 14 September 2007

I say, what an absolute shah

*Will Israel's proxy army the US military attack yet another
Middle East country? Will the dumbass American public be duped
into believing it's necessary? How ironic that America has, in
a manner of speaking, attacked Iran twice before.

The Shah Shower of Iran.

First in 1953 when it engineered the coup that installed the Shah
and again in the 80's when it funded Iraq's war against Iran when
they had finally kicked the sorry bastards arse out of power.


(*Originally posted at

"I say, what an absolute shah".

Terry Thomas is 101

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MOD promotes the cult of the dead paedo

"Attending to the spiritual, religious and pastoral needs of Muslims in the British Armed Forces has kept the UK's first ever Muslim Chaplain to the Forces, Imam Asim Hafiz, busy since his appointment two years ago. But his busiest time of the year is the Muslim month of Ramadan, which begins today Thursday 13 September 2007, when Muslim soldiers must balance their duties while observing specific religious practices.".

The whole stomach churning PC article can be found here: Ramadan - a time for refocusing and revitalising.

Cunts is what they are, cunts I tell you, cunts.

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Wednesday, 12 September 2007


With British troops massing at the Iranian border and the US determined to attack Iran ASAP the dissolution of the Russian Parliament effectively gives Putin carté blanche for the next few weeks to do as he sees fit. Russia will back Iran if the US and coalition forces attack. The official reason of a pre-election re-shuffle of the Duma rings hollow if you consider the tension growing in the Middle East as the unprovoked attack on yet another non threatening sovereign Arab state draws ever closer. The rumour mill Stateside is awash will speculation regarding a forthcoming attack similar to the 911 attack being imminent with EL AL grounding all flights to and from New York for the week inclusive of Sept the 14th. Anything right now could propel the US and coalition into war with Iran and a grubbing to-boot.

Over 3000 British troops are being recalled to the UK from German NATO bases from where we still occupy Germany from 1945 (were you aware of that?) with no specific reasons given but sources suggest for pronto redeployment to the Middle East.

MOD article on UK NATO troop redeployment.

Be sure to stock up on Potassium Iodide and Oxytetracycline and check the seals/dates on your IPK kit. Sooner or later you may need it. You just never know.

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Monday, 10 September 2007

CQ CQ CQ Australia Calling

Reported by Derek MacThomas

When 30 uniformed Australian patriots appeared at a demonstration against the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation Forum the police segregated them and prevented them protesting, but allowed the red rabble to continue to tear up Sydney streets. Do you still believe that we have political freedom or freedom of expression in Australia?.

The Australia Calling webcast by Derek MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
Here: Australia Calling 09/09/07 edition.

Courtesy of

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Govt treats wounded service personnel like shit

The mother of Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson, who lost both legs when a bomb destroyed his Land Rover in Afghanistan in September 2006 has described the difficulties faced by the families of injured soldiers.

Diane Dernie, who has engaged lawyers to fight for a decent level of compensation for Ben after he was awarded just £152,510, lambasted not only the compensation but the isolation and financial strain suffered by families.

"His medical treatment has been wonderful," she said. "We had a very rough period when Ben had to go to Putney instead of [the specialist rehabilitation centre] Headley Court for six months. Ben was the only soldier there. The staff did a magnificent job but it was very difficult because Ben was isolated.

"At Putney it made such a difference when another boy came in. There was a huge improvement. It was extraordinary to see them – straight away they clasped each other's arms. The banter and camaraderie is everything. It was like he's back in the Army."

She said that many families are unable to spend time with their children because of financial constraints. "The expense for us has been beyond belief. It's not something we begrudge. I've been lucky as my work has continued to pay me. But so many parents have to leave their boys on their own to return to work. I had to stay with Ben and we're lucky that we could do that."

The 23 year old soldier from Doncaster suffered further injuries to his brain, skull, face, pelvis, vertebrae, spleen and chest reportedly make him one of the most seriously injured soldiers ever to survive and will need constant care for the rest of his life.

Our web site readers are encouraged to sign the online petition which calls on the Prime Minister to review the structure of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme so that badly injured soldiers are properly compensated for all injuries sustained.

Link to The Association of British Ex Service Personnel

Article Source.

Cunts is what they are, cunts I tell you, cunts.

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Sunday, 9 September 2007

A ray of hope ?. Nah didn't think so..

Always nice to receive an unexpected windfall especially from HM Inland Revenue. Seems I have been over taxed (yep) since 2004 and those impeccably honest folk at revenue and customs repaid me a nice chunk of wedge on Monday morning.

Friday evening my Landlord phoned to tell me his accountant had miscalculated my rent for the last six months and I owe several hundred quid. Bollox. Saturday afternoon (yesterday) I arrive home to a letter from the bank telling me some cunt in Liverpool, Kirby to be precise, has been using THREE credit cards in my name and my entire fortune is gone. Seems until their investigations are concluded and my money refunded (hopefully) I will have my arse hanging out for the next few weeks.

To those nice people at the tax office my heartfelt gratitude. You temporarily restored my faith in Human nature. As for the woolyback bastard in Kirby Liverpool, if I ever find out who you are wack, I will slot you and every member of you immediate family, rest assured.

Pip pip

Whining fat wop has finally carked it

Mama Mia !!. Just look at the size of that fuckin coffin....

Yes folks, Pavarotti, that fat greasy sweaty travesty of all that was once the noblest form of lyrical expression, Opera, has finally carked it. I bet they needed a forklift to haul that packing case in and out of the funeral to the freshly excavated (by JCB no doubt) grave site.

If like me you are an occasional Classic FM listener I suggest you re-tune to Radio 3 for the next few days, at least until this blows over.

Looks like the Three Tennors Tenners are down to 20 quid.

Ariva Dirci, Lard arse.

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Friday, 7 September 2007

British Para killed in Iraq

Updated 08/09/07.

It is with deep sadness that the MOD must confirm the death of Sergeant Eddie Collins from the Parachute Regiment in Iraq on Wednesday 5 September 2007.

Eddie sustained fatal injuries in the early hours of Wednesday while conducting routine operations in support of ongoing Coalition activity in Iraq. Notification of the Sgt Collins death had been withheld for operational security reasons.

Eddie Collins was on active secondment to an unit of 22 SAS from RAF Creden Hill Hereford, hence no photograph. His name will now sadly be added to the clock.

The death brings to 169 the number of all British armed forces personnel who have died in Iraq since the start of aggression in March 2003. Forty two British soldiers have died so far this year alone in Iraq.

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Monday, 3 September 2007

Coming soon

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Bottoms up folks

A full turnout at the 2007 National Farting Championships in Bradford.

None of the usual 15 pints of Guinness and a Ruby on the way home for this lot.

We all know Yorkshire's famous Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band, well now meet the Shithouse and Gastrick Ass Band.

Khyber's at the ready Abdul.......... 3-2-1    Shiite !!!!

Terry Wogan eat your heart out.

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Female Beefeater starts work

Beefeater Moira Cameron

The first ever female beefeater at the Tower of London, Yeoman Warder Moira Cameron, started work today, Monday 3 September 2007, beginning a new chapter in the Tower's 1,000 year history.

I don't think the story is entirely accurate. I have made the aquaintance of a number of female Beefeaters (and some male ones but that's another story) over the years.

Oi' Moira come 'ere and get your teef round my Beef !!

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CQ CQ CQ Australia Calling

Reported by Derek MacThomas

Veteran National Socialist Daevid Palmer speaks out.

In-depth interview with Australia's longest serving and most controversial National Socialist, Daevid Palmer.

The Australia Calling webcast by Derek MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
Here: Australia Calling 02/09/07 edition.

Courtesy of

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Ignominious end to futile exercise

Shambolic exercise cost the UK 168 lives.

The withdrawal of British forces from Basra Palace, ahead of an expected full withdrawal from the city as early as next month, marks the beginning of the end of one of the most futile campaigns ever fought by the British Army.

Ostensibly, the British will be handing over control of Basra to Iraqi security forces. In reality, British soldiers control very little in Basra, and the Iraqi security forces are largely run by the Shia militias.

The British failure is almost total after four years of effort and the death of 168 personnel. "Basra's residents and militiamen view this not as an orderly withdrawal but rather as an ignominious defeat," says a report by the Brussels-based International Crisis Group. "Today, the city is controlled by militias, seemingly more powerful and unconstrained than before." The British Army was never likely to be successful in southern Iraq in terms of establishing law and order under the control of the government in Baghdad. Claims that the British military could draw on counter-insurgency experience built up in Northern Ireland never made sense.

In Northern Ireland it had the support of the majority Protestant population. In Basra and the other three provinces where it was in command in southern Iraq the British forces had no reliable local allies. Soon after the British arrival, on 24 June 2003, British troops learnt a bloody lesson about the limits of their authority when six military policemen were trapped in a police headquarters between Basra and al-Amara. I visited the grim little building where they had died a day later. Armed men were still milling around outside. A tribesman working for a leader who was supposedly on the British side, said: "We are just waiting for our religious leaders to issue a fatwa against the occupation and then we will fight. If we give up our weapons how can we fight them?".

In terms of establishing an orderly government in Basra and a decent life for its people the British failure has been absolute.


The term "the British failure has been absolute" is media parlance for "a right grubbing" which is army parlance for defeat.


Or should that be..


Ignominious end to futile exercise.

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Sunday, 2 September 2007

Today's reality

While racial loyalty is reality for Jews, Negroes and Asians: it's illegal for White Aryans.

Over half of all the people in the United States who live below the poverty line are European Americans. In fact, more European Americans in the US live below the poverty line than the total number of African Americans living in the US. This image of deprivation is mirrored throughout all the White Western European Nations, with Britain for example, having more children living below the poverty line than any of it's Eastern European neighbours and well in excess of the combined number of all it's non white residents.

A most notable series of articles on this and other chilling aspects of anti-white bias can be found .: Here :.

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