Sunday, 29 November 2009

UK: Winter related deaths reach highest ever level.

While the UK sends over £800M to India, our own senior citizens die of what the government calls “winter related diseases.”

According to the Office for National Statistics, there were 36,700 more deaths last winter than in a comparable number of warmer months.

That meant the total of what are known as Excess Winter Deaths for England and Wales was up 12,000 on the previous year and at the highest level in a decade. The number of elderly people dying from the cold in Britain has risen by 49 per cent since last winter

The grim statistics will add to fears that the high fatality rate will be repeated this winter following a refusal by energy suppliers to cut tariffs before temperatures drop. They also leave the 'big six' companies - British Gas, Scottish and Southern Energy, RWE NPower, Eon, EDF and Scottish Power - open to criticism.

All six are enjoying huge profits after failing to pass on a sharp fall in the wholesale cost of gas and electricity to customers. Their bills went up by an average of 42 per cent or £381 last year, putting a strain on the budgets of pensioners and others.

Since then, wholesale prices have fallen by more than 50 per cent; however bills have been reduced by only 4 per cent, around £50 a year. Today, official customer watchdog Consumer Focus is calling on the Government to order a Competition Commission inquiry into the failure to pass on lower wholesale costs.

It says there is scope to cut energy bills by at least £62 a year immediately, with further reductions possible. charities argue high bills contributed to the fatality rate. Jenny Saunders, of National Energy Action, said: 'Pensioners are often anxious to avoid debt and turn their heating down or even off, often unaware that they are putting their health in danger.

'We have one of the highest excess winter death rates in Europe, higher than many of our colder Scandinavian neighbours.' The Excess Winter Deaths total is a record of how many more deaths there are during winter months compared with the non-winter months.

These extra deaths, the majority among pensioners, are due mostly to the effects of the cold which aggravates underlying health problems and increases the likelihood of falls. Robert Hammond of Consumer Focus said: 'Millions of people are paying over the odds to heat their homes this winter, despite huge falls in the wholesale price of gas.

'A truly competitive market would ensure that when energy companies pay less to supply energy, customers pay less.' The problems for customers contrast with the profits of suppliers.

British Gas is set for a 50 per cent rise in annual profits to more than £500million and Scottish and Southern Energy's profits increased 36 per cent for the past six months.

Christine McGourty of Energy UK, which represents the suppliers, said: 'Britain's energy suppliers spent £157million between 2008/09 to help people struggling with their bills.' She rejected accusations of profiteering, saying Britain's energy market was one of the world's most competitive.

So tell me why oil tankers are moored off the UK coast waiting for pump prices to increase ‘before’ they dock is that not profiteering? I wish the drivers and fuel users of the UK would boycott all garages for a day over their holding us to ransom.

It is now time for Nationalists to keep an eye on any local elderly people living in their area especially during bad weather.

Tom Linden.

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Zulu warriors to be honoured

Zulu warriors who killed more than 1,300 British troops in the "Empire's longest day" are to be honoured with an official memorial in South Africa.

The catastrophic defeat at Isandlwana on the Natal border in South Africa on Jan 22, 1879 has largely been overshadowed in Britain by the dramatic defence of Rorke's Drift later the same day, which featured in the Sir Michael Caine film Zulu.

That battle, which pitted a tiny garrison of fewer than 140 men against 3,000 heavily armed Zulus, came to symbolise the Anglo-Zulu war but distracted attention from the battle five miles away at Isandlwana, where a 1,750-strong British force was overwhelmed by 20,000 Zulu warriors.

More than 1,300 of those defending the isolated position were massacred in what remained the most catastrophic loss of life for British forces until the First World War.

The Anglo-Zulu war was brought to a close in August 1879 with the capture and exile of the Zulu king, Cetshwayo, and the integration of the territory more fully into British controlled South Africa.

Now about 10,000 Zulu warriors who died in the war are finally to be given a formal monument, to be erected by state of KwaZulu Natal. Because the Zulu army kept was no official paperwork, Amafa. the state's heritage body, has embarked on an ambitious oral history project to draw together as many names as it can from local families.

"This is an important project because so far only one side of the battle has been remembered," said Bongani Mdunge, a spokesman for the organisation. "The British have their records of those soldiers who died during the war, but on the Zulu side there are none. "We want to right that wrong and to create a register of the brave men who died for their tribe. Until now these men have remained anonymous to all but their families.

"It is right that they are remembered with the same respect as the British. When we have the names we will mark them on a monument so that we can never forget their sacrifice." Today white cairns mark the spots where the British soldiers were buried in mass graves after the battle. But most of the Zulu warriors were taken back from the battlefield to be given traditional burials in their villages.

"We want all descendants of the brave soldiers to submit their names so we can compile a list," said Mr Mdunge. "Once we have the roll of honour we will build a lasting monument at Isandlwana to remember them.

"Noting the names of those warriors and the regiments they served in will add to the human story and enable the descendants to share their family histories."

Jew Professor Saul David, who has written 'extensively' on the Anglo-Zulu War, said that defeat at Isandlwana was a “massive psychological blow” to Britain which threatened to change the course of imperial history.

“For the Zulus to overwhelm a disciplined force of British infantry is an astonishing coup, if it had not been for of Rorke’s Drift, who knows what the consequences would have been, who knows what choices there would have been.

“Disraeli’s government back home was in severe danger of falling over this one disaster, not least because it was also embroiled in another unpopular war in Afghanistan. “Definitely it was a deliberate policy to upgrade of Rorke’s Drift which had been a relatively insignificant affair.

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The global carbon footprint scam.

The global carbon footprint scam - Does anyone in their right mind think that we control the Earth?

We never cease to marvel at the environmental alarmists who create one "crisis" after another using wretchedly bad "science" to support their scams. Yesterday, November 24th, the Global Footprint Network "released new data on the Ecological Footprint of 100 nations and humanity as a whole, and the current ledgers are sobering."

Well, of course, they're sobering. Everything the Greens announce is sobering because, as you well know, the oceans are rising, the glaciers and polar caps are melting, we're running out of oil, every animal on Earth is endangered, incandescent light bulbs and global warming will destroy all life on Earth, yada, yada, yada.

"The figures provide a data-driven look at some of the most pressing issues facing humanity, from climate change to equitable distribution of resources."

Is the "equitable distribution of resources" the same as Barack Obama's "redistribution of wealth"? Is this shorthand of every liberal's wet dream, communism? Oh, yeah. Been there, seen it, don't want any part of it. After giving communism a try for over seventy years, the Soviet Union imploded because it doesn't work, never has, and never will.

After Chairman Mao Tse Tung introduced communism to China, his various programs managed to kill off several millions through starvation until his death allowed a revision toward capitalism that initiated the transformation that holds out vastly improved lives for its 1.3 billion citizens.

However, according to the Global Footprint Network, "Humanity now requires the resources it would take almost one and a half planets to sustainably produce, according to figures to be released."

The Greens have an established pattern. They use bogus computer modelling to conjure up scads of "data" that take years to debunk and dispute. In the meantime, billions are wasted on their schemes.

This new hogwash conveniently debuts just before the United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held in Copenhagen in December. The many delegates will wine and dine their way through tons of champagne, caviar, and other delicacies while trying to convince everyone the Earth is doomed unless virtually all industrial activity is ended

They will warn that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are responsible for "global warming", but there is NO global warming beyond what the Sun provides and CO2 plays no role whatever in climate change. The phoney "carbon footprint" ignores the fact that carbon compounds form the basis for all known life on Earth!

Their bogus "carbon footprints" ignore the fact that CO2 is vital to life because it is to all vegetation what oxygen is to all animals. It is food! More CO2 is better than less because it would provide for more abundant crop yields, healthier forests, and would reduce the spread of deserts.

The "carbon footprint" and the mountains of phoney data built around it provides the Global Footprint Network the ability to announce that "The new numbers also reveal a growing disparity between those countries with the largest Ecological Footprints per capita and those with the smallest." This is their way of saying that nations that produce more food and more commodities have an unfair advantage over those that do not.

It ignores the fact that "poor" nations are famous for despotism, oppression, and corruption, none of which have anything to do with whether they have abundant resources such as oil, natural gas, and coal. It has everything to do with encouraging class or tribal warfare, religious strife, and all the ills common to humanity.

The key to spotting the Big Green Lie is the word "sustainability." Sustainability is a subterfuge for the destruction of property rights, a concept so essential to success in America that it is protected by the Constitution.

Wherever you see the word "sustainability", you know that the Greens are emphasizing "renewable energy" (solar and wind) which cannot begin to compare with oil, natural gas, and coal. Renewable energy is responsible for a mere one percent of all electricity generated in the United States and reliance upon it will leave people in nations such as Great Britain freezing to death in the dark.

The Greens want to replace hydrocarbon fuels with "biofuels" such as ethanol which diverts real food like corn into a useless form of energy that reduces mileage and actually emits more CO2! The Greens want to pack humanity into crowded cities, forbidding people from living in suburbs filled with trees and lawns. They want to reduce vehicle size and encourage the use of electric vehicles.

There is little evidence that the Earth is running out of oil or other sources of energy. Oil not only provides for transportation, but is the basis for fertilizers and other beneficial chemicals that ensure more crop yield to feed humans and livestock. It has a thousand other uses as well. Coal is so abundant that its use is calculated in centuries.

In short, the Greens want to impose the most stupid and evil standards and restrictions on human life. They would drag humanity back to an age when horses and oxen were the modes of transportation and means of agriculture.

This is the goal of the United Nations Climate Change Conference and its treaty to impose a One World Order with its incumbent oppressive government structure to deprive its victims of privacy, dignity, and initiative. And, as history has repeatedly demonstrated, of life itself.

The "carbon footprint", along with "global warming", should be consigned to the dustbin of failed and false economic and schemes known as socialism and communism. They are a synonym for suffering and death.

Tom Linden

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More Westminster Party Corruption: Second Standards Committee Member May Quit

Parliamentary Standards Committee member and Labour MP Andrew Dismore may soon be following the example set by Tory MP David Curry and quit that committee in the wake of new disclosures about his “expenses.”

Mr Dismore has been placed under a cloud after it was revealed that he claimed £34,000 for a west London flat as his second home — even though his actual house is only eleven miles from Westminster. Shortly afterwards, he flipped the second home designation to his north London house and then claimed an extra £31,000 for that residence on his parliamentary expenses. To make matters worse, one of the properties actually houses a homoeopathy clinic run by his girlfriend, Linda Julian.

All in all, Mr Dinsmore’s “nice little earner” brought him an extra £65,000 on top of his parliamentary salary, courtesy of the taxpayer. Mr Dismore, who not surprisingly is also the chairman of parliament’s joint committee on human rights, also appears to be a seriously frenetic driver who spends an inordinate amount of time in his car. In fact, his expense claims for travel are so high it is incredible to think how he even finds time to attend parliament at all.

During the 2007/08 financial year, Mr Dismore claimed enough in travel allowances to be able to drive back and forth between his north London house and parliament three times every day. MPs can claim 40 pence per mile for travelling to and from Westminster and around their constituencies. Mr Dismore claimed £2,144 in mileage allowances which means that he drove 5,360 miles that year between Westminster and his home. This is interesting because the Commons only sat that year on 145 days. Since 2001, Mr Dismore has claimed more than £30,000 in travel allowances over and above his ordinary salary.

* Meanwhile, health minister Ann Keen has been exposed as claiming £12,000 over a four-year period to set up a workplace at home — despite already having no less than three other offices from which she supposedly worked.

Mrs Keen and her husband, fellow Labour MP Alan Keen, claimed over £140,000 for a flat on the banks of the Thames despite their main home being less than ten miles away.

Tom Linden.

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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Diversity, on it's way to you....

Denmark saw it's 5th consecutive night of widespread riots, arsons, and anti-violence by immigrant gangs. Few outside of Denmark have even heard about what is going on. Thugs, mostly the children of some of the North African and Sub-Sahara African immigrants, have been on a vandalism and arson spree in several cities.

When police and firefighters respond they are attacked by the gangs. France has seen weekly race riots for two years now and they are spreading across Western Europe. Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Scotland, England, and Holland have also seen race riots.

Widespread violence against white people has occurred in Scandinavia and Italy as well, with some members of the immigrant minorities committing the majority of crime in many cities. The media almost always calls the perpetrators 'youths' and never shows pictures of the people arrested. The media, especially the US media, goes to great lengths to conceal the explicit racial nature of the rioting.

Several American News outlets, including Time Magazine, have deemed the current rioting in France as 'White Riots' because a portion of the rioting is by Marxist and Anarchist gangs whose members are extreme-left wing whites. Mostly the spoiled brat children of wealthy liberals who attend Universities in Paris.

These same media outlets have been deliberately omitting the race of African and Arab rioters in France for the past two years. African and Arabs are referred to as 'youths' but now the same media outlets are gleefully identifying the race of white rioters.

The reality is that several hundred violent white leftists who supported Socialist candidate Royal rioted and clashed with police in Paris Sunday night. About 100 were arrested. Since Sunday, France has seen three straight nights of rioting.

Riots taking place in the suburbs of Paris and other French cities are being carried out by immigrant gangs. In Grigny, a Paris suburb, immigrant gangs torched a public nursery school and threw Molotov cocktails at Police. One officer was injured. Over 1300 cars have been torched during the three nights. Mostly in heavily immigrant areas.

France, which is plagued with race riots, sees an average of 112 cars torched each day by some African and Middle Eastern immigrants. According to the Irish Times, 50,000 French Riot police 3,000 just in Paris are standing by and the military has been put on red alert to quell potential violence by some African and Arab gangs.

You probably won't see this in the US media (just like you never see the race riots in France, UK, Spain, etc.), but blacks rioted and attacked whites in the French Caribbean Island of Guadalupe.

A few days ago blacks began setting fires in white neighborhoods and battling with French police. Yesterday there were several attempts at murdering French police and the French government is sending reinforcements. BBC International showed footage of blacks rioting, setting up roadblocks, and torching cars in affluent white neighborhoods.

The next scene shows white people surveying the damage and cleaning up the mess. Other scenes show immigrants in physical battles with French police in riot gear It has just hit the news that rioting by immigrant gangs as well as French Marxists have begun. 1,000s of immigrant gang members are battling police in the cities of Paris and Lyon. Fortunately there was some honest news published in Norway. French style race riots spread to Sweden in 2005 and have continued ever since.

Perhaps it's time to prepare as sticking our heads in the sand will solve nothing.

Tom Linden..

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Even MORE joys of multi-culturalism

Hey just a minute!!. Aren't those nice you men White??.

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News from the agricultural district.

Click for enlarged image

My good friend The General sent this interesting picture from his locale deep within the agricultural district.

To be precise the location is said to be St James Street Daventry Northamptonshire, just a stones throw across the road from the St James Primary school from where these little children are said to have come. The picture is from a phone so not very good quality and the distance was as close as he could get without drawing attention to himself.

If you look carefully you will in fact two groups of children, the other being further down the road where another yellow jacketed WPC can just be seen. The two groups comprised of about six to eight primary school children with several teachers in attendance, one male police officer and one WPC.

What you cannot see and therefore it has been indicated by the arrow is the little girl in the red coat holding the SPEED CAMERA. (Click the image for an enlarged version)

The death of innocence. The marxist filth running this country are now brainwashing little children to do their dirty work for them....

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Monday, 23 November 2009

The Gospel according to Arthur Kemp BNP.

Christians are "possibly the most utterly deranged group of vermin ever to infest white politics".

"There is no compromise with these rabid madmen: they poison every political organization they enter with their insane theology and there is literally no end to their madness.

It is the reason why any political organization which wishes to succeed, must expel all those dribbling lunatics who spout this drivel, or bar them from entering in the first place.

Let them go and mutter about “Christ killers” somewhere else where all sane people can just laugh at them." Arthur Kemp..


Arthur Kemp is not British, he is South African, and a former South African intelligence asset who was opposed to the Ian Smith regime and does not believe in the rights of Whites in South Africa.

If it unacceptable to the BNP for South African Peter Hain to meddle in British politics, why then is it acceptable for this contemptible yarpie to meddle in British politics?.

It seems our Christian brothers across the Atlantic in America are none to happy about his views in this regard either...

I could add a great deal regarding this rabid madman but I have expended to much of my valuable time already, except perhaps to say that I would like to meet this deranged vermin up close and personal one day and 'escourt' him to the airport...

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BNP signs its first non-white member...

An elderly Sikh who describes Islam as a "beast" and once provided a character reference for Nick Gri££in (written no doubt on the back of a fag packet) during his racial hatred trial is set to become the British Nondescript Party's first non-white member.

Rajinder Singh, an anti-Islam activist in his late seventies who blames Muslims for the death of his father during the Partition of India in 1947, has been sympathetic towards Britain's fart-right party for much of the decadent past past decade even though he currently remains barred from becoming a member because of the colour of his skin.

But last weekend the BNP's leadership took their first steps towards dropping its membership ban on non-whites after the Human Rights Commission threatened the party with legal action. The move will be put to a vote of members soon. [...].

Martin Arse Tunneller Wingfield, the BNP's communications and campaigns officer, has already put forward the case for Mr Singh's membership, telling members on its website: "I say adapt and survive and gives da brave and loyal Rajinder Singh the honour of bees da firs effnik minorit'ee member of da BNP innit... knowamsayin.


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Nigerian marries his daughter. Home Office does nothing!.

A man married his OWN daughter so she would be allowed to stay in Britain - and the Home Office knows about it. A Nigerian Home Office worker 'married' his own daughter to get her a British visa.

The extraordinary scam was apparently executed by Jelili Adesanya while ministers turned a blind eye. Mr Adesanya, 54, has lived here for more than 30 years and holds a British passport, but wanted his daughter, her husband and their four sons to join him from Nigeria.

He faked a wedding ceremony complete with a photograph of the happy 'couple' which helped fool immigration officials that his daughter, Karimotu Adenike, was really his wife. Miss Adenike, who is in her mid-30s, was duly granted permission to live in the UK. The pair are waiting for her to be granted a permanent right to remain before they undergo a quiet divorce and attempt to bring the rest of her family here.

It is expected she would try to remarry her real husband to get them all visas. But despite being tipped off two years ago, the Home Office seems to have done nothing to stop the scam by one of their own workers. Until recently, Mr Adesanya was employed as an occupational health nurse for the Home Office, working with immigration officials at Gatwick airport.

A whistleblower sent letters to the High Commission in Lagos and the UK Border Agency including specific details such as names, addresses, passport numbers and even a copy of the wedding photograph. When there was no response, he sent emails to then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and ministers Vernon Coaker and Phil Woolas on February 1 this year.

Mr Adesanya, who came to Britain in 1976, flew back to Nigeria on May 29, 2007, and held the bogus wedding ceremony a few days later at a register office in Ikorodu, Lagos. A source said: 'They paid people to attend the wedding so that the British High Commission in Lagos would believe it was genuine. The commission then gave Karimotu Adenike a two-year settlement visa in October 2007.

'On her settlement visa application form, of course, she did not mention that she already had a husband and four children. 'The date of birth on her Nigerian passport is not her real date of birth.' Miss Adenike is believed to have aged herself by ten years on her wedding certificate to disguise the age gap with her father. Although her settlement visa expired last month, she is hoping to be given the right to remain.

David Burrowes, the Conservative MP for Enfield Southgate and Shadow Justice Minister, was also tipped off by the whistleblower and wrote to the Home Office. This time there was a reply, but it said that although the matter was 'under investigation', no further information would be provided because it could 'breach of our obligations under the Data Protection Act'.

Mr Burrowes said 'I am very surprised and concerned that no action appears to have been taken, because the allegations are extremely serious.' Mr Adesanya, who lives with his daughter in Dagenham, Essex, vehemently denied the plot and said he had never been questioned about the allegations.

He said: 'Married my own daughter? I have never heard anything like this in my life. I deny it. She is my wife, not my daughter.' However, asked to confirm his 'wife's' date of birth, he said he did not know without checking her passport, and refused to allow her to speak for herself.

Unbeknown to him, his daughter had confirmed the arrangement when she told a friend she would shortly apply for her own British passport and 'divorce daddy'.

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A SOLDIER who risked his life in Afghanistan and Iraq was shocked when a pub refused to serve him because he was in uniform. Guardsman Brad Thomas and fellow Grenadier Guard Jimmy Nuttal were working for an Army recruitment team when they stopped for lunch at the Cross Keys pub, in Market Street, Witney.

But as they looked at the menu, they were told to leave because the pub would not serve members of the armed forces wearing uniform. Guardsman Thomas, 24, who has lost nine colleagues in Afghanistan, said: “It really is pretty shocking. We weren’t even going to drink. We only wanted a meal and a glass of coke.

“Everyone in the pub was looking at us, and I don’t think some of them could believe it either. I was quite annoyed.” The pair crossed the road and where served at another pub. A member of the public offered to pay for their meals. Yesterday, pub chain Punch Taverns claimed RAF Brize Norton had written to local pubs telling them not to serve uniformed soldiers. The base denied this, and neither of the men is based at Brize.

Ten other Witney pubs told the Gazette they had never received any such request from the airbase. GDSM Thomas’s mum Sharon, 53, said: “Our lads and lasses are on the front line, putting their life at risk every day, yet in their own country they are treated like this. I think it is disgusting.”

Witney’s Royal British Legion welfare officer Don Deaney, who pays his respects to every fallen British soldier’s cortege passing through Headington, said: “It is appalling. I’m absolutely staggered and disgusted. Anyone who cannot serve someone a meal because they are in uniform should go to Oxford (on repatriation days) to see what is going on.”

A Punch Taverns spokesman said she believed RAF Brize Norton had told Witney pubs not to serve uniformed troops, because they are prohibited from entering licensed premises. She added: “Our team at the Cross Keys was acting in respect of this regulation.” She said staff would do the same again, but said the company’s “utmost respect and admiration” for servicemen was shown by the money it raised for military charities.

RAF Brize Norton spokes- man Katie Zasada said: “Any personnel in the Navy, Army or RAF are not allowed to enter any pub in uniform, unless it is for a wedding or funeral. There has not been communication between us and the pubs, but they should not be putting them in that situation in the first place.”

The ban is thought to date back to the IRA pub bombings in the 1970s, but last year Prime Minister Gordon Brown said soldiers should be encouraged to wear their uniform in public. If you feel as angry as I do about the way he was treated then let the pub know by contacting them using the details below

The Cross Keys
1 Market Square
+44(0)1993 701145

Tom Linden.

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"All white people are fascists" Kids told..

Schoolchildren are being asked to debate whether "all white people are fascists" as part of classes to combat violent extremism.

The lessons are being staged in Lancashire, which has some of the highest numbers of ethnic minority pupils, before being expanded to other areas. Pupils are also required to challenge the view that "all Muslims are extremists".

Teachers are encouraged to lead pupils as young as 11 in discussions surrounding racist stereotypes to stop children being groomed by radical groups. Graham Mallinson, a former secondary school teacher and managing director of d2 Digital, which designed the on-line lesson material, said: "This is the language that's used within the extremist literature handed to young people outside schools - whether that's from far right or faith-based groups. We need to get young people to confront these opinions."

Under plans, all secondary schools in Lancashire have been given access to an on-line lesson plan called Where's The Line. It was devised in a deal between Lancashire Police and d2 Digital in a £20,000 project to combat extremism.

Pupils aged 11 to 16 are confronted by a series of scenarios surrounding religious extremism, animal liberation groups, football hooligans and fascist organisations. In one exercise, children are asked to discuss why certain phrases - including "They've taken your jobs" and "They get better treatment", are used to enflame public opinion. Another exercise aims to dispel common 'myths and stereotypes' surrounding asylum seekers.

This includes views that they are a drain on the UK economy; get priority in council housing waiting lists; are given higher income support and can be linked to rising crime. (But they are a drain on society, they do get priority housing and benefits and there is a link to crime increases.)

These 'lessons' are being introduced in Greater Manchester in coming months before being rolled out elsewhere. Koser Mahmood, an English teacher at a school in Lancashire, where most pupils are white British and a fifth are from ethnic minorities, said: "Counteracting violent extremism is an important part of the community cohesion programme.

It is regarded as a topic that is very sensitive and, understandably, many teachers lack the confidence and vocabulary needed to address it. But we must address it." The lessons follow the launch of Government guidelines on tackling violent extremism and terrorism last year. Schools should have a named teacher to whom pupils can report any concerns of grooming by extremist groups.

This is nothing more than an anti-thought, anti-opinion attack on children in an attempt to control their minds so they conform to the status quo. We owe OUR children more they deserve the right to free thought and to say it as it is, we as parents need to counter this government imposed brain washing.

Tom Linden.

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Dundee officially bans Christmas

Christmas will not be Christmas in Dundee this year.

All references to the religious holiday have been dropped from the switching-on ceremony for the city's festive lights. Instead of the traditional Christmas Lights switch-on, residents will be attending the 'Dundee Winter Light Night.'

Council officials have also decided that rather than a retelling of the Nativity story there will be a disco, a contemporary circus, a continental market and a 7ft fairy on stilts. Disgruntled members of the Presbytery of Dundee have voted to voice concern to the city council, saying that the religious aspect of Christmas was being eroded.

One churchgoer, Philip Harris, from Broughty Ferry, said: "It seems ludicrous to have a Christmas event which makes no mention of Christmas. It just seems like the usual political correctness."
Hopefully the council will reconsider.

At last year's Christmas Lights switch-on in the City Square, the Rev Allan Webster was invited to address the crowd - a tradition that, along with the title of Christmas Lights, he feels should be upheld. "I have asked if there will still be a role to play for the Church and I would be delighted to take up any offer, if asked," he said.

"The general feeling is that calling it the Winter Light Night rather than the Christmas Lights is an erosion of a religious festival. It is important for all faiths to be able to celebrate their festivals and I must stress I would also be concerned if people of any other religion had their festival diluted."

A spokesman for Dundee City Council said: "When we are contacted by Dundee Presbytery we will look at the points they are raising and respond to them." Karen Scrimgeour, who will take on the role of Christmas or possibly Winter Light Fairy and will wear stilts that will boost her height to 7ft 6in,

She said: "It's a bit of a power trip being this tall as I'm normally only 5ft 2in. I'm very excited about being the Christmas Fairy this year. I can't wait to see all the kids' faces light up." What has happened to people power, why are the people of Dundee not outside the town hall demonstrating?

The removal of ethnic festivals would be front page news and would result in 24/7 TV with shami, Shami, godding off. We need to regain OUR pride in OUR Christian festivals and if others do not like it they know where Dover is.

Neither the jews festival of Hanukkah, nor the moslem festival of Id are subject to the ban..

Tom Linden.

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New EU President calls for direct EU taxes

Belgian PM Herman Van Rompuy, and new new EU President, laid out his views on how the EU's budget should be financed in future at a dinner of the secretive Bilderberg group last week. He is reported to have said in a speech that: "New resources will be necessary for the financing of the welfare state. Green tax instruments are a possibility, but they are ambiguous: This type of tax will eventually be extinguished. But the possibilities of financial levies at European level must be seriously examined and for the first time the large countries in the union are open to that."

De Standaard reports that his spokesman is denying that he was asking for an EU 'green tax', saying: "What the PM did say is that one needs to look further and one needs to think about a more structural form of financing at the EU level, for example on financial transactions, as is also being discussed at world level and at the G20". However, the Telegraph reports that Van Rompuy backs proposals for the EU to be directly funded from a ring-fenced set of green taxes such as fuel duty or aviation levies. It could mean all shopping and petrol station receipts in Britain could in future include the amount of VAT or fuel duty that goes directly to Brussels as an "EU tax".

Dutch daily De Tijd notes that the EU is "thinking about establishing a source for partially raising its own means, starting in 2013 when the emissions trading system is extended to other sectors." It adds that, when it reaches its peak, "an extended European emissions trading system would annually provide for €30 or even €60 billion" in taxes.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph reports that Van Rompuy was an architect of the Flemish Christian Democrats' federalist manifesto, which calls for more EU symbols in town halls, schools and sporting events. The manifesto says: "Apart from the euro, also other national symbols need to be replaced by European symbols (licence plates, identity cards, presence of more EU flags, one time EU sports events".

Additionally, following the No votes to the European Constitution in 2005, Van Rompuy gave a speech to the Belgian Parliament, in which he said: "We go on with the ratification of the European Constitution in all our parliaments, but we need to admit that for the moment the project is over. However, this doesn't mean that we cannot continue to work in a creative way in the direction which the Constitution points in. I don't object if we break up the Constitution into smaller parts, as long as we continue to work in the same direction: in the direction of more Europe."

Open Europe's Pieter Cleppe is quoted saying, "Van Rompuy is your typical EU federalist - he isn't going to step on anyone's toes or try to dominate the world like Tony Blair or President Sarkozy might have - but he can be relied upon to quietly make sure that the EU gets more and more powers, with less and less say for voters." Pieter is also quoted by a leader in the paper, which argues: "The manipulation of symbols supported by Mr Van Rompuy offends supporters as well as opponents of Britain's membership of the European Union."

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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A quick lesson in Greek for British Nationalist.

Black and White unite, join the BNP.

A response to a comment on a previous post:

British Nationalist said...

I have no problem with the National Front siphoning off the last racial nationalists remaining within the BNP.

[Glad we got that admission of your contempt for white nationalists out of the way to begin with, so now there is no doubt and it's on the record]

It has not been a racial-nationalist organisation for a long time. Ethno-nationalist, which is different.

Obviously, I am one of these neo-con BNP'ers that you like so much.Hmm, I must be common purpose and probably Jew too.

"It has not been a racial-nationalist organisation for a long time. Ethno-nationalist, which is different." [emphasis added]

British Nationalist obviously does not know or understand the meaning or the root origin of the word Ethno. It comes from the Greek Ethnos and it means RACE!. It is where we derive our words Ethnic and Ethinicity from.

As a Bible student specializing in the Biblical issue of race and the racial covenants, I won't be beaten on this one. British Nationalist has picked the wrong bloke and the wrong subject with which to find fault and to nit pick.

Standard dictionary definition - Ethnic/Ethnos:

  • Pertaining to or characteristic of a people, esp. a group (ethnic group) sharing a common and distinctive culture, race, religion, language, or the like.

  • Belonging to or deriving from the cultural, racial, religious, or linguistic traditions of a people or country

    Theyers Greek Lexicon describes Ethnos as:

  • A multitude of individuals of the same nature or *genus (*root of the word Genetic ))from Ancient Greek γενετικός genetikos, “genitive” and that from γένεσις genesis, “origin”).

  • A tribe, race, nation, people group

    Strongs Biblical concordance simply defines Ethnos:

    Strong's #1484: ethnos (pronounced eth'-nos)

  • A race, nation, people.

    "Obviously, I am one of these neo-con BNP'ers that you like so much.Hmm, I must be common purpose and probably Jew too."

    What you are dear boy is either wilfully or unwittingly ignorant of the TRUTH, but first and foremost you are an embracer of the multi-cult and a traitor to your 'Ethnicity'. As for being a jew, well you said it not I. Given your deliberate insertion of such a provocative, diversionary and off topic remark as that could lead one to assume you possibly are one or the other. Else why even mention it?. Nowhere in the article are common purpose or jewry even vaguely alluded to so what was your motive there?.

    Let's give our readers a clue shall we. The persistent use of the nazi or nutzi epithet on your blog in both article and comment (for you are suggesting I am a nazi are you not?) against nationalists is indicative of perfideous duplicty, not to mention disingenuous, hypocritical and downright spiteful against those you claim to be your 'Ethnic' kinsfolk. It is also a prime tactic of leftist fifth columnists to attempt to subliminally imply that anyone who is ethno-centric is a nazi and therefore anti jew.

    However, your comment unequivocally and unmistakably reinforces the assertion in the article that the BNP has become infested with neo-conservative types with true ethno-centric nationalists becoming increasingly marginalized to the point of becoming proscribed and disenfranchized.

    "It has not been a racial-nationalist organisation for a long time."

    That is exactly what true ethno-nationalists have been saying 'for along time'. It has been obvious to those of us with a functioning pair of eyeballs and an IQ above ambient temperature that the BNP has been on a slippery slope to universalism for several years since it began admitting non European's and those of assorted admixture almost a decade ago. And yes I do number the Edomite Khazars among that intake.

    You really should in all honesty change your nomenclature or at the very least re-think your entire position on this matter, because as things stand 'British Nationalist' is both falsehood and deceptive. You took issue with me on this, not I with you. Like in so many other instances wherein you have been hostile, provocative, divisive and slanderously condemnatory of nationalists. Something a true Ethnic kinsman who loves his racial brother would never do. The difference here is that you have now finally picked an argument you cannot possibly win against someone who simply cannot be bested. So yield and withdraw now and repair to your hovel or be trounced.

    When the BNP and UKIP have become one as is actually being mooted in dark corners, you may well believe that your anti-white universalist agenda has been well served, the National Front will ensure it is not.

    Pip pip
  • Sunday, 15 November 2009

    As the BNP caves in the National Front grows stronger..

    This blog has always worked hard to remain strictly non partizan with everyone and anyone, whether a group or an individual all have been considered fair game for open criticism. The events of the last 24hrs have somewhat changed that stance.... Irrevocably I am heartbroken to say.

    Yesterday, Saturday 14th November was a DARK day in the annals of British Nationalism for it was on this infamous day that the British National Party, at its Annual Conference held in Wigan finally caved in to System pressure and voted to change the BNP Constitution to allow non-Whites into membership. This leaves the National Front as the only Racial-Nationalist party left in Britain. It leaves the BNP, once a solid White Nationalist party under the leadership of the late great John Tyndall, more liberal and multi-racialist than UKIP - for UKIP's stand on immigration is actually now stronger than the BNP's!

    The BNP members attending this Wigan Conference were lied too on some very important issues. They were told that an Equality Act was now law which forced them to except non-Europeans into the Party. No such law exists - and the Equality BILL which they use as an excuse for this atrocious climb down to the alien dominated Westminster system IS NOT EVEN LAW! It may never become law. The Bill is stuck in the legal system and the nearest date it might become law is June 2010.

    The Bill is a Frankenstein mish-mash of current 'anti-discriminatory' legislation, and contains nothing new. The NF have examined this Bill (not LAW!) in details and cannot see any relevancy to political parties and/or associations. It is just a propaganda tool of the crypto-Marxist Harriet Harman to pool all the nonsensical and PC 'anti-discrimination' laws already in existence into one new law. There is NOTHING new in it. See for yourself at

    The trigger for the collapse of the main BNP principles on race was an attack by Trevor Phillip's EHRC, under existing Race Relations legislation which supposedly makes it illegal to have a political party whose membership is closed to certain sections of our community - despite the fact that there exists a Blacks' only party, The Ligali Party - registered with the Electoral Commission and recent research has revealed that:-

    "An independent black political party would be supported by 45 per cent of the black community in Britain, research published this week will reveal.

    The Black Community Report , a national survey by the Peoplescience Intelligence Unit, has found that black people in the UK believe an "ethnic" party would improve their lives and their prospects.

    The findings, based on interviews with more than 2,100 people over the age of 16, will be a blow to mainstream political parties, sending a clear message that black people do not believe the established parties are doing enough for them."

    Muslims too have their own "Muslim Parliament of Great Britain". Added to this there is an enormous number of ethnics only Associations and groups - many funded by the Government. There was a wide and ample scope for the BNP leadership to fight off this politically motivated challenge. It would not have bankrupted the BNP. The only reason the BNP incurred court costs was initially Griffin changed his legal representation at the original hearing and the judge (who indicated he could see a strong case for the BNP if they fought the EHRC) had to award costs against the BNP - it is but no means certain that if the BNP HAD fought the action - which they did not - Griffin not even turning up in court on the day - that they would have lost. Instead though, Griffin instructed the BNP's solicitors to immediately give and undertaking to CAVE IN to the EHRC's outrageous demands.

    Now listen to this -

    This was broadcasted yesterday on BBC Radio 5 live, Griffin interviewed by Rachel Burden, it starts approx 1.40 into the show. Do you welcome a broader spectrum of members into your party? : " Yes I do, it's something we have been debating for years and moving towards." " to have members of loyal assimilated minorities in the party will help." Will Black Muslim, Black British citizens be welcome? "Yes sure." Is it true that the EHRC forced this on you? " To an extent."

    Here's the link

    The comments from some of the newer neo-Con members on the BNP website are quite horrific for White Nationalists and show that the CAVE IN is supported by the new super-Tories who now infest the BNP. Read the comments on this link Unbelievable from a once true racial-nationalist party.

    The National Front remains total in its commitment that it has every right to be a representative for the White people of Britain when every other ethnic group has this facility.

    For those who think that the NF Constitution needs to be changed have not read the NF Constitution. It is phrased in such a way that we believe that the EHRC could not bring such an attack. The NF will not CAVE IN even if this happens. Sure we have more limited resources but any attempt to force non-Europeans into the Front will be fought tooth and nail right to the Human Rights Court. Some prominent NF members have already made it clear that they will face prison rather capitulate - should it ever come to it. Are we any less dedicated to our great Cause than the murderers of the IRA who starved themselves to death rather than accept non-political status in prison? Are British Nationalists so luke warm as to be shown up by IRA murderers in their commitment to a cause? What a sad admission indeed!

    The National Front now makes an urgent call to all TRUE British Nationalists within the BNP to stop fooling themselves. They are now bona fide members of a MULTI RACIAL party! They should follow their consciences are JOIN THE NATIONAL FRONT - The only party for the White people of Great Britain!

    The late John Tyndall - did he found and fight for a BNP that has ended its days like this?

    Pip pip

    Thursday, 12 November 2009

    "I Spit On Your 2 Minutes Silence" Nigerian murderer mocks war dead

    AN Old Bailey murder trial descended into chaos today as a defendant shouted “I spit on your two minute silence”. A man, thought to be an ex-serviceman, had to be escorted out of the public gallery after Onochie Madekwe, of Buck Lane, Kingsbury, launched a tirade against Remembrance Sunday.

    Mr Madekwe, a Nigerian national, was accusing the prosecution of a racist conspiracy against him and said barrister Brian Altman QC was part of the same establishment responsible for killing “thousands in Iraq”.

    The 33-year-old, who describes himself as an anti-war campaigner, hit out at poppy day but was interrupted by cries of “they died for people like you” from the angry onlooker. As the pair yelled at each other, Mr Madekwe said: “What about the African children”.

    Mr Madekwe is one of four men accused of murdering Somali student Hassan Kul Hawadleh, 19, on the forecourt of the Total Garage, in High Street, Wealdstone, on February 19. His comments came on a morning when witness Saharded Hassan, 17, told the court Mr Madekwe threatened to kill a member of Mr Hawadleh's friendship group after a fight three days earlier.

    Mr Hassan told the jury Mr Madekwe said: “It won't stop until I kill one of you Somalians or one of you kills one of us.” The court has heard how the killing was the result of a feud that started on the Monday when Wasarme Guiled, Mr Hawadleh's friend, knocked a joint out of Mr Madekwe's mouth.

    He was then attacked by Abdul Khan but blocked a punch and retaliated with one of his own, it is claimed. Mr Guiled then had an arranged fight with Mr Khan, which he won, and it was then it is claimed Mr Madekwe made the threat. But the defendant, who is representing himself, accused the witness of lying, saying “you're pathetic just like the rest of your group”.

    Mr Hassan described Mr Madekwe as “a weird person”, having “loud, scruffy hair, trampy clothes” as well as “smelly” and “unwashed”. Mr Madekwe said: “These words are reminiscent of the words of the police officers who have arrested me over the years. “Obviously you didn't like me from day one.” The witness replied: “No, I didn't say that.”

    Mr Madekwe, Abdul Khan, 19, of Enderley Road, Wealdstone, Andrew Spence, 22, of Ealing, and Michael Anthony Boyde, 37, of Willesden, deny murder. They also deny attempted murder and grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent for an alleged attack on Abdiwahab Guiled at the same time as the killing.

    Mr Madekwe denies violent disorder in relation to an attack on Wasarme Guiled earlier the same evening.

    The trial continues.

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    Sunday, 8 November 2009

    Tour De France 1941

    A rare picture of the Tour De France 1941..........

    Pip pip

    Saturday, 7 November 2009

    Australia Calling -- Monster Triple Bill !!

    The Australia Calling webcasts by Derrick MacThomas in this weeks triple bill which feature the following stories and more from down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure. Just right click and save....


    A gang of 15 Somali boys, wearing masks and armed with clubs, stormed into a Melbourne school during lunch and attacked a white boy, as well as several students who went to his aid. Are you angry enough to stand up for yourself yet, white man? Are you willing to do what has to be done to defend your children, white man?



    A Muslim cleric, Mufti Sheik Haron, has been sending hate mail to the widows and parents of Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan. He has told them that their sons were murderers and he was glad that they were dead. Another example of the 'enrichment' that comes from non-white immigration and multiculturalism. Are you angry enough to fight yet white man?.



    The stream of invaders headed to Australia in leaky boats is turning into a flood. There is only one way to deal with this situation: sink them on sight and leave survivors to the sharks. Hear the show that will have the lefties screaming.


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    Monday, 2 November 2009


    BNP declares November 2009 British History Month

    The heritage of the native peoples of the British Isles is under threat in modern Britain because the liberal-leftwing political and media elite despise and hate anything that will give our peoples a sense of group identity and solidarity. A full knowledge of British history, of our heroes, our struggles, our ancestral heritage poses a threat to the imposition of a 'multicultural' society in Britain. Knowledge of our heritage will make us aware of what we stand to lose should we become a minority in our own homeland - the ultimate and final aim of the liberal-leftwing ruling elite.

    Help us keep the memory of our ancestors alive!

    Visit the BNP British History Month web page here

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    Britain pays £25 million in child benefit to 50,000 non residents.

    By: Tom Linden

    British taxpayers are funding child benefit payments for 37,900 children who live in Poland, Treasury figures show. The money is going to support children who have remained behind in their homeland while one or both of their parent's live and works in the UK. The cost is estimated at more than £20 million a year. The number of claims has risen by 20 per cent in the past year, despite a slowing in the overall rate of immigration from Eastern Europe.

    The figures, released to Parliament, reveal the impact of European Union rules which allow migrant workers who pay taxes in their host country to claim benefits there, even if they have left their families behind. The findings come as an ICM opinion poll for The Sunday Telegraph today shows that two thirds of voters -66 per cent- believe that the number of immigrants currently in Britain is too high.

    Poles make up the majority of 51,000 children, from more than 30,000 families, living outside the UK who are supported with child benefit payments from British taxpayers. The payouts come despite assurances given by ministers, when the decision was taken to allow citizens of new EU member states including Poland to live and work freely in the UK, that new migrants would not immediately be eligible for most benefits.

    Because British handouts are much higher than many other countries' payments particularly in Eastern Europe, where the cost of living is lower, the benefits appear huge too many migrants. In some cases the overseas claimants receive the full UK rate of benefit - £20 a week for the first child and £13.20 for others. In other cases, they receive benefit from their homeland's government plus a "top-up" payment from the UK government to raise the total to UK levels. In Poland, the equivalent of child benefit is around £5 a week or less.

    The Treasury has refused to put a figure on the total cost of supporting youngsters abroad. Even if most of the Polish claimants are not getting the full rate from Britain, the total cost of the payouts to Polish families is estimated at more than £24 million a year. Between March 2008 and October 2009 the number of children living in Poland but supported by British handouts jumped from 31,400 to 37,900.

    Children supported in other countries include 2,500 in Slovakia, 2,300 in French and 1,800 in Ireland. Only 500 received the support in Germany, and only four in Iceland. With Britain facing a debt crisis and the Government's child poverty strategy in tatters, it beggars belief that Gordon Brown is continuing to send millions of pounds of taxpayers' money to children who don't even live in this country. It's yet more evidence that he is completely out of touch with the concerns of ordinary families struggling to make ends meet in these difficult times.

    There was an outcry before about children who have never set foot in Britain getting these benefits and the reaction was that it couldn't be true, but it is true and thousands of people do it. They feel it is their right; they are taking advantage of the rules that are there. They are not doing anything illegal; this is there for the taking. If a worker from an EU country pays tax in Britain the UK takes responsibility for paying the full amount of child benefit to children they have left behind unless another parent is working and claiming in the home country. However, even if another country is paying some benefits, Britain must add extra if the child's native country's benefit rate is lower than the UK's.

    Is it April fool's day? Nope, it for real, it really is. OUR money is being given to foreign kids who do not even live here. What EU idiot thought of that one and what UK idiot backed it? I have never heard anything so daft have you; this if nothing else shows us why we must leave the craziness of the EU. Do the government not realise why most Polish workers go home after six months then return to the UK again. It is quite simple, under EU law if they are out of the UK for a minimum of 24 hrs they can then claim back all the tax they have paid.

    So remind me again where the money is coming from to pay the child benefits to these foreign kids, as it is certainly not from the taxes their parents pay is it? Of course when the National Front is elected to power this stupidity will end as imagine how many returning injured British soldiers £24m would help!

    Pip pip

    Who was it that said............ ?

    Hand in hand with such an attitude often goes a call to downplay certain particularly controversial issues. However minor are such changes, their likely result is to convince a number of ideologically motivated 'hard-liners' - in all probability just the kind of energetic and enthusiastic youngsters who are most needed - that there is no place for them in the new-look movement. If the changes do not produce the expected crop of more 'respectable' recruits, the organisation is thus left weakened. If, on the other hand, a new wave of slightly more moderate members does join up and become active, their presence will have a ratchet effect.

    When they find that they are still attacked by the media, they will look around for further changes they could make to make the organisation more acceptable. This is precisely the spiral of sickly moderation which has led one failed nationalist splinter group after another to purge itself of 'extremists', co-opt Winston Churchill as a posthumous honorary member and finally drop the inconvenient commitment to compulsory repatriation just before its last members totter off to rejoin the Tory Party.

    "The long and unbroken record of failure by all who have followed this populist road is irrefutable evidence that it is a dead end."

    Well actually it was Nick Griffin (Spearhead, February 1996)

    Pip pip

    Sunday, 1 November 2009

    Army stand guard at Harlepool Cenotaph

    POLICE have devised an innovative way to combat anti-social behaviour around a war memorial - they have drafted in the army. Youths regularly congregate the Cenotaph in Hartlepool to drink and cause a nuisance but soldiers from the Queen's Royal Lancers are spending the day teaching them to respect the memorial. The Cenotaph has been the focal point for vandalism and anti-social behaviour in the town, especially during the weekends.

    Inspector Tony Green of Hartlepool Police said: "This kind of behaviour is despicable and totally disrespectful to our war heroes. We have tried various approaches to tackling incidents from engagement to penalties, all of which work to a certain degree, but as yet have not resulted in a complete end to the damage. "We are committed to cracking down on anti-social behaviour and criminal damage around the Cenotaph and we have now decided to adopt a new and unique approach by bringing in soldiers who have firsthand experience of fighting for our country. "It's hoped that by speaking to the soldiers, the young people will learn about the difference that our war heroes make to our lives and in-turn will be inspired to think twice about their behaviour around the Cenotaph." The soldiers will be at the Cenotaph tomorrow from noon.

    Captain Christopher Kierstead, of the Queen's Royal Lancers, added: "Each name on the Cenotaph represents someone's son or daughter who has died for this country. By engaging with the young people of Hartlepool, we hope we can explain what the memorial means to us, why it is so important and why everyone should respect it. "We are delighted to be able to help the police in dealing with this problem. Our soldiers coming to Hartlepool have firsthand experience of operations and are can bring to life what this means to so many of us.

    The present generation are the first to not have a direct link to either of the First or Second World War and we can provide that link." This is the second visit the soldiers have paid to the Cenotaph in Hartlepool, the first being last weekend when they met several young people.

    How sad that British youth think it is OK to damage a memorial to those who died for OUR country. How sad that their parents and schools have not instilled any respect in these kids. WE have let these children down, all of us are guilty, but you know there is hope for them. If we as Nationalists can involve them in our work, somehow, if we can give them hope, respect and value in themselves the army will not be required to protect the cenotaph.
    British history and British values and respect for our armed forces must be part of the school curriculum, anti-social behaviour must be breed out of our kids by example.

    Some of OUR kids are wild because parents and teachers have no control over them. Bring back corporal punishment and the 3 Rs; let's get back to basics because we know they work. The National Front will not write OUR youth off as unemployable as whilst at school they will have been taught respect for their elders, parents, Teachers and society in general.

    They will also be given the skills they need to get work when they leave school, we will restart valuable apprenticeship schemes that really will lead to a job as a skilled and fully trained trades person. A Nationalist School Curriculum will be in place, however you can have such a curriculum today by removing your children from this trendy left school system and home teaching, it is totally legal and they cannot stop you doing so.

    Sorce: Tom Linden

    Pip pip

    Asda insults Hope for Heroes mum

    Mother of three Beth Hoyle claims an Asda till worker refused to serve her because she was wearing a wristband backing injured troops.

    Beth says the Asian checkout lad told her the band for "Help for Heroes" meant she supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And when she complained to a supervisor, he BACKED the Asian youth, saying he was entitled to his view.

    Beth, 40, who has two brothers in the services, said the checkout worker told her he didn't want to serve her because of "what she was wearing." Shocked Beth, of Whitworth, Greater Manchester, said that at first she thought the youth at Asda's Rochdale store meant a cross round her neck.

    "He pointed to my Help for Heroes wristband and accused me of supporting the war. I told him it was nothing to do with the war, but about supporting our injured troops. "I immediately complained to a supervisor, but he said it was his right not to serve me. I was disgusted."

    An Asda spokeswoman said they were "shocked" by the claims but had found no evidence that the incident happened in their store. She added: "We are big supporters of the Help for Heroes campaign and we sell the pin badges and wristband in hundreds of our stores."

    Well somebody - somewhere wants sacking so why not start with the bastard on the checkout and the anti-British arse tunneller of a supervisor!

    Pip pip

    Scum Desecrate War Memorial

    Communist and shameless vandals have daubed black paint across a war memorial in the Black Country, just over a week before Remembrance Sunday services to honour fallen servicemen.

    Council workers had already scrubbed one lot of the paint off the monument in Victoria Park, Tipton, but within hours the vandals had struck again, pouring the paint over every side of the monument and blocking out the inscription.

    Poppy appeal collector Malcolm Steventon was on his way to sell poppies at Co-op near to the park yesterday morning when he saw workers attempting to clean black paint off the cenotaph. As he returned home, he saw it had been attacked with black paint once more.

    Mr Steventon, aged 67, of Tipton, who served with the Territorial Army Staffs Armoury, said: “It’s heartbreaking to see it. “It’s been done twice in a day. It has happened before and now they’ve done it again. It makes you wonder what on earth is going on. “They had a really good go at it, it was completely covered, all the way round it.”

    The cenotaph is due to be the centre of a service next week on Remembrance Sunday, with people gathering from 10.45am ready for a minute’s silence at 11am. Sandwell Council has been informed, and workers will attempt to remove it in time for the service.

    It is not the first time that it has been vandalised at this time of year. Ray Brothwood, from Tipton Civic Society, said: “I remember a couple of years ago we came along on the morning for the Remembrance Service and the wreaths that people had already laid down had been thrown in the pool.

    “I had to fish them out before everyone got there and put them back so people didn’t notice what had happened, it would have been very upsetting for them.” He added: “It’s very sad. It’s pure stupidity, at this time of year it makes it even worse because they know they are going to be used for the services, that’s why they do it I suppose.”

    Source: The National Front severely condemns this act of mindless left wing vandalism against the memory of our Fall Soldiers.

    Pip pip