Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Breaking news Russia threatens USA with Nuclear attack

Russia Warning in St Petersburg against interference in third-party global conflicts, Medvedev said: “At some moment such actions, which undermine sovereignty Syria, Iran, North Korea, can end with a full-fledged regional war, or even, and I don’t want to scare anybody, the use of nuclear weapons

NATO Missile Defense Forcing Russia To Take Countermeasures.

February 2013 The lack of agreement on missile defense may negatively affect Russia-NATO cooperation in other areas, too, because Russian relations to the Western alliance rely on strategic stability, Russian Ambassador to NATO Alexander Grushko said in Brussels yesterday. As reported on Voice of Russia radio this morning, Grushko warned that if the nuclear balance is upset by the realization of NATO-supported U.S. plans for a stage-by-stage deployment of a missile defense system, this would strongly affect the entire range of cooperation in the framework of the Russia-NATO Council.

The people in power need to be stopped and now or we the people are once again going to be the ones to pay the price. We have just been warned by Russia. DO NOT ATTACK ANYMORE COUNTRIES UNWARRANTED AND LEAVE IRAN ALONE. IF NOT THERMONUCLEAR WAR WILL HAPPEN. Impeachment needs to be on the table and NOW! Followed by mass arrests within the administration and then on wall street. We need to take back our country or there will be NO FUTURE for humanity.


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