Tuesday, 30 March 2010

British troops to march in Red Square, with banners of Stalin.

Thanks to a US contact for the heads up on this shocking story he found at Powerline. I reproduce the article with comments and link to AP story in full.

Last week the British Embassy announced that British, French and American troops would march with Russian soldiers on Red Square to mark the 65th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany. The Brits said in a statement that the parade may mark the first time British troops have marched in Red Square; I believe the same observation applies to the American troops that will join the parade.

The AP helpfully explains that Victory Day is Russia's most important secular holiday. It adds that the Kremlin plans a larger parade than usual this year, with good reason. The Kremlin will be celebrating the addition of the British, French and American troops.

Given his detestation of the Brits, Barack Obama must have agonized about dispatching American troops to join them in Red Square. Nevertheless, the opportunity to march with a dictator hostile to the United States proved irresistible in the end. If only the Israelis had gotten there first, perhaps Obama would have begged off.

I'm not sure what explains the Brits' move to join the parade. Alluding to the role that circumstances played in the wartime alliance with Stalin, Churchill famously observed that If Hitler invaded hell he would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons. Circumstances do not excuse, let alone dictate, any such compliment to the Putin regime. Quite the contrary.

Kim Zigfeld writes that when she read the news, "I was ashamed to call myself an American, ashamed to admit that Barack Obama was my president." Zigfeld's commentary and indignation deserve your attention.

JOHN adds: The timing is particularly bad in that, for the first time in many years, the City of Moscow is planning on putting up posters of Stalin as part of its Victory Day celebration. So Obama will be able to honor not only the would-be dictator Putin, but the real thing.

US, British, French troops to march on Red Square

(AP) – Mar 18, 2010

MOSCOW — The British Embassy says British, French and U.S. troops will march with Russian soldiers on Red Square to mark the 65th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany.

It said in a statement Thursday that the May 9 parade will include a Royal Air Force band and a detachment of Welsh Guards.

The statement said the parade may mark the first time British troops have marched in Red Square.

The U.S. Embassy confirmed that U.S. soldiers will take part in the parade.

Victory Day is Russia's most important secular holiday. The Kremlin plans a larger parade than usual this year.

* British soldiers to march on Red Square
Times Online - Mar 18, 2010
* Moscow: British troops to march on Red Square under Stalin portrait
Daily Mail - Mar 18, 2010
* Brits invited to march in Red Square
UPI.com - Mar 19, 2010



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Monday, 29 March 2010

Moscow Metro hit by suicide bombings

At least 36 people have been killed after two female suicide bombers blew themselves up on Moscow Metro trains in the morning rush hour, officials say.

Twenty-four died in the first blast at 0756 (0356 GMT) as a train stood at the central Lubyanka station, beneath the offices of the FSB intelligence agency. About 40 minutes later, a second explosion ripped through a train at Park Kultury, leaving another 12 dead. The FSB said it was likely a group from the North Caucasus was responsible.

In February, Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov said "the zone of military operations will be extended to the territory of Russia... the war is coming to their cities". At an emergency meeting with senior officials, President Dmitry Medvedev vowed to uphold the "policy of suppressing terror and the fight against terrorism".

"We will continue operations against terrorists without compromises and to the end," he said. Federal security forces have scored a series of successes against militants in the North Caucasus in recent weeks. In February, at least 20 insurgents were killed in an operation by troops in Ingushetia.

Emergency services ministry spokeswoman Irina Andrianova said the first explosion tore through the second carriage of a train as it stood at Lubyanka at the peak of the rush hour.

Outside Lubyanka Station, traffic has been restored, but Lubyanka Square remains closed to pedestrians - there are only police, officials and journalists. The station, on both the busy Sokolnicheskaya and Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya lines, lies beneath the headquarters of the Federal Security Service (FSB).

"I was moving up on the escalator when I heard a loud bang, a blast. A door near the passage way arched, was ripped out and a cloud of dust came down on the escalator," an eyewitness named Alexei told Rossiya 24 TV channel. "People started running, panicking, falling on each other," he said.

The second blast at Park Kultury, which is six stops away from Lubyanka on the Sokolnicheskaya line, came at 0838 (0438 GMT). It struck at the back of the train as people were getting on board.

"I was in the middle of the train when somewhere in the first or second carriage there was a loud blast. I felt the vibrations reverberate through my body," one passenger told the RIA news agency. "People were yelling like hell," he said. "There was a lot of smoke and within about two minutes everything was covered in smoke." More than 70 people were injured in the two attacks, officials said.

In a meeting with President Medvedev, FSB chief Alexander Bortnikov said its investigators believed the attacks had been carried out by "terrorist groups related to the North Caucasus". "Fragments of the bodies of two female suicide bombers were found earlier at the scene of the incident. According to preliminary evaluations, these individuals were, by place of residence, linked to the North Caucasus," he said.

Citing a preliminary forensic report, Mr Bortnikov said that the devices had been made with the powerful explosive, hexogen, which is more commonly known as RDX.

The bomb that went off at Lubyanka station had an equivalent force of up to 4kg of TNT, while the bomb at Park Kultury was equivalent to 1.5-2kg of TNT, he said. The devices were filled with bolts and cut-up metal bars for shrapnel. Federal prosecutors said they had opened an investigation into "suspected acts of terrorism".

Parts of the Metro system have been closed down as a precaution, and 700 interior ministry troops have been deployed on the streets.

"The whole city is a mess, people are calling each other, the operators can't cope with such a huge number of calls at a time," said Olga, a BBC News website reader in Moscow. "Those who witnessed the tragedy can't get over the shock."

President Medvedev asked officials to increase security on the public transport system nationwide. "What was being done needs to be substantially strengthened," he said.

"[We must] look at this problem on the scale of the state, not only as it applies to a particular type of transport and a particular city."
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is visiting the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, said a crime that was "terrible in its consequences and heinous in its manner" had been committed. "I am confident that law enforcement bodies will spare no effort to track down and punish the criminals. Terrorists will be destroyed," he added.

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Europol spies on Britons..

MILLIONS of Britons face being snooped on by a new European intelligence agency which has been handed frightening powers to pry into our lives.

Europol can access personal information on anyone – including their political opinions and sexual preferences – if it suspects, rightly or wrongly, that they may be involved in any “preparatory act” which could lead to criminal activity.

The vagueness of the Hague-based force’s remit sparked furious protests yesterday with critics warning that the EU snoopers threaten our right to free speech. It is understood the agency will concentrate on anyone thought “xenophobic” or likely to commit a crime involving the environment, computers or motor vehicles.

This could include covert monitoring of people who deny the existence of climate change or speak out on controversial issue. Until January 1, Europol was a police office funded by various states to help tackle international organized crime. But it has been reborn as the official criminal intelligence-gathering arm of the EU and Brussels has vastly increased its powers.

It can now target more than simply organized crime and the burden of proof required to begin monitoring an individual has been downgraded. Europol has also been absorbed into the EU superstructure, so it will be centrally funded, sweeping away a key check on its independence.

Campaigners last night expressed concern over the vague list of “serious crimes” which the agency can help investigate, which include racism and xenophobia, environmental crime and corruption. Among personal details that can be gathered and stored are “behavioral data” including “lifestyle and routine; movements; places frequented”, tax position and profiles of DNA and voice.

Where relevant, Europol will also be able to keep data on a person’s “political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership and data concerning health or sex life”. “It doesn’t surprise me that Europol has been handed these rather frightening powers,” he said. “We now live in a pan-European state so it was to be expected that it would have a federal police force with powers over us.

“There is a real danger that opposition to EU policies could make an individual liable to arrest.

“For example, if Brussels adopts a hard-line stance on climate change, it’s conceivable that someone who broadcasts their skepticism of climate change may be accused of committing an environmental crime because they have undermined the EU’s efforts to save mankind.” The Home Office insisted the changes were in Britain’s interests.

A spokesman said: “Europol is now in a much stronger position to better support our fight against serious and organized crime and terrorism.” Living in Gordon Brown’s Big Brother state is bad enough but at least he will be kicked out in May. Europol cannot be sacked until we get out of the EU.”

Europol seems to have been given powers to hold very sensitive information on us and to investigate matters that are not even crimes in the UK. We must elect a National Front Government to protect British citizens; we must leave the EU and once again rule ourselves as well as police ourselves.

How can it be wrong to think? How can it be wrong to say NO? How can it be wrong to have a different political thought? How can these things be wrong and by wrong the EU means illegal?

Europol’s powers are in my opinion draconian and Orwellian and should be resisted by all British Free citizens. We must say enough is enough and mean it. If you do not believe what you have just read then read it again, this is all part of a ZOG controlled plan to destroy our institutions, our judicial system and centrally control us and this is only the beginning my friends.

Tom Linden (NF Press and Publicity)

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Algerian bag snatcher who has been deported twice is arrested again!

A one-man crime wave from Algeria who has twice been deported from Britain is facing jail after being arrested near one of his favourite hunting grounds. To the Home Office's huge embarrassment, prolific bag snatcher Hakim Benmakhlouf was detained by police at Heathrow Airport after slipping back into the country.

The father- of-two, who has a string of convictions for stealing from rich tourists at five- star hotels and airports, was confronted by officers after being spotted on CCTV. The UK Border Agency is to launch an inquiry into how Benmakhlouf, who has 12 aliases, was able to make a mockery of Britain's border controls yet again.

The 28-year-old, was first thrown out in July 2007 when, while serving a three-and-a-half year prison sentence for theft, he was given £3,000 by the Government to be released early and fly home to his native Algeria.But 24 hours later he returned to London on Eurostar to continue his extraordinary crime wave.Benmakhlouf was re-arrested in April 2008 and jailed for three years the following month after admitting two thefts and asking for five similar offences to be taken into consideration.But he was released last March after serving just a third of his sentence and flown home again at taxpayers' expense. And he is thought to have returned to London a few days later.Detectives are furious at how Benmakhlouf, regarded as one of London's most prolific bag snatchershas made a laughing stock of the UK Border Agency.One said: 'What's the point of deporting someone if he can come back effortlessly just a few days later? For him, deportation orders are like a revolving door.'

Benmakhlouf was cornered in a car park at Heathrow Airport last Saturday. At Uxbridge Magistrates Court on Monday he admitted assault on police, breach of a deportation order and breach of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order. He will be sentenced on April 23.

The life and crimes of Benmakhlouf were laid bare at his May 2008 sentencing. Prosecutor Helen Thomas told Southwark Crown Court in London that Benmakhloufwas a 'prolific thief '. 'The defendant targets high class hotels or airports,' she added.

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A slim 28-year- old British Asian man this week walked calmly through the crowds going about their day in a Paris suburb. But 'Tony' Raja Saeed, from Oldham, had much on his mind. His actions would determine whether his five-year-old son lived or died.

For days, Mr Saeed had been waiting nervously in the French capital to make the ransom payment that could save Sahil, who had been seized by an armed gang while the pair were visiting relatives in Pakistan two weeks ago. The gang demanded 15 million Pakistani rupees (£110,000) or the boy would be killed.

Brandishing automatic rifles and grenades, the kidnappers had tied up guests staying at the Saeed family home, a two-hour drive from Pakistan's capital, Islamabad.

But Mr. Saeed - christened 'Tony' while working in an Oldham fast-food restaurant - was not a rich man. He didn't have £10,000, let alone £110,000. And so he decided to take an astonishing gamble.

Back in the UK, Mr. Saeed was briefed by Manchester detectives specially trained in international kidnapping cases. At the same time, he continued to field calls from the kidnappers, who always spoke in Urdu, suggesting it was a local Pakistani crime gang. '

But some members of Oldham's Pakistani community were angered by requests to hand over money during an appeal to raise the ransom and now want to know where the funds they did contribute have gone.

Mr. Saeed, his critics claim, was notorious for never having money. Instead, he allegedly regularly borrowed cash from other relatives - but never repaid his debts.

Having married Akila through an arranged ceremony organized by relatives in Pakistan, Mr. Saeed came to the UK in 2003. But, despite having three children with Akila, he had recently been turned down for permanent residency in the UK.

He was carrying a rucksack containing the £110,000, in a mixture of sterling and Euro notes. It is understood that some of the money was supplied by Interpol, who were happy to use it as 'bait' in order to smash the gang. Where the rest of the funds came from is unclear.

I have also heard that Manchester Police paid some of this money and I would ask why? Is it because there is an election coming up and LIEbour want the Muslim vote?

Minister Phil Woolas, who is also the family's MP, said yesterday it was right to pay the £110,000 ransom a statement that is in apparent contrast to government policy not to negotiate with kidnappers.
So where is the police money for Paul and Rachel Chandler, the British couple kidnapped by Somali pirates from their yacht in the Indian Ocean, they said they are not being treated well and need urgent help.

Where are Manchester detectives specially trained in international kidnapping cases now? Why has a White British couple been left to rot, why is there no help for them? This is a disgrace is it not?

Tom Linden (NF Press and Publicity)

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Sunday, 21 March 2010

EU forces to invade Greece???

The European Union is often mocked as a toothless political entity that lacks any military power. There has been talk of an EU-wide army, but so far most military functions remain with individual member states.

EUROGENDFOR Internal security is a different matter. Brussels has quietly organized an outfit called EUROGENDFOR, the European Gendarmerie Force, which is designed to quell riots, uprisings, and other forms of violent internal dissent.

According to the report below, EUGENDFOR is preparing to deploy to Greece to prevent a possible descent into violent anarchy in the wake of the country’s severe economic crisis. The economic crisis and the resulting growing unrest offer the EU government in Brussels a welcome opportunity to quietly test the deployment of a ‘secret’ EU force, which was established to put down uprisings in the EU.

This secret unit is called EUROGENDFOR, has its headquarters in northern Italy, and is now preparing to leave for Greece, to be deployed against the population of an EU country.

While the Germans advise the Greeks to get up earlier and work harder, anger rises in the Greek streets. In Brussels, all preparations are being made to, for the first time, deploy the ‘secret’ EU force to crack down on uprisings. Most Europeans have never heard of this ‘secret’ unit.

Brussels’ paramilitary gendarmerie.

The staff of the European task force of 3,000 troops has its headquarters In the Italian town of Vicenza [in the “Generale Chinotto” barracks], and is called “EUROGENDFOR”.

It was initiated by the former French Defense Minister Alliot-Marie after the French had to deal more and more frequently with internal uprisings of Muslim immigrant youth with street battles and looting.

With the powers of the secret service, the equipped unit must in close cooperation with the European military guarantee the ‘security in European foci of crises’. It is its duty as a police force to crush rebellions. More and more EU countries are joining EUROGENDFOR.

Full Members: Gendarmerie — National Gendarmerie (France); Carabinieri — Carabinieri (Italy); Royal Marechaussee — Royal Marechaussee (The Netherlands); National Republican Guard — National Republican Guard (Portugal); Gendarmerie — Gendarmerie (Romania); Civil Guard — Civil Guard (Spain). Partners: Polish Military Gendarmerie — Military Gendarmerie (Poland).

The EGF HQ is now developing a comprehensive and coherent operational system, which will permit to be ready in case of prompt deployment to crisis areas.

EGF goal is to provide the International Community with a valid and operational instrument for crisis management, first and foremost at disposal of EU, but also of other International Organizations, as NATO, UN and OSCE, and ad hoc coalitions.”

Note: Turkey joins the European Gendarmerie force as Observer. “Furthermore,” EGF says it is excellently suitable for deployment parallel with or immediately after a military operation to maintain public order and safety as well as in situations where local police services are not (sufficiently) deployed.

Since January 2007, the EU has in theory always had two battlegroups on call, each comprising at least 1500 combat soldiers.”

EUROGENDFOR 4EUROGENDFOR is nothing else but a paramilitary police unit which in times of crisis can be deployed instead of the regularly army, so as not to raise the impression that an army of the country itself would fire on its own citizens. To that purpose the secret unit EUROGENDFOR exists.

The European Gendarmerie Force could theoretically be deployed anywhere the EU sees a crisis — for example, when an EU country does not ratify the Lisbon Treaty, or against the will of the central government in Brussels wants to leave the EU. It’s in the Lisbon Treaty, which regulates the deployment of EUROGENDFOR.

The cross-shaped sword in the arms of EUROGENDFOR symbolizes the unity, the bay leaf victory, and the flaming grenade the common military roots of the police unit.

The motto “Lex Paciferat” means “The law brings peace” [or “The law pacifies”] and stresses “the principle of strict relationship between the continuation of the fundamental legal principles and the restoration of a safe and secure environment”.

Deciding on the strategy of deployment is a “war council” in the form of a ministerial committee, composed of the Ministers of Defense of the participating Member States. The unit may on request, or after a decision by the EU, be deployed. In Article 4 of the establishing treaty, the duties of the unit are described as follows: “Protecting the population and property and maintaining the public order during activities of public unrest”.

During deployment, the troops of this paramilitary EU unit must indeed commit to the laws of the state in which they are stationed and deployed, but: all premises and terrain that are seized by the troops are immune even to authority of the state for which the troops operate, and not accessible.

Accordingly, the EU juggernaut also suspends national law to combat uprisings. Whether or not the citizens want that. If for no other reason than this we must leave the control of the EU Government.

I am telling you that you will soon lose the ‘right’ to protest, the right to say NO, as you face a leveled rifle held by a fellow European citizen in a foreign uniform. The National Front will never stop protesting nor saying NO so let the EU do its worst we are not worried we are British and we will fight.

Tom Linden (NF Press and Publicity)

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Thursday, 18 March 2010


A RANTING company boss has caused outrage by claiming that he would rather employ a PAEDOPHILE than one of our brave troops.

Karl Winn, 60, said he would "recruit ex-drug dealers, convicts and child molesters" instead of former servicemen or women. Winn yesterday he said he did not regret his actions - and would continue his "blanket ban" on heroes.

Forces Recruitment Services - which help find jobs for former military personnel back in "Civvy Street" - had emailed Winn inviting him to consider taking on ex-servicemen and women at the Webeurope net design company he runs in Taunton, Somerset.

Winn, a former social worker, wrote back: "Personally, I'd rather recruit ex-drug dealers, convicts and even child molesters rather than consider anybody who has been in the pay of the British Government.

"Anybody who has been in the pay of such a military force, and by their silence and complicity has condoned such illegal and immoral actions while accepting a monthly blood-stained pay-packet, certainly will not be considered for employment by us!

He said: "Ex-paedophiles and drug addicts who have been charged and paid the price for their actions deserve a chance to get on with their lives. In my opinion, military personnel who have got away with murder do not.

"I will therefore continue with my blanket ban on employing ex-military personnel. I understand this will affect innocent as well as guilty people." No wonder OUR country is in the state it is in with people like this walking around while OUR troops are fighting and dying as this object is making money hand over fist.

All OUR returning troops want is the opportunity to pay their own way with a job they can do, they do not need discrimination in any way at all. If you feel as bloody angry as I do about this lefty then you can tell him how you feel at the email addresses below as I have done.

Webeurope (Taunton) Ltd
17 Cornishway East,
Taunton, Somerset TA1 5LZ
Telephone: 01823 338888
Fax: 01823 338877

Tom Linden

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Rajinder Singh joins the BNP - 16th March 2010

(Picture reproduced with the acknowledgements to the BNP)
"Only the British National Party can save Britain from the terror of Islamist colonisation and protect the identity of the British people, said Sikh activist and the first ethnic member of the party, Rajinder Singh, today."
This was the statement of a Sikh gentleman, Rajinder Singh on receiving his 2010 membership card. The BNP have stated on their website that all media can reproduce this photograph as long as the media (which includes this website) credit them with the picture. The NF has no problem crediting the BNP with this picture. The NF disclaims having taken the picture, nor as the NF any pictures of ethnic members receiving their NF cards today - sorry if anyone is disappointed!

If the BNP wish the National Front (even though we are a proscribed organisation by the BNP) to reproduce photographs of any and all homosexual, lesbian, Jewish, freemason and mixed race members then of course as fellow patriots we would be only to happy to oblige, should they wish to send them in to prove their true principles, the NF would be more than grateful to the BNP. The NF will OF COURSE credit the BNP for these pictures. Credit where credit is due. We do hope that visitors do not read any unwarranted sarcasm into this article.

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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Blackburn primary school officially supports animal cruelty

A school in Blackburn has become the first state school in Britain to receive accreditation for serving Halal food.

Daisyfield Primary is the first non-Muslim school to get the certificate from the Halal Monitoring Committee which enforces strict checks on the killing, preparation, packaging and delivery of animals.

Halal is the ritual method of slaughter practised under Islam and it has been criticised by animal welfare organisations who claim it causes severe suffering to the animals as they are left to bleed to death without pre-stunning.

While campaigners point out that a cow will take up to two minutes to bleed to death under Halal, the Muslim Council of Britain argues that it provides a quick haemorrhage with no time for the animal to feel pain.

This claim has angered the Farm Animal Welfare Council which published a report that concluded the way Halal meat is produced causes severe suffering to animals. It responded “This is a major incision into the animal and to say that it doesn’t suffer is quite ridiculous.”

Daisyfield’s changeover to Halal has upset local residents. One told the local newspaper that the move will force children to eat Halal meat, while another said it was further proof of the Islamification of Britain.


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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Pound Could Collapse Within Weeks

Not sure I buy this but it's worth mirroring. Story is about a week old but only just starting to filter through.

Pound Could Collapse Within Weeks, Predicts Billionaire Financier Jim Rogers

Billionaire financier Jim Rogers, former George Soros partner, predicts GB Pound is on the brink of a collapse, foreshadowing a huge global economic shakedown, worse than 2008/9.

PRESS DISPENSARY - Thursday, Feb 25, 2010 - The UK Pound is on the brink of a collapse which will herald a downturn worse than 2008/9, it could well happen within weeks and the British government is powerless to prevent it. And this in turn will foreshadow a global economic winter that could come before the end of 2010 and make the last two years seem like a mild spring day.

This is the dire prediction of the legendary George Soros' former business partner, respected billionaire financier Jim Rogers, together with millionaire investment adviser and best-selling author Dr Marc Faber and the controversial millionaire trader and coach Vince Stanzione, ahead of their keynote appearances at next month's Global Trading Day seminar in Westminster.

As the UK economy stands on the brink of its much heralded double dip after a dismal January and rumblings about its credit rating, as Swiss Bank UBS speculates the risk of a run on the pound*, and as sterling hit a nine month low against the dollar on Friday, the three experts - who all have reputations for making much of their fortunes from predicting and riding economic downturns - are forecasting that a currency crash and then a full scale global "shakedown" are almost inevitable.

"The last few months have seen a 'false bounce', shorn up by massive short-term injections of government underwriting," says Rogers, "but it can't last. We've been applying temporary sticking plasters, not long-term cures. Later this year we'll see the start of the real recession, with more Lehman-scale disasters and a fallout which won't stop until the underlying malaise is genuinely cured." [....]

Full EINNews story here.

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Sunday, 7 March 2010

By their fruits ye shall know them

Northants BNP member Simon M**** has come out as saying that non whites should have been allowed into the BNP years ago. Anyone is ok by him apparently. Lets hope his daughter comes home one day with a six foot 'bassetball' player on one arm and a brown mongrel in the other. The elimination of these morons from our racial gene pool can only be fervently anticipated.

"As someone who has spent a bit of time walking the streets of Daventry as we all have we must have someone there that can continue the cause! I think the new constitution is much needed and we should have done it years ago, If you love this Nation and our heritage You are welcome to me. [...].

Thanks to Northants Patriot for kindly providing us with the quote.

Why these people even join the BNP in the first place is a mystery to me. All they have ever done is thwart every effort and sacrifice true Nationalists have ever made for decades. Why don't they piss off back to the Tory party where they belong?.

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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

News from the agricultural district.

BNP, Rob Walker and Cognitive Dissonance.

Recently Rob Walker of Wellingborough BNP launched an malicious and baseless attack against former member and candidate Dave Jones for resigning on a matter of principle and joining the National Front, part of which stated: Quote; "The Daventry Branch of the BNP could not join the NF as there is not, and never has been, a Daventry Branch of the BNP. There has never even been a Daventry group. "

Well pardon me for mentioning it but if that is the case how do we then reach the following as stated in his latest bullshit article where it says: Quote; "Mark Twain once said “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”, and so it seems this is the case of Daventry BNP, who have now launched their own website. This is despite, according to the NF website on the 14th February of the wholesale defection to the NF of Daventry BNP. Meanwhile the East Midlands NF blog has attacked me for telling the truth about the defection and in doing so have essentially confirmed the fact that I have told the truth, it is just one individual and not a ‘whole branch’ that has joined the party. "

So lets get it straight shall we. The BNP branch that, according to Rob Walker, does not exist, and the membership it does not have, have now set up their own web site called Daventry BNP??!!.


Does anyone else see the problem here?.

More evidence that the BNP are nought but a bunch of two faced liars who think we are all as dim witted as Rob Walker obviously is.

Thanks to my friend The General for the heads up on this.

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Monday, 1 March 2010

Times, they are a changing...

French national football squad in 1959

French national football squad in 2009

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