Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Why NO Bank Account is Safe (Not Just the Ones in Cyprus)

Most people don't understand the legal framework of bank deposit accounts. The banks, not you, are the legal owners of the assets in your deposit accounts, and in essence, the digital numbers that show up in your deposit account book or on the ATM machine are a liability the bank must make good on.  So what happens if the bank makes an investment with your money in some uber risky derivative product they invented and it loses your money? Automatic monetary devaluation, or theft, will occur, more commonly known in "banker speak", as inflation or quantitative easing.
The one crystal clear lesson that all people need to understand from the Cyprus debacle is that in essence, the legal framework of all bank accounts makes the cash you deposit into your bank account the equivalent of a loan to the bank. In essence, you are the lender, or creditor, to the bank, for your own money and in turn, your receive an IOU note from the bank.  This is why Chris Drake, a former BBC correspondent, retired in Cyprus, recently exclaimed,
" 'I'm furious with myself. I had somany opportunities to move my money abroad but was taken in by all the promises that any attempt to raid my savings was a red line not to be crossed. Experts said it was against the law. Now, I've lost several thousand euros. As someone who is retired, the money in my account is all I have to live on for the rest of my life. What's really upset people is that they've been lied to. They were told that their money was safe and that they shouldn't move it and then they announce this. Everyone's accounts are frozen and the ATMs have no money. Some people are struggling to get enough cash together to buy food and water...[people] just feel that they've been robbed by the Government."

This is why Nigel Farage has stated that ALL "savings held in countries where the euro is the currency are no longer safe." But Farage's statement does not apply just to EU banks, but to ALL commercial banks in all countries in the world. Why? I explain in the video below. Please click the video below and watch it so you won't be furious with yourself in a week or several months from now, for not acting right now while you still have the opportunity to do so.
In addition to your digital fiat money, holding physical gold and physical silver at a bank is also a TERRIBLE IDEA, as you are subject to bank theft as well of an infinitely even more valuable asset that actually has great intrinsic worth, unlike your digital fiat money. Consider that Dutch megabank ABM Amro just informed all their customers that hold physical gold with them that they can no longer withdraw physical gold anymore but only its equivalent fiat currency worth at the current spot price. But the whole point of holding physical gold is to store your wealth in a form of money that will not lose massive purchasing power like fiat currency. Consequently, buying physical gold at a bank and then being informed by the bank that you will only be able to redeem it in fiat currency defeats the whole point of owning physical PMs! And this is why we have been saying for seven years to never ever, under any circumstance, buy and hold physical PMs at a bank.

To watch the above video on YouTube and to gain access to all the referenced articles & links above (included in the YouTube video description beneath the video)... 
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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Breaking news Russia threatens USA with Nuclear attack

Russia Warning in St Petersburg against interference in third-party global conflicts, Medvedev said: “At some moment such actions, which undermine sovereignty Syria, Iran, North Korea, can end with a full-fledged regional war, or even, and I don’t want to scare anybody, the use of nuclear weapons

NATO Missile Defense Forcing Russia To Take Countermeasures.

February 2013 The lack of agreement on missile defense may negatively affect Russia-NATO cooperation in other areas, too, because Russian relations to the Western alliance rely on strategic stability, Russian Ambassador to NATO Alexander Grushko said in Brussels yesterday. As reported on Voice of Russia radio this morning, Grushko warned that if the nuclear balance is upset by the realization of NATO-supported U.S. plans for a stage-by-stage deployment of a missile defense system, this would strongly affect the entire range of cooperation in the framework of the Russia-NATO Council.

The people in power need to be stopped and now or we the people are once again going to be the ones to pay the price. We have just been warned by Russia. DO NOT ATTACK ANYMORE COUNTRIES UNWARRANTED AND LEAVE IRAN ALONE. IF NOT THERMONUCLEAR WAR WILL HAPPEN. Impeachment needs to be on the table and NOW! Followed by mass arrests within the administration and then on wall street. We need to take back our country or there will be NO FUTURE for humanity.


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Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Lindsay Sandiford “No, no, no!” Despair of British gran as she is sentenced to DEATH by firing squad for drug smuggling. She was arrested in May after police in Bali said they found 10.6lb of cocaine in the lining of her suitcase.

  Drug dealer Lindsay Sandiford collapsed in tears today as she was sentenced to death by firing squad for smuggling £1.6million of cocaine. The mum-of-two cried “no, no, no” after the judge read out his shock verdict.

  There were gasps in the Bali courtroom as she was sentenced after prosecutors called for the former legal secretary to be given a 15-year jail term. She will be blindfolded and tied to a pole in a jungle clearing before being shot if the execution is carried out.

  The 56-year-old housewife has 14 days to appeal against the sentence which will be carried out on an island known as “Indonesia’s Alcatraz”. She was arrested last May after police found 4.8kg of cocaine hidden in the lining of her suitcase on a flight to Indonesia from Bangkok in Thailand.


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Thursday, 20 December 2012

String her up.


Instead of dancing the Devils hornpipe at a ropes end a British woman on trial for drug trafficking in Indonesia could get away with just imprisoned for 15 years, prosecutors have told a Bali court.


The maximum penalty is death, but prosecutors requested the lesser sentence for Lindsay Sandiford, 56, after taking into account her age and her co-operation during investigations.


Her lawyers have asked for time to respond to the prosecution demand. A verdict is expected in early January after the next court hearing.


The drug dealing cow should be strung up without delay


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Monday, 17 December 2012

Murderers want your guns says Alex Jones

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Another Manchurian Candidate

The father of Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza, Peter Lanza, was the tax director for General Electric, a corporation that paid -0- taxes on 14.2 billion dollars in profits last year. According to Fabian4Liberty, Peter Lanza was scheduled to testify in the ongoing global LIBOR scandal. In what could only be described an amazing coincidence, the father of Colorado Batman shooter James Holmes, Robert Holmes, was also a LIBOR witness in his position with FICO. According to the link at FICO, Robert Holmes was a ‘Fraud Scientist’.
Lanza's father is Jewish Sicilian.

.... and of course as Obama oozes nauseating platitudes and national leaders and heads of state wail condolences, and amid the screams for yet more gun control, the US aided by those nations continues to murder children by the hundreds in the Middle East at the behest of Israel which in turn tortures, maims and kills Palestinian kids on a daily basis in Gaza. To complete silence for the aforesaid.

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Friday, 23 November 2012

Kissinger: "If You Can't Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf"

NEW YORK - USA - In a remarkable admission by former Nixon era Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, reveals what is happening at the moment in the world and particularly the Middle East.

Speaking from his luxurious Manhattan apartment, the elder statesman, who will be 89 in May, is all too forward with his analysis of the current situation in the world forum of Geo-politics and economics.

"The United States is baiting China and Russia, and the final nail in the coffin will be Iran, which is, of course, the main target of Israel. We have allowed China to increase their military strength and Russia to recover from Sovietization, to give them a false sense of bravado, this will create an all together faster demise for them. We're like the sharp shooter daring the noob to pick up the gun, and when they try, it's bang bang. The coming war will will be so severe that only one superpower can win, and that's us folks. This is why the EU is in such a hurry to form a complete superstate because they know what is coming, and to survive, Europe will have to be one whole cohesive state. Their urgency tells me that they know full well that the big showdown is upon us. O how I have dreamed of this delightful moment."

"Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people."

Mr Kissinger then added: "If you are an ordinary person, then you can prepare yourself for war by moving to the countryside and building a farm, but you must take guns with you, as the hordes of starving will be roaming. Also, even though the elite will have their safe havens and specialist shelters, they must be just as careful during the war as the ordinary civilians, because their shelters can still be compromised."

After pausing for a few minutes to collect his thoughts, Mr Kissinger, carried on: "We told the military that we would have to take over seven Middle Eastern countries for their resources and they have nearly completed their job. We all know what I think of the military, but I have to say they have obeyed orders superfluously this time. It is just that last stepping stone, i.e. Iran which will really tip the balance. How long can China and Russia stand by and watch America clean up? The great Russian bear and Chinese sickle will be roused from their slumber and this is when Israel will have to fight with all its might and weapons to kill as many Arabs as it can. Hopefully if all goes well, half the Middle East will be Israeli. Our young have been trained well for the last decade or so on combat console games, it was interesting to see the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 game, which mirrors exactly what is to come in the near future with its predictive programming. Our young, in the US and West, are prepared because they have been programmed to be good soldiers, cannon fodder, and when they will be ordered to go out into the streets and fight those crazy Chins and Russkies, they will obey their orders. Out of the ashes we shall build a new society, a new world order; there will only be one superpower left, and that one will be the global government that wins. Don't forget, the United States, has the best weapons, we have stuff that no other nation has, and we will introduce those weapons to the world when the time is right."

End of interview. Our reporter is ushered out of the room by Kissinger's minder.


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Sunday, 16 September 2012

News from the agricultural district

Is this the first BNP Mayor?.

My good friend The General conveys news from the agricultural district concerning "Independent" town councilor and Mayor Mr Ron Fox seen in the multi-cultural setting above.

What is perhaps not known or understood by Mr Fox colleagues and fellow councilors is the fact that Ron was a regular attendee at Daventry BNP meetings which took place at the Daventry Ex-servicemen's club between 2008 and 2010, and that it was at one such meeting that Ron Fox was told about the opportunity of being co-opted onto Daventry town council since all attempts to recruit candidates to sit on the council at that time had failed. Hence this would be a golden opportunity to get a BNP town councilor installed. Not one to miss such an opportunity Ron Fox then promptly got himself co-opted onto the town council. Not as a BNP councilor but as an "Independent".

Pass it on.......

Update: My friend The General has contacted, or should that be? attempted to contact Daventry Town Council with regard to this story and thus far, three months on, there has been no response whatsoever.

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Friday, 31 August 2012

Sarkozy Calls For WHITE GENOCIDE!

Through their forcing of immigration, integration and assimilation into all white countries, and only white countries, they have shown their intent to destroy the white race in whole. They are deliberately inflicting on the white race conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole.

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Roger Hayes Arrested, Tried In Secret Court, Imprisoned

At 0930 yesterday 03/07/2012, in scenes reminiscent of Stasi East Germany, 2 police cars and 4 policemen from Merseyside Police arrested British Constitution Group Chairman Roger Hayes at his Wirral home and drove away.

Roger Hayes

The first his family heard of him was at 18:30 this evening via a telephone call from a Warder in Liverpool prison, to say that Roger had been tried and sentenced to prison.

At no time were the family or any other members of the public informed of his arrest, and it is understood that he was tried in a secret court without a Jury.

Denied the right to argue his case, denied the right to a Jury, denied the right for the public to see justice being done, Roger was imprisoned in the secretive gulag system that Britain has become in 2012.

Roger's "crime" is that he has been refusing to pay his Council tax, because along with other state taxes, a proportion of the tax revenue gathered is being sent to the European Union, used to fund unlawful wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, and promote terrorism right around the world. To pay tax under these circumstances is, at the very least, unlawful under Section 15(3) of the Terrorism Act 2000.

As such the present government of UK in Westminster is complicit to terrorist action and war crimes and therefore the payment of taxes to an unlawful, criminal regime is itself a criminal act - one in which Roger refused to participate.

The state has never forgiven him for the arrest of Judge Peake at Birkenhead court as part of this campaign.

In addition to his stance on taxes for unlawful purposes, Roger has also been campaigning for the Lawful Bank - a monetary initiative in which money can be issued to the public as credit, rather than as crippling debt under the existing corrupt and fraudulent International Monetary System.

As Chairman of the British Constitution Group, Roger Hayes has been an outspoken public speaker warning the British public that their rights and freedoms under Common Law and the Constitution are being stripped away and replaced by a dictatorship of secret courts operating under Administrative and Statute Law.

There is no doubt that his success in alerting ever more people to the dangers of the British / EU dictatorship being built by a criminal element now masquerading as British politicians, has caused the state to imprison Roger. His challenge to the fraudulent banking system, as evidenced by the criminal acts of Barclays bank and todays resignation by arch Bilderberger and BBC adviser Marcus Agius, will also have made Roger enemies within Britain's wide criminal banking cabal.

Roger's family is shocked both at his arrest, and at the realization that Britain is now sliding into a police state, where husbands, fathers and other good people can be lifted off the streets and imprisoned. There is now no doubt that Britain is further under the control of domestic terrorists in Westminster.

We ask that all those who value their freedoms and liberty call Merseyside Police for further information and an explanation of their actions, and also call Liverpool prison to establish Roger's physical safety and well-being.

Merseyside Police Tel: 101 local or +44 (0)151 709 6010 in UK.
Liverpool Prison Tel: +44 (0)151 530 4000

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says Jew

The EU should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states, the UN's special representative for migration has said.

The Jew Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.

He also suggested the UK government's immigration policy had no basis in international law.

He was being quizzed by the Lords EU home affairs sub-committee which is investigating global migration.

The Jew Sutherland, who is non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former chairman of oil giant BP, heads the Global Forum on Migration and Development, which brings together representatives of 160 nations to share policy ideas.

He told the House of Lords committee migration was a "crucial dynamic for economic growth" in some EU nations "however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states".

Source BBC News.

Sutherland, Peter D. Chairman, BP plc and Chairman, Goldman Sachs International (Jewish, Zionist,Trilateral Commission)

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Fox News Bows to Pressure

As if FOX was not already cowering to the President. In response to Obama's complaint that FOX News doesn't show enough Black and Hispanic people on their network, FOX has announced that they will now air "America's Most Wanted" TWICE NIGHTLY. :)

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

TPB gets censored in the UK

Official Statement from The Pirate Bay. 1st May 2012

The Western countries of the world all complain about the censorship in Iran, China, Saudi Arabia and so on. But they are really the worst culprits themselves, having double morals in doing an even worse thing themselves.

Today news was out that the UK high court has decided that TPB is "massively infringing on copyright". The facts that no copyright is being infringed upon here at the site was not a welcome fact, so that was ignored apparently.

Noone from TPB was invited to the court case, which would be normal to do in a democracy. This is not the first time this happens, it's been the same in most countries we're censored in. We have no right to speak since we're not rich.

Five ISPs got sued by the record companies to force them to block us. This is particularily interesting since music released and promoted exclusively here on TPB is currently in the brittish top charts. We are simply competitors that they just managed to squeeze out of their market, in a maffiesque way.

As usual there are easy ways to circumvent the block. Use a VPN service to be anonymous and get an uncensored internet access, you should do this anyhow. Or use TOR, I2P or some other darknet with access to the internets. Change your DNS settings with OpenDNS. Or use googles DNS servers... we could go on...

But don't forget that we can't allow this shit to happen. Next time they're coming for something else. And yes, there will be a next time if we don't stop them. Write to your ISP and tell them to appeal the case. Write to your local MPs and tell them that this is not allowed. Make sure your voice is heard. Remember, we're all the pirate bay, and we must stand united against the censorship from our opponents!


Follow The Pirate Bay on Facebook..

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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Threat to "Drown Moscow in Blood" if Muslims not Allowed to Impose Sharia

In an interview with the REN TV channel, the Muslim lawyer Daguir Khassavov has demanded the introduction of Sharia in Russia.

"We consider this to be our home. Perhaps it's you who are the foreigners. We are in our own home and we are going to institute the rules that suit us, whether you like it or not. Any attempt to prevent it will result in a bloody response ... We will drown Moscow in blood," declared the lawyer.

"We are going to extent our network (…). We will start with Russia, then move on to Asia, absorbing the entire Arab world in the end. The Muslims of the world must unite. They must create a single system. Russia must offer us this possibility," he continued.


Found at:

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The Fate of German Civilians under Allied Occupation, 1944-1950

More than 9 million Germans died as a result of deliberate Allied starvation and expulsion policies after World War II—one quarter of the country was annexed, and about 15 million people expelled in the largest act of ethnic cleansing the world has ever known. Over 2 million of these alone, including countless children, died on the road or in concentration camps in Poland and elsewhere. That these deaths occurred at all is still being denied by Western governments.

At the same time, Herbert Hoover and Canadian Prime Minister MacKenzie King created the largest charity in history, a food-aid program that saved an estimated 800 million lives during three years of global struggle against post–World War II famine—a program they had to struggle for years to make accessible to the German people, who had been excluded from it as a matter of official Allied policy.

Never before had such revenge been known. Never before had such compassion been shown. The first English-speaking writer to gain access to the newly opened KGB archives in Moscow and to recently declassified information from the renowned Hoover Institution in California, James Bacque tells the extraordinary story of what happened to these people and why.

Revised and updated for this new edition, bestseller Crimes and Mercies was first published by Little, Brown in the U.K. in 1997.

Eyewitness testimony to the suffering of Germans after World War II

Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians under Allied Occupation, 1944-1950 By James Bacque ISBN 13: 9780889225671 | ISBN 10: 889225672

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Monday, 12 March 2012

NF to contest London Mayoral election in May

With about as much chance of wining as they have of pushing butter up a porcupines arse with a red hot needle, the National Front has announced at it's (long overdue) re-vamped web site that it is to contest the London Mayoral elections in May 2012.

Not content with simply embarking upon this futile exercise, the NF has launched an appeal to raise £10,000 to finance the campaign. What a complete and utter waste of time and members money. Surely Ian Edwards et al can come up with better ways to use that kind of money than contest a hopeless election for London Mayor. Or perhaps not.

I'm glad I didn't renew my NF membership this time.

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Saturday, 10 March 2012

News from the agricultural district

My good friend The General conveys news from the agricultural district of a total bell end from the EDL who appeared at Northampton magistrates court accused of racial abuse and singing EDL songs, whatever the hell they are. Not content with making a complete twat of himself in public, becoming violent with the Police, he then went on to abuse court officials at his plea hearing. Nothing quite like doing the work of the enemy for them by living up to their every word. But then we are talking about the EDL.

These morons set the cause of nationalism back years every time they open their mouths. If the EDL is not a state set up organization designed to attract people like this to bring discredit upon all of us, I'll eat my titfer.

One can only hope he gets Peter'd up with a big black bloke and comes home with an arse hole like a clowns pocket for acting like such a total wanker.

But there is a darker side to all this. It now looks as if the Police trawl Facebook for you to see what you're up to when they lift you and then use your comments and postings to convict you. Beware Facebook nationalists......... beware.

A MEMBER of the English Defence League (EDL) has appeared in court charged with making religiously-aggravated threats to a Muslim taxi driver.

Charles Dickie, aged 23, of Tennyson Road, in Daventry, appeared before Northampton Magistrates’ Court yesterday (Monday) where he denied making religiously or racially motivated verbal threats to the driver during an altercation in the town on Friday afternoon.

Dickie, who is believed to be a prominent local member of the EDL, pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis and to smashing a police phone while in custody. The court was told Dickie was wearing an EDL T-shirt while walking along Brook Street, in Daventry, on Friday afternoon, and began pointing to emblems on the front and back of his T-shirt as he approached the Asian taxi driver.

He is accused of telling the taxi driver he was “not welcome here” before allegedly launching a tirade of abuse at him, including expletives and racist terms.

The court heard that after being arrested, Dickie then sang EDL songs while being driven to the police station. It was claimed he told police he “would be at the top one day” and warned “there better be lots of them as there will be 5,000 of me”. Police made a formal objection to a bail application after Dickie continued to make veiled threats during his time in custody over the weekend, it was said.

Officers also presented evidence of a number of anti-Muslim posts left on Dickie’s Facebook page, along with lyrics to EDL songs and other abuse posted in messages.

District Judge Tim Daber rejected his application for bail and decided to remand him in custody before trial. He said: “If we were to release you on bail I believe there would be a substantial risk that you would re-offend. For that reason I remand you in custody.”

He fined Dickie £70 for each of the other offences but waived the fines in lieu of the time he spent in police custody. Dickie then swore at the district judge and police officers watching as he was taken away in handcuffs.

He will now stand trial later this month.............. He denies the charge.

News article.

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