Thursday, 28 February 2008

Brilliant !!..

Prince Harry fighting Taleban.

Now all those leftist liberal arse tunnellers that slander our Royal family can truly go and fuck themselves.

There can be NO finer example to our nation or our young people than the heir to the throne of Great Britain, our future King, fighting on the front line. Prince Harry has been fighting the Taleban on the front line in Afghanistan continuing the historic tradition of his royal forebears. No matter the rights and wrongs of this conflict this young man is serving in his Nations armed forces, which is more than the socialist filth that infest this country would ever be prepared or have the guts to do. Harry, 23, who is third in line to the throne, has spent the last 10 weeks serving in Helmand Province.

Seem's the establishment is exceeding pissed that the secrecy surrounding Prince Harry's deployment to Afghanistan has been blown. Didn't matter when Andy went to the South Atlantic when the only thing that blew up his chopper was Fergie. No secrecy about that was there?. Prince Harry wanted active duty, he wanted to do his bit. Wouldn't blame the lad at all if he joined the ever increasing number of gallant officers and men who've told 'em to shove it.

Did he not swear the same attestation as did we all:

I swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, her heirs and successors and that I will as in duty bound honestly and faithfully defend Her Majesty, her heirs and successors in person, crown and dignity against all enemies and will observe and obey all orders of Her Majesty, her heirs and successors and of the generals and officers set over me.

We still salute your Sir.

More details here..

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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Race Riots in Dewsbury

War on the streets !!.

A MAJOR police alert was sparked after up to 40 Hungarian and Pakistani yobs brandishing machetes and knives clashed in Ravensthorpe.

Tensions boiled over in the multi-racial community on Tuesday night amid claims that an Asian girl was “touched” by the Hungarians. The rival gangs clashed in Spen Valley Road and one resident said: “The Hungarians just decided to go to war.”

A 36-year-old man from Ravensthorpe and a 39-year-old from Huddersfield suffered slight head injuries and a number of weapons were recovered by police. Police described the disturbance as “an isolated incident” but patrols have been stepped up to reassure local people.

Tuesday’s disturbances mirrored what happened last summer when Iraqis and Pakistani youths clashed in Ravensthorpe and Savile Town.

Locals said the trouble then was caused by Asian girls being pestered for sex by the Iraqi Kurds. During a week of tensions, riot police were called to deal with running battles between rival gangs armed with baseball bats and other weapons. One man, a Kurd, was badly beaten and suffered head injuries.

This week’s disturbance has led to fears that violence may escalate again and Coun Khizar Iqbal, in charge of community safety at Kirklees Council, said: “This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated and I will be talking to the police to make sure there is no repeat of what happened last year.”

Coun Iqbal (Con, Dewsbury South) said that the make-up of the Ravensthorpe community may need to be looked at. (Fuckin right Iqbal )

“We have different groups of people coming into Ravensthorpe and the dispersal scheme is run by national government, not local councils. “This is a sensitive issue but we often don’t know who is coming in and from where but it can disrupt settled communities. However we cannot tolerate this kind of aggravation.”

Full story a top link.

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Monday, 25 February 2008

Killers allowed to continue roaming our streets

A Ministry of Justice survey has found that 60 of 455 defendants charged with murder were released on bail.

The figure was disclosed in response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act. It follows the outcry over ex-policeman Gary Weddell, a suspected murderer who allegedly killed again while on bail.

The Conservatives are calling for tougher bail guidelines, but the government says these decisions must rest with the courts. Only six out of 41 people charged with manslaughter were held in custody, the snapshot survey also showed. The figures revealed the position, according to the Crown Court Electronic Records System, on 31 January.

The issue was highlighted last year, when former police inspector Mr Weddell is believed to have shot his mother in law before killing himself while on bail charged with murdering his wife.

Shadow Justice Secretary Nick Herbert said tougher bail laws were needed to "ensure that public safety comes first". "After Gary Weddell murdered his mother-in-law while out on bail, the government claimed that it was unusual for bail to be granted to murder suspects," he said.

"Now we discover the disturbing truth that a large number of people charged with murder were in fact free on bail at that time." A Ministry of Justice said it was up to the courts to consider each case separately.

He said bail was typically subject to "rigorous" conditions, such as curfews, and added that not all of the suspects would necessarily have ended up facing trial for murder or manslaughter.

Source article..

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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Another brave British soldier sacrificed to global zionism

It is with great sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of Corporal Damian Mulvihill of 40 Commando Royal Marines yesterday, Wednesday 20 February 2008, in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Shortly before 1215 hrs local time Corporal Mulvihill was taking part in a joint ISAF – ANA patrol engaged in operations near Sangin. The marines of Alpha Company were conducting a clearance patrol to deter Taliban intimidation of local Afghans. It was during this action that an Improvised Explosive Device was detonated, which sadly killed Corporal Mulvihill instantly. He died leading his section and the Company from the front.

"As a marine, he epitomised the Commando spirit. A courageous and selfless comrade, his cheerfulness in adversity could be guaranteed, and he always demonstrated the very highest standards of professional competence in everything that he undertook." Quote: Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Birrell Royal Marines.

'Dee' took part in numerous deployments around the world as well as taking part in OP PALLISER and OP SILKMAN in Sierra Leone and OP BANNER in Northern Ireland. 'Dee' was a giant of a man who impressed all who met him. Ever cheerful, he would never allow problems to get him down. He always had a friendly word for anyone he met and his fantastic personality filled any room he walked into. He was an excellent listener and would always make time for others.

'Dee' loved his boxing and rugby and represented the Royal Marines at rugby union. He was also a keen water polo player and represented the Royal Navy and the Combined Services team at the sport. 'Dee' was a true character who will be fondly remembered by all who had the privilege to serve with him. Humorous, caring and a true friend, he will be sadly missed by all his comrades in 40 Commando Royal Marines and the wider Corps family.

'Dee' leaves behind a loving fiancée and family of whom he talked about to anybody and everybody. He and his fiancée Lisa were planning to get married in the near future, and our deepest sympathies are extended to Lisa, his parents and all family and friends.

Damian's family and fiancée have asked for the following statement to be released on their behalf:

"He was so loved by the whole family, he never had a bad word to say about anyone and always looked for the good in people. He was a son, a brother and uncle in a million, and a soul-mate to Lisa, and we will all miss him forever. From Mum, Dad, Claire, Sam, and Lisa."


But we couldn't give a shit.....

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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Australia Calling

Reported by Derrick MacThomas


Media surveys have found that the majority of Australians oppose Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's apology to the so-called 'stolen generation' of Aborigines.

The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

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The Sad State of our Yoof II

I recently received an email from an old mate concerning a new craze in his area known a Roof Hopping.
Apparently the local chav inbreeds commit criminal trespass by climbing onto the roofs of factories and industrial units unhindered and unchallenged by the local Bill and then try to jump from building to building. What the point of this Neanderthal behaviour is I can't quite grasp but more astonishing is the fact that we are not talking about little kids, we are referring to what are, or should be to all intents and purposes, young adults in their mid to late teens and who should really know better and should have outgrown this kind of childlike idiocy.

Anyway one cunt happily went through an asbestos roof and fell to his timely death ridding the world of his worthless presence. However it now appears that his family and friends are up in arms because the local authority has refused them permission to put up a memorial to this fucknut so they have lodged a complaint. What they should all get is Euthanasia.

More on this story here..

A whole raft of links pertaining to this one example of congenital stupidity here..

Honestly you couldn't make this up.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2008



And Yahweh said “Bring back My glory, Bring back My
glory that your nation may once more walk in the glory
of it's destiny and my people may show forth My glory
and walk no more in rebellion and judgement but turn from
their wicked ways and humble themselves and seek my face".

And lo' I saw it written.
“Create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right
spirit within me”.
And as the people started to seek the face of Yahweh I
saw the word ‘COURAGE’ and I knew that Great Britain
had been endowed from the beginning of time with the
mantle ‘COURAGE’ and Yahweh called her name ‘LIONHEART’.

An abridged extract from The Coming Shepherd King

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And so it begins.......

Kosovo Serbs burn border points

Serbs set fire to UN and police vehicles at Jarinje

Kosovo Serbs have set fire to two border crossings to protest against Kosovo's declaration of independence.
The attacks took place at the northern Jarinje and Banja crossings, manned by United Nations and Kosovo police.

In response, Nato-led peacekeepers were deployed at the crossings. There have been no reports of any injuries so far. This is the most serious incident since Kosovo declared independence from Serbia on Sunday, the BBC's Nick Thorpe in Kosovo says. Belgrade has said Kosovo's declaration violates international law.

Russia has warned that the move endangers international stability, while China has expressed its deep concern. The UN Security Council is divided over how to respond to Kosovo's move, and it has failed to agree on any action. Some 1,000 Kosovo Serbs attacked and set fire to the border crossing at Banja, on the main road between Kosovo's divided town of Mitrovica and Montenegro.

Earlier on Tuesday, Russia warned the US that Kosovo's declaration of independence endangered international stability. On Monday Kosovo's declaration drew protests in Belgrade and parts of Kosovo.

Moscow said the comments were made by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during a telephone conversation with his US counterpart Condoleezza Rice. "We confirmed our principled position on the unacceptability of unilateral actions by Pristina declaring its independence," the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement, following talks between Mr Lavrov and Ms Rice.

"We underlined the dangerous consequences of such a step, which threatens the destruction of world order and international stability which have developed over decades," the statement said. All 27 EU foreign ministers agreed to leave recognition up to each member state.

Spain and several other member states have withheld recognition because of concerns about separatist movements within their own borders.

Full Story..

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Craven cowardice of the British Establishment.

An Israeli general wanted for alleged war crimes escaped arrest in the UK because British police feared an armed confrontation at Heathrow airport.

Doron Almog

Documents seen by BBC News reveal how Major General Doron Almog managed to fly back to Israel when police failed to board his plane in September 2005. He stayed on board for two hours after a tip-off that he was facing detention. Police were concerned about a potential clash with Israeli air marshals or armed personal security on the plane.

Maj Gen Almog had flown to the UK for social and charitable visits to Jewish communities in Solihull, in the West Midlands, and Manchester. Lawyers acting for Palestinian campaigners lobbied the Metropolitan Police to act over allegations he had ordered the destruction in 2002 of more than 50 Palestinian homes in the Gaza Strip.

Campaigners say the homes were destroyed by the Israeli army as retribution for a Palestinian militant attack, in contravention of the laws of war protecting civilian property. Israel says destruction of Palestinian houses is among the necessary measures it takes to protect its citizens.

The Met initially refused to get involved, citing massive pressures on counter-terrorism teams in the wake of the London bombings. But the legal representatives successfully applied to a judge for an arrest warrant for a private prosecution.

When Maj Gen Almog arrived back in Israel, the planned arrest caused a minor diplomatic storm, with Israeli foreign minister Silvan Shalom describing the incident as an "outrage". In turn, the then UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw apologised to his counterpart for any embarrassment caused. Hickman and Rose, lawyers for the Palestinians, demanded an inquiry.

A spokesman for the Independent Police Complaints Commission said its review had not identified the source who leaked details of the planned arrest. It also concluded police had not broken rules by failing to board the aircraft to execute the warrant.

John O' Connor, a former head of Scotland Yard's flying squad, told BBC One's Breakfast programme: "All they needed to do was to stop the plane from taking off and negotiate through the Foreign Office." He said he felt the arrest had been "written off", putting "British justice is in the dock."

Full story here..

These are the people you think are here to protect you and safeguard your interests. Think again.
Had this been anyone but an Israeli he would have been slotted in the departure lounge. Ask Jean Charles De Menezes.

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Monday, 18 February 2008

Meet Achmed the Dead Terrorist...

This is hilariously funny, download it, save it, watch it before it's lost.

Please drop by Robbert Baggs excellent blog where I found this gem..

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Sunday, 17 February 2008

Kosovo declares independence

PRISTINA, Serbia (Reuters) - Kosovo declared independence from Serbia on Sunday, ending a long chapter in the bloody break-up of Yugoslavia.

Serbia responded immediately by calling its mainly Albanian breakaway province a false state and condemning the United States for supporting it.

The proclamation was made by leaders of Kosovo’s 90 percent ethnic Albanian majority, including former guerrillas who fought for independence in a 1998-99 war which claimed about 10,000 civilian lives.

“We, the leaders of our people, democratically elected, through this declaration proclaim Kosovo an independent and sovereign state,” said the text read out in parliament by Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci. “This declaration reflects the will of the people.” All 109 deputies present at the session in the capital Pristina voted in favour with a show of hands. Eleven deputies from ethnic minorities, including Serbs, were absent.

Kosovo is “an independent, sovereign and democratic state”, parliament speaker Jakup Krasniqi announced after the vote. Jubilant Kosovans in the snow-covered city had begun celebrating the night before in advance. But in Belgrade, Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica branded the southern region “a false state” in a televised address to his nation just minutes after the vote in Pristina.

He said Kosovo was propped up unlawfully by the United States which was “ready to violate the international order for its own military interests”. Serbs vow never to give up the territory, in which their history goes back 1,000 years, but which has been a ward of the United Nations for nearly nine years. They can do little to stop it, but their one big-power ally Russia stood by them. Russia said it was calling for U.N. Security Council consultations over the independence declaration.

The West supports the demand of Kosovo’s 2 million ethnic Albanians for their own state, nine years after NATO went to war to save them from Serbian forces. Kosovo will be the sixth state carved from the former Serbian-dominated Yugoslav federation since 1991, after Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Montenegro.

It will be the world’s 193rd independent country but Serbia says it will never win a seat at the United Nations.
Serbs in the north of Kosovo will reject independence, cementing an ethnic partition that will weigh on the new state for years to come. Fewer than half of Kosovo’s 120,000 remaining Serbs live in the north, while the rest are in scattered enclaves protected by NATO peacekeepers.

The United States and most EU members are expected to quickly recognise Kosovo, despite failing to win United Nations Security Council approval — blocked by Russia last year. The EU will also send a supervisory mission to take over from the current U.N. authorities.

Thaci sought to reassure Serbs, saying “Kosovo is the homeland of all its citizens”. He said Kosovo was committed to a Western-backed plan for independence, supervised by the European Union and providing guarantees for the Serb minority. The EU, which on Saturday endorsed a police mission to Kosovo, will meet on Monday to discuss the secession. The United States and most EU members are expected to quickly recognise Kosovo, despite failing to win a new Security Council resolution sanctioning the move.

Snow blanketed Pristina after a night of early celebration with thousands of Albanians pouring into the streets ahead of schedule. Banners proclaimed “Happy Independence”. “Today, a new life begins. The past should not be forgotten, but it belongs to the past, and should be forgiven,” the Kosovo daily Koha Ditore wrote.

“This is the happiest day,” said Tahir Bajrami, an elderly Kosovo Albanian who flew from New York to join the celebrations. “We were prisoners, but this marks a new beginning.”

(Writing by Douglas Hamilton; editing by Richard Meares)

Watch this space.............

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Is it today Lord?..

Is it today Lord?. The title of the old Strawbs song from Grave New World echoes in my thoughts just about every morning when I wake up. Is it today Lord when the proverbial straw that breaks the Camels back is laid upon the long suffering people of this once great nation and it all finally kicks off when the filth that are dragging us into the abyss are sent packing and the arse tunnellers that have brought us to this situation are held to account.

When I read of yet another example such as this I know that day cannot be far off....but then again..

“Up to 1,500 Iraqis are to be airlifted to Britain after ministers agreed to grant sanctuary to the interpreters who worked for our forces. In a multi-million pound operation starting in April, the translators and their families will be flown here in groups of 100 every fortnight until the autumn. They will then go to a hotel west of London for a few days before being resettled in two northern cities. There they will receive free housing and benefits to help them start their new lives. It is understood officials are liasing with the police about possible “community tensions” caused by the mass arrival of so many Iraqis. There are said to be concerns about the background of a number of family members due to come here under the resettlement scheme.”

Why is it necessary to relocate them to Britain? Why can’t they be relocated in an Islamic country such as Kuwait or Saudi Arabia - one supportive of the invasion of Iraq? Which two lucky northern cities have been earmarked to receive them and, as we are to pick up the bill, aren’t we entitled to have answers to these questions?

And isn’t it true that the vast majority of these people are not Anglophiles - merely unemployed Iraqi opportunists, who in the immediate aftermath of the war offered their linguistic skills to the winning side in return for remuneration?

All this, of course, is down to Labour lies and meddling in world affairs that have nothing to do with the interests of our country! The Daily Mail report may be read: HERE

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Friday, 15 February 2008

Two young cousins found hanged. Guess Where..

Two young cousins from Bridgend have been found hanged within hours of each other, it has been confirmed. Nathaniel Pritchard, 15, died in hospital after "harming himself".

Kelly Stephenson, 20, who had been told her cousin was in a serious condition, was found hanged while on holiday in Kent. Police said it was too early to say how the deaths were linked.

It brings the number of apparent suicides among young people in the Bridgend area to 16 in the past year.

Bridgend AM Carwyn Jones said: "It's important to understand that there is no link between the recent suicides in Bridgend, and each new death needs to be investigated individually. "Obviously, I pass my sympathy to the families of Nathaniel Pritchard and Kelly Stephenson on their double loss."

South Wales Police are reviewing suicides among young people in the Bridgend area over the last year. A taskforce is also examining suicides in the county since 2004. (I have been told it is the teen suicide capital of Britain).

This place is seriously fucked up if you ask me. Sinister just 'aint the word for it. But then if you look at the fuckwits running the place and the shenanigans going on such as the story below regarding the Orificers of South Wales Police is it any wonder...

This country is mortally sick and although it may sound tactless and even callous in this thread to suggest it given the subject matter, it is my belief that figuratively speaking, only death and rebirth can salvage this once great nation now.

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COP a load of this.....

The colourful fag flag shown in the above image was recently spotted flying on the fagpole flagpole outside Bridgend police station in South Wales by an BNP member. Can anyone identify what fag flag it is because folks are having a little difficulty in identifying it?.

Inspector Arse Tunneller was unavailable for comment despite people trying to 'Ring him up' about it. In fact one bloke said he had been trying to 'Ring him up' all day but he was having no luck, despite another saying that he and the Inspector had been 'Ringing each other up' for years with no problem at all..

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Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day..

Corporal Carly Hudson, aged 27 from Birkenhead, and currently deployed to Afghanistan with 4 Regiment Royal Artillery sends Valentine greetings to Steve Tee.

Corrr. Who's a Lucky, Lucky boy then........

And of course..........

To Babs. I love you and miss you (And that's all I'm going to say in public!)
Brig Julian Free, Commander 4 Mech Bde

To my gorgeous girlfriend Nicola, thank you for a wonderful 10 months. Sorry I'm not there on St Valentine's Day, see you in March
CPO WEM(O) Pony Moore, HQ MND(SE)

Princess Ffion, Wish I was there with you. Love and miss you all the world. Love you always, love Mammy xxx
Sgt Kelly Burgess RLC, HQ MND(SE)

To my darling Tara, sorry I cannot be there on St Valentine's Day – hopefully you have received my present. See you in March. Love Woody x
Capt Tom Wood, HQ MND(SE)

Roses are red, violets are blue. I miss my EVO more than you – NOT! Love you babes, Tony x
SSgt Tony Hunter, HQ MND(SE)

To Barbie, Happy Valentine's Day. Miss and love you loads. Neil Carter x
Cpl Neil Carter RAF, HQ MND(SE)

To my wonderful wife and angel, Louise. Although we have only been married for 10 months, they have been the best months of my life. Thank you for all the parcels and I appreciate everything that you are doing for me. You are my life. Lots of love, always and forever. Your besotted husband. Gordon xx
SSgt Gordon Alexander, HQ MND(SE)

To Zorina in Munster, Germany (1 CS Med Regt). I love and miss you all loads and am looking forward to R&R xxx
Capt Ian Razzell, UK Med Gp

To Sarah Brooke of Sheffield, Happy Valentine's Day babe. Not long now til I am back, can't wait to see you. Loving you heaps and looking forward to our wedding after I get back from Iraq. All my love. JB xxxx
Capt Jon Gilbody, 1 LANCS

To Stephanie Hill of Bonny Rigg, Midlothian. I'm missing you loads and can't wait to see you. Happy Valentine's Day. Sorry I can't be there. Loving you always. Iain xxx
Pte Iain Kay, 1 SCOTS

To my loving fiancée Jillian Leckie, View Park in Lanarkshire. Happy Valentine's Day – Sorry I can't be there with you. Thinking of you at this special time. From your fiancé Martin xxx
Pte Martin Keenan, 1 SCOTS

To my wonderful fiancée Katie Louise Norton of Blackpool. Babe, sorry we can't be with each other on our special day. I know how much it means to us both. I will be thinking of all the Valentine's Days we have spent together, especially the one at Guys Court with the roses. I love you with all my heart and I will be thinking of you more than I already do. Happy Valentine's Day, all my love John xxx
Cpl John Thompson, 1 LANCS

To Lindsey Atkinson of Preston. Happy Valentine's Day. Missing you so much, I can't wait to see you soon. Loads of love and kisses, Lee xxx
Kgn Lee Atkinson, 1 LANCS

To my fiancée Tracey Cumberland in Blackburn. Happy Valentine's Day Babe. I am missing you so much and sorry I can't be with you at this special time. Looking forward to seeing you. All my love, Alex xxxxx
Cpl Alex Connor, 1 LANCS
Bombardier Pete Berridge. Opens in a new window.

To Nikki Wilson from Burnley. Happy Valentine's Day. I love you and miss you so much Sweetheart. Lots of love and kisses, Paul xxx
Cpl Paul Normanton, 1 LANCS

To my darling wife Irena from Lotte, Germany. Happy Valentine's Day, hope you are keeping well. It won't be long until I am back home. Lots of hugs and kisses, Chris xxx
LCpl Chris Hayes, 1 LANCS

Hey Bear, Thank you so much for looking after the house and my Mutz while I'm away. Happy Valentine's Day, see you in May. xxx
Capt Ric Cole, HQ MND(SE)

To my sexy Paul, Happy Valentine's Day Hun, Hope everything is going ok. Missing you like mad and loving you more then ever. See you soon xxxx Love you xxx
Cpl Sharron Davey, HQ MND(SE)

To my gorgeous girlfriend Natalie McVitty, Hey Toots! Hope you have a great day and enjoy your party. Missing you loads and can't wait to get home to see you. Happy Valentine's Day! xxx
SAC(T) Andrew Aikman, HQ MND(SE)

To Joanne, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday for the 18th. Love you lots. Give Ben and Amy a big kiss from me, love Adam/Daddy! xx
WO1(RSM) Adam Hindson, JHF(I)

To my darling wife Vicky, lots of love and kisses. See you soon.
To Kitty and Beth, I love you both.
WO2(RQMS) York Wilson, JHF(I)

To Vaughan, Hello Baby. Happy Valentine's Day Darling. I miss you so much, I'll be home soon. I Love You! xxxxx
SAC Sarah Davies, JHF(I)

To my wife Sue in Munster. I love you and hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day, sorry I can't be with you today. Love to Alex, Milly, Oli and Samantha, look forward to seeing you at the end of the month. Love you lots. xxx
Lt Col Martin Bell, UK Med Gp

To Hanna, my wife in Munster, Germany. I miss you, hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day, I wish I was there. Love you, see you soon on R&R. Take care. xxx
LCpl Modzaka, UK Med Gp

To my wife Liza in Munster, Germany. Miss you loads, can't wait to see you on R&R. Take care.
Pte Johnson, UK Med Gp

To my wife Amanda in Munster, Germany. Love you very much, can't wait to see you on R&R. Not long now. Big kiss to the kids and I'll see you soon. Love you loads. x
SSgt McLiesh, UK Med Gp

To my husband Graham, missing and love you lots. Can't wait for R&R. Big hugs and kisses. Speak to you soon Babe. x
Capt Gail Whittle, UK Med Gp

To Lisa. Happy Valentine's Day. Love and miss you loads. Won't be long til I see you on R&R. Take care til then and I'll see you soon. x
Maj Jim Edwards, UK Med Gp

To Gunner Simone Hibert. I love you loads and can't wait to see you on R&R. xxx
LCpl Preen, UK Med Gp

Happy Valentine's Day to LCpl AJ, 12 Regt RA. Happy Valentine's Day! x
LCpl Hyde, UK Med Gp

To my girlfriend Cherie, I love you very much. Happy Valentine's Day. xxx
Capt Nick Fisher, UK Med Gp
Padre Neil Allinson. Opens in a new window.

To my wife Katie. Love you loads Babe, can't wait to see you soon. Take care. xxx
Pte Ayrey, UK Med Gp

To my fiancée Lindsey. Missing you Babe. See you in a few weeks and I look forward to our wedding in June.
Cpl Vaughan, 34 Sqn RAF Regt

To my lovely wife Rebecca, miss you and the kids loads. Can't wait to see you in three weeks time. xxx
SAC Thomas, 34 Sqn RAF Regt

Hello Trace, miss you loads. Happy Valentine's Day. I'll see you soon, take care. x
SAC Patterson, 34 Sqn RAF Regt

To wife Andrea, love and miss you loads. Sorry I can't be there for Valentine's Day. Don't worry about the romance side of life, you'll get all the romance I can chuck at you when I get home. Not long til R&R. Love you loads. xxx
Sgt Carrie Grant, 21 Engr Regt

To Lucy. Missing you and love you loads. Can't wait to get back and see you and the children. See you soon xxx
Maj Andrew Hodgkinson, D Bty 3 RHA

To my wife Kelly, love and miss you loads. Missing my boys Dominic, Adam and Craig. Not long now and I'll be home! x
Cpl David Bowman, 9 Regt AAC

To my son Kieran on his birthday on Valentine's Day. Have a great day big guy. Have a great Easter at your Grannie's, look after her as well.
Sgt Bolton, JHF(I)

For my girlfriend Heather, missing you loads. Can't wait to see you. Happy Valentine's Day. x
Capt Duncan Field, HQ MND(SE)

To my wife Chrissy in Aldershot. Happy Valentine's. Miss and love you loads, see you soon.
Cpl Ross, JHF(I)

To my darling wife LT, we'll have a proper honeymoon when I get back!! xxx
SSgt Ian Finlayson, 1 LANCS

Sarah, have a fantastic Valentine's Day and I'll see you when I get back. Love you! x
And my son Ethan, Happy 5th Birthday son, I love you loads.
Cpl John Brown, 9 Regt AAC

To Sue Watson, love you very much and I'll see you soon. Take care Babes. xxx
Sgt Phil Kirkby

Happy Valentine's Day to my girlfriend Leigh. Miss you loads, I'll be home soon.
And happy 40th birthday to my sister Lynne.
Sgt Paul Bennett, 9 Regt AAC

Michelle, my gorgeous girlfriend. Happy Valentine's Day, can't wait to be back with you. Love you loads. xxx
LCpl Parham, 204 Sig Sqn

To my wife Rowena. Happy Valentine's Day from your gorgeous engineer out in Iraq. Love you loads, look forward to being back on R&R. See you on our wedding anniversary at the end of the month. xxx
Capt Matt Fell, 73 Sqn RE

To my wife Michelle. Happy Valentine's Day. Love you and miss you. xxx
Cpl Kennedy, 21 Sig Regt

To wife Kate, back home in Scotland. Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart. Have a great day, miss you loads. See you when I get back on R&R xxx
Cpl Kerr, 1 MERCIAN
Private David Chapman. Opens in a new window.

To Jess, love you lots. Have a good Valentine's Day and I'll see you soon. x
SAC Kev Cherry, JHF(I)

A big hello to my girlfriend Mercedes. Happy Valentine's Day. Love you loads, miss you loads. xxx
ATpr Hepple, JHF(I)

To: wife Ruth Allinson
To my darling wife, Ruth. The last 23 years have been a joy and I'm looking forward to the next 23. Loving you, always, Neil.
Rev Neil Allinson, Senior Chaplain, 52 Infantry Brigade

To: fiancée Siobhan Walker
Hello Baby, I can't wait to come home, loving you always and forever, Flanno.
Guardsman Myles Flannigan, 23, 1st Coldstream Guards

To: Emma Moore, 20, Taylor, 3, and new baby to come
I love you, I miss you, and see you all soon.
Lance Corporal Peter Crowe, 20, 2 Yorks 'The Green Howards'

To: Jade Ellwood
Sorry I can't be with you this Valentine's Day, I hope you like your presents. I'll be home soon, all my love, James.
Private James Boland, 20, 2 Yorks 'The Green Howards'

To: wife Dragana MArjanovic-Gill
Happy Valentine's Day, Princess, see you in a month.
Captain Lenny Gill, 27, 2 Yorks 'The Green Howards'

To: wife Lisa Berridge
Happy Valentine's Day, Babes. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks. Love Pete. xxxx
Bombardier Pete Berridge, 25, 16 Regt Royal Artillery

To: wife Becky Barnes
Happy wedding anniversary and Valentine's Day. Can't wait to see you soon, give a kiss and a cuddle to the kids.
Lance Bombadier Martin Barnes, 33, 16 Regt Royal Artillery

To: wife Lynda Neville
Missing you like crazy and looking forward to being with you again. All my love, forever, Lee.
Warrant Office Lee Neville, 39, Army Physical Training Corps

To: Stephanie Cockerill
Get the beers in the fridge, I'll be home soon. Missing you, Matt. x
Private Matthew Fraser, 22, 2 Yorks 'The Green Howards'

To: wife Hayley Harle
Missing both you and Faith but I'll be home shortly, ready for some sofa-giggles! Love Mike.
Private Mike Harle, 21, 2 Yorks 'The Green Howards'

To: fiancée Corinne Coyle
Hope the wedding plans are shaping up, can't wait to get home to you.
Private Robbie Bell, 19, 2 Yorks 'The Green Howards'

To: wife Victoria Louise Semons
I love you, Baby Girl, see you and the kids soon. Love to Elissia and Tristan, miss you both, Daddy's home soon. Happy Valentine's Day.
Lance Corporal Chris Semons, 21, 2 Yorks 'The Green Howards'

To: Gabby Tullock
Missing you so much, can't wait to get home, love you loads, Maca.
Private Mark McElvaney, 18, 2 Yorks 'The Green Howards'
Private Dane North. Opens in a new window.

To: Leanne Playfair
Looking forward to making an honest woman of you! Hope all's going well with the training, love you, Lee.
Private Lee Henderson, 21, 2 Yorks 'The Green Howards'

To: Emma Smith
Didn't know how much I loved you until I lost you. Missing you, can't wait to see you.
Private David Chapman, 18, 2 Yorks 'The Green Howards'

To: A Special Lady in Thornaby, I dedicate this poem:
"I stand still and stare, see the light in her eyes
Carried on the wind, her soft tender sighs.
I cannot believe that this beauty is mine
Her mouth slightly parted, her hair brightly shines.
To hold her I would die, or suffer so long
To show her I love her I have to be strong.
She's leagues away from me, the distance so far
And yet I can sense her, as I go to war.
I'll carry that with me through all of the pain
It gives me my strength as I go on again.
I hope that she knows how special she is
I hope that she sees it's her I would kiss.
This then I leave as I must go far away
My love for her shines like the sun through the day."
Private Scott Codling, 19, 2 Yorks 'The Green Howards'

To: All the lucky ladies in Scarborough
Free, single and ready to mingle... look out Scarborough!
Private Paul Adamson, 18, 2 Yorks 'The Green Howards'

To: fiancée Emma Day
Miss you loads, be home soon, take care.
Private Dane North, 18, 2 Yorks 'The Green Howards'

To: Chantelle Harland
I love you loads, be home soon, take care, Michael.
Private Michael Wright, 19, 2 Yorks 'The Green Howards'

To: fiancée James Tambien
Miss you loads, our big day can't come soon enough. Happy Valentine's.
Captain Jo Houghton, 27, 42 Regiment, The Royal Engineers

To: wife Sarah Broadbent
Loads of love, sorry about the 'tache! Missing you and looking forward to seeing you soon.
Major Richard Broadbent, 42, reservist with 150 Yorks Transport Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps (Volunteers)

To: wife Victoria Woolley
To my lovely wife, three months couldn't go quick enough. All my love, Andy.
Corporal Andrew Woolley, Police Mentoring Team, 5th Regiment Royal Military Police

To: Jemma Glavin
Missing you like crazy only three months left Babe! Things can only get better!!! Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday, sorry I'm away for it!!! Can't wait for us to get the house! Loads of love, now and always Rick xxxx Signaller Richard Dowgill, 21, 52 Infantry Brigade, HQ Signals Squadron

To: Steven Tee
Miss you sweety pie - See first picture
Corporal Carly Hudson, 27, 4 Regiment Royal Artillery

To: Det Lowe
Love you, Princess. Can't wait to be back, see you soon, love Murphy.
Lance Corporal Paul Murphy, 23, REME, 30 Signal Regiment

And of course my own little dedication on St Val's day.

To Izzy from Me and from everyone at the Credenhill Social Club and half of Herefordshire and half of Warwickshire, happy fucking Valentines day.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The Hair of the Dog

A face only a mother could love, Bushrat Nohair: Left; and her victim of frivolous litigation Sarah Desrosiers: Right.

A Muslim woman suing a salon owner for refusing her a hairdressing job because of her headscarf has more than doubled her claim for damages, after allegedly receiving hate mail.

Bushra Noah, 19, from Acton, claims Sarah Desrosiers, who runs the Wedge salon in King’s Cross, behaved in a “high-handed, malicious, insulting or oppressive manner” by discussing the case in public.

She claims this caused media intrusion in her life, harassment and hate mail, and left her feeling “awkward and embarrassed”. As a result, Ms Noah, who is suing Ms Desrosiers for religious discrimination, has now raised her claim for damages from just over £15,000 to more than £35,000. Ms Desrosiers, 32, insists she rejected Ms Noah because it is essential that her employees display their hair.

The salon owner denies discrimination and says she will vigorously contest the new bid for increased compensation. She said: “I am not responsible for other people sending hate mail. I needed to highlight the case because I needed to find financial help to pay my legal bills.

“My lawyers have warned me that I might have to go personally bankrupt if I lose the case and now there is this attempt to get more money out of me. I think it is just totally wrong.” She said she would have said the same to any person with headwear - whether it was a baseball cap or cowboy hat - and was dismayed that Ms Noah was “dragging her name through the mud” by effectively accusing her of being a racist.

Ms Noah, who had been turned down previously for around 25 other hairdressing jobs, said she decided to take legal action because she was distressed by Ms Desrosiers’ comments at the interview.

Her claim for religious discrimination was due to be heard at a London employment tribunal this month but has now been delayed until March.

Rollup Rollup read orl abartit 'ere.

Of course having a face like a Bulldog chewing a fucking wasp, the dress sense of a 1960's sofa and smelling like a box of kippers had nothing to do with it M'Lud

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Elementary my dear watling....

From his lookout high in T' Pennines, my friend The General once again gets a bead on one of our unwelcome visitors with his trusty Fortmeier. This time as they queue at the Box Office.

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Monday, 11 February 2008

Asylum seekers get free theatre tickets for Mother’s Day

Just when you were perhaps thinking it couldn't get any more ludicrous the arse tunnellers go one better. Asylum seekers are to get free theatre tickets on Mothers day. An event they are probably ignorant of and most certainly do not celebrate. Oh yes__ and your paying.

Asylum seekers are being treated to free days out at the theatre and taxpayers are footing the bill.

The handouts are to celebrate Mother’s Day on March 2, when London’s vibrant Young Vic Theatre will stage the play ‘Motherland’. Although tickets are available to the public at £10 each, the majority will be given free of charge to asylum seekers. Any proceeds from sales will go to a detention centre that runs a ‘friend finder’ service for immigrants in Bedfordshire. The play - involving real immigrants living in Britain - centres on the experiences of women and children trying to claim asylum in the UK.

John Mills, a taxidriver from Dartford in Kent, said: “It’s unbelievable. “Honest hard working men like me are getting squeezed out of our own country to satisfy the politically correct, it stinks.”

Mother-of-two Tracy Warren from Bexley, south London, said: “Why should they give out freebies to the asylum seekers. “They’re getting enough free as it is. “The fact of the matter is I couldn’t afford to take my family to the theatre, or they couldn’t even afford to take me as a gift for mother’s day so why shouldn’t we be given free tickets.”

Read the Mail article here:-

"Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you." Matthew 7:6

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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Russia attacks 'illegal' EU mission to Kosovo

By Renata Goldirova and Elitsa Vucheva

Russia has warned the head of the United Nations against approving the EU's plans to launch a police and civilian mission to Serbia's breakaway province of Kosovo this month.

Russian ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov told journalists on Wednesday (6 February) that he was "sure" that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon would "not legitimise" the EU's intention.
The nod of approval "would mean that Ban Ki-Moon was going beyond his responsibilities as secretary general", Mr Chizhov said, acknowledging that Moscow is putting the UN chief under heavy pressure.

On 18 February, EU foreign ministers are expected to give the final "operational" go-ahead to the 1,800-strong mission of policemen, prosecutors and judges to be deployed to Kosovo. Its task is to strengthen stability in the breakaway province and ensure that Kosovo's future set-up observes democratic standards. The EU believes that such a mission could be legally based on current UN Security Council resolution 1244 - the same one that introduced the UN administration over the Serbian province back in 1999.

However, an additional green light from Ban Ki-Moon is also expected, with one of the possible scenarios suggesting a written invitation for the EU to take over responsibilities in Kosovo. For his part, the UN secretary general said in January that he "would act when the moment is right", but declined to reveal any details.

But Moscow, a strong Serb ally, is insisting that the EU's mission, if deployed on the ground without a new UN resolution, will breach international law and procedures. "Any attempt to circumvent the UN Security Council would put the EU mission on a very shaky legal basis (...) resolution 1244 is not a manual for cherry-picking individual elements in order to legitimise moves, which circumvent the UN," Mr Chizhov said.

The Russian diplomat also warned EU capitals against recognising the self-proclaimed state of Kosovo, as the move "would create a serious precedent from the point of view of international law," and could cause a rift in Russia-EU relations. "With those countries that recognise, this will be a thorn in our political dialogue. With those that don't, there won't be such a thorn," he said.

According to Mr Chizhov, Russia is set to obstruct any attempts by Pristina to join international organisations such as the United Nations, the Organisation for Stability and Cooperation in Europe or the Council of Europe.

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By najistani.

Here's an excellent article by the courageous Maryam Namazie on why it is our inalienable right to insult, satirize and ridicule Islam - with its perverted prophet, its brothel-keeper-in-the-sky bogeyman moon-god, and its one billion brain-dead stone-age memoid followers - and to offend them just as much as we like.

We should set numerous precedents by exercising this right as often and as vigorously as possible. USE IT OR LOSE IT! The thought-police would love to gag us.


"Since religion is divinely ordained, it follows that any real or imputed questioning, criticising or transgressing will lead to blasphemy, apostasy or some form of ‘corruption’. Of course it doesn’t matter so much if you live in a place where religion is to a large extent a private matter. But if you don’t, then a lot of things become ‘crimes’ punishable by death.

One of many examples is the outrageous death sentence imposed by an Islamic court in Afghanistan on Parwiz Kambakhsh, the 23 year old journalist and student, for downloading and distributing an article criticising women’s status under Islam.

Many have rightly come to his defence and must keep the pressure on. But to defend Parwiz by saying he did not ‘intend’ to blaspheme misses the entire point.

This is exactly what the likes of the Muslim Council of Britain say in order to conceal the responsibility of their political Islamic movement. For example, the MCB ‘greeted’ the release of Gillian Gibbons (the British schoolteacher who was imprisoned in Sudan for allowing her 7 year old students to name their class teddy bear Mohammad) by saying she had not ‘intended to deliberately insult the Islamic faith.’

What they are basically saying is that victims and their ‘intentions’ are to blame for the injustices and barbarity of Islamic law.

Moreover, they are implying that if someone knew they were blaspheming, or if their actions or statements were so clearly blasphemous that they should have known better, then the death penalty or calls for their death are permissible - or at the very least understandable.

The smokescreen of ‘intent’ aims to conceal the real issue at hand, which is Islam in power, so their movement can go about its business as usual, so it can continue to hold millions of resisting people hostage to medievalism enshrined in constitutions and legal codes and enforced by religious and morality police, the militia, Sharia courts and the state.

Any life saved is despite Islamic law and because of a vast left, secular and humanist opposition movement in the Middle East and elsewhere, which refuses to kneel.

Clearly, when religion equals power, millions have no freedoms or rights worthy of 21 century humanity.

And until it is pushed back, our loved ones - like Parwiz, or the two sisters, Zohreh and Azar, who have hours ago been convicted of death by stoning by the Islamic supreme court in Iran for ‘adultery’ - will face a torturous death.

But not if we can help it.

Join a demonstration to demand the freedom of Parwiz Kambakhsh on Friday, February 8, 2008, 12.00 to 2.00 pm at the Afghanistan Embassy, 31 Princes Gate, London, SW7 organised by the Iranian Secular Society and endorsed by the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain. You can also send letters of protest to Afghan officials by going to:

To defend Zohreh and Azar and oppose stoning and the death penalty, go to:

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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Swedish state to train imams

Looks like the poor Swedes are having liberal/enrichment problems too..


The Swedish government is to set up an inquiry to look into the possibility of using state funds to provide training programmes for imams.

Muslim religious representatives should be able to benefit from Swedish tax kronor in the same way as Christian priests and ministers, according to Minster for Higher Education and Research Lars Leijonborg.

The former Liberal Party leader also believes that the move will help stem the development of radical Islam in Sweden.

"It has been suggested that radical Muslims from Saudi Arabia are offering to provide imams for free, and a lack of money means that moderate Muslims who want to set up a mosque don't have any alternatives," Leijonborg told Svenska Dagbladet.

Concrete proposals regarding the structure and composition of a training course for imams would only be put forward following close consultation with Muslims in Sweden, he said. The minister added that the government had already begun discussions with the newly formed Ibn Rushd study foundation.

"My opinion is that we should help Muslims by providing a Swedish training course for imams, or at least supplementary studies in Swedish language and society."

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Pancake day banned, too dangerous..

Another old British custom and tradition is being destroyed by the PC brigade. But, more sickening even than the insanity of the people who announce these edicts is the way the people of this country offer no resistance whatsoever but meekly accept it as just another 'Fête Accompli' in the destruction of our nation at the hands of the marxist filth.

Link: Regulations flatten pancake race

A traditional pancake race has fallen flat after it was cancelled due to health and safety regulations. Every year, children and choristers take part in the Shrove Tuesday race in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

The event was revived 10 years ago and is usually started by the ringing of Ripon Cathedral's ancient Pancake Bell. But this year's event has been shelved, with organisers blaming the mountain of risk assessments that must be carried out before children can take part.

Bernard Bateman, one of the organisers, said they were told they would have to pay £250 to Harrogate Borough Council to close Kirkgate Road, where the race takes place.

They would also have to hold insurance risk assessments and pay to have medical staff on hand in case of any injuries or accidents. Mr Bateman, who is also a councillor for Ripon North, said it was difficult to find volunteers to carry out the procedures.

He said: "The main problem is the health and safety aspects and issues such as that.
"There is bureaucracy that goes into holding any event these days, the policing, the risk assessments, and it has a cost factor and takes a lot of time.

"I'm always disappointed when we've held something for some years now and it can't take place." Well then DO something about it bunghole !!!. Elect yourselves a BNP council..

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I once had the joint task of shifting someone that had put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Before the muzzle gasses blew the back of his head out his face stayed puffed up like a balloon.

In fact he looked remarkably like this.........

If only...

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Monday, 4 February 2008

UK terror cell live on Hand outs..

The News of the World today reports on the disturbing story of a Muslim British National claiming benefits whilst supporting “A LOT OF JIHAD” from his £350,000 home - funded by the tax payer…

A MUSLIM fanatic is funding terrorists killing British troops in Afghanistan while spongeing off our state benefits, the News of the World can reveal.

Gloating extremist Mohammed Nawaz Raja (above left) runs a network of door-to-door money-raisers collecting thousands for his fake ‘charity’.

But householders who stump up thinking they are supporting a religious school are being duped into buying weapons for the Taliban. The evil godfather of terror claims to have sent them hundreds of thousands of pounds. Incredibly Nawaz, who owns a five-bedroom £350,00 house, is himself being funded by the taxpayer. He pockets £250-a-week in handouts — and boasts: “I’m a British national. The government pays me to live.”

And referring to his “charity” he adds chillingly: “We are supporting a lot of jihad (holy war) organizations. They need our support. They have to buy weapons!”

Read full story here..

British National Party link..

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Mum and Dad to be banned..

New rules to demand sensitivity for arse tunnellers as Britain sinks into a swirling cesspool of depravity.

By Bob Unruh
© 2008

Only months after a plan generated by California's legislature created a ban on the use of "mom" and "dad" in public schools, the Brits have announced a similar move, with orders for teachers to be more sensitive to homosexuality and not use terms like "mum and dad."

According to a report in the Mail online, a guidance plan has been released to tackle "anti-gay bullying" in schools in Britain. Written by the homosexual activist group Stonewall and announced by government Schools Secretary Ed Balls, the plan tells teachers not to make assumptions about a "mum and dad," perhaps instead referring to "parents."

And it directs teachers to introduce to students as young as age four the idea of same-sex couples in order to battle "homophobic" attitudes.

The California plan, which now is being targeted by an initiative effort that aims to take the issue to voters to have them overturn it, mandates a positive – and no other – portrayal of bisexuals, homosexuals, transgenders and others choosing alternative sexual lifestyles in public schools.

"The terms 'mom and dad' or 'husband and wife' could promote discrimination against homosexuals if a same-sex couple is not also featured," said Meredith Turney, the legislative liaison for Capitol Resource Institute.

"Parents want the assurance that when their children go to school they will learn the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic – not social indoctrination regarding alternative sexual lifestyles. Now that SB 777 is law, schools will in fact become indoctrination centers for sexual experimentation," she said.

In Britain, the advisory notes that teachers should educate students about civil partnerships and homosexual adoptions, and that students who call classmates "gay" should be treated just like they are racists.

Teachers also should avoid any references such as "be a man" or accusations students are acting like a "bunch of women." The plan warns such words lead to bullying of those "who do not conform to fixed ideas about gender." Instead, homosexual staff members should be encouraged to "discuss" their "private lives."

"It might be time-consuming at first, but a consistent 'zero-tolerance' approach to such language is central to achieving progress and an environment in which being gay is not thought of as being inferior," the government report warns. "Schools need to make it clear to pupils that homophobic comments are as serious as racist comments, and homophobic incidents are as serious as other forms of bullying."

Less than a year earlier, the Scottish National Health Service decided to become "LGBT-friendly" by issuing directives to workers to halt any and all uses of "father," "mother," "husband," "wife" etc....

Police already are cracking down on such offenses in British schools. According to a Lifesite News report, in 2006, a 14-year-old school girl was arrested by police and detained in a cell for three hours after she asked to be moved into a group of students who spoke English in class. And in 2007, a 10-year-old boy was questioned after the boy sent an email calling another boy "gay."

While British plans are to reach out to teach homosexuality to students as young as four, WND has reported that the California plan to establish SB777 as state law was supported by organizations recommending homosexual literature to children as young as age two.

A list of school resources, sponsored by a homosexual-advocacy group called Safe Schools Coalition, suggests that for those who are only two years old, there's "Felicia's Favorite Story," which tells how she was "adopted by her two mothers."

Full stomach churning story at

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Saturday, 2 February 2008

Farewell Jimmy James.. Lest we forget...

The coffin of Squadron Leader Jimmy James being borne by RAF Regiment Gunners from RAF Honington Jan 31st 2008

Family, friends and members of the RAF gathered in Shropshire to honour the memory of retired Squadron Leader 'Jimmy' James MC RAF, famous for his bravery in the WWII 'Great Escape'. Yes it was real, no it wasn't just a film. Whilst the media mourns the death of deformed spunk stain Jeremy fucking Beadle, NOT ONE WORD was uttered at the passing of a National Hero.

A funeral service, held at St Peter's Catholic Church in Ludlow, Shropshire, and led by Father Jim Robinson, included participation from Service personnel stationed across the UK. The pallbearer party of RAF Regiment Gunners came from RAF Honington in Suffolk, while the route lining party were from the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering in Cosford.

Fittingly, Squadron Leader James, known as 'Jimmy', left the church for the very last time to the theme tune of the Great Escape before being laid to rest in Ludlow's cemetery. His link to No 9 Squadron was re-affirmed by a four ship GR4 Tornado 'Missing Man' formation flypast, the poignant aerial manoeuvre to symbolise the loss of a comrade.

Jimmy James

A good friend of 'Jimmy', Howard Tuck, who accompanied him on many visits back to Germany and Poland, said:
"Quite simply, Jimmy was a legend. In years to come when we think about the war years, we will reflect on men like Jimmy and their deeds. He was very much part of the RAF family and loved nothing more than sharing a beer and a few laughs in the bar."

Jimmy, who died recently aged 92, joined the RAF after seeing an advertisement for aircrew while he was working in Vancouver, Canada. On completing his flying training in April 1940, he was posted to No 9 Squadron operating Wellington Bombers from RAF Honington in Suffolk.

On the night of 5 June 1940, his Wellington was hit by anti-aircraft fire 20 kilometres south of Rotterdam. Following capture and interrogation at the hands of the Luftwaffe, he was imprisoned and wasted no time digging the first RAF escape tunnel of the war.
the funeral of Jimmy James. Opens in a new window.

With a number of brave escape attempts thwarted, he ended up in the new 'model' Prisoner of War (PoW) camp, Stalag Luft III, near Zagan in Poland, in April 1942. It was to become the most notorious PoW camp of WWII and the setting for an escape attempt, later named the 'Great Escape'.

At the centre of the planning team, Jimmy entered the tunnel via hut 104 in March 1944 with his escape partner, a young Greek Spitfire pilot. Battling the bitterly cold weather, their best chance was to get a train to Prague but they were recaptured in the booking hall at Hirschberg. Again, Jimmy's escape attempt was in vain. 76 of his comrades made it through the tunnel, much to the fury of Hitler who demanded that all Allied Officers were to be shot upon recapture. Only three prisoners were successful and made it home.

The brutal murder of 50 of the prisoners followed, sending shock waves across the PoW world. Although Jimmy was incredibly lucky not to have been chosen for execution, he endured some horrific treatment at the hands of his captors in the subsequent months but always maintained that his contribution to the war effort was his 'refusal to accept incarceration'. By the end of WWII, Jimmy had made 13 tunnel escapes. Following the end of the war, Jimmy was awarded the Military Cross, Mentioned in Dispatches and took a regular commission in the RAF until 1958 when he joined the diplomatic service until 1975.

Keen to keep the memory of his comrades alive, he gave talks around the country on his experiences and was also President of 'Project 104'. This charitable venture was established to build a replica of hut 104 as a memorial to all the Allied Service personnel who lost their lives and act as an education centre for the small museum built at the site; the project remains ongoing.

Jimmy's wife of 61 years, Mrs Madge James, was at the service. Summing up her life with him she said:
"We were married for 61 years and he was the finest, most gentle man anybody could know. For everyone else he was Squadron Leader Jimmy James the Great Escaper, but for me he was simply my Jimmy - we will never see a man like him again."

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