Saturday, 29 December 2007

The Suicide of Europe

An Ambassador Warns: The Suicide of Europe

An analysis from Christian Lambert, a former French ambassador, writing at Les 4 Vérités, predicts a terrible fate for Europe. He titles his essay, "The Inexorable Suicide of Europe."
The Brussels administration admits officially that each year some 550,000 immigrants from Africa, the Middle East and China, plus South America, enter the European Union. In reality the figure is twice that, in other words, more than a million.

We will briefly take it country by country. Italy wins the prize right now.

For this to become known, a young Italian girl had to be raped and murdered by a Gypsy. Then Rome was forced to reveal that Italy, a country even more poorly governed than France, which is saying a lot, now has 3.7 million immigrants (the official figure), that 700,000 new arrivals were recorded in 2006, and that 560,000 Gypsies have settled there. More than 100,000 of them arrived in the ten-month period after January 1, 2007.
More than 50% of the crime in Italy is due to these "Rumanians". In addition, every year some 60,000 immigrants from Tunisia and Libya (where even Colonel Qadhafi admits that his country is invaded by Sub-Saharians waiting to get into Europe and certain to succeed in their goal) arrive in Italy via the island of Lampedusa. In general, it is easy to enter Europe through Italy where the administration is "lax"...

In Greece, it's worse and Cyprus is one of the great doors of entry into Europe. In France, nothing has changed. It can be assumed that 350,000 new arrivals enter our country each year, 70% of them from Africa. The number of visas granted has not lessened. It is still more than 2 million – 2,038,000 in 2006 – which proves that the fight against massive immigration is, like all the rest, purely verbal.

While I'm on the topic, I should note in passing that the town of Aulnay-sous-Bois, in Seine-Saint-Denis, has just experienced 4 days and nights of street fighting between gangs of "Afro-Maghrebins" and the police, according to the press itself. At Villiers-le-Bel, Val d'Oise, it is even more serious. The police, attacked with rifles, proved to be impotent. In order to quell these riots military units specializing in street fighting are now necessary, especially since stockpiles of war weapons from the Balkans are being stashed in the suburbs.

In Germany there are 4 million Turks, and new arrivals every day. One German told me that Islamist Turks feel more at ease practicing their religious activities in Germany than in Muslim Turkey.

In Great Britain, 50 powerful Muslim associations control millions of faithful followers, mostly Pakistanis. In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, beneath the smile of her gracious very Christian Majesty, there are now koranic schools where children can learn to become kamikazes and blow up automobiles.

In the Netherlands where there are many North African, Caribbean and Indonesian Muslims serious trouble is on the increase. The press writes that the situation is becoming "à la française", in other words: pillaged shops, torched cars, violent confrontations with the police.

Scandinavia is not to be left out where, in order to be in tune with the times, Norway discovered and recruited, as a government minister, a black woman from Martinique.
I might add that there is no common European policy on immigration. Spain and Italy amnestied millions of illegals – a tremendous message for others – without even informing their neighbors.

On the other hand, in the countries of Eastern Europe, there are no immigrants. Why? Because these countries were subjected to communism and are therefore underdeveloped, with no welfare state or free hand-outs, housing, health care or schools.

Some say that one must not exaggerate. The great invasions from the 4th to 7th centuries eventually worked themselves out, didn't they? Great ignorance. We have to realize that these invasions had only a limited effect on the population of nascent France. As a matter of fact, in general, gangs of invaders and vandals, totaling only a few thousand individuals did not settle down in France, except for the Franks to the East. Furthermore, these barbarians quite rapidly converted to Christianity, more precisely to arianism.

It is true that at the time the merovingian monarchy did not distribute to these barbarians welfare of all kinds, declaring: "You are a great opportunity for France. Come, all of you, and join us with your large and beautiful families." No. Back then, people still had common sense.
And now, what will happen? In the short term, immigration will continue to flood in. Problems which have never been this serious will continue to spread and worsen. In the very long term, Europe, which created the most beautiful civilization that humanity has ever produced, will disappear.

The suicide of Europe is not unavoidable – there are many solutions. The fact that there are no leaders willing to do what must be done is the problem. Another strange fact is that so many people seem to "sense" that this is inevitable, as if they have an insight, or an intuition, that Europe's time has come. These are the people besotted by what they see on television and dumbed down by an inferior education. They turn a commentary such as this article into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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Friday, 28 December 2007

You just never know..

Look down the page a couple of articles to here and the possibility of a plausible explanation to my curiosity becomes quite apparent. As today's headline at BNP news outlines. Although the case in question is in Scotland, to presume it is limited to Scotland specifically is a wildly naive and blinkered assumption. When a dishevelled alien with no visible means of support and less than even a rudimentary command of the English language stands in front of you in your local bank withdrawing tens of thousands of pounds in cash it does make one slightly suspicious as to:
) Where did they get the money.
) What do they plan to do with it.

To enquire under today's climate would brand you a racist bigot and probably get you jail time whilst the shady shenanigans of our unwelcome visitors will continue to go largely unchecked and unchallenged.

"An Asian gang is bankrolling terrorist attacks in Kashmir, raising hundreds of thousands of pounds each year through counterfeiting and mortgage fraud, the Scotland on Sunday newspaper has claimed.

According to the paper, MI5 sources say around 50 Asians - most of them in Glasgow - are raising funds for Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), a Kashmiri separatist group responsible for hundreds of deaths and reportedly involved in the kidnap and murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl.

Much of the cash raised in Scotland is sent first to Dubai, where it is laundered, and then passed to JeM terrorists operating in the Kashmir region, say security sources.

It is estimated that up to £50,000 a month is raised in Scotland. As well as money from mortgage fraud, around £15,000 of this total is raised by selling counterfeit DVDs, CDs and clothing at market stalls and in pubs and clubs across Scotland. {snip}

The security source added: “The people involved in the mortgage frauds are only too aware that the banks and lenders are none too keen on prosecuting anyone caught up in this charade, as it will mean them having to answer a lot of awkward questions in court.”

In a recent Law Society report, it issued a warning about the risks of mortgage fraud: “The recent slowdown in the UK property market has exposed a rise in mortgage fraud by organised criminals and the potential vulnerability of professionals to be exploited by organised crime syndicates

Full story..

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Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Australia Calling

Reported by Derrick MacThomas

Internet censorship starts in January.

The Australian Government will begin censorship of the Internet next month. Look to China to see what awaits.

The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

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Monday, 24 December 2007







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  • Sunday, 23 December 2007

    Just another personal observation...

    On Friday i had to stand in a queue at my local bank to deposit my boss' business takings.
    In front of me stood an Asian bloke, decidedly muslim looking and no more than 19 or 20 years of age, in the process of withdrawing an indeterminable but massive amount of cash all in twenty pound notes and which filled completely a large A4 manilla envelope which was then stuffed into a bag. There had to have been twenty grand at the very least. The notion is supported by the fact that I overheard that the withdrawal had been arranged. You can't just walk into a bank and draw out that kind of dosh. The one occasion I wished there had been a team of gangstaz outside to pop a cap in his ass and relieve him of his wedge Yo!!.

    My boss' seven grand in cheques deposit seemed and indeed was quite paltry by comparison and couple that with the fact that I work my guts out yet have to claim housing and council tax benefit does rather beg the question where did this cunt acquire all this money and by what means. Furthermore to what purpose was it being put. It is most certainly not for a party and Christmas presents for the kids at the mosque.

    This is not by any means the first time I have seen these types, none of whom work I am certain, either withdrawing or depositing absolutely fucking huge sums of cash in my local Barclay's. There is something seriously wrong in this land and yet everyone apparently seems to walk around with their eyes shut.

    Anyway, catch ya'll later.

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    Saturday, 22 December 2007

    WTF is wrong with this split arse?.....

    U.S. freelance photographer Stephanie Sinclair poses with her winning photo of the 'UNICEF Photo of the Year 2007' competition in Berlin, Germany, on Monday, Dec. 17, 2007. The photograph shot by U.S. freelance photographer Stephanie Sinclair shows a wedding couple in Afghanistan who could not be more opposite. The groom, Mohammed, looks much older than his 40 years. The bride, Ghulam, is still a child; she just turned 11. Stephanie Sinclair works as a freelance photographer based in Beirut, Lebanon.

    Article source.

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    Friday, 21 December 2007

    Australia Calling

    Reported by Derrick MacThomas

    Manufacturing industry must be recreated.

    Derrick delivers a plan for the economic reconstruction of Australia, the key part of which is the recreation of a manufacturing industry in Australia.

    The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
    Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

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    Can you imagine?

    Hat's off the BlackBuck who posted this most excellent comment at the BNP website.

    Can you imagine being the Boss of a Company that has a
    little more than 600 employees and has the following statistics?

  • 29 have been accused of spouse abuse

  • 7 have been arrested for fraud

  • 19 have been accused of writing bad cheques

  • 117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2

  • 3 have done time for assault

  • 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit

  • 4 have been arrested on drug-related charges

  • 8 have been arrested for shoplifting

  • 21 are currently defendants in lawsuits

  • 84 have been arrested for drink driving in the last year

    Would you, as the Guv’nor, be inclined to boot them all out and start afresh?

    Well, you CAN because YOU ARE THEIR BOSSES!

    This corrupt shower are the sitting Members of Parliament and are answerable TO YOU!!!

    The 635 members of the House of Commons, the same group that cranks out hundreds of new laws
    each year designed to keep the rest of us in line and ignores the laws already there that are supposed
    to protect us

    If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got!

    Think out of the “Box.” Vote B.N.P.

    Couldn't have put it better myself Sir..

    Just off the top of one's head thats 363 MP's or well over 50% of our government ministers are known crooks. As for the rest, the number of nonces, poofs and other assorted pervs, petty criminals and general arse tunnellers in the combined party line-up it doesn't leave an awful fucking lot that ain't bent does it.

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  • Thursday, 20 December 2007

    You ring the 'Old Boleslaw' in Wales these days

    Polish Police Officers now operating in North Wales

    The BNP have warned before that it will not be long before we see foreign police officers on the streets of Britain, but when doing so they made an error.

    For they are already here - thanks to the infamous Richard Brunstrom, Chief Constable for North Wales!

    Brunstrom admits that this is the case in his personal blog:

    “Well, we have a national project, called Operation Mermaid. It runs, frequently but irregularly, throughout the UK. We in North Wales are particularly active. We ran it again last week, from 1000hrs on Friday to 0200hrs on Saturday, on the A55 near Holyhead. We were accompanied by other agencies, including VOSA, our Special Branch, and two uniformed police officers from Poland (because we now actively cooperate with other European police forces). We also had a BBC film crew.”.

    This admission raises some very serious questions. Questions which the Home Office and Richard Brunstrom must answer:

    What “uniform” were the Polish policemen wearing? Polish?
    Who was it that gave foreign policemen the right to operate in Britain, regardless of the uniform they wore?

    Policemen in the UK are legally required to sign an oath, which includes loyalty to the Sovereign. Foreign police cannot do that, because it would breach their inherent loyalty to Poland. So whatever uniform they wore they were not, legally, police officers, any more than you would be if you dressed up as a policeman.

    The most important question that needs answering is this one:

    Just what authority, if any, has been given - illegally - to these Polish ‘policemen’ have over (a) Polish people (b) anyone else?

    Arse Tunneller Brunstrom's full story here..

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    Sunday, 16 December 2007

    The Final assault: World Order bears down on Serbia

    Superb article by Nebojsa Malic presented here in full.

    The Final Assault.

    When in May 2005 the Bush apparatchiks officially adopted the Clinton policy towards the Balkans (until then, they merely allowed it to continue out of inertia), predictions were rife that independence for the occupied Serbian province of Kosovo would be just around the corner. After two and a half years of diplomatic, propaganda and political onslaught from Washington, London, Brussels and New York, it remains a pipe dream.

    The original plan was to have Martti Ahtisaari – former president of Finland, board member of the ICG, and a water-carrier for NATO during its illegal war on Serbia – establish de facto independence as a "special envoy" of the UN. However, his plan for this "final solution" failed miserably when presented to the UN Security Council. New talks were hastily organized, with an artificial deadline of December 10, but with full knowledge that the Albanians would not budge from their demands, having been promised full U.S. and EU support. And so it happened – the "Contact Group troika" accomplished nothing, because no matter how many solutions Belgrade would propose, the Albanians responded with "independence." With the talks failing, the diplomatic battle over Kosovo is now entering a new, perhaps final, phase.

    As talks drew to a close with the predictable outcome, propaganda in the Imperial media rose to a feverish pitch. Wire services, newspapers, television and internet outlets unleashed a barrage of propaganda previously seen only during the 1999 bombing and occupation.

    First came fact-challenged pleas from Westerners who just happened to be advisors to the Kosovo Albanian provisional government; from Anna DiLellio (board member of NAAC) in the Guardian on November 24, to Marshall Harris in the Baltimore Sun on December 9. The New York Times had another iditorial, short on facts and logic, but long on wishful thinking.

    BBC trotted out Alan Little, author of a key Serbophobic propaganda pamphlet, to jeer at Serbs and claim – with the aid of a conveniently anonymous "diplomat" – that Serbs have lost the moral right to Kosovo. The Times gave space to Anthony Loyd, one of the most outspoken partisans of anti-Serb intervention in the 1990s.

    UPI turned to an "expert" from the first Bush administration to lecture the Serbs and Russians on how "countries that allow separation are better off than those that do not" and how opponents of Kosovo’s secession should "study the positive legacy that letting go has generated."

    Why, the U.S. even erected an idolatrous monument to Father Abraham for promoting just such a legacy… er, not. In addition to editorial propaganda, dozens of reports coming from the occupied province recycled old lies; one particular example is the IHT’s Dan Bilefsky, whose description of the conflict’s background transcribes Albanian separatists’ talking points. On the other hand, Bilefsky – perhaps unintentionally – debunks the "Kosovar" myth. There is no such thing as "Kosovar," he is told by the Albanians. Their identity is Albanian, pure and simple. Yet for years, the mainstream press has promoted the term, intended to imply that Kosovo had a separate identity from Serbia while hiding Albanian nationalism.

    Then again, only a few stories dared recycle the fabrication of "10,000" dead Albanians from the 1999 conflict, and all mentioned that it was actually a Serb crackdown on Albanian separatists (the KLA was recognized as a terrorist organization, but its leader is now about to become "Prime Minister" of Kosovo; go figure).

    Peter Popham of the Independent borrowed a meme from Albanian lobbyist Anna DiLellio (see above) and wrote about the "birth of a nation"; read, however, the incongruous explanation the Albanian village leader Osman Cokli gives him about why Serbs are leaving:

    "The only Serbian who left was a lady with mental problems," he insists. "And she was 92 when they came for her. The community's gone from 25 families to eight? Rajko must have got that wrong. If they've gone away to Serbia, I'm sure it's just temporarily, for a holiday."

    Presumably it’s this kind of friendship, tolerance and coexistence that has Albanians carrying banners proclaiming "Serbia Burn In Hell Forever," or scrawling "Death to Serbs!" on charred ruins of Serbian churches. There has been much speculation, both in the West and in Serbia, that the Albanians would declare independence almost immediately. That has not come to pass. As Kosovo separatist leaders have said repeatedly and publicly, they will not move without a green light from Washington and Brussels. Indeed, on December 9 Albanian politicians appealed for "immediate support" from the West for their "Euro-Atlantic future."

    Washington’s position is already known. Less so that of Brussels; for even while EUSSR officials publicly declare that consensus has been achieved and that the 27-member union is "near-unanimous" on the issue of recognizing Kosovo, there is ample indication to the contrary.

    For example, while AP and Reuters claim only Cyprus is opposed, the Slovakian government is also against recognition, and a major Danish party in the ruling coalition came out against it as well. Romania, Greece and Spain are also cited as being "reluctant."

    Still, it would be imprudent to think – as some in Serbia are inclined – that the EU will not eventually "fall into line" and support the Imperial program. Odds are that advocates of independence will steamroll over domestic opposition much as they anticipated overcoming Serbian objections.

    It is worth mentioning some voices of dissent amidst the propaganda deluge. Without exception, they are in the UK – which has a media far less inclined towards self-censorship than the U.S. Empire. The conservative Telegraph urged partition as a "compromise" solution to the conflict; it also published an opinion piece by General Sir Michael Jackson, first commander of KFOR, who warned on December 9 of a "minefield ahead," and also floated partition as a possible solution.

    Antiwar MP George Galloway warned against "another Balkan bloodbath" And three weeks ago, Simon Jenkins wrote in the Guardian that "it's hard to imagine a worse outcome for the Balkans."

    Even so, it appears that policymakers in the West have come to believe in their own propaganda. Ever since the push to separate Kosovo started in 2005, reporters, unnamed diplomats, "experts" and pundits have declared repeatedly that Serbia was just bluffing, and that after the protestations necessary to quell popular backlash, its "democratic reformers" would comply with Imperial demands. Contrary to their expectations, this has not happened. If anything, Serbian position on Kosovo has considerably hardened since mid-2006.

    Yet even now the delusion persists. According to the Daily Telegraph, it is "most likely" that the Albanians will wait until Tadic is re-elected in the spring, and then declare independence; as the U.S. and EU recognize Kosovo, Serbia would face a fait accompli and eventually submit, in exchange for promises of "sweetened" EU accession. Says the Telegraph, "most Serbs and Kosovo Albanians wish to put the issue behind them."

    Belgrade remains adamant in rejecting this land grab. Even though the Europhiles in charge have ruled out any military means of regaining the occupied province, and are currently appealing to the World Court, there are no indications they are willing to give up Kosovo. The government has even funded an ad campaign, with billboards springing up all over Serbia, featuring notable Western leaders and invoking their famous quotes in support of the Serbian position.

    And so, once more, this corner of Serbia becomes a battlefield of great powers. On one side the weakening U.S. Empire, eager to cover up its long defeat with a victory over the designated whipping boy; its European allies and vassals trudge alongside, some willingly and others less so. On the other, the resurgent Russia, which in beleaguered Serbia sees an image of itself, as seen by the West.

    As preparations for a mass exodus of the remaining Serbs continue, the war of words over Kosovo shows no signs of ending, and may yet erupt into an actual shooting war of unpredictable extent.

    There is no rational basis for endorsing the separation of Kosovo; arguments for it range from fallacies, through fiction, to outright lies. However unacceptable it may seem in the West that Serbia might actually be right, the law is clearly on its side. It’s a clear case of force vs. law, with the law set up to lose.

    If that happens, Kosovo will be the last of world’s problems.

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    Friday, 14 December 2007

    Scumbag Chav killers freed on 'technicality'.

    Five schoolboys found guilty of stoning a father to death as he played cricket with his son have had their convictions quashed.

    The gang was said to have set upon Ernest Norton, 67, as he played a makeshift game with his son James, 17, in February 2006, causing him to collapse with a fatal heart attack. Yesterday their barrister, Mark Wall QC, challenged the "safety" of the manslaughter convictions at the Court of Appeal and argued that Mr Norton's death could not be laid at the boys' door. And after four hours of legal debate at the Court of Appeal, Lord ArseTunneller Gage quashed the manslaughter convictions.

    Mr Norton, a former engineering draughtsman, was subjected to repeated verbal abuse, including jibes that he should "go back to the old people's home". When he asked the boys to go away, he was pelted with stones, rocks and pieces of wood. One missile, described as "half a brick", hit Mr Norton on the side of the head and he collapsed with a heart attack. His cheekbone had been fractured and he lay dying in a pool of blood.

    Mr Wall had argued the boys were not responsible as it could not be established which, if any, of their allegedly "unlawful or dangerous" actions contributed to the heart seizure. But the prosecution had claimed it was "highly likely" the stone-throwing would have prompted the "greatest adrenalin surge" and exerted a massive strain on Mr Norton's already frail heart. While this might not have been the sole cause of his heart attack, it had "added to the certainty of his death". Yesterday Mr Norton's widow Linda, 56, said: "The whole family is still very distressed and this just makes it worse.

    "I was in court today and I am devastated by the decision. They got off on a legal technicality. "Even though we know how it all happened and none of that is disputed, the defence said the court cannot prove those boys were directly responsible for my husband's death because he had heart problems. "They are now out, before Christmas, which is so upsetting for all of us."

    The five boys, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were present throughout the appeal hearing and sat at the front of the court. One clasped his hands in a gesture of prayer as the decision was announced.

    Lord Arse Tunneller Gage said the Appeal Court would give its reasons for quashing the manslaughter convictions at a later date.


    I hope Arse Tunneller Gage dies screaming of some slow pernicious intractable brain eating disease.

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    Thursday, 13 December 2007

    Australia Calling

    Reported by Derrick MacThomas

    Tax for life on babies proposed

    A Perth professor of medicine has proposed that the government levy a carbon tax of $5,000 on babies at birth and then $800 a year for the rest of their lives; and that carbon credits be given for couples who are sterilised.

    The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
    Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

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    Wednesday, 12 December 2007

    Putin warns of ‘First Strike’ Against US Forces over Kosovo

    December 12, 2007
    Putin Orders ‘First Strike’ Against US Forces Over Kosovo

    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

    In reading the latest Military and Intelligence reports circulating in the Kremlin today one cannot help but have the feeling that our World has entered into a Time Warp and instead of this being 2007, we have been plunged back 93 years to 1914.

    In 1914, after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the Austro-Hungarian Empire issued an ultimatum to the Russian backed Serbian government, and who instead of bending to the Western Powers mobilized for war.

    The resulting aftermath of the First World War left over 40 million dead with an additional 50 million human beings killed by the Spanish Flu Epidemic spread around the World by Western military forces returning from war in 1918.

    Here in 2007, we, again, have the spectre of World War looming over us as Serbia, once again backed by Russia, is mobilizing for war due to the Western Powers intention to acknowledge the independence of the Serbian province of Kosovo, and which Russia has vowed will not be allowed to stand.

    This is coupled with China announcing the possible beginning of human-to-human Bird Flu transmission and Russia reporting another outbreak of this deadly disease and which the World Health Organization has warned will turn into a catastrophic pandemic.

    In response to the latest war provocations by the Western Powers, President Putin today ordered the ‘official’ ending of the arms control treaty with the NATO Nations. Putin has further ordered Russia’s Naval Forces back on World-Wide patrol status, with particular focus being on the Russian Navy’s ability to confront NATO Forces in the Mediterranean Sea, and which controls the sea access to the Balkans.

    Particular ominous in these new reports is that Putin has reportedly ordered Russian Military Forces to ‘First Strike’ capability against any NATO force that may seek to block Russia’s sea access to the Balkans and relief to the Serbs upon the outbreak of war.

    Though being kept from the American people themselves, and as the former Soviet Leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, has warned, the United States Military Leaders aggressive moves in the Balkans and the Middle East are designed to confront Russia, and not Iran as these peoples are being led to believe.

    It is more than a coincidence, too, that the United States is, once again, leading the World towards another depression by their insane monetary polices as they did in the aftermath of the World War I and which led to the Great Depression.

    World War, Catastrophic Flu Pandemic and World Economic Collapse have long been the Western Powers ‘master plan’ goal to accelerate their main objective of One World Government upon our World, and which only Russia and China have the ability to prevent.

    What is most extraordinary about the horrific plans of the Western Powers against our human race, however, is not their stated goals, but that so many of the Western peoples still fail to see that their lives are about to be destroyed, exactly like those of their ancestors from last century.

    As the American people alone face the crushing burdens of accelerating oil prices, the collapse of their stock market, the World-Wide collapse of the US dollar, and the catastrophic collapse of their housing market, it is, perhaps, instructive for them to know what their War Leaders know, and which is:

    “2,000 years ago the Roman Empire collapsed due to its trade deficit rising to 3% of its total economy.

    Fifty years ago, Brazil had a massive trade deficit, which were critical to its decline – the currency was battered over and over again.

    Eight years ago, the tiger economies of Asia were plunged into a currency crisis, due to big domestic and over-reliance on foreign capital.

    And yet the US economy continues to flaunt history and economics. At 6.4% of GDP (US$58.9bil), US trade deficits are perilous and significantly exceed those of Rome, Brazil or any Asian country one decade ago.”

    There is more than an ice storm that has paralyzed the people of the United States today, there is a ‘storm of ice’ that covers their minds and is leading them in their ignorance to an abyss from which they cannot possibly survive as a Nation…but which has been the plan of their War Leaders all along.

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    Monday, 10 December 2007

    For shits, giggles and jolly japes.

    Mirth and merriment guaranteed for all the family this Christmas.


    One pack of party poppers.

    One bag of pork scratchings.


  • Take one party popper and carefully remove the cardboard closure at the top and empty out the streamers.

  • Crush one pack of Mr Porky pork scratchings or similar (not pork crunch it just goes to powder and is useless for this project).

  • Fill party popper with crushed pork scratchings and carefully replace the cardboard closure.

  • Repeat until you have an sufficient arsenal of pork launching ordnance.

  • A little imagination.................

    Have fun.

    Pip pip
  • Sunday, 9 December 2007

    Quite simply.....

    Nick Griffin' finest speech..

    Party Chairman Nick Griffin, bringing the British National Party's third Annual Conference to a close with the most rousing speech I have ever heard from any Nationalist leader.

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    Soldier from The Yorkshire Regiment killed in Afghanistan

    Breaking News:

    It is with deep regret that the Ministry of Defence must confirm that a soldier serving with 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment has been killed today, Saturday 8th December.

    The soldier died during operations in southern Afghanistan.

    The soldier's next of kin have been informed and have requested a period of grace before further details are released.

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    Thursday, 6 December 2007

    Remembering Willie Martin

    Some of us are especially thinking of Watchman Willie on this day, who left us four years ago today -- far too soon...

    A message from Willie Martin:

    "I am a Watchman in the House of Israel, which I believe to be America and the other so-called Christian nations of the West. So my message is to them and not to any other race or people on earth; for they would never understand what is being presented anyway, but our people will understand it, however some will reject it...As it becomes known that the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic peoples are Israel in the world today, each person who receives this knowledge will not be held guiltless if he/she fails to warn those whom they can of their accountability under the everlasting Abrahamic Covenant and the penalties for the Nation's failure to obey God's laws. Through the Prophet Ezekiel, the Lord has conferred the title of "watchman" upon all those to whom He has revealed Himself as the Holy One in the midst of His people Israel...Those to whom the Lord has disclosed His great plan have the inescapable duty to warn, even though their words are countered with indifference, hostility or ridicule...Who are these watchmen in Israel today? They are all those who understand the Gospel of the Kingdom and are aware of the identity of the people of the Kingdom. They are therefore in a position to recognize the enemies of the Kingdom of God...This is a call to national repentance and the restoration of the administration of the Law of the Lord. If, as watchmen in Israel, we fail to warn the people of the need of observing the commandments, statutes and judgments of the Lord, we shall be held guilty for negligence in our duty. But the warning is not national alone; it extends to individuals as well, and the promise is:

    "If the wicked turn from his wickedness, and do that which is lawful and right, he shall live thereby." (Ezekiel 33:19)

    ...The final terrible war, of which the few true watchmen have been warning us, is rapidly approaching. The people have been deceived into ignoring it. This only brings it upon us more quickly and certainly. The people have preferred to believe a pleasant lie, rather than the stern truth. Therefore, for those who were deceived, the disaster will truly be the fruit of their thoughts. People have ignored the True Watchmen, and followed deceivers into violations of Yahweh's laws...The watchman's task is a bitter and thankless one; but WHEN THE ELECT HEAR AND GIVE HEED, THEN IT IS WORTH THE TROUBLE AND SORROW.

    ...As watchmen of Israel we must proclaim Yahweh's requirements to the individual and the nations: repentance and salvation for every Israelite through Yahshua, national repentance and redemption from all national troubles through Yahshua our Redeemer and King. The personal responsibility of the watchman is great. Only by warning Israel can her watchmen escape the penalty of blood guiltiness for those who are suffering and dying because of continued violation of Yahweh's laws. Let the watchmen of the House of Israel proclaim the way of life and blessing, and may our nation awaken to the call and restore His administration that it may be well with us and with our children."

    Willie Martin archives.

    Elect Reference Library

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    Wednesday, 5 December 2007

    Australia Calling

    Reported by Derrick MacThomas

    Non white gang attacking Hospital visitors

    A gang of African negroes is preying upon visitors to a children's hospital in Melbourne, waiting in the darkness to bash and rob them. Multiculturalism: are you feeling enriched yet?

    The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
    Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

    Pip pip

    This cuntry is doomed......

    Hello hello this is bzzz crackle fizz Zorg calling pop crackle hisss planet Zargon fizz pop brrrr.You'll never guess hummm shhssss crackle pop bang whats going on here fizzzz screeccch buzzzz.

    Stressed and over worked nurses in Britain's hospitals have been given a new, five-times-daily task - that of turning the beds of Muslim patients towards Mecca.

    As well as turning the beds five times each day, the nurses must provide fresh water for washing. The new move has created "turmoil" among staff at the Mid-Yorkshire NHS Trust, but Trust bosses say it must be instigated to ensure that Muslims have a comfortable stay in hospital.

    The cost of training the nurses to comply with Islamic practice will be met, as usual, by the taxpayer. At the moment, the Dewsbury and District Hospital is the only one implementing the idea, but others are expected to follow in the new year.

    Last year, some hospitals introduced burka-style gowns to be worn by patients in surgery so that medical staff could not see their face as they operated on them or cared for them.

    Many people have criticised the new scheme, saying that the regular moving around of beds caused disruption for non-Muslim patients. Dewsbury has a large Islamic population (it was also the home of 7th July terrorist Mohammed Siddique Khan) and the local hospital has been in consultation with Muslims to see how the service could be adapted to suit them. Another suggestion was that Muslim women only be seen by female doctors. Muslims have told the hospital that a more informed understanding of Islam would improve the service offered by the NHS staff. If the NHS has so much money to spend on such training, then it should also have the money needed to combat superbugs and provide treatment to those who are denied life-saving cancer drugs.

    And would a hospital in a Muslim country go so much out of its way to accommodate the needs and wishes of Christian patients?


    Pip pip

    Sunday, 2 December 2007

    Staatssicherheit (Stasi) in North Wales

    COPS armed with semi-automatic weapons are to mingle with Christmas shoppers in busy high streets and precincts across North Wales.

    Officers carrying MP5's are being brought in to patrol shopping centres including Parc Llandudno and outside the Asda store opposite, and Broughton Retail Park.

    One prospective Conwy councillor last night accused police of “bully-boy tactics” and raised fears the armed officers could intimidate shoppers and drive away tourists.

    Tory candidate for Llandudno Felicity Elphick said she was also concerned about a major incident being sparked if officers ever had to fire their weapons.

    But North Wales police says the aim is to crack down on professional criminals travelling over the border from Merseyside and Cheshire to steal shops’ Christmas takings.

    Officers will follow intelligence leads to help prevent cash-in-transit robberies, and hi-jacks of HGVs.

    The force was last night keeping the names of shopping areas included in operation Fortress patrols under wraps.

    But the first teams of armed officers have already been spotted outside Asda in Llandudno, and the supermarket last night revealed patrols included nearby Parc Llandudno.

    Bosses at Broughton Retail Park in Flintshire, which has also signed up to the scheme, last night welcomed efforts to prevent a “gun culture” spreading to North Wales.

    The month-long operation – described by cops as creating a “border fortress” is being run with police in Merseyside and Cheshire.

    Roadblocks will be set up on some roads to halt crooks in their tracks.

    Broughton Retail Park manager Colin Gilligan said armed gangs would see takings from North Wales retailers during the “golden quarter” from October to December, as ‘easy pickings’.

    He said: “The message is: ‘Don’t bother coming here because we’re prepared’. ”

    But Ms Elphick who is set to contest the Penrhyn Ward seat for Conwy in May, said: “I want to make public my total horror and shock at walking into Asda Llandudno to be greeted by two ‘Storm Troopers’ carrying what looked like machine guns.

    A spokeswoman for North Wales Police said: “Much of the activity will be centred around disrupting those intent on carrying out cash-in-transit robberies and crimes involving HGVs.”

    David Powell: Daily Post

    What the hell is this country coming too?.

    Pip pip

    Friday, 30 November 2007

    Behead those with teddies

    Muslim groids going ape over Mo' da Bear.

    As if these cave dwelling Neanderthals
    can tell us anything about anything....

    Gimme a fucking break.

    Pip pip

    Wednesday, 28 November 2007

    Australia Calling

    Reported by Derrick MacThomas

    Over half of Australians are congenitally stupid.

    On Saturday 55 per cent of the Australian public voted for the Fabian Socialist Labor Party and its leader Kevin Rudd, who is married to a Jew, whose daughter is married to a Chinese and whose brother is married to a negro.

    The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
    Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

    Pip pip

    Preview: Britain in the near future.

    French cities are enjoying the dubious benefits of ethnic and cultural enrichment as riots continue following the death of two North African youths in a police chase.

    Tuesday evening saw a third night of rioting in the Paris suburb of Villiers-le-Bel with hundreds who have attacked police with stones, petrol bombs and in some cases guns, over the past two nights.

    The violence spread to five nearby areas on Monday night and the southern town of Toulouse was hit last night.

    The violence appears to have been ignited by the death of teenage motorcyclists, Moushn, 15, and Larami, 16, who were not wearing crash helmets and were riding a bike not registered for use on the road, had failed to respect a police car's right of way.

    More than a hundred policemen have been injured since Sunday and one was hit in the shoulder by a bullet from a hunting rifle that sliced through his flak jacket.

    Patrice Ribeiro, of the Synergie police union, said "genuine urban guerrillas with conventional weapons and hunting weapons" were among the rioters.

    "Our colleagues will not allow themselves to be fired upon indefinitely without responding," he said. "We are coming close to a catastrophe with the use of firearms," said UNSA, another police union.

    Organised gangs

    Who is to blame for the riots? There are reports that the young people of North African (Muslim) origin are highly organised and that their local community leaders, often doubling up as imams are helping prepare their shock troops for an escalation of disturbances.

    In the centre of Villiers-le-Bel yesterday a group of heavily armed police guarded the town hall.

    "This is far worse than 2005," said Christophe, a 30-year-old anti-riot policeman, who stood in full battle dress, including bullet-proof vest and tear-gas canisters.

    "Last time they wanted to burn cars and buildings. Now they are after us," he said.

    Youths were well organised, with small, mobile groups running rings around the police, said Christophe.

    "Last night we went into an estate to stop a fire from a car spreading to a building and were quickly surrounded.
    "We literally couldn't get out until reinforcements arrived," he said.

    Multiculti disaster

    The violence is a disastrous result of France’s multicultural experiment which has seen the deliberate import of millions of culturally and ethnically inassimilable Muslims from North and West Africa and it is the liberal-leftists who, just like their counterparts in the UK, Netherlands and Scandinavia, have penetrated the media, education system and the criminal justice systems are the guilty.

    Jean Marie Le Pen, president of the Front National speaking in a discussion at Matignon about the current institutional reforms.

    “When these populations mobilize, for whatever reason, they create a public security problem and bear a heavy burden, a burden which will become progressively heavier in proportion, the like of which I deplore, when immigrants become more numerous in our country.”

    “There is a foreign over population in our suburbs and there is a shortage of work with the result that too many people have the facility to amble, to play about on motor bikes, or such vehicles, and more often than not in stolen cars.”

    "This creates problems and will create more and more unhappiness, as long as no one will have touched upon the fundamental question of, who are the immigrants in France?”

    As Le Pen said when he lost the French Presidential elections, "The French must like the riots as they continue to vote for people that won't actually do anything about it."

    Source at BNP news.

    Pip pip

    Tuesday, 27 November 2007

    You won't get him he's part of the Union

    Not only was the appearance of Nick Griffin and David Irving at the Oxford Union a good day for free speech, free expression, our Nation and our Constitutional Monarchy it was a good day for academia as well. All that was truly needed was for someone to roll up the back of a three tonner and machine gun the unwashed hordes of marxist scum outside to death as would have happened when we still had a militia to enforce the rule of law, to have made it a truly Great day for our country.

    (I refuse to use the term democracy since this country is not nor has it ever been a democracy, it is an Constitutional Monarchy. Democracy is a fraud. Demo cracy means Mob Rule. Democracy is but another word for socialism.)

    When you reach the point where you have gangs of aliens misfits and perverts rioting and telling you what is and what is not acceptable in your own country and what can or cannot be debated in your academic institutions you have reached the point whereby you must start making harsh examples of these outlaws.

    Wake the Fuck up Englishman !!.

    Pip pip

    Monday, 26 November 2007

    Muhammad the teddy teacher arrested

    A British schoolteacher has been arrested in Sudan accused of insulting Islam's Prophet, after she allowed her pupils to name a teddy bear Muhammad.

    Colleagues of Gillian Gibbons, 54, from Liverpool, said she made an "innocent mistake" by letting the six and seven-year-olds choose the name. Ms Gibbons was arrested after several parents made complaints.

    A spokesman from the British Embassy in Sudan's capital, Khartoum, said it was unclear whether she had been charged. Embassy officials are expected to visit Ms Gibbons in custody later.

    "We are in contact with the authorities here and they have visited the teacher and she is in a good condition," an embassy spokesman said. The spokesman said the naming of the teddy happened months ago and was chosen by the children because it is a common name in the country. "This happened in September and the parents did not have a problem with it," he said.

    Fellow teachers at Khartoum's Unity High School told Reuters news agency they feared for Ms Gibbons' safety after receiving reports that men had started gathering outside the police station where she was being held. The school's director, Robert Boulos, said: "This is a very sensitive issue. We are very worried about her safety.

    "This was a completely innocent mistake. Miss Gibbons would have never wanted to insult Islam." Mr Boulos said Ms Gibbons was following a British national curriculum course designed to teach young pupils about animals and this year's topic was the bear. Ms Gibbons, who joined the school in August, asked a seven-year-old girl to bring in her teddy bear and asked the class to pick names for it, he said.

    Mr Boulos said each child was then allowed to take the bear home at weekends and told to write a diary about what they did with it. He said the children's entries were collected in a book with a picture of the bear on the cover and a message which read, "My name is Muhammad." The bear itself was not marked or labelled with the name in any way, he added. It is seen as an insult to Islam to attempt to make an image of the paedophile Prophet.

    He said police had seized the book and asked to interview the girl who owned the bear. The country's state-controlled Sudanese Media Centre reported that charges were being prepared "under article 125 of the criminal law" which covers insults against faith and religion.

    One Muslim teacher at the independent school for Christian and Muslim children, who has a child in Ms Gibbons' class, said she had not found the project offensive. "I know Gillian and she would never have meant it as an insult. I was just impressed that she got them to vote," the teacher said.

    In Liverpool, a family spokeswoman said Ms Gibbons' grown children, John and Jessica - both believed to be in their 20s - were not commenting on her arrest. The BBC's correspondent Amber Henshaw said Ms Gibbons' punishment could be up to six months in jail, 40 lashes or a fine.


    Pip pip

    Saturday, 24 November 2007

    Enricher's busted in drug swoop

    POLICE have made 21 arrests in a series of dawn raids targeting drug dealing.

    Officers recovered heroin and cannabis as well as a range of suspected stolen goods including 100 mobile phones from homes across Heywood.

    The raids, codenamed Operation Bluebeard, started at 6am on Tuesday when officers went to four addresses and continued early today. They were the culmination of several months of surveillance by officers targeting class A drug dealers in Heywood.

    Other goods recovered and thought to be stolen included televisions and electrical items. Shotgun ammunition was also found and three cars seized.

    Seven men and two women, whose addresses are in Heywood, Rochdale and Longsight, are all due to appear at Rochdale Magistrates Court today (Wednesday) charged with offences relating to the supply and possession of Class A drugs.

    All the suspects were arrested under the Misuse of Drugs Act for offences relating to the possession and supply of Class A drugs.

    During the raids, 100 mobile phones were seized, along with two cars and a quantity of drugs.

    Detective Chief Inspector Jeff McMahon said: "I am really pleased with today's result, and I hope that it sends a clear message to those intent on plaguing their communities with drug abuse and criminal behaviour that we will not tolerate this.

    "We intend to continue our efforts to target those who deal drugs and bring misery to their neighbours. We would urge anyone who has any information or suspicions about people dealing drugs in their area to get in touch with us. Today's action shows that we treat this activity very seriously, and will act on any intelligence we have to rid our communities of this kind of crime."

    The following people are among those who appeared before magistrates earlier today charged with drugs offences:

    * Rashid Hussain, aged 20, of Trafalgar St, Wardleworth
    * Imad Ulhaque, aged 18, of Yarwell, Falinge
    * Amir Javid, aged 18, of Good Shepherd Close, Wardleworth
    * Mustapha Khan, aged 28, of Whitely Road, Firgrove
    * Mohammed Aleem, aged 25, of Durham Street, Deeplish
    * Kamram Zafar, aged 20, of High Barn Close, Merefield

    Up against the wall with 'em. READYAIMFIRE !!!!

    Pip pip

    Paki cab driver robs fare.

    A PRIVATE hire cab passenger was beaten and robbed by the driver and another man after telling them he couldn't pay his fare.

    The man got into the dark blue diesel saloon in Manchester after a night-out.

    After admitting he didn't have enough money, the victim was driven to a cashpoint in Insall Road, Warrington, where he was kicked and punched in the head and body and robbed.

    The two men took two Manchester United season tickets, cash and credit cards.

    The victim had injuries to his face and hands.

    The Asian driver was in his early 40s, with black receding hair and of medium build.

    The front-seat passenger, also Asian, had black spiky hair, 5ft 9in, of slim build and was about 30.

    Anyone with information should contact Dc Ian Hampson at Warrington Specialist Investigation Unit on 01244 613831 or Crimestoppers 0800 555111.

    Feeling enriched yet?.

    Pip pip

    Another Oldham child raped by Islamist

    A man has been charged following the rape of a 12-year-old girl in Oldham.

    Shakeel Afzal, aged 32 of Foster Street, Oldham was charged with rape.

    He appeared at Oldham Magistrates Court and was remanded in custody.

    Greater Manchester Police works in partnership with Oldham Council and Oldham Primary Care Trust to combat the issue of child exploitation in the borough.

    A team, known as Messenger, has been set up to work in partnership with children's charity Barnardo's to identify children who are potentially at risk from abuse and formulate a strategy aimed at helping these individuals. However the strategy will not involve rounding up and deporting the perpetrators to whom this kind of evil is a cultural norm. I mean, we wouldn't want to offend anyone, would we?.

    Lynching is the only answer.

    Pip pip

    Thieving bastard keeps council seat !!!!

    Thieving cunt Salamat.

    AN Oldham councillor who was found guilty of benefit fraud has kept his position on the local authority.

    Labour’s councillor Aqeel Salamat was convicted last week of falsely claiming council tax benefits.

    Oldham Magistrates’ Court heard how he failed to notify the council – which he represents – that he worked as a taxi driver while picking up benefits.

    But despite the conviction, the 34-year-old remains the Labour representative for St Mary’s ward. He has also retained his position as a ‘community champion’ on St Mary’s Community Council – a position which pays a ‘special allowance’.

    Liberal Democrat leader, Cllr Howard Sykes, said he could not understand why Salamat had not been sacked.

    He said: "There is a whole issue of confidence and integrity here. I can tell you one thing, if he was with the Lib Dems he wouldn’t be on my council."

    The offences took place between July, 2004, and January, 2005, when Cllr Salamat sat on the council as a Liberal Democrat. When the allegations came to light the party suspended him and reported him to the Standards Board for England, but an inquiry yielded insufficient evidence to have him removed.

    Salamat then became an independent candidate in St Mary’s. He was re-elected in 2006 but switched his allegiance to the Labour party following the May, 2007, election. Labour had needed one more seat for an overall majority and the move effectively put his new party in control.

    Cllr Sykes described the switch as Labour’s "thinly disguised, grubby, distasteful and desperate manoeuvre to keep control of the council".

    Last week Cllr Salamat was fined £1,000 by magistrates, ordered to pay £500 in costs and £295 back to the council.

    He said he had made a "mistake" and added that he was looking forward to carrying on in his post.

    He said: "My wife had been ill at this time and I was looking after my three children. I accept that I may not have given ‘prompt notification of a change to my circumstances’ which affected my entitlement to council tax benefit.

    "I can’t understand why they had to take me to court at considerable expense to the council tax payer when I had offered to pay back any overpayment.

    "I hope I can now put this behind me and concentrate on my work for the local community."

    Oldham Labour party has not made any comment.

    No I bet they fucking haven't....

    Pip pip

    Thursday, 22 November 2007

    Russia backs Serbia over Kosovo

    MOSCOW: Russia emphasized support for its traditional ally Serbia in the standoff over Kosovo on Thursday, warning the West against encouraging the province’s Albanian majority to declare independence and stressing that talks should continue if no agreement is reached by a looming deadline.

    “There must be no predetermined solutions or artificial time limits,” Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said after talks with his Serbian counterpart, Vuk Jeremic.

    The issue of Kosovo’s future status has become one of the main irritants in the increasingly chilly relations between a newly assertive Moscow and the West. Russia, with the threat of a U.N. Security Council veto, helped Serbia scuttle efforts earlier this year to adopt a Western-backed plan granting Kosovo internationally supervised independence.

    Mediators from the European Union, Russia and the United States are racing to narrow the gap between Serbia and Kosovo’s leadership before a Dec. 10 deadline for reporting back to the U.N. secretary-general. Kosovo is threatening to declare independence unilaterally if no deal is reached by then. Lavrov suggested that could spark unrest and encourage separatist movements in other regions, including former Soviet republics.

    “It’s necessary to avoid any steps which would create undesirable, illegal precedents undermining stability in the Balkans and elsewhere,” he said. He also emphasized Russia’s insistence that internationally sponsored talks between Serbia and Kosovo’s leadership should continue if they fail to reach a mutually acceptable agreement by Dec. 10. If no deal is reached, “that doesn’t mean the work is over. It only means that the time given to (the EU, U.S. and Russia) to offer solutions through direct talks between the parties is over,” he said.

    “In any case, the Kosovo issue must be decided by the U.N. Security Council,” he added, warning Western nations against recognizing Kosovo’s independence outside the organization. Jeremic echoed Lavrov, saying that “the most important thing is to find a solution, not meet the deadline.”

    He said that Belgrade is prepared to make compromises but draws the line at independence for Kosovo. “Serbia is ready to take any steps forward that would not jeopardize its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Jeremic said. “We are ready to offer a broad choice of models of substantial autonomy.” Belgrade has previously proposed granting Kosovo a high degree of autonomy, but Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians have rejected the offers.

    While Kosovo remains a province of Serbia, it has been under U.N. and NATO administration since a NATO-led air war that halted a Serb crackdown on ethnic Albanian separatists in 1999.

    Russia has repeatedly warned that a Western blessing for Kosovo’s independence would bolster separatist leaders in other regions - references to pro-Russian breakaway regions in the former Soviet republics of Georgia and Moldova, whose governments have close ties with the EU and the United States.

    Pip pip

    NATO plans to seize northern Kosovo

    The move would come in case Kosovo declares its independence unliaterally after talks on its future end next month, Balkan Insight reported on its website.

    The action would be aimed at preventing Serb-run areas from joining Serbia, an international diplomat told the online publication Monday. The UN police and the NATO-led KFOR peacekeepers are “are planning to take over Serb-run Kosovo police stations” in the ethnically-divided city of Kosovska Mitrovica, the neighboring municipality of Zvečan and the towns of Zubin Potok and Leposavić, the Belgrade-based diplomat said on condition of anonymity.

    “KFOR will also gradually seal the border between Kosovo’s north and Serbia. After completing that action, KFOR will mount a series of raids aimed at discovering weapons caches in Serb communities and at arresting potential troublemakers,” the source said.

    Referring to the planned moves, the diplomat said that that “through this action, KFOR will also send a message to Serbia’s leadership to stay out of meddling in Kosovo’s affairs.” The diplomat added that “the Serbian military and police will get a clear message not even to think about moving forces closer to the Kosovo border.”

    Asked by Balkan Insight if he could confirm the report, Alexander Ivanko, spokesperson for the UN administration in Kosovo, UNMIK, said that his organization was “doing some planning for the repositioning of UNMIK in the north”.

    “However, we cannot talk about our plans”, Ivanko said.

    Meanwhile, an officer with KFOR confirmed to Balkan Insight that that peacekeepers were planning to carry out raids to discover weapons held illegally by members of the public, and that they will try to highlight those considered “troublemakers” in the north.

    However, he did not comment on the reported plans to take over Serb-run police stations or tighten border security. According to the diplomatic source, UNMIK and KFOR believe that “the pacification of northern Kosovo will also serve as a warning to Serbia not to try to flex its muscles” in Serbia’s southern, predominantly Albanian municipalities along the boundary with Macedonia and Kosovo.

    The Balkan Insight report refers to the Preševo Valley region, where Albanians launched attacks on Serbian police and civilians which “ended in 2001 with a NATO-brokered peace deal that secured the rebels’ disarmament and their integration into society.”

    Defense Minister Dragan Šutanovac recently pledged swift action in case of a spill-over of potential violence from Kosovo or from Macedonia where police and armed Albanians clashed earlier this month.


    Pip pip

    Wednesday, 21 November 2007

    The Koran and the Talmud

    Not being one to duck controversy or skip a lively debate, I have drawn upon an Identity article by Brother Darren Howard over at UCOY blog in order to illustrate why we should not turn our attention away from one issue and focus entirely upon another. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend, of that there is no doubt but it behooves us not to forget that our present predicament is not without substantive cause. There are key elements at work, like symbiotic pernicious pathogens necrotizing the very body of white western European civilization. Judaism, Islam and Jewdeo christianity. One is the disease the others merely symptoms. Make up your own mind which is most or least inimical to our interests. How many have actually read the Koran, the Talmud or even the Bible beyond the same parroted misquoted extracontextual media paste jobs to a level which qualifies them to make informative commentary. I tell you it's all smoke and mirrors.

    The Koran and the Talmud by Brother Darren Howard:

    There is and has been for some time, an agenda which seeks to align Christendom with with the vilest of those who genuinely despise us and our Messiah, while simultaneously putting us at odds with those who, while not worshiping Christ, do at least revere Him and are sympathetic to our beliefs. The majority of jewdeo christianity has been so dupped and manipulated that no one truly knows who exactly teaches what concerning our Savior.

    The world view of most "christians" is shaped not by diligent study but by the media, which quite frankly in this day and time includes the so-called " church". For many, many years, movies and television have portrayed those of the muslim faith in a constantly growing negative light and as being complete hatred against our faith. Meanwhile those same media entities portray jews in a glowing benevolent aura, lovable and our best friends.

    DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND WHAT I AM SAYING! I am in no way attempting to portray muslims as worshippers of Jesus Christ. They do not worship Him. However, I am also not going to villanize them through misrepresenting the facts. I believe in Yahoshua the Messiah, that He is Yahweh in the flesh, and I DO NOT promote any religion which doesn't. But the sad fact is, events on the world stage are much more complicated than they are represented. Christian bookstores are filled with lies, falsehoods and downright heresies because authors and ministers are not identifying who the real enemies of the world are.

    Now to properly do this, we have to look at the basis for each belief. The basis for belief in Islam is the Koran. Obviously many muslims interpret the Koran in different ways. Not to mention other writings that have crept into their religion.However, we are looking at the Koran, the central core of muslim belief.

    At the same time, the core of jewish faith is the Babylonian Talmud. While jews often hold up the Torah as their core, this just isn't true. The Babylonian Talmud is. According to their teaching, Moses came down from Mt. Horeb with 2 laws; the written law and the oral law. Now understand this wasn't taught until after a remnant of Judah, Benjamin and Levi returned from Babylonian Captivity, along with some non-Israelites. Some of these brought back the beginnings of this oral tradition story.

    By the time Christ was on the earth and the geographical area of Judea, which was ruled by a non-Israelite [ Herod, an Edomite or Idumean], and the temple worship having been taken over by these same Idumeans, this oral tradition was called the traditions of the elders.. A few hundred years after the destruction of Jeruselem, the oral tradition was finally written down into what is now called the Babylonian Talmud. The Talmud is what guides jewish thought and has for thousands of years now. This is what we will be examining.

    Now let's look at what both teachings have to say about Mary, the mother of Jesus.


    Surah III verses 45-47:"And remember when the angels said: O Mary! Lo! Allah giveth thee glad tidings of a word from Him whose name is the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, illustrious in the word and the hereafter and one of those brought near unto Allah...And she said: My Lord! How can I have a child when no mortal hath touched me? He said: So it will be! Allah createth what He will. If He decree a thing He saith unto it, Be! and it is!

    Surah XIX vs. 20-21: "How can I have a son when no mortal hath touched me, neither hath I been unchaste?...And it will be that we make of him a revelation and a mercy from us."

    In fact the whole of Surah XIX is called " Mary" and is an account of Christs' birth, which is attributed to Divine creation. So obviously, according to the Koran, Mary was a chaste pure woman, given a son from Allah himself.


    Kallah,1 b[18b]: "...The day I was married I was having menstruation, and because of this my husband left me. But an evil spirit came and lay with me and from this intercourse a son was born to me." This narrative also appears in the narrative "Todath Jeschu-The Generations of Jesus."
    Sanhedrin 67a: Mary is called Strada, a prostitute who leaves her husband and commits adultery.

    Sanhedrin 106a-b:"...She who played the harlot with carpenters."
    Wow! Christ could have been the offspring of evil spirits or one of several different fathers, conceived during menstruation? So what about Christ Himself?
    Koran. Surah II v. 62:" and we gave unto Jesus, son of Mary, clear proofs of Allah's sovereignty and we supported him with the holy spirit."
    :v111" We believe in Allah and that which is revealed unto us, and that which was revealed unto Abraham, and Ismael, and Isaac and Jacob and the tribes and that Moses and JESUS received..."

    Surrah V vs. 110:" when Allah saith: O Jesus, son of Mary,remember my favor unto thee and unto thy mother, how I strengthened thee with the holy spirit.."
    Surrah XLII vs. 63:" When Jesus came with clear proofs of Allah's soverignty, he said: I have come unto thee with wisdom."

    Surrah LVII vs. 27:" and we caused Jesus son of Mary to follow, and gave him the gospel and placed compassion and mercy in the hearts of his followers." And also concerning Christs death and resurection it is written Surrah IV vs. 157: And because of their saying ; we slew the Messiah Jesus son of Mary... They have no knowledge thereof save pursuit of a conjecture...But Allah took him up unto Himself...and on the Dar of Resurection he will be a witness against them."

    Wonder What the Talmud Says?

    I'm not going to quote some of this because its just disgusting but in brief Sanhedrin 105a and Exhs 106-7: Jesus committed beastiality with his donkey, corrupted the people and is burned in hell.

    Sanhedrin 107b, Eyh 117 and Jewish Encyclopedia Exh 277: Jesus attempts to seduce a woman, is excommunicated by a rabbi and then worships a brick, was a seducer of Israel and practiced magic.

    Beth Jacobh 127a.. " The Magi, before thy left Egypt, took special care not to put them in writing best other peoples might come to learn it. But he devised a new way by which he inscribed it on his skin or made cuts in his skin and inserted it there..." As you can guess Jesus' resurrection is a non-issue, So what does the Talmud teach happened?
    First of all the Talmud teaches that Christ received not one but five deaths; He was stoned then crucified (Sanhedrin 43a-45b, Exds. 46, 48 Sanh. 67a Exh. 75); Lowered into dung up to his armpits then strangled until a lit wick was shoved down his throat so his bowels were burned and then had molten lead poured into his mouth. Sanhedrin 52a 106b Exh 52 151 274 114 Yebamoth 6b; After all this his eternity is to be boiled in hot excrement or semen, Gittin 57a Exh 202

    This is sick people. So now that we know how our Savior is viewed by the Koran and the Talmud, how are we the followers of Christ viewed?


    Surah II : 62 " and those who are Jews and christians and Sabeans - Whoever believes in Allah and The last day and doth right- Surely their reward is with their Lord and there shall no fear come upon them..."

    Surah V: 82 : " And thou wilt find the nearest of them in affection to those who believe ( Muslims)...Who say! Lo! We are Christians... " ( IN other words devout Christians are considered to be closest to muslims in morality)

    And now, a word from the Talmud.

    Abodah Zacah (26b): Heretics, traitors and apostates are to be thrown into a well and not rescued.

    Iore Dea (158,1) The Akum (Christians) are not to be cured, even for money, unless it would incure their enmity.

    Zohar (I, 131a ) " Idolatrous people (Christians) however since they exist befoul the world, because their souls came out of the unclean side.

    Eben Haezer (44,8) : If a jew enters into a marriage with an Akum ( Christian) ...the marriage is null. For they are not capable of entering into matrimony."
    Iore Dea (198,48) Hazah: When jewish women come out of a bath, they must take care to meet a friend first, and not something unclean on a christian. For if so a woman if she wants to keep holy, should go back and bathe again."

    Peruseh 28c: And be it known that Christian people who follow Jesus, although their teachings vary, are all worshippers of idols. ( Abhodah Zarak)."
    There is so much more, but it only gets sicker and more disgusting as you study it. So after just this brief study it.

    Don't you find it odd how Koranic muslims are at the point of Christendom's spear, while Christ and christianity hating Jews and Israelis are considered some kind of "brethren"?

    It is time to question why we believe what we believe.

    It is time to examine ourselves and see where we stand.

    Make every week jew muslim jewdeo christian awareness week.

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    Tuesday, 20 November 2007

    Australia Calling

    Reported by Derrick MacThomas

    Nigger gangs have Melbourne suburb in lockdown.

    Rampaging gangs of imported nigger savages have caused the Melbourne suburb of Noble Park to go into lockdown as police try to take back the streets. In Sydney, 2,000 people attended a meeting in Camden to protest against a plan to build an Islamic school.

    The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
    Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

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    Communist control of the Church

    Captain Kenneth McKilliam, was a much-respected Christian lay reader. He was also an outstanding National Front member. As a pillar of virtue, it was natural he would at times come into conflict with people who are either anti-Christian or just plain evil. Much to the irritation of a group of communists, liberals and Anti-Christ Marxists, Kenneth McKilliam had been a Lay Reader in the Church of England for thirty years. When he became the NF prospective candidate for Ashford in Kent, a local un-Godly team set, about in earnest, having the Captain silenced in church.

    The Lay Reader had for some time helped with Holy Communion at Boughton Lees Church in Kent. The Bishop of Maidstone, a man deemed to be a communist, complained at a meeting of bishops about comments on race made by Captain McKilliam. The National Front man had successfully beaten off an attempt by local Liberals to have him removed from his job as Secretary of the East Charing Deanery Church Synod. After this obvious victimization, the Captain gained much support from the local Christian community.

    However, the Marxists and their fellow-travellers had gained such a strong grip on the Church of England they were not going to let the matter drop. Captain McKilliam sent a letter to the Vicar of Ashford and the Rural Dean of East Charing in which he backed-up his opposition to multi-racialism with passages from the bible which condemned race-mixing. Answering his critics through the Kentish Express newspaper, the Captain said "I do not hate anything that God has made. But to enforce race-mixing is to me a total sin. Many modern-day clergy do not know how to interpret the Bible. They are muddled and view everything from a Marxist perspective." Nevertheless, the lay reader did lose his job, and, as if in an act of defiance against the Christian English, the communist clergy had African bongo drum players heralding the beginning of the following Lambeth Conference.

    Captain McKilliam complained that "These perfidious prelates are making themselves and the Church a laughing stock, and many of the clergy are terrified to speak out since their livelihoods are becoming more and more at the mercy of left-wing central commissars. At one time the parish priests had their glebe and gained their stipend from the parish; they could cock a snook at the bishops if they did not value preferment. Now their glebes have been taken away from them and their salaries are paid by the diocesan finance committees. This means they have to toe the line of the left-wing bishops."

    Kenneth Mc Killiam was educated in Sydney, Australia, and in 1934 went to the University of Queensland. Two years later he attended London University where he obtained an Honours degree in psychology and sociology. As a volunteer soldier, he saw service in the Somalian Military Administration, and was later attached to the East African Command HQ. After the war he spent sixteen years in Africa as an Educational and Community Development Officer. This often entailed teaching young African pupils. He was active in Church and social work and was a licensed Reader in the dioceses of Mombassa, Namirembe, Upper Nile and Canterbury. The Captain also made extensive study tours of Asia, Africa and Australia. To say that Captain McKilliam was racist, implying that he didn't like people from other races, was plainly stupid. Just like any true nationalist he did not want to see his own race, or any other race for that matter, disappear through an artificial, programme of forced race-mixing by communists.


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    Monday, 19 November 2007

    Death of the small business

    Another way in which Parliament has helped damage the traditional British way of life is by aiding large corporate retailers like Sainsbury`s, Tesco`s, Dixons and Marks & Spencers to monopolise the retail industry. It therefore comes as no surprise to find that the heads of each of these companies have held influential positions within both Labour and Conservative governments. The attitudes of these organisations was summed up by an American, who claimed to have opened the very first supermarket. He said, "For instance, some foolish retailer selling shoes, would find any excuse not to sell shoe polish or boot laces. I sell everything." What this man did not understand was the Christian ethic. If a man had the wealth to own a well stocked shoe shop and trade was brisk, why should he deny a poor man from making a living selling shoe polish, laces and other sundry items?

    Insatiable greed and a maniacal obsession have driven supermarket owners to a point where they now have around eighty per cent of the retail trade. The retail giants have been helped into this position, firstly by a public who now have lifestyles that have to be carried on at a rapid pace, and by Councils who have placed irritating parking restrictions in and around the smaller high street shops. Another major boost to supermarkets came when Retail Price Maintenance was abolished. That this came at a time when Edward Heath was relying on his "think tank", led by Lord Rothschild and the four supermarket supremos mentioned in the last paragraph had a major input into government strategy seems more than just a coincidence.

    The removal of Retail Price Maintenance allowed for the first time wealthy entrepreneurs to buy in bulk and get goods cheap. As a result, they were able to undersell small retailers, sometimes selling at the same price as legitimate retailers were buying the goods in at. The removal of RPM also enabled supermarkets to sell specialised goods which were only previously available to genuine tradesmen. For instance Stanley Kalms who inherited his father's camera shop was unable to sell televisions or other brown goods because he was not in the television trade. He had no technical knowledge in that field and did not have a service department where a skilled staff could carry out repairs. Every trade was protected in this way. Only plumbers with a trade card could buy wholesale; the same applied to electricians and authorised car mechanics. This trade protection meant that many British family businesses could make a comfortable living, in turn these successful small operators were able to employ an army of self-employed gardeners, maintenance men and builders. Their extra wealth would also be spent on recreational activity, such as playing golf, sailing or restoring vintage cars. These activities also created employment. Once these family businesses were forced into liquidation, thousands of self-employed men and women were thrown on to the dole queues.

    The introduction of VAT, a Common Market tax is an imposition which has placed a greater burden, in the way of time, on small businesses and the self-employed than it does on large corporations. Anyone who is VAT registered is acting as an unpaid tax collector. VAT inspectors have greater powers than their counterparts at the Inland Revenue. The first mentioned have the right to break into premises at any time, whereas tax inspectors have to make an appointment. VAT is nothing less than robbery. Before VAT was introduced, to help the balance of payments, and to curb inessential spending, during the post-war period, purchase tax was added to a limited number of luxury items. Such items were fur coats, perfumes and cameras. When VAT was introduced covered not only items bought, but, labour costs as well. So any unfortunate person needing his car repairing now has to pay VAT on the labour as well as the parts. What a rip-off ! VAT stands of course for Value Added Tax. What value is added to the car when it is running again? None. What value has been added to an umbrella when you have bought it? Nearly a fifth of our wages are taken in the form of VAT. It really is time that the public put its foot down regarding the whole EU confidence trick and insisted that we pull out of this tyranny.

    Conservative and Labour Governments have each made life difficult for small businessmen with their ever-increasing number of petty regulations and high taxation. ( It would also seem that white businesses come in for greater scrutiny by government inspectors than those of their immigrant competitors.) New Health and Safety rules, coupled with rising costs and punitive rate increases have forced many small and mid-sized companies to close. While the demise of British businesses has taken place, Labour and Conservative governments have made a special effort to promote Asian businesses. Margaret Thatcher, sometimes wearing a blue sari, praised these Asians and attempted to recruit a good number of them into the Conservative Party. It had become clear by that time that the Tories had abandoned the British, preferring to curry favour with the new Asian entrepreneurs.

    Many Asian shopkeepers deliberately broke the law in regard to actual opening hours and produce they sold, yet these businessmen were given a free hand to do as they pleased. At the same time white businesses had massive restrictions placed on them, and with the introduction of the Race Relations Acts, many traders were too afraid to criticise Asian shopkeepers through fear of being labelled `racist`. Many white businesses ended up closing because of unfair competition from Asian retailers, as well as supermarkets. This is why you will find few white businesses left today.

    Millions of foreign workers have been enticed into Britain, where by grossly enlarging the workforce they have lowered wages, and pushed a countless number of Britons on to the dole queue. That this government is not concerned about this and cares only for illegal immigrants and asylum-seekers shows how it is their intention to bring native Britons down to the level of the poor in the third world. By making us poor and taking away our country, they are making us slaves to international finance. What anti-nationalists did to black Africans and South Americans before, they are now doing to us.

    Multi-national corporations in conjunction with the World Bank gained control over many South American countries and then immediately broke their trade links with Europe. Once in control, the money men broke up native communities and saddled them with enormous IMF loans which, after a number of years struggling to pay off the debt, has left them starving and poverty-stricken. Debt and inefficiency have led to a situation in the Third World where people will slave for next to nothing just to get by. Many Britons must feel that life for them is heading the same way. All the while, international businessmen grow rich from their suffering. This is the plan for the whole world, and this is why the world political mafia want to destroy all nations. The formation of the EU is a major stepping stone towards an oppressive world government. International corporations also donate large amounts of money to the ruling political parties. This they do in order to get their placemen elected.

    We do not choose our leaders. Voters are merely offered the choice of two individuals selected by the money lending fraternity. It makes no difference to government policy which party we pick. The only difference is the set of faces we see implementing them. George Bush was allowed to take up the Presidency, although he seemed not to have won the election. A greater power than the President obviously nodded the questionable decision through. Having seen how doggedly he has stuck to his must-have-a-war in-Iraq fanaticism, despite its unpopularity, shows how he working for the World Bank. People like George Bush, Tony Blair - and now Gordon Brown - are not really in charge of politics. Even if they were politically active for long enough, it would not be possible for politically-naive airheads like Tony Blair or Gordon Brown to devise such complex and long term strategies, required to bring about the domination of all nations. So-called leaders are simply like puppets on a string. They merely do as they are told by their string pullers. That outside influences govern `British` leader's decisions can clearly be seen in the way that the policies that are implemented, nearly always run counter to the national interest. Currently everything that Parliament does increasingly takes power away from the people, particularly in the way it continually expands free trade and globalisation. These acts of treachery have gone a long way towards destroying British businesses, both large and small.

    * It was while under guidance from Lord Rothschild, that Edward Heath signed the Treaty of Rome and took Britain into the EEC. Heath did very well financially from an act that should have seen him hung; receiving £200,000 from just one German businessman.


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    Cut off Israel

    Watching Nick Griffin' presentation to an American audience recently it soon became clear that Griffin is probably the most eloquent and forthright man to emerge in British politics for decades. Along side Tony Benn and the late Michael Foot, both sadly dyed in the wool socialists but gifted orators and principled statesmen (when it was not an oxymoron) never the less. I have even heard Nick Griffin speak highly of Benn describing him as honourable but misguided. In all it was a most interesting and enlightening speech but I did find myself thinking toward the end of the lecture that he had to some degree either lost the plot or willfully abandoned key principles of the BNP. I also earnestly wish they had cut the Q&A segment from the end. If it was half as embarrassing for Griffin as it was for me to watch it should have been shit canned from the clip. His refutation, if true, of the suggestion that the jew Rothschild banking cartel has any invlovement in political decision making showed laughable nievety.

    Perhaps it was just clever politics. I just wish he had ducked the question altogether. Thank goodness the holocaust question came at the very end and never got answered. Had I have been him I would have done a Van Morrison and slung my coat on quick and fucked off before anyone could call me back for more.

    Oddly enough though, one of the areas of contention that I found in his lecture became clearer to me as I read an article at Anti entitled Cut off Israel by Charley Reese with regard to US involvement in the Middle East and the parallel with our own woefully misguided foreign policy in the region and our blind and reckless support of the bastard state of Israeli and the consequences we now live in daily fear of. Reese stated that "It is long past time for American politicians to quit carrying water for the state of Israel and its powerful U.S. lobby. Congress' craven obedience to the (Israeli) lobby is a disgrace.

    America's strategic interests in the Middle East lie with the Arab countries. Israel is a strategic and economic liability. The U.S. government's slavish support of Israel brands us as a hypocrite and is responsible for most of the hostility toward the U.S.".

    Substitute America for Britain and Nick Griffin' whole lecture made infinite sense all of a sudden. It seems Nick Griffin has not jumped into bed with the zionists after all and that his grasp of the issue is greater than I gave him credit for. Indeed it is irrefutable that were it not for our own "craven obedience to the (Israeli) lobby" we would not be in the situation in which we now find ourselves. There is a whole raft of ideas wherein I am totally at odds with Griffin' way of thinking but as he has often said himself "you may not agree with us on everything but the BNP is the only party representative of the interests of the native British inhabitants of this land". Of course I am paraphrasing but of that fact there can be no doubt..

    You can read Charley Reece' compelling article here

    And you can watch Nick Griffin' lecture on YouTube here

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    Thursday, 15 November 2007

    Australia Calling

    Reported by Derrick MacThomas

    Immigrant gangs battle in Brisbane streets.

    Gangs of non-white immigrants are clashing in the streets of Brisbane as they battle for control of the formerly white Australian city. Welcome to another wonder of multiculturalism and multiracialism. Do you feel enriched yet?

    The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
    Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

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    Monday, 12 November 2007

    Lest we forget.

    Click for large image

    Lest we forget.

    Click for large image

    More diseases from the dark age.

    Sicknesses and morbidities that have long since passed from memory thanks to the miracle of modern medicines that only an advanced western civilization could create have returned to create a pandemic of disease and suffering on the backs of the refuse swamping our land.

    "Dozens of schoolchildren in Wiltshire are being tested for Tuberculosis after a member of staff was diagnosed with the contagious infection. Up to 76 pupils at the Harnham Junior School in Salisbury are now being offered screening for the condition.

    Public Health Protection experts have been called in to check everyone at the school and say they test results will be known early next week


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    Fuck off then Mr Singh..................

    Grotesque Sarika Singh refuses to remove her Kara, a stone age pagan religious symbol.

    A leading member of the Sikh community and a south Wales AM have spoken in support of a 14-year-old excluded from school for wearing a religious bangle.

    Sarika Singh has been temporarily excluded after Aberdare Girls School said her bangle or Kara broke its code of conduct, aimed at ensuring equality.

    The secretary of Sikh Federation UK said the Kara was an article of faith and the school was breaking the law. Leanne Wood AM said she was “surprised” by the school’s decision. Governors said they had made their decision after significant study of the legal background.

    Sarika Singh was excluded for a day on Monday, and on Tuesday her mother said she was told she had been excluded for a fixed period.

    Jagtar Singh from the Sikh Federation UK claimed the school was breaching the 1976 Race Relations Act.

    Well Mr Singh, the answer is quite simple. If you have a problem with the decisions we make in our country regarding acceptable standards, fuck off back to your own country where there are none and take that hideous dog with you.

    Have a laugh:

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    ...and more appeasement. Sentences cut AGAIN!.

    TWO filthy parasites who conspired to plunder the wages of British Army and Navy servicemen while they fought for their country in Iraq have had their jail sentences cut by top judges.

    Abiodun Adepoju, of Goffsmill, Bretton, Peterborough, used false documents to open a string of accounts with his half-brother Omowale (21) and illegal immigrant Abdul Malik, who had managed to get a job at the British Forces Post Office, in London – a position which enabled him to handle diplomats’ bags at Heathrow Airport.

    The trio, with other suspected accomplices, used the accounts to launder money diverted from other accounts relating to Army regiments and Royal Navy ships, and high ranking services personnel. The Ministry of Defence believes that more than £120,000 was stolen through forged cheques, while up to £130,000 may have been obtained on stolen credit cards.

    They had admitted conspiracy to defraud between March 2003 and March 2004.
    Their sentences were cut to two and a half years each by Lady Justice Hallett, Mr Justice King and Judge Warwick McKinnon, sitting at London’s Criminal Appeal Court.

    The court heard that Malik who went on the run after his arrest and skipped bail – used his job in the London sorting office to steal mail heading overseas, before selling it to the brothers, who are both Nigerian nationals.

    Mr Justice King allowed both men’s appeals.

    He said: “In the judgment of this court, these sentences were too long for an offence of this nature, albeit a conspiracy over some time, with some sophistication and with large sums involved. “The sentences imposed did not reflect their ages or guilty pleas.”

    Full sickening story:

    These judges do not represent law and order or justice, neither do they represent the interests of this Nation and they most certainly do not represent the safety of the millions of hard working decent people of this country. They are collaborators with the enemy, they are a fifth column, they should be removed.

    Compare this case to that of Kevin Hughes the Nationalist who was given two and a half years for absolutely nothing!!..

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