Monday, 21 December 2009

Mumbai style attack definite next year says Scotland Yard

SCOTLAND Yard is warning of a Mumbai-style terrorist attack next year.

The strike, in the City of London, would involve a group taking hostages and randomly attacking numerous locations.

In a briefing to businesses two weeks ago that “Mumbai is coming to London” – a reference to the attack on India’s financial centre in 2008 in which gunmen killed 174 – a senior officer at SO15, the Met Police anti-terror department, said the threat had grown more specific this month.

He said: “Before, there has been speculation. Now we are getting what appears to be a definite plot to carry out a firearms attack on London.” He said monitors have noticed an increase in activity on a jihadist website.

Messages talked about strikes at nightclubs, sporting venues and Jewish centres. On December 2, one suggested “mujahedin raid police stations”. A reply read: “Make sure…that there are no children and so on. Insist… no Muslims or children are to be expected.”

Yesterday, Tory MP Patrick Mercer said: “Terrorists have carried out reconnaissance.” So if they know it is going to happen then they can stop it, and stop it they must. This is not a game it is a holy was being waged against us and other Western peoples.

Let’s hope they have more evidence than just reading comments on jihadist websites. IF they have, then they are able to get 22Reg involved and do a Gibraltar operation. But woe betides MPs who fail to carry out their duty “to protect the people” or our security services who fail to prevent this attack because of political indecision and inaction.

We deserve to be able to walk OUR streets without fear of terrorist attacks and it is LIEbour government and previous ones that have allowed this multi-culti cess pit to develop. We the people were never asked if we wanted a multi racial country it was forced upon us and these terror attacks are the result of unfettered immigration into the UK with MPs ‘unable’ to even tell us how many immigrants are here or anything about their ‘backgrounds’

Islamic radicalisation is happening up and down OUR country daily, we are even now seeing Muslim only schools in madras’s being opened to bring a new generation forward with anti-Western attitudes. I wonder how long the ‘people’ will stand by and do nothing, and I am not talking about recently so called anti-Islamic groups, but the real people, Mum’s, Dad’s and Kids who have had enough.

If God forbid this attack does occur then we the National Front must be ready to lead the people in legal street protests to demand the removal of the thousands of trained extremist religious fanatics walking OUR streets and the rounding up and dealing with the 200 plus terror cells the Met. Police say exist in the UK today.

Tom Linden

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