Monday, 5 April 2010

Exit of three top BNP officers confirmed

Following reports earlier [...] of the resignation of Emma Colgate from her post as BNP manager, the BNP has amended its national contacts spreadsheet. Absent are Colgate, Eddy Butler, the former national organiser and national elections officer, and Mark Collett, the former head of publicity.

The changes confirm the stories circulating on [...] web forums that the unpopular Collett has finally fallen out of favour. A BNP organisers’ bulletin circulated on 31 March referred to “financial irregularities and ‘scamming’ concerning the procurement of print, especially large election print run, leaflets and regular publications including Identity magazine”. It appears that Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, has finally accepted that there is substance to the long-standing accusations that Collett has been making a huge personal profit on the design and print procurement he carries out for the party.

Collett is also accused of leaking “sensitive party information” onto the internet and “feeding lies to certain anti-BNP blog sites”.

The organisers’ bulletin continues: “Earlier this week, the police were made aware of very serious allegations potentially affecting the personal safety of Party chairman Nick Griffin MEP and senior management/fundraising consultant James Dowson. Formal statements have now been made to the police, including by Mr. Griffin.”

The loss of Emma Colgate will be felt in the election effort in the Thurrock constituency, where she was expected to do well. One would hope that the nationalists will put recrimination and suspicion aside until the election has been fought. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

One of the odd things about this affair is the total media silence. I would love to know why a gift story about evil Nazis falling out was of no interest at all, even to the rabidly anti-BNP Mirror. Why do I have a nasty feeling that this can’t be good news?


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