Saturday, 26 June 2010

Armed Forces Day 2010

Show your Support:

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Richard Chadfield said...

'Show your Support' for the British armed forces your post states.
I am an active nationalist and have been such for over thirty years but I need to ask the question 'Why'.
My problem here is that the British armed forces, as I see it, are the uncomplainingly obedient servants of the corrupt anti-British state. Their task ,as I understand it, should be to defend the British people and the British homeland. Have they (are they) full filling this task or are they allowing themselves to be used to realise the agenda of the anti-British state . We should understand that the armed forces, being servants of the British state, being paid by the British state, trained ,indoctrinated and disciplined by the British state will obey the orders of the British state. What ever those orders may be. They, to me, appear to take blind obedience as a badge of pride. If ,at some point in the future, nationalism grows enough to seriously frighten the state the armed forces will be ordered ,by the state, to suppress nationalism. The probability ,to my mind, is that they will obey and do the states bidding. Looking at things this way I not quite sure why I should support you slogan 'show your support'.
Richard Chadfield