Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The BNP. What a bunch of chiseling schmucks

Can you believe these people?. Is there no end to their avarice nor their profligacy?. Is there no end to their lies and deceit?.

The latest begging letter states: "It's important that we have the help of specialists and professionals when we are being persecuted by the Political Class.

We have negotiated hard and prudently to keep costs as reasonable as possible.

On one occasion, Nick Griffin even represented himself in court, to keep costs down.

Now we have reached 'Judgement Day' and we need donations.

We have to field our legal team to argue about costs and to prepare in the event that we we need to appeal.

It is vital that we do not fall as this last hurdle. We need your help, urgently, and more than ever before.

Whatever you are able to contribute to fund our legal team with a gift of £5, £20, £50, £100 or even £500, it will help towards meeting this essential goal. Every pound counts!

Activists from all over our country, including pensioners with limited means and people who will be taking time off work and losing income, will be there to support Nick Griffin, Simon Darby and Tanya Lumby who have been persecuted as representatives of all of us. We really do need you to come and join the demonstration on the day, but if you can´t come please send a donation instead.

Please send your most generous gift in before Friday. It is really crucial to set the wheels in motion immediately.

There is NOTHING remotely connected to nationalism or activism at the BNP or in any of their outpourings. It's just more and more whining appeals for more and more of YOUR hard earned cash. If they are so desperate for money let them do what the rest of us have to do and go get a job and earn it.

Do yourself, your wallet and everyone else a huge favour and tell those grubbing Gri££inite shysters at the BNP to FUCK OFF !!!.

Pip pip


Anonymous said...

well said. i would like to add that i hope the tory type that claim to be nationalists fuck off as well.

Anonymous said...

it's official. the bnp are a state party. now negress e.banks can rejoin and challange for party leadership.