Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The Worlds Gone Mad

A quote from The Sheffield Telegraph, 20 May 2008

A sex swap instructor at an all-female driving school was left devastated when the Sheffield husband of one of her pupils threatened to sue his it's her firm for sending a man to teach his Muslim wife.

Emma Sherdley, formerly a married dad of two called Andrew but now legally a woman has a birth certificate and a "gender recognition certificate" to prove her legal status as a woman. She is being backed by her boss, Laugh n Pass owner Joanne Dixon, who says the man had called her to accuse the firm of sending a man disguised as a woman because he was a Muslim.

"That man accused us of being racist, yet his attitude towards Emma showed prejudice of the very worst kind. He was saying, 'You have sent me a man, send me a proper female, how dare you send a man with a deep voice'. Then he claimed we had deliberately sent a man disguised as a woman because he was a Muslim.

Emma says the outburst had made her seriously consider quitting her job. But she says Joanne's support has made her determined to ride out the storm and carry on with her career.

It would take a whole team of Brian Rix comedy script writers to get it this good.

What an absolute fucking pant pisser........

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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Marine Dale Gostick killed in Afghanistan

Another brave British soldier sacrificed to global zionism

It is with deep sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of Marine Dale Gostick, of 3 Troop Armoured Support Company, Royal Marines, in Afghanistan on Sunday 25 May 2008. Marine Dale Gostick of the Royal Marines was serving as a Viking operator in 3rd Troop of the Armoured Support Company, Royal Marines, when he was killed in action at the Sangin crossing of the Helmand River, southern Helmand province, Afghanistan. His troop were returning to their Forward Operating Base, after providing essential support to 2 PARA Battle Group, when the Viking he was driving struck a suspected mine. Sadly, despite the best efforts of the medical team on site, Marine Gostick was pronounced dead at the scene. His death has come as an incredible shock to his friends and colleagues, and he will be deeply missed by his comrades in the Armoured Support Company and the wider Royal Marines. Another two Royal Marines were also injured in the blast and are still receiving medical treatment.

"Over the past 24 hours the words that keep being mentioned describing Dale are: Gentle, strong, understanding with a sharp wit. I will remember him for those characteristics and how having someone like that around you makes everyone better." Quote: Captain Caldwell RM

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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Australia Calling

Reported by Derrick MacThomas


The Fabian Marxist government of Kevin Rudd is increasing the flood of non-white immigrants to Australia to the highest level in history. It is time to take a stand, or face extinction white man.

The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

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Saturday, 24 May 2008

Working at blockbusters - (not if your white)!

Excellent article snippet featuring a readers letter to the BNP news team.


I recently saw an advertisement at blockbusters for an assistant manager (yes I know, but hey I’m skint and need a job!)

Having previous experience working for companies such as John Lewis I gathered the least I would get is an interview. So I proceeded to send an application in and fill in their racial questionaire. Less than 12 hours later I recieve:

“Thank you for your recent application for management opportunities within Blockbuster Entertainment.

After careful consideration, it is with regret that I must inform you that on this occasion your application has been unsuccessful.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for the interest you have shown in Blockbuster Entertainment Limited and to wish you every success in securing a position in the near future.

Kind Regards

Blockbuster Recruitment Team”

I thought that was odd considering my working background so I re-did my CV changing just the name from my own - Warren Pritchard to Hardeep Singh, a couple of days past and nothing happened but after just checking the email I recieved:

“Thank you for responding to our recent advertisement for Store Management opportunities within Blockbuster Entertainment Ltd.

You have passed the standard criteria required for this position and your details will be passed on to the relevant District Manager. Should our District Manager consider your application suitable, you will be contacted again to arrange an assessment centre or interview.

If you do not receive a reply within 28 days of receiving this email, please consider this particular application to be unsuccessful.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in Blockbuster Entertainment.

Kind Regards

Blockbuster Recruitment Team”

Sent from

I will leave the rest for you to figure out but if you would like to contact me regarding this please do not hesitate.

Kind regards

Warren Pritchard.

You can email arse tunneller Narinder Sandhu by clicking his email link above.

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Sunday, 18 May 2008

Isn't it just typical..

Just popped over to the BBC Sport web site where it said Live Cricket coverage to discover that 'Live' meant just audio commentary only of the England - New Zealand match where day four commenced at 11:00. However, you can watch live video today of a bunch of low IQ wankers ride around on motor bikes in the French MotoGP. Hopefully they all get fucking killed.

Typical BBC. Nice to see they have once again gotten their priorities right. If I paid for a TV Licence I would be furious...........

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Monday, 12 May 2008

£1000 car just around the corner..

Renault eyes world's cheapest car

Renault-Nissan has announced a joint venture with Indian firm Bajaj to produce a $2,500 (£1,276) car. India will be the ULC car's main market with 400,000 to be made each year in a factory in Chakan, Maharashtra state in the west of the country. Bajaj is the second-biggest maker of motorbikes in the country. No details of the new car have been released, though production is expected to begin in 2011.

India's domestic car market is predicted to boom in the coming years on the back of the country's fast-growing economy and increased consumer wealth and £825 million in UK taxpayers donations. Indian car sales are predicted to more than quadruple to $145bn by 2016.

However environmental critics have said that the car will lead to mounting air and pollution problems on India's already clogged roads. Rumors that the $1000 car will soon be a reality in the USA abound.


While we kiss goodbye to our last car manufacturers in Britain as the plants are crated up and shipped off abroad with the sites being developed to provide housing for our immigrant replacements, India makes profit projections into the hundreds of billions. Tell me again how we are not being butt fucked by our own government....

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That sinking feeling deepens.......

Europe's biggest bank HSBC has written off $3.2bn (£1.6bn) in the first three months of 2008 as a result of its exposure to the US sub-prime market.

HSBC now stands behind Citibank, UBS and Merrill Lynch as the banks with the largest value of writedowns. It also reported a further $2.6bn of writedowns in its global banking arm. The latest writedown takes the amount of bad debt incurred by the bank in the US to £7.5bn over the past year.

But growth in Asia helped counter the big hit taken on US home loans - meaning profits were still bigger than the same period a year earlier. "I am encouraged by the way we have increased pre-tax profits in every one of the major countries in which we operate in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Latin America," said group chief executive, Michael Geoghegan.

Mr Geoghegan also dismissed speculation that the firm may need to sell off some of its assets, saying he saw "no need to slim down".


No doubt the tax payer is already being framed up for a bailout for these parasites. Time to ready the firing squads IMHO.

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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Australia Calling

Reported by Derrick MacThomas


** Link Fixed **

In an act that most Australians would associate more with Zimbabwe, Fiji, or China, the government of Western Australia has used the police to search the office of a newspaper that exposed massive Labor Party corruption and abuse of power. Now the disguise worn by the New World Order police state is so thin that anyone should be able to see through it.

The Australia Calling webcast by Derrick MacThomas for this week which features this story and more form down under can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.
Here: Australia Calling Latest Edition.

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Monday, 5 May 2008

Rubbish Tax to go ahead

Trials of a scheme to tax householders who throw away too much rubbish are to forge ahead, Downing Street has said. It had been reported that Gordon Brown was planning to scrap the policy after Labour's disastrous showing in the local elections in England and Wales.

The huge losses on Thursday led to heavy criticism of the prime minister's leadership by backbenchers. The so-called pay-as-you-throw scheme, which would be run by local councils, has already been scaled back and it was thought it would now be ditched altogether. Labour's poor local election results saw their projected share of the national vote drop to 24%, pushing them into third place behind the Lib Dems (and the BNP). They were also defeated in London, where Conservative Boris Johnson beat Ken Livingstone in the mayoral race.

After adding on Sunday that voters were worried about rising petrol and food prices and utility bills, Mr Brown said Labour would recover after its worst local election results in 40 years.

Just like pushing butter up a porcupines arse with a red hot needle....... eh' Mr Brown?.

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Thank You.......

Now all the dust has settled surrounding the local and GLA elections I am back after a couple of days to recoup. Thanks to my friend The General for stepping into the breach and updating for me. Also a somewhat belated thank you to the following heroic people:

To all those brave men and women who in spite of insult and abuse, stood up and offered themselves for election as a BNP candidate
To all of those who gave up their time to pound the streets, in wind, ,and sun, knocking on doors, explaining the facts about the BNP, handing out election literature, and the myriad other tasks that an election campaign entails
To all the back-room officials and volunteers who organised and coordinated the campaign
To all who dug deeply into their pockets to make the campaign possible in the first place a very big
And above all, to each and every one of you who put your country and its future first, and cast your vote for the BNP candidate

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Europe’s police get power of arrest in Britain.

The BNP along with a handful of other groups and individuals has been warning of the danger of continental police officers operating in this country.

This is no longer a ’scare story’ as some have claimed, for Europol operatives are here - NOW! As ever, it is dressed up to appear a sensible idea. This time it’s to combat international crime. Makes a change to combating international terrorism I suppose.

Europol (contraction of European Police Office) is the European Union’s criminal intelligence agency. It has already been decided that Europol will be converted to a full EU agency on 1 January 2010!!

This short report was tucked away inside the Daily Mail, as it was in several other media outlets.

"Detectives from Europe will be able to carry out investigations and even make arrests on British soil as part of specialist squads designed to combat international crime.

Members of the European police force Europol – which includes Britain and France – can now form Joint Investigation Teams using officers from each national force.

They will include officers from the Metropolitan Police and the Serious Organised Crime Agency and will target criminal gangs. Previously, European police could travel to this country to share intelligence – but could not make arrests. A spokesman for SOCA said: “This is a new step for Britain. It will help us to combat cross-border crime.”

But critics are angry that the decision removes Britain’s veto over any future changes to Europol’s powers. Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said: “This is the latest shocking failure to stand up for the British national interest in Brussels. “Responsibility for policing and security must remain in the hands of national governments.”

Further background information on Europol, and the system of Law under which it will operate - Corpus Juris - may be found in this short House of Lords article:

Memorandum by Mr Torquil Dick-Erikson
I might say by way of prefacing my remarks and introducing myself, that I am a British citizen, I have been living in Italy for the last 38 years, and have been studying the area of comparative criminal justice and procedure for the last 25 years, having been published in various papers and journals and spoken from various platforms from time to time. My name has been cited in debates in the Houses of Parliament four times, in particular in January 2003 when Nick Hawkins MP read aloud a 6-page briefing paper I had prepared on aspects of Italian criminal procedure, in Standing Committee, debating the European Arrest Warrant. In April 1997 I was invited as a guest of the European Commission to a seminar in Spain where they unveiled the Corpus Juris project for a single system of criminal justice to be enforced throughout the EU; subsequently I contributed written evidence to the HoL Report on Corpus Juris (9th Report, 1998-99, HL Paper 62—pp 117-119).

The evidence I wish to submit to you is as follows—very briefly:

(1) The new Reform treaty will ensure that criminal justice is eventually brought under the decision-making powers of the central authorities of the EU, and JHA will lose its present status as an exclusively national prerogative.

(2) There are two broadly, and profoundly, different families of systems of criminal justice in Europe today—the inquisitorial system, prevalent throughout the continent of Europe, and the adversarial system, which is in use only in the “island jurisdictions” of the UK, Ireland, and Malta.

(3) One problem we have is that little is known about continental systems of criminal justice. It is an area that has hardly ever been studied. There are no university chairs of comparative law that specialise in comparative criminal procedure, anywhere in the British Isles.

(4) The proceedings during the seminar in Spain and an examination of the Corpus Juris proposal, as well as the demands put forward by Commissioner Franco Frattini last year, show clearly that there is a firm determination on the part of the EU’s central bodies to set up a single system of criminal justice for the whole of the EU, based on the Inquisitorial model. A very recent report says that Signor Frattini wishes to start enacting those parts of the Treaty concerning security and justice even before it has been ratified


(5) Corpus Juris effectively erases the legal safeguards of individual freedom which have been at the basis of our system since Magna Carta, viz:

(6) Article 26.1 of Corpus Juris provides that cases shall be heard by professional judges, excluding “simple jurors and lay magistrates”. This is how cases are heard and tried all over the continent (where there are “lay assessors” they retire to the jury-room with one or more professional judges, so the influence of the “judge on the jury” can be very heavy indeed and is exercised in secret). So there is an end to trial by independent jury.

(7) Article 20.3.(g) grants powers—denominated powers of investigation—to the European Public Prosecutor to order the incarceration of a suspect, for a period of up to six months, renewable for three months at a time. This “order” is countersigned by the so-called “judge of freedoms” on the continental Napoleonic model. These two work together in tandem on case after case, and are colleagues and members of the same professional brotherhood—the career judiciary, from which the defending lawyers are excluded. The decisions on pre-trial detention are taken in the privacy of the judge’s office, and there is no obligation on the “judge of freedoms” to examine any evidence that his colleague may, or may not, have collected to show that there be a prima facie case to answer. So there is an end to Habeas Corpus.

(8) Article 27.2 provides quite simply that the Prosecutor may appeal against a verdict of acquittal. So there goes our protection against double jeopardy.

All these changes will irk the common sense of fair dealing and justice to which our fellow-citizens have been accustomed for centuries. They will appear oppressive and unjust. They will however not appear unusual or strange to our new “fellow-citizens” on the continent, for they have never known anything different. There is this deep cultural difference between the two sides of the English Channel, and since they are in the far greater majority, in a union between the two their system will eventually come to be imposed on us, and our system will be effaced.

There is another highly significant difference between our traditions and theirs, and it is in the area of policing.

Ever since the police was first instituted by Sir Robert Peel, nearly 200 years ago, our police have always been:

(a) locally recruited and locally accountable;

(b) regularly unarmed;

(c) non-military in their nature and their organisation, since each single constable is a self-propelling law enforcement officer, whose prime duty is to apply the law; and

(d) the underlying ideal to which our policing policies aspire is “policing by consent”. We set high store on the ordinary members of the public willingly assisting the police by stepping forward and volunteering information.

On the continent, in contrast, the police forces are:

(a) centrally controlled, by central government, and moved around the country so they are, more often than not, not local people in the area where they operate;

(b) always carrying lethal weapons at all times;

(c) military, stationed in barracks, equipped for battle against a hostile populace. Their prime purpose is to maintain public order; and

(d) our notion of “policing by consent” is basically unknown. The police are designed as an instrument whereby the central government imposes its will on a population, parts of which are expected may be hostile. It is closer to what we would see as an army, than a police force.

In line with the Napoleonic tendency to uniformity and centralisation, not only has Europol been set up, but also the less-well-known European Gendarmerie Force, which has been drilling in a base in Vicenza, Italy, since around 2003. These are specialised riot batallions. Even less well known is the fact that on 18 October last the five countries participating in the EGF signed a Treaty in Velsen, Holland, under the auspices of the Portuguese presidency, establishing the EGF itself on an official footing. Under this treaty, they may be deployed in any third state with the agreement of that state (art 6.3)—and presumably this means just the agreement of the government of the day of that state, which will not have had to consult its Parliament far less its people on such a momentous step. Under the Reform treaty, we will see that with JHA passing under the jurisdiction of the ECJ, any supposed opt-out for Britain will not last, so that it will be possible to deploy the EGF by majority decision at the centre, which will over-rule any lack of consent given by the state concerned. We can therefore expect to see them at some stage on the streets of British cities.

Any opt-out will be subject to an opt-in to be decided swiftly and easily by the British Government of the day without recourse to Parliament far less to the people. And once the immunity of an opt-out has been relinquished it may never be recovered, under the well-known ratchet mechanism provided by the doctrine of acquis communautaire.

The announcement of this Treaty of Velsen by the Portuguese Presidency spoke of the possibility of drawing recruits not only from Member States but also from candidate states (art 44), and mentioned with satisfaction that Turkey had shown interest in providing recruits to this nascent force.

I attach a paper I wrote in August on the Eurogendarmerie, with two photographs taken from their own official website:

The announcement of the new treaty of Velsen is on this page:

These websites, created by organs of the EU itself, supply vivid documentary evidence of the truthfulness of what I have written.

Our enemies never sleep - so always try to be aware of what they are up to.

The UK media will not warn you in enough detail or in sufficient time to object. The BNP will always seek to expose the continual creep towards a police state Britain.

But, you, as individuals must also do your part. Search out reliable news outlets, such as this web-site, on the Net, and educate yourself

Together we can still save our country! Join the BNP Today.

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Friday, 2 May 2008

Do my eyes decieve me?...

No indeed not. It would appear there is perhaps one remaining judge in this country still in possession of a modest degree of common sense and fairness. Believe it or not.....

A disabled pensioner has been spared the "indignity" of going on trial
for possessing a fake gun and using it to scare a teenager who threatened him at home. Michael Shaw, 67, who needs a disability scooter to get around, bought an imitation handgun off the internet after he was verbally abused and harassed by youths in the street.

He pulled it out after one of them followed him back to his house, but it was Mr Shaw that was questioned by police and facing charges after the teenagers reported the incident. However, a judge slammed the decision to bring charges saying the whole affair made the “law look rather silly.”

Mr Shaw had been due to go on trial at Derby Crown Court today after denying a charge of possession of a firearm with intent, but prosecutors decided to drop the case. Prosecutor Mark Achurch said: “Because of his ill health and the need for emergency treatment, Mr Shaw is unable to attend the hearing today.

“The Crown having reviewed the case as a whole, and as the result of a report filed by the defence very recently, accordingly offer a not guilty verdict.” At an earlier hearing in February, also at Derby Crown Court, Judge Andrew Hamilton criticised the decision to prosecute Mr Shaw. He said: "What are we trying to achieve here – a man of ill health with poor sight and mobility problems?

"There comes a point when using the law in this way makes the law look rather silly." But Mr Achurch said the CPS did want to proceed given the "current climate" surrounding the possession of firearms.

Judge Hamilton replied: "We must prosecute a 67-year-old man as a matter of principle must we?"

Mr Shaw, from Ironville, Nottingham, was visibly shaken and using a walking stick, and he had to be helped into the court by a friend. Afterwards, he had a minor heart problem and received medical assistance from court staff and a paramedic.

A trial was then fixed to happen today after Judge Hamilton said he wanted the hearing to be as soon as possible adding: "It's not fair. He should not have to put up with this indignity any longer."

Mr Achurch requested a video-link for the teenagers – normal procedure when young people give evidence.

However, Judge Hamilton said: "I'm not going to grant them video link – they can come to court and face this man." According to police statements, Mr Shaw said he had noticed the group of youths hanging around a street near his home, who then followed him shouting abuse.

He arrived home and went into his garage on his mobility scooter to pick up the imitation firearm to scare them off. However, he returned to find they had left. The four youths, who cannot be named for legal reasons, claimed Mr Shaw was dressed in a cowboy hat, snakeskin boots and smelt of alcohol.

They alleged that he had a problem with his scooter and they assisted him in getting home. But once there, they said he went into his garage pulled out a brown-handled revolver and said to one of them "just the right distance". The boys said they ran off hiding behind cars and houses fearing it was a real weapon.

Mr Shaw was later arrested at his home the imitation firearm was recovered and charges were later brought. Mr Shaw was too ill to attend today's hearing as he is recovering in hospital from treatment.

After the case, the CPS said they had dropped the charges in light of the judge's comments during the previous hearing, and based on a file from a defence expert who had examined Mr Shaw's scooter after the youths said it had broken down.

Well done Judge Hamilton. If only we still had more like you. Just don't go letting us down will you old chap...

Pip pip on behalf of the Colonel by your guest correspondent.

A new day yesterday, but it's an old day now..

My good friend Dave Jones conveys good news from the agricultural district today having given the BNP a most convincing second place behind the Tories in Daventry Northants kicking Labour into third place by securing a huge 31% of the vote in the towns Drayton ward. A snippet from the BBC regional news pages says "No seats changed hands so the Tories still have 35 seats, Labour has one, and the Lib Dems have two.

In the Drayton ward, the British National Party (BNP) failed to beat the Tory candidate, but did take second place ahead of Labour. " I will leave comment to Northants Patriot who sums it up perfectly...

Alongside one from a moaning Lib Dem agent who couldn't even be bothered to stand a candidate in the ward. The Lib Dems had more to be upset as they did not make the inroads into the west of the county that they had hoped, coming a miserable third in their target seat of Abbey South. I am glad the Lib Dems were soundly rejected at the Polls, their vile brand of politics have no place in a civilised society.

A more detailed article from the local Daventry paper online edition can be found here.

Quite right NP and of course a big well done and bravo to Dave. The beers are on your at t'weekend methinks :)

Nahhh, only kidding it's definitely my round old chap...

Pip pip on behalf of the Colonel by your guest correspondent.