Tuesday, 7 October 2008

And I thought their banner was just 'stuck'

The terrorist threat in Britain is approaching critical as police and MI5 face an increase in activity by al-Qaeda militants, senior security officials have disclosed.

The threat level is at the "severe end of severe" according to sources who say the level of "chatter" among terrorist cells has increased in recent months.The security services say they are now operating at full stretch to counter the elevated threat.

Britain's close relationship with the US has been particularly inflammatory after cross-border raids into Pakistan by American forces. Security officials had considered downgrading the official threat level from "severe" (see right hand menu column) but that plan has now been abandoned as a result of the increase in terrorist activity.

A senior counter terrorism source said: "We were looking at the threat level six months ago and asking how severe is severe? But it is October now and we are at the severe end of severe."

Wow ! talk about severe, that sounds severely severe wouldn't ya say...

Pip pip

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

HA !! Reckon it's time we drag out the munitions fella's !

And I'm sincerely sincere !