Monday, 6 October 2008

Toben Case Highlights Danger of EU Gestapo

The arrest of Australian national Gerald Frederick Toben at Heathrow airport at the request of the German government on Holocaust-denial charges cuts to the very heart of the EU super state Gestapo danger.

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The real issue with the Toben case is not, <snip> , his silliness in getting involved with events of 70 years ago, but actually the frightening ability of EU states to order the arrest of other state’s nationals — for thought crimes which are not even offences in most countries.

This is a direct assault on personal and civil liberties, the suppression of which Europe was supposed to have liberated itself in the war against Fascism more than six decades ago. It is incredible to think that the nations of Europe — who fought so hard to rid themselves of Nazi and Fascist dictatorships, should themselves resort to those very tactics.

This is rank, dire, wretched hypocrisy of the worst degree, and shows that the era of Nazi book burning has been reborn in the form of the EU — and modern leftist regimes.

The EU Gestapo works like this: A person of any nationality — Britain included — says or thinks something which is not a crime in his home country. An EU state issues an arrest warrant, and can order the police of a third state to arrest that person anywhere in the world, and bring that person back to the EU state for trial.

The police have no discretion in the matter: they are forced to act by the EU super state.

The last time Europe experienced such a thing was during the witch burnings of the Middle Ages, the Nazi era, and the tyranny of Communist-ruled Eastern Europe. The EU has excelled itself over these eras.

At the very least, the Nazis made no pretence of being democratic, and were open about their aims. The EU on the other hand, lies and pretends to be democratic, when in fact it is just as totalitarian, if not more so, than the worst witchcraft trial judge or Nazi book burner. In fact, the Nazis never reached Britain, whereas their spiritual descendants in the EU bureaucracy now have.

Euro-sceptics, including those who support UKIP, will doubtless find these events a confirmation of all they fear about the EU Gestapo super state. But Ukip supporters should also be aware that in January 2005, Ukip MEPs voted for these laws which are now being enforced for the first time on UK territory.

Not content with lying to their supporters, the Ukip MEPs have actively taken part in the suppression of British civil liberties, and deserve to be punished for this collaboration with the Fascists.

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Anonymous said...

The Nazis had one day of book burning when students pulled books from the college library shelves and used them for a bonfire. The present German government bans many more books than the Nazis ever burned. The banned books cannot be purchased online in Germany, nor brought into the country.

Hating the Jews is a crime, but what about hatred for the German people? It is not a crime for the Jews to hate German-born Toben and to deny him his civil rights. One of the things that Toben deplores on his web site is the hatred for the German people, which is fed by lies. Toben attempts to correct those lies on his web site, and for this, he is charged with a crime in his native Germany.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Add to that the fact that the books burned by the Nazis were pornographic or otherwise obscene in nature. They don't tell people that fact either.

Frederick Toben should be in all our prayers..

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