Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Pornography - the new Opium

To subdue a population, a new and very harmful drug needed to be created, a drug capable of enslaving those who indulged in it, proving to be highly addictive

Opium was used in China at the turn of the century, to weaken the native population, so that they would easily submit to foreign rule. Pornography is being applied to the British population today to the same effect.

The BBC is pumping it into every living room, the Tabloid press is doing its part also. The internet being the worst offender.

Why then, is it so damaging?

Firstly, it undermines a persons self esteem, and leads to very addictive practices, which prove almost impossible to break. It saturates the mind, so you cant think clearly on more important subjects, like politics for example. Also, it is a proven way of leading people to commit worse crimes, like homosexuality, incest, and viewing child pornography.

Victorian Britain, was the gold standard for modesty, and morality. Coincidently, Britain then ran the largest empire the world had ever seen, spanning ¼ or the Earth. Today, with sleaze, porn and other filth everywhere, those who govern the country are unable to even provide the basics for citizens within the UK

To pave the way for this new disease, it was first necessary to undermine the Christian values on which Britain was built. British people were bombarded with decades of sleazy soap operas, fifthly comedians, and other garbage, neatly packaged up and delivered to peoples living room by the BBC, who had the cheek then to charge a license fee for this “mind manure”

Limited exposure to pornography, as first sickens a person, but very quickly they get used to it, they then start craving it in larger doses. Having gained a taste of it, from porn merchants like the BBC, people feel drawn to seek out darker and more depraved material on the internet. It represents a major loss of productivity to British Industry, with people accessing porn via the internet at work.

The epidemic of filth, which has besieged our nation, has caused a reduction in the birth rate, as young Britons seek fulfilment, not within the safety of marriage, but through self indulgence. Coupled with abortion and homosexuality, it has proved for the government an effective way of controlling population growth. Instead of experiencing the joys of fatherhood, young men are seeking out cheap thrills through media.

If anyone, within the sound of my keyboard, is caught up in this depraved game, try abstaining for a month, from pornography, and “associated practices". The increase in self esteem experienced, will forge a new pride in yourself, and a new pride in your country. Britons, never, never, never, shall be slaves. Not slaves to porn, not slaves to alien laws from Brussels and the UN, not slaves to addictive substances placed in food, but Free people. Able to govern themselves justly.

We can expect no hope from the present Labour government, in combating this tide of filth, and none of us can surely expect any help from the Conservatives, the sleaze of their members, like Stephen Milligan set a new low in the already abysmal standard of morality displayed by “Honorable members”

What can be done, to combat this plague? Like the unhygienic conditions in hospitals where disease flourishes, we need to clean up our society, starting at the top. Political parties, like Labour and Conservative which have embraced sleaze, must be replaced with those who have higher moral values. Parties like Labour and Conservative have no respect for the sanctity of life, or marriage, as shown by the legalized holocaust which occurs today in government sponsored abortion shops.

A return to Basic Christian values is recommended, like Moses led the Israelites out of captivity to freedom, we need modern leaders who can free us from our current bondage of financial debt, sleaze and unChristian values. Leaders like this can be found in the National Front. A party with the courage to take a stand on every moral issue.

Pride in your self = Pride in your country.


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