Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Have you ever wondered why........

They have all those trees alongside all of the
country roads in France?..

So the Germans could march in the shade...

Google search France country roads.

My ex-wife was French (and sadly still is). So when I opine that French politicians are possibly the most treacherous and odious of all the Europeans, that opinion is given with some qualification and further evidenced by people like Jacques 'Bâtard' Barrot. I wonder if Jacques
and my dearest ex-wife are in any way related.

Pip pip

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watling said...


Those trees alongside French roads have accounted for more than a few car crashes over the years. It seems that French oak is stronger than French engineering, with the result that drunken or otherwise careless French drivers have been experiencing that unenviable feeling of having a red hot engine thrust into their laps at high speed. Ouch!

There were proposals to start cutting the trees down but, thankfully, they got a reprieve.

The number of fatalities per year on French roads has generally been double what it has been here. About 7,000 there versus 3000ish here, despite our populations being similar. Having been billeted in France for a while I can well understand the discrepancy. They're bonkers over there.

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