Monday, 20 April 2009

Romanian President Decides Who Can Enter Britain

Anyone doubting the madness of the European Union and the mortal danger it represents need only consider the fact that yesterday the Romanian president decided that up to one million impoverished Moldavians had the right to enter Britain in search of work.

The decision — enacted in terms of the Tory Party introduced “freedom of movement directive” - proves that the British government no longer has the right to determine who can and who cannot enter Britain.

The bizarre situation has arisen after a disputed election in the former Soviet Republic of Moldavia, which borders Romania. Its communist leaders, said to have rigged the result, accused neighbouring Romania — an EU member since 2007 — of trying to stage a coup.

Romanian President Traian Basescu has reacted by pledging to speed applications for Romanian passports from Moldavian citizens, who are already entitled to live and work in this country. Romanian passport holders do not need a visa to travel to the UK. The Romanian embassy in London has confirmed that it has already issued a shocking 100,000 passports to Moldavian nationals.

Up to eighty percent of Moldavians live on less than £1 a day and a recent UN report showed that ninety percent of its young people want to leave. A quarter of the four million population already lives and works abroad, with the money they send home often being their families’ only source of income.

Given recent developments in the movement of EU nationals to Britain, it is therefore highly likely that up to one million Moldavians could soon be landing in Britain to take even more jobs away from British workers.

As their standards of living are already so low, the new arrivals are likely to work for even less than the other recent arrivals, further undercutting British people, who all have houses, families and debts to service.

The new development can only cause even more British workers to be forced onto welfare, which in turn increases government spending which, as discussed on this website yesterday, slows down economic growth.

It is a vicious cycle which, if left unchecked, will plunge this nation into an economic wasteland - and for which both Tory and Labour Parties are to blame.

The Moldavian disaster has already been attacked by Sir Andrew Green from MigrationWatchUK. “This is another gaping hole in the EU’s border controls and therefore our own,” Sir Green said.

“If EU passports are handed out like confetti we can expect a significant number of migrants to come to Britain looking for work.”

More than a million Eastern Europeans came to Britain after Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia joined the EU in 2004. Tens of thousands more came when Romania and Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007. There is no limit on the number of Romanians allowed in as self-employed workers, students or tourists.

The British National Party is the only party dedicated to halting this madness and closing Britain’s borders, only letting in those we specifically want or need. The EU madness — where people a thousand miles away can decide who enters this nation’s borders, can and must be stopped.


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