Friday, 26 June 2009

Wacko beez ded....

Jacko picking his nose.....

Jacson (50) may have died from food poisoning after swallowing 6 year old nuts... allegedly.


After reading the sickening platitudes in the media today about poor sad Michael this and poor sad Micheal that, I felt compelled to add a brief footnote. Michael Jackson was a depraved predatory pervert and this is an immutable fact. Had it not been that he was a talentless hyped up black celebrity, then the fact that Jackson WAS a depraved predatory pervert would have been EXACTLY what the head lines would have read, amid calls for the animal to be strung up.

The only sad part about this story is that this degenerate, depraved beast of the field wasn't drop kicked into the lake of fire years ago. At least we can perhaps take some comfort now he finally has been. But whether his victims will ever see it that way is another matter.

Pip pip

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