Wednesday, 1 July 2009

News from the agricultural district

My good friend The General has just sent me another amusing snippet from the local rag in his area. Interestingly enough he tells me of someone he knows who wrote to the editor of the paper a couple of years ago and the letters published but nothing was ever done about the problem. However since that same person has now stood locally for the BNP and achieved ground shaking support in two elections, not surprisingly there is a sudden flurry of activity to resolve the problem by the town, parish and district councils.

Dog shit causing a stink at beauty spots

DAVENTRY District Council (DDC) will 'step up' (no pun intended I'm sure) patrols by its dog warden following problems with dog mess at two beauty spots in the town.
The move follows a parish liaison meeting held by DDC on Wednesday last week (June 17) when Borough Hill and Daventry Country Park were named as two areas suffering with problems with irresponsible dog owners failing to clean up after their pets.

As well as increasing patrols around Borough Hill, dog bins at the Country Park will be inspected and a review is under way looking at the provision of bins across the district.

Tony Gillet, corporate manager for environmental protection at DDC, said: "Following reports of a dog fouling issue at Borough Hill we are stepping up our dog warden patrols in that particular area.
"We are in the process of reviewing the dog and litter bins across the district to ascertain whether they are in the right positions for their most effective use.

"We take dog fouling very seriously and our warden will enforce the law, however we must stress that it is the responsibility of individual dog owners to comply with the law and clean up after their dogs."

Although a hundred Daventry jokes spring immediately to mind I will resist the temptation :)

The General informs me that if they simply let him stroll around with his shotgun for an afternoon he will solve the problem at no cost to the ratepayers. Sounds like an offer too good to miss to me.....

Pip pip

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