Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Two things that really give me the shitz

Firstly, the stomach bug I woke up with this morning meaning my first day back on the job after a long weekend was a non starter, my 'boss' is NOT going to happy since this is the second time this has happened in as many months.

Second, people who begin every sentence with the preamble "I'm not racist but" like the bloke I met at the pharmacy as I walked out with my Imodium this afternoon and who must have said "I'm not racist but" at least five times in his opening sentence. I just had to interrupt him and say "Look Graham, I'm sorry to sound curt dear boy, but what the fuck is it exactly your trying to say?."

"We've been laid off Colonel" he said "and those Poles have been set on instead". "I'm not racist but___but___ it's not right really is it?."

Some folks are bloody hard work aren't they?. And they are EVERYWHERE !!!!.

Pip pip

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