Monday, 18 January 2010

Could it be that Oil is NOT a Fossil Fuel? The Great Oil Scam!

The Origins of Oil – It’s not what we think! Colonel Fletcher Prouty explains how oil came to be classified a “fossil fuel,” and therefore a finite resource.

The Peak Oil Theory Story in a nutshell:

Petroleum is a “fossil fuel”, therefore a finite resource. It is critical for transportation, industrial agriculture and our entire modern society; as such, we will run out some day (soon) which will cause a global meltdown, which many refer to as a “die-off”.….

…in 2008, after doing additional research, I realized that the peak oil theory had huge flaws. It relies on the following five “myths”:

1. Oil is a fossil fuel and as such is a “finite” resource.
2. Government reported supply/production figures are relatively accurate and reliable.
3. The market price for oil is a legitimate indicator of oil supply and demand.
4. Exploration and discoveries have slowed or stopped because there is no more oil to find.
5. Corruption has little impact on the “oil market.”

Deepest fossil ever found at 16,000 feet. No fossil has ever been found below that depth. We drill for oil at 28,000' 30,000' 33,000 feet every day.

How can it be a fossil fuel?... it can't

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