Thursday, 18 March 2010


Rajinder Singh joins the BNP - 16th March 2010

(Picture reproduced with the acknowledgements to the BNP)
"Only the British National Party can save Britain from the terror of Islamist colonisation and protect the identity of the British people, said Sikh activist and the first ethnic member of the party, Rajinder Singh, today."
This was the statement of a Sikh gentleman, Rajinder Singh on receiving his 2010 membership card. The BNP have stated on their website that all media can reproduce this photograph as long as the media (which includes this website) credit them with the picture. The NF has no problem crediting the BNP with this picture. The NF disclaims having taken the picture, nor as the NF any pictures of ethnic members receiving their NF cards today - sorry if anyone is disappointed!

If the BNP wish the National Front (even though we are a proscribed organisation by the BNP) to reproduce photographs of any and all homosexual, lesbian, Jewish, freemason and mixed race members then of course as fellow patriots we would be only to happy to oblige, should they wish to send them in to prove their true principles, the NF would be more than grateful to the BNP. The NF will OF COURSE credit the BNP for these pictures. Credit where credit is due. We do hope that visitors do not read any unwarranted sarcasm into this article.

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Anonymous said...

hail the new dawn. the nf will not allow ehnic's to join us. gri££in is mongal.