Tuesday, 2 March 2010

News from the agricultural district.

BNP, Rob Walker and Cognitive Dissonance.

Recently Rob Walker of Wellingborough BNP launched an malicious and baseless attack against former member and candidate Dave Jones for resigning on a matter of principle and joining the National Front, part of which stated: Quote; "The Daventry Branch of the BNP could not join the NF as there is not, and never has been, a Daventry Branch of the BNP. There has never even been a Daventry group. "

Well pardon me for mentioning it but if that is the case how do we then reach the following as stated in his latest bullshit article where it says: Quote; "Mark Twain once said “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”, and so it seems this is the case of Daventry BNP, who have now launched their own website. This is despite, according to the NF website on the 14th February of the wholesale defection to the NF of Daventry BNP. Meanwhile the East Midlands NF blog has attacked me for telling the truth about the defection and in doing so have essentially confirmed the fact that I have told the truth, it is just one individual and not a ‘whole branch’ that has joined the party. "

So lets get it straight shall we. The BNP branch that, according to Rob Walker, does not exist, and the membership it does not have, have now set up their own web site called Daventry BNP??!!.


Does anyone else see the problem here?.

More evidence that the BNP are nought but a bunch of two faced liars who think we are all as dim witted as Rob Walker obviously is.

Thanks to my friend The General for the heads up on this.

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Northants Patriot said...

The point that I was making is that just one person left the BNP in Daventry to join the NF, not a Branch or a group. Someone has now picked up the baton in Daventry and got things moving, therefore showing that there is still BNP in Daventry.

And before calling me a liar try asking around a few BP members in Northants and see what story they come out with.

Northants Patriot said...

I also find it bizzare that in my postings I have never mentioned Mr Jones by name (other than in postings of praise and good luck in the past), yet he readily uses my name and gives out my e-mail address as well. If so many people in Daventry left the BNP for the NF as claimed by the NF website, how did he know I was referring to him? It is almost certain that anyone outside of a handful of people would have known who I was talking about had David Jones not drawn attention to it himself.