Thursday, 20 December 2007

You ring the 'Old Boleslaw' in Wales these days

Polish Police Officers now operating in North Wales

The BNP have warned before that it will not be long before we see foreign police officers on the streets of Britain, but when doing so they made an error.

For they are already here - thanks to the infamous Richard Brunstrom, Chief Constable for North Wales!

Brunstrom admits that this is the case in his personal blog:

“Well, we have a national project, called Operation Mermaid. It runs, frequently but irregularly, throughout the UK. We in North Wales are particularly active. We ran it again last week, from 1000hrs on Friday to 0200hrs on Saturday, on the A55 near Holyhead. We were accompanied by other agencies, including VOSA, our Special Branch, and two uniformed police officers from Poland (because we now actively cooperate with other European police forces). We also had a BBC film crew.”.

This admission raises some very serious questions. Questions which the Home Office and Richard Brunstrom must answer:

What “uniform” were the Polish policemen wearing? Polish?
Who was it that gave foreign policemen the right to operate in Britain, regardless of the uniform they wore?

Policemen in the UK are legally required to sign an oath, which includes loyalty to the Sovereign. Foreign police cannot do that, because it would breach their inherent loyalty to Poland. So whatever uniform they wore they were not, legally, police officers, any more than you would be if you dressed up as a policeman.

The most important question that needs answering is this one:

Just what authority, if any, has been given - illegally - to these Polish ‘policemen’ have over (a) Polish people (b) anyone else?

Arse Tunneller Brunstrom's full story here..

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