Tuesday, 1 July 2008

More intimate aspects diversity..

Sheep molester (are we allowed to say black?) strikes six times

18 June 2008

ANIMAL charities and farm workers have condemned a spate of sick animal sex attacks which are believed to have left two sheep dead.

Over recent months, the Times has heard reports of a tall black man sexually assaulting sheep in Chislehurst but it wasn't until last week that witnesses formally reported it to police. The attacks happened in and around Tongs Farm in Botany Bay Lane, six times between March and June and vary in time from 3 to 8pm.

Last Monday at 7.20pm, two shocked joggers saw a man sexually assaulting a sheep in a field before he ran off leaving some grey jogging bottoms at the scene. They first became suspicious when they spotted him pulling up his trousers and pulling down his black polo top as he stood near a sheep that was lying on the ground.

Believing him to have had sexual contact with the sheep, they alerted a National Trust warden who arrived at the same time as the farmer who helped the sheep to its feet and discovered a discarded jogging bottoms. Stable girl Chloe Williams, 18, witnessed another incident on May 16.

She said: "I saw him in broad daylight. I was in the yard and only looked over because all the sheep were running. "He was trying to grab a sheep and when I confronted him he said he was trying to find his wallet. I was appalled. Then he ran off after hurdling some fences. He's very athletic.

"When he thought he was out of sight he took off a red jacket and some jogging bottoms so he layers his clothes. There are clothes all over the fields. It's absolutely disgusting." Animal rescuer Eddie Williams who runs animal ambulance charity Willow Wildlife, said: "I have been hearing about this for a little while so it's good that the police are investigating it.

"A little while back two poor sheep were found dead and we think the two are connected." A red jumper was found under one of the dead ewes. The RSPCA, called the gruesome assaults "outrageous", adding: "We are very concerned that someone is abusing animals in this way and completely condemn it.

"It's completely outrageous. It can cause serious suffering and distress to the animals. We would be happy to assist the police in their investigations. "It is possible to use rape kits and to get DNA from the sheep. Of course we would be happy to arrange for vets to help police do this."

A Bromley police spokesman said: "An investigation into the incident is currently ongoing."

Anyone with information should contact Bromley Police anonymously on 01689 891212 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Good day Colonel ...
it truly is sickening , even the animals aren't safe when the groid is around . Pity , the poor creatures look to us for protection .

Another note - don't know if you or your readers frequent the blog - The Youth of South Africa - or not but it looks as if they may be shut down . There are some good moderators on there who really have concern for their people . Hope they get it sorted out and are able to get back at it . Take care .

Anonymous said...

Can you say "black"? How about "nigger" - it suits all occasions? :)

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

I suppose you could but I'm not absolutely certain you can say that either .. ;-0