Sunday, 13 July 2008

Music while you work?. Not for much longer..

Your company may have to throw the radio in the bin and ban music while you work or face having to pay an exorbitant licence fee and risk huge fines for not having a PPL licence...

More details from petition creator:-

"Many companies play either the radio or music for their colleagues to listen to whilst doing their work. The PPL (Phonographic Performace Limited) are now issuing letters saying in order to continue playing the radio, they must pay an amount of money. One company employing just 5 people were quoted £270. This is an awful lot of money for a small company. Companies such as taxi firms need the radio to get updates on the local roads to see if there are any roads which are closed or have large tailbacks due to accidents. What the govt needs to do is either ask for the PPL to waive this fee for companies operating with less than a certain number of employees (say 100) or scrap it completely. We are already paying too much for recorded music, compared to other countries. So why do we need to pay more for information and keep our workforce motivated?."

You can sign the petition against this madness here.

Apparently this can be made to apply not only to radios in work premises such as offices, factories and warehouses etc, but also to individual company vehicles as well..

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Just more typical intrusion where a buck ( pound ) is to be made ( extorted ) .
They mustn't miss any opportunities , however trivial .
Truly the root of all evil . Most times I like a radio going if it doesn't interfere with the mindset needed for the job at hand .

Talking about the licensing fee's and such ... man , I bet we both could go off on a tangeant concerning the myriad of fee's , taxes and whatever manner of brick we are forced to make / carry in increasing loads . It's beyond ridiculous .