Friday, 4 September 2009

Mother-of-three died in pub as paramedic 'stood outside and refused to help'

The family and friends of a woman who died after collapsing in a pub have called for action to be taken against a paramedic who they say refused to help her. Melissa Procter-Blain, 32, suffered a heart attack at The Crown in Spondon, Derbyshire.

The pub's manager has told how the lone woman paramedic who first responded to the 999 call initially parked outside the wrong premises and then refused to enter the bar. The woman then allegedly refused to try to resuscitate the mother-of-three on her own and that one of the pub's customers had to step in until back-up arrived.

Landlady Michelle Doherty, 34, is now calling for the paramedic to be suspended while an investigation into the incident is conducted. She said: 'We were waiting outside for the ambulance and we saw the paramedic had parked outside a garage down the road.

'A young lad ran from the pub down to tell her she was in the wrong place but came back and said she wouldn't come in. 'My partner Kevin then ran down to talk to her and she said she wasn't authorised to go into a pub alone and would only come in if he could guarantee her safety, which he did.'

East Midlands Ambulance Service had logged the incident as a category A - potentially immediately life-threatening - and sent a fast-response vehicle, which arrived within six minutes, and an ambulance, which arrived within ten minutes.

A spokesman said the solo responder paramedic took the life-saving kit from her vehicle into the pub but had described the atmosphere as tense and intimidating. But witnesses in the pub dispute this claim. Ms Doherty said that while her partner spoke to the paramedic, one of her customers, Leanne Dono, was on the phone to a 999 operator.

She claimed the controller told her the sole responder would begin trying to resuscitate Miss Procter-Blain. Miss Dono said she then spoke to the paramedic, who said she was not authorised to carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on her own.

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