Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Whites written out of Western history

I happened across this short but thought provoking post at the HDB Books site. The full article with (some very warped and bizarre) comments can be found at the link. Here is what it says:

Reader Billy Chav informed me [..] that on the cover of his daughter’s European history textbook is a black man. Here it is.

"It’s been long obvious that the way we’re going whites have no future in this world. The liberals are out to make sure that they don’t have a past either.

The commentator informs me that the man on the cover is Juan de Perea. A slave...

Juan de Perea came to New México from Guadalupe del Paso with the reconquest colonists. He and his wife were nuptial witnesses at Santa Fé in 1694. He was a soldier, a native of New México, and thirty years in 1697. His wife, Aldonsa Varela, and he were both dead by 1701, when their daughter, Maria Luisa, widow of Miguel Maese, married Augstín Luján.

In other words, he’s nobody."

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It is our white culture not theres. So what the hell are they doing on the front page of a European history book?? Disgusting indeed

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