Monday, 14 September 2009

Everybody say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..

Seems like Simon has got all misty eyed about not being with Nick and Andrew in Brussels this week.

He says in his blog: "Nick and Andrew arrived in Strasbourg today for another session of the European parliament. I am in two minds whether or not to be upset about not being there with them and might join them later in the week if there is not too much going on over here."

Nah that's ok Simon, nothing going on here mate. Nothing of any urgency to hold sway for you here. You fuck off to Brussels and have a nice time. We'll just carry on swirling down the shit house till you get back...

I posed the question in his comments with regard to who will be paying his travel costs if he decides to go. Will he be squandering going at the expense of the party or will he be 'Going Dutch' as they say. I won't hold my breath to see if he even approves my post, he never does, I'm to 'dissident' for his taste. Now I could be wrong but I'm pretty certain only two people were elected to the EU parliament not three?.

Not that I'm complaining or anything. For me he can go and stay there. What the hell does that bloke actually do anyway?. And how much is it costing their members to convey this superfluous appendage back and forth week in week out and to what useful purpose other than to show off his Nokia or induce mass sleep hypnosis with his inane babble about tweety birds all the way there and back?.

Pip pip

PS: Simon..... Pear cider is actually called PERRY here about's old chap. Pear cider sounds so frightfully working class. Reminds one of such uncouth sayings as horses doofers or a pair o' teef. So crass dear boy, so crass.

Pip pip

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