Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Can you believe it?..

The following excerpt comes from a comment which appears on Eddie Butlers blog:

Anonymous said...

[...] The new reformed party can model itself partly on the SNP where the race issue would rarely be mentioned, the emphasis in the immigration debate being on numbers of settlers entering the island not where they came from. We would also fully accept genuine minority ethnic members without restrictions. [....] But now the argument is about numbers. We need to get away from the perception that the BNP is a ''whites only'' club.

When will someone PLEASE step forward with the balls to send these liberal pant pissing arse tunnelers packing. They are NOT nationalists even by the most relaxed definition. They are traitors and craven cowards. They are the very reason nationalism in general, and the BNP in particular is in the state it is today. Fifth columnists such as this should never have been allowed to infest nationalism in the first place, and steps must be taken to ensure that any future nationalist organization bars them from ever gaining entry or wielding any form of influence in our ranks ever again.

Pip pip


Anonymous said...

Clearly Mr Butler has nothing to offer. What nationalist would want his/her party to model its-self on the SNP. A party that is happy with third world immigration into Scotland and wishes to retain and strengthen Scotland's membership of the European Union. The SNP is establishment through and through. So the argument is about numbers is it, not race? Just trying to avoid over crowding are we? So if one million white British people leave and nine hundred thousand non whites enter it's o.k is it? These are Tory arguments and they are death.
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

The SNP is a creature of Brussels (ever wondered why they get on Question Time as honoured guests where our folk are dismissed as ‘Nazis’?). Their behaviour during the recent banking crisis alone should be enough to ensure two-fingers from the entire Englisc nation.

It is a mistake to think scots want independence. Not a bit of it. All that ‘rise up and be a nation’ guff is just a smokescreen. Modern scottish nationalism is parasitic. It came to the fore during the ‘fifties, at the end of Empire, when a newer, bigger gravy train was pulling into the sidings in the form of the EEC and alliance with England looked less rewarding financially.

No coincidence then. Nor yet that scots find it so profitable to keep up an interminable barrage of complaints against their most generous neighbour and benefactor. Mere strategy of course - a device, a tactic used by the unusually fortunate to distract from advantages they want to hang on to.

It has yet to be explained why we Englisc should be concerned to preserve the character of a nation that has spent so much of the last fifteen years busily dismantling ours. Sadly conservatives (including the BNP, an almost exclusively southern organization for all protestations to the contrary) prefer to suck up rather than stand up. They would rather be liked by an enemy than resist him. And ‘enemy' is precisely what the scotsman is.

In power he opened the door to mass immigration - but only to England. Please don’t blame Brussels; this was historical score-settling whichever way you cut it. Even today, after years of officialdom neglecting our borders, the non-white population of scotland stands at just 0.6%. How was this managed if not by skulduggery?

In 2003 scottish asylum offices defied the law by refusing to process applications, instructing claimants to make their way to England instead. No-one lost their job, was suspended or even disciplined. The story got almost no publicity.

‘Britishness’ is the imaginative fiction of choice for degenerates whose first instinct is to appease, who wish to lose themselves in a federalist cartel in the hope that ‘sharing’ will somehow dilute an enemy’s wish to hurt them. Cowards.

England first, last and always.