Friday, 20 August 2010

That didn't take long..

Barely a few hours into existence and right on cue, the new BNP Reform Group website is already infested with the pro zionist communist fifth column in the form of BNP Members Who Support Israel.

Like I said only yesterday, the whole reform thing is just another establishment honey pot. It will be no different to the old BNP. These scum need to be shown the door immediately and never allowed within a mile of white nationalism. They must be sought out, exposed and expelled at every opportunity. I won't even attempt to provide so much as an edited extract from their vile twisted anti-white anti-British anti-European statement. Just follow the link above and read the drivel for yourself. It looks more like the Green Arrow und Freunde over there already. If they love israel so much, why don't they just fuck off and live there.

Don't waste your time on these morons, join a REAL nationalist party. Join the National Front today.

Pip pip


Anonymous said...


"If they love israel so much, why don’t they just fuck off and live there."


Anonymous said...

spot on colonel any decent nationalst should join the national front.