Monday, 20 September 2010

Jew admits multicultural plan for Europe.

"Jews WILL be at the center of a multicultural Europe".

Having a total monopoly on Banking, the news media, politics, commerce, finance, education, cinema, television, radio, music, the arts, publishing, military and foreign policy, health care etc... just isn't enough..

Pip pip


Anonymous said...

any bnp member's looking in gri££in the jew, black & indian lover is turning your party in to a multi culural party. still trust him now? the jews are just as mad as the muslims.

Anonymous said...

"But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive."

Fucking Jews and their chutzpah. She is basically telling us that black is white. I would have thought that Europe can ONLY survive if these bastards are removed from the leading role.

I tell you what is required: an alliance between East and West to rid mankind of this fucking scourge.

Noachideous said...

The "United Gentile Front" perhaps ? Intially so named so as to identify its self protective and entirely reactive intent from the predations of the parasite. Subsets of which are identified by racially distinct groups whose common cause is the mutual protection of their own and each others race and distinctly different culture.

Those who choose not to participate will inevitably provide safe havens for the Jew in which to perform its works of "Tikkun Olam" through paristic dissolution of the host's vitality until said host is sucked completely dry and no longer able survive.

Eventually the parasite will be required to wage war upon other racial groups so as to open up a moral wound through which it may enter physically. That wound is usually created by the manufacture of guilt or "shame" of a Kosher nature fashioned about a lie and sufficient to induce deference in the desired host. Watchmen who detect the opening of the wound at the peripheries of a sound society are declared "extremists" by the Kike in an attempt to encourage aquiescence...Watchmen know the Kike and refuse to suck and kneel to either the Kike or those pesuaded to collaborate with the parasite in the opening of an entry point.

Interpret the bit about Europe not surviving as a threat, for that is what it is. Pathetic and mentally syphllitic "men" of the Zionist West will tremble with fear that that this Whore and TransPharisee is somehow displeased with our humiliating Phellations thus far.