Tuesday, 14 September 2010


A man who downloaded a ringtone from a film soundtrack ended up in court after a woman overheard it and was offended.

Chesterfield magistrates were told that a ringtone from the 1986 film Rita, Sue and Bob Too, was downloaded to Martin Smith's mobile phone.

Smith (36) played it to a Holmewood shopkeeper and allegedly made a racist remark.
"It caused offence to a woman of mixed race", said Mark Salt, prosecuting. Smith, of Devonshire Terrace, Holmewood, admitted a charge of using racially-aggravated threatening or insulting words or behaviour on June 21.

The bench said it would prove to be an expensive ringtone and fined him £191, with £85 costs. "He downloaded part of the soundtrack to use as a ringtone and the shopkeeper borrowed his phone and went outside to listen to it," said Jon Barber, for Smith. "A lady of mixed African-Mediterranean race heard it and was offended.

He added that Smith disputed making a racist remark after playing the ringtone.
Mr Barber added: "He thought it was amusing. The ethnic will always play the race card will they not? We the White indigenous peoples of the UK have no such card to play as in the eyes of the law we do not exist.

We have MOBO blasted at us on a daily basis, it offends me but there is not a thing I can do about it, no race card to play, no race industry set up to protect me because I cannot be offended as I am White. Remember only Whitey can be racist. These petty racial incidents just show how PC we as a nation have become and how low the ethnic will sink to force a racial wedge between us.

Source: Tom Linden (NF Press and Publicity)

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