Monday, 20 September 2010

"Tony Blair should be hanged". Arthur Kemp.

"Tony Blair is the biggest mass murderer of modern times and is responsible for the deaths of over a million Iraqis, Afghan's and hundreds of British people, and must be put on trial for crimes against humanity and hanged as a war criminal" said British National Party foreign affairs spokesman, former South African Secret Police and MI5 asset Arthur Kemp told a packed meeting in Leicestershire this past weekend.

Kemp is also on record as stating that "Christians are "possibly the most utterly deranged group of vermin ever to infest white politics".

Personally I'll just settle for Arthur Kemp dancing the devils hornpipe at a ropes end...... yes, that'll do nicely.

Pip pip


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

I hear ya Colonel ... just don't forget to send out the invites !

On another note, I haven't looked at your latest posts yet, but have you seen this ?

Anonymous said...

kemp could be right about christians in politics if dowson & robert west are anything to go by. gri££in has to be a deranged vermin who has infested nationalism.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Anon. - could it be that you, as so many others, equate what is popularly promoted as being
"Christianity" by the establishment to be the real deal ? How can we so readily see how our nationalist movements and such have been penetrated / redirected, but cannot fathom that the same thing has been accomplished in the churches ? We stand guilty of underestimating our enemy.

Wasn't it Lenin who said that "religion" was the opiate of the masses ? Wouldn't that suggest tranquilization - a dumbing down to the point of being of none effect ? Certainly, what good are the larger portion of the churches but to advance the agenda of "the state". They've got their eyes on some nebulous "heaven".

If I remember correctly, Kemps' initial tirade was specifically against Christian Identity, of which one tenant is that the Israelites of scripture are to be found today in the Anglo Saxon, Celtic and related folk .. and most definitely not in those calling themselves jews. It is a truth that is vehemently hated by those who stand to lose much by its exposure.

This alone tells me that either Kemp is an idiot who cannot understand indisputable facts (which I don't believe he is) or he is a well entrenched mole doing the bidding of another master - he does not best serve our people. The venom he drools over this subject speaks volumes.

On another note, I believe that if our kindred white folk the world over would only learn to humble themselves before our God and read His Word for themselves, they would realize that most that they strive for is already set out as beneficial to us in His law. Gods Word is not contrary to US .. only to those who work for this Babylonian NWO.

But being a hard headed / hearted people we must always learn things the hard way.

Anonymous said...

He does seem to keep the simpletons of the BNP entertained with his muzzie boogey men stories.Now children gather round and be quiet and listen to uncle Arthur, he is going to tell you another riveting story about naughty muzzies.yippee!