Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Another own goal from the BFP.

More inspiring nationalist imagery from the British Freedom Party web site.

Interestingly if you follow the link below and look at the full size image you will clearly see that the face of the Asiatic-Oriental female appears to have been badly super- imposed over the top of a White male face. The hand looks to be that of a white male complete with grimy finger nails.


About as British Nationalist as the man in the moon.....

Pip pip


Anonymous said...

about as british nationalist as the man in the moon!

that explains jewboy barnes and it is his slimmy hand & grimmy fingernails. nothing but a conman.

Anonymous said...

And quentin crisp from liverpool is doing them no favours on the BDF forum acting like a bitch with a hot poker up his arse.

Anonymous said...

wednesbury north by election west midlands
lab 1322, con 643, NF 76, lib dems 45, greens 42. first time the nf have stood in this area for 30 years so to beat the lib dems is good.