Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Those BNP begging letters

The BNP is insolvent and legal proceedings have commenced to determine the party's liabilities and discharge it's debts, which we are told are in excess of half a million pounds. This could mean the party being wound up and it's assets disbursed among it's creditors by mutual agreement with the liquidators as payment of debt or in lieu or part payment thereof.

This means effectively that any money going into the party from donors legally belongs first and foremost to the party's creditors. Gri££in and his lackeys must know that to tout for donations on the premise that the money is for fighting the EHRC case is tantamount to fraud and obtaining money by deception not to mention defrauding creditors. In fact, to continue to trade in the knowledge that you are insolvent and unable to pay your bills when they become due is a criminal offence.

Similarly, to seek donations for a cause knowing that lawfully that money cannot be used for that purpose without dishonour and without revealing those facts and the true purpose for which the money is to be put to the donor is also a crime.

At least this is how things used to be when we still had a rule of law in this country, yet no one seems in the least interested. You would think that at the very least the Inland Revenue would like to have a poke around.

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