Tuesday, 2 November 2010

"Nothing to worry about" says Griffin

It has emerged that the BNP under Nick Griffin reneged on an arrangement to pay by installments one of the print companies at the center of the newly instigated litigation. Newton Press, in County Durham, which it is claimed is owed in excess of £16,000 is said to have had an arrangement with the BNP to be paid in £1000 installments until the outstanding balance of the BNP's delinquent account was cleared.

An internal BNP communiqué from Griffin to party officials concerning the matter is alleged to have stated the following:

"Nothing to worry about, if he wants to waste his money on something that is legally impossible, that is no concern of ours. N"

If this does not provide clear enough evidence to the star struck imbeciles still supporting Griffin what an unprincipled sack of shite this man is, then I fail to understand what will.

Newton Press and a number of other honest hard pressed British businesses provided the BNP with valuable goods and services, often at risk to themselves and in return quite rightly expected only to be paid. When we also consider that more recently print work has also been farmed out to print firms in Europe, it does not bode well for relations between nationalists in Britain and our comrades in Europe when it emerges that their firms may have been among those that have been stitched up by the BNP.

This is an absolute disgrace.

Pip pip


Anonymous said...

I can see it now the green arrow and the griffin attack dogs that have never had jobs or owned a business saying " well whats their problem the payment is only six months late" yes right lets see how these twats would react if the DWP stopped paying their dole money.

Anonymous said...

'' nothing to worry about'' say's gri££in.

with crooks like jefferson given key jobs on the payroll. the man has been in prison as been bankrupt and get's a job as a tresurer?

thebnp could soon be a thing of the past. who is to blame the commies? the tories? the lib dems? no onley one person should take the blame that person is gri££in!
state? or paid off bt the zoinists?