Tuesday, 6 October 2009

In just 30 years, we are finished !!.

Men sleeping with men, women aborting 200.000 of our children a year, our once Christian churches now teach that the jews are gods chosen people, that Jesus was a jew and that to oppose miscegenation and sodomy is hate speech. Criminals and murderers go unpunished and aliens rule over us stealing our birthright and squandering the nations wealth. Meanwhile a medieval death cult is invading our land. And you
think voting will solve all our problems.

Is it any wonder therefore, that in just 30 years, we are finished!.

Pip pip



With respect, Colonel B, we were finished as soon as we agreed to the Lisbon treaty without referendum, without even a whimper!
Despite that, there is a faint hope on the horizon... Saint Nicholas the Griffin not the mythological Griffin, that powerful and majestic creature that is half Lion half Eagle, no the Nick Griffin, the powerful and majestic person who will lead use from the mire to regain our lands and our religion from the colonising peoples of the third world

JPT said...

30 years? Sooner, I fear.

Martyn Findley said...

Speaking as one on the public front line I should just give in then should I?

No hope or reason to carry on is there?

Feet up, slippers hanging from the toes and a cup of sacrificial tea in hand awaiting my fate.

I think not...

Cllr Martyn Findley.

Anonymous said...

I respect you enormously Martyn but can you guarantee there will be a White Nationalist government in office within the next five years?.

Because beyond that, the window of opportunity will be long gone. Then one must ask, what contingency has been made for when the shit hits the fan, or does the BNP vision not extend beyond that eventuality?. There is only one way this can and will end.

Most people are a lost cause. If they can't fuck it, eat it, drink it or spend it then it doesn't exist. That's how we got here.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

No one come up with any answers yet then.....

Pip pip