Sunday, 25 October 2009

Russia 1919 Bolsheviks Nationalise Women and Children

General Poole to War Office.--(Received January 12.)

FROM intecepted radios and leaflets it is clear that, to allay hostillity abroad, Bolsheviks are conducting double campaign. Leaflets are distributed among German troops, while decrees which are not intended to be put into force, and appeals are radioed to Berlin, which show Bolsheviks in sufficiently liberal light to bring them into line with German Socialists. Appeals to unite and force world-wide revolution are made at the same time to proletariats. It is manifest from numerous deserters and refugees from central Russia efforts to destroy social and economic life of country have not abated. There is evidence to show that commissariats of free love have been established in several towns, and respectable women flogged for refusing to yeild. Decree for nationalisation of women has been put into force, and several experiments made to nationalise children. I trust His Majesty's Government will not allow Peace Conference to be influenced by Bolshevik presentation of their case abroad, as their action at home is diametrically opposed to this.

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