Sunday, 25 October 2009


If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy” – James Madison"

Last Thursday’s media piranha like feeding frenzy by all and every section of the ZOG controlled press and TV over Nick Griffin’s appearance on BBC’s “Question Time” had a great knock on effect for the NF.
We have reports of a lot of enquiries to our main contact line in Solihull -0121 2466838. As well as a constant flow of emails and enquiries to NF contacts all over the country.

The greatest sign of this big upsurge of interest was however most noticeable on the main NF website. The new site replaced the old one in early June this year, and ‘hits’ per day were around 25 people – hardly impressive. However as our Google ranking rose so did our daily hits. 25 or so became quickly 200 in July and then in August 500-600 was the norm. In September we started passing the 100 a day mark and October saw us sailing over the 2000 a day mark. Thursday however, probably because of the ‘feeding frenzy’, hits reached a record 4,300 in the day. The Alexa web ranking of the NF site in the UK is now 77,346 out of FIVE MILLION live sites now in the UK. Not bad for a site just over four months old!

On August 5th, an interactive Membership Enquiry form was put on the site, which to date has brought in over 600 enquiries for membership. Thursday 22nd October saw a record here too with 27 enquiries to join in the day.

One interesting fact that the majority of the enquiries seem to be from ordinary members of the public with a significant minority from current or former BNP members. Quite a number of BNP members, including organisers seem now to be taking out dual membership, despite the fact the Front is proscribed by the BNP and Griffin never misses an opportunity to smear the NF as ‘the real Nazis’ to get him out of the mire of his new Populist anti-Nazi pro Zionist stance. (Russian TV interview last month – also articles in the Observer and the Sunday Telegraph). “There really are Nazis in Britain” moans Mr. Moderate – and they are the National Front he claims in an effort to vainly avoid the unavoidable ‘Nazi’ tag.

In truth the NF could not give a damn what they call us as long as we stick by our White Nationalist principles, for without them we just become another ZOG Zionist front, just like….

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