Monday, 23 November 2009

The Gospel according to Arthur Kemp BNP.

Christians are "possibly the most utterly deranged group of vermin ever to infest white politics".

"There is no compromise with these rabid madmen: they poison every political organization they enter with their insane theology and there is literally no end to their madness.

It is the reason why any political organization which wishes to succeed, must expel all those dribbling lunatics who spout this drivel, or bar them from entering in the first place.

Let them go and mutter about “Christ killers” somewhere else where all sane people can just laugh at them." Arthur Kemp..


Arthur Kemp is not British, he is South African, and a former South African intelligence asset who was opposed to the Ian Smith regime and does not believe in the rights of Whites in South Africa.

If it unacceptable to the BNP for South African Peter Hain to meddle in British politics, why then is it acceptable for this contemptible yarpie to meddle in British politics?.

It seems our Christian brothers across the Atlantic in America are none to happy about his views in this regard either...

I could add a great deal regarding this rabid madman but I have expended to much of my valuable time already, except perhaps to say that I would like to meet this deranged vermin up close and personal one day and 'escourt' him to the airport...

Pip pip

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