Saturday, 16 October 2010

British Freedom Party are your nationalist superiors?.

We just had an email forwarded to us via our good friend The General, from a reader who has apparently voiced an opinion with regard to the new British Freedom Party web site's graphics. Coincidentally the ones we featured below yesterday.

The reply our contributor received from an individual identifying themselves as APE at, is as follows:

"Daventry NF, please refrain from insulting your nationalist superiors. It's a stock image. What are you going to expose exactly? And how are you going to expose it? On the NF blogs that nobody reads?

Wind your neck in.


We have taken a quick butchers at the site where the comment was left but it has not been published. Still at least we have yet another example of the utter contempt these so called "nationalists" have for everyone else. Particularly those with dissenting voices. Whoever this 'APE' character is, they are obviously utterly vacuous.

Interestingly an Whois shows the information for the domain registrant to be Locked Down. One has to wonder why...

Pip pip

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