Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Oh Dear oh dear oh dear..

The following extract is from the current BNPtv video 'Update with party Chairman' where Gri££in sings the praises of Dow$on and states at the end that the contract with Midas touch in reverse consultancy will not be renewed "on perfectly good terms"

The video wouldn't load earlier in the day for some reason but is now back online. However the download link still worked enabling us to fetch this clip. The full length video can be found for your viewing entertainment at http://bnptv.org.uk/

Interestingly and in direct contradiction to the statement in the video we find the following announcement has been made at Eddie Butlers web site..


Today BNP staff were refused access to the Belfast Call Centre. The locks have been changed!


It appears that parting on good terms has a different definition in Belfast to Welshpool. Jim Dow$on has locked the BNP out of his call center.
All the contact details on the party main web site have been changed so that all communication is directed to the Gri££in bunker at Welshpool.

The BNP is in complete melt down and small wonder. Anyone who has by now not jumped ship or at least realized what is going on and continues to support this crooked regime has to be a part of the orchestrated plot to scuttle the party.

Pip pip


Anonymous said...

expect another membership leak. the bnp are no more.

Anonymous said...

I sussed it out a long time ago especially on facebook there is a string of these so called BNP super activists that constantly threaten people and copy their personnel details (some of the names can be found in an article today on the BDF forum)it is definately being scuttled by these people.One so called organiser who has literally killed off half a region has now walked away from the party as their job is done ? coincidence ? no these people were put there by griffin ! and griffin is part of the plot !!!

Anonymous said...

the national front are contesting wednesbury north by election on 18th november. no bnp candidate. upwards for the nf.